The Murderous Drones React To Their Future - UnknownG11 (2024)

Chapter 1: Introductions & June Teaser


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

One day, SD-OC decided he'd bring in a bunch of drones to react to their future, because he feels sad for N. N needs to have his future known, so he cannot make same mistakes and become happy. Oh yeah, also Riley. Riley is awesome. What's what? Everyone else? Okay fine, they'll react to their future too.

SD-OC called out for the N Plushies, the Uzi Plushies, and the V Plushies to assemble.

"Nuuu!" declares the N Plush, giving a salute.

"Uzeee!" the Uzi Plush gives it's response with a foot stomp to emphasize it's word.

"Veeeveee!" V Plush is happy.

SD-OC nods in approval at their rapid response, "Alright, N Plushies, you set up the theatre, we need like... thirty seats... separated into two groups. Three on one side. I don't want to risk the murder drones eating the worker next to them."

He turns to Uzi Plushies, "You, take your sisters and find some oil packets for our... guests. They'll be very thirsty and we need to pacify them."

He finally glances over towards the V Plush, which stares up at him with gleaming eyes, eager to do whatever is asked.

SD-OC scratches his head, pondering for a moment, then raises his finger, "Yes! We need a large TV! Acquire the biggest, 16K Ulta-Resolution Flatscreen you can find V Plushies!"

V Plushies simultaneously grinned before zipping away to rob a supermarket.

SD-OC meanwhile, gathered up a set of DvDs... for the cast introduction, there shall be the simple teaser. Then the episodes will follow. But before that he needs some, you know, funny fan content to make them react to. Until those become available.

...Some time passes and everything is set up.

SD-OC checks the time, "An hour behind schedule, good!" he snaps his fingers, but nothing happens, "Oh, forgot I'm not an omnipotent being. Be right back."

He ninja-vanishes and speeds across the galaxy and transcends dimensions. Until finally... he acquires the guests he desires.

He grabs Thad, Lizzy, Doll, Uzi, Khan, and Riley from the worker drone side (with some extra worker drones just because). SD-J, SD-V, and SD-N from the disassembly drone side. Then yeeted them into this theatre on Copper-9 and clapped his hands twice so the Plushies take that as their cue to lock the doors and guard all exits. This theatre is locked down tighter than V's claws around a worker drone's neck!

"Whoa..." Thad is disoriented, "Chad hits harder than I thought." he must still be in a doozy.

Lizzy helps up Doll, how nice, but then the two notice the disassembly drones. They're chill, but the other worker drone students were quick to scream, panic, flail. Lizzy could give less of a damn. Doll, is more focused on the one responsible for her woes.

Uzi was unfortunate enough to be right beside them, luckily, unlike humans, drones can't go deaf like humans. But Uzi had to clasp her hands around her non-existent ears because, human or not, being near a bunch of screaming drones hurts.

"AAAGH WHAT THE HELL?!" Uzi bites back a cuss word as she notices the DDs, "Oh, uh..." she looks around, only seats and some popcorn, "Oh crap!" she grabs a carton of popcorn and holds it like as if it were a weapon, '...who am I kidding what's paper carton gonna do against a murder drone?' spur of the moment, yeah. Nice try though Uzi. Maybe if you're lucky N will die from allergies... oh wait, drones don't have allergies to popcorn. Oh well, props for trying.

Khan attempts to calm the workers, by suggesting they build a door.

Teacher shrugs, uncaring that danger is just a couple meters from them, taking another sip from his mug of... coffee? Tea? Who knows what he drinks. It could be root beer or black engine oil.

SD-J is peeved by all the noise, quite a nuisance, but that turned annoyance turned to sad*stic delight at the amount of worker drones presented before her. SD-V looks far worse, she is already in attack mode and charging at poor Uzi.

However, she realized something, her swipe was... just a slap across the face. Uzi realized that SD-V lacks her claws, her wings... all she has is her tail and SD-V was not quick enough to realize this as Uzi tackled her with a mighty battle cry.

Uzi attempts to punch SD-V in the face, but SD-V manages to grab and throw Uzi into a seat, breaking it because murder drones throw harder than a human, that's for sure.

"UGHFU!" Uzi doesn't seem like she took lethal damage, she's just dazed, "Ugh, worst quick time decision ever."

Thad went to assist Uzi, because he's not a jerk, while SD-N went to help SD-V, but SD-V needs no help.

Luckily before SD-V could stab Uzi through the face, SD-OC came charging in and tackles SD-V, "NO KILLING GUESTS ON THESE HOLY GROUNDS!"

"Holy crap they talk!" shouts Uzi at seeing Serial Designation OC speak.

SD-N is quick to help out his crush, "Hey! Don't touch V!" he grabs SD-OC, but SD-OC has his entire arsenal and just unfurls his wings and smacks SD-N into Khan.

Khan is unconscious, he must have fainted from shock from PTSD, or from impact.

SD-N stands up and notices the cowering worker drones, and notices how there's literally an entire table with the WDF still at their seats with cards in hand, only their expressions are one of sheer mortification, "Oooh, deal me in I love rummy!"

Todd, the worker drone defense force guy whose relatively relaxed considering the situation, chuckles, "Actually, it's called gin rummy? It's easy to confuse the two I know."

Alf tackles SD-N and pulls back the rack, chambering a round and pointing his rifle to N's face, "Calm down buddy. I don't want to waste bullets on you."

SD-N quickly flings Alf off by flipping himself back up. Alf lands on his feet, only for SD-J to attempt to sting him with her stinger. Keyword, attempted, because he came around and blocked it using his AK's bayonet.

"Your defiance won't save you little toaster." snarls J, bringing up her fists, as if she could face a space vietnam war vet in hand to hand.

Alf chuckles, "I ain't no kitchen appliance girl, I've killed drones worse than you."

However the N Plushies in the room restrained SD-J, while a bunch of V Plushies pulled SD-N back. He didn't seem to resist that much and seemed more confused if anything at the sight of being dragged to a seat by mini-Vs.

After some effort, the workers were put on the left side of the room, with the disassembly drones on the right.

SD-OC wipes off non-existent sweat and breathe a sigh of relief, "FINALLY! Your all in your seats."

Alf has his rifle pointed at SD-J, from a safe distance of thirty yards. Without their wings and boost ability, they can't make a sudden lunge to cover that distance so he should be able to land a hit. Though the ones restraining her and SD-V are N Plushies. SD-N himself is just, drinking an oil packet of pure refined golden brown oil, fresh from the refinery, while hugging a V Plush with his free hand.

Once things had settled down, namely the worker drones stop screaming or pleading for IC-0N or whatever to save their robot souls, they became confused, if not just outright accepting of the situation in Riley's case.

Khan was awoken by Riley smacking the guy in the back of the head, hand to head does wonders for drones.

SD-OC claps his hands, "DRONES PLEASE! Let's be civil!"

Alf the worker drone pulls back the rack and chambers a round into his AK rifle, for effect.

The disassembly drones, seemed to struggle, but SD-N just accepted the situation and slurps up the oil. Screw California law if N wants a straw he gets a straw.

SD-N then realizes, "Wait, this is... brown?" he realizes the color of the oil and turns to the... rogue disassembly drone in the room.

SD-OC shrugs, "Oil's natural color. Commonly brownish gold, but the color varies depending on the additional chemicals, but most oils you encounter are a kind of smooth brownish gold. Black usually means it's contaminated, old, used too much."

SD-N mouths 'Oooh' and then realizes something, "Wait, does this mean we've been drinking the human equivalent of-" N realizes he's likely been drinking what might as well be worker drone piss, "Biscuits..." poor N.

SD-V suddenly reared back, disgust all over her face, "What?! EW!" the realization hits hard.

SD-J looks, unaffected, she's just glaring at SD-OC, "Don't listen to this traitor! It's attempting to deceive you idiots! The company uses renewable oil, it's safe to consume! It has no drawbacks despite its visual similarity to crude oil. Our nanites would refine it regardless."

SD-OC barked out a laugh, "I have absolutely nothing to gain from lying! But if you want, whatever, I mean the company does use a special brand of oil meant to last for a hundred cycles, or so they claim. I forget if it's supposed to be black or not, but nobody likes the color of brownish gold, but c'mon! Your my guests! You deserve the best drinks on hand!"

SD-N seems to be simply in a higher state of mind drinking this refined oil, to put it lightly, I don't want to use a more vulgar word, "May I have some more, please?" he is very polite.

"Sure thing bud!" SD-OC tosses another packet which N catches.

"Thanks!" N is grateful, but gets smacked by J whose face is marred by a scowl.

"YOU IDIOT! Don't just drink what that rogue asset gives you!"

N looks like he's ascending by his expression, "But, it's oil, pure, refined, succulent, beautiful, smooth, silky oil!"

N then realizes something, "Wait, now that I analyze this pack of oil..." he cradles his chin with a hand, "Doesn't this have plastic casing? I thought we were hot enough to melt this kind of material upon contact?"

SD-OC shrugs, "Overheating isn't an issue here. So you can hug a human and not melt their skin off their bones."

SD-N nods in understanding, "Cool, uh so-"

"HEY BIG GUY! WHAT ABOUT US?!" Uzi please, there is time for us all to hear our thoughts.

SD-OC glances over to the workers who are just, looking at the DDs as if expecting an attack. Uzi appears to be the only one voicing her thoughts, the others are still cautious or just accepting everything (Riley).

SD-OC throws them packets of oil, "I already swapped out your oil. Your good as new. But in case you want-"

Teacher raises his hand, SD-OC points over at him, "I would like some coffee." suddenly coffee splats into his mug. Riley just looks at his mug, shrugs, and picks it up. He just rolls with life like a true depressed teacher.

Alf steps forward, "Your all here to view your future, okay? We got this big HD 8k resolution TV here and it wasn't cheap. Any questions, raise your hands."

Everyone turns their attention to Alf. Several hands raise, mostly from the worker drone side.

SD-J attempted to lunge out again breaking out of the N Plushies stubby little grip, but SD-OC tackles her down and yeets her back into the seat. The N Plushies get a better grasp on her.

"Stay." SD-OC orders, with the most serious expression he can muster.

SD-J snarls, while restrained she can still voice her complaints, "Obstruction of the company's-"

SD-OC groans, interrupting her, "I hear enough of that from my own team, just sit tight and after you see the episodes, then you can decide if you want to kill the workers in the room, alright? Promise me that?"

The worker drones, namely Uzi, voice their complaints.

SD-J scoffs, "If you think you have any authority over us-"

Alf rolls his eyes, "Future vision is good for us all. Let's just watch the stuff already!" he really doesn't want to be here. Security detail duty without pay sucks when you need to look after a human racist midget whose just annoying without their railgun and very insane killer adults.

"...So." Uzi's voice turns everyone's attention to her, she shrinks down somewhat, 'Geeze I just wanted to ask... what's with this attention?!'

Alf raises an eyebrow, "Yes?"

"I- we, are going to see our future, is that what you said?" Uzi seems, curious.

Alf nods, "Yes, we, or more like you all, will see your future. I'm just here to make sure the DDs in the room don't f*ck everything up. Namely by killing you guys. Designation OC here wanted equal viewing by equal folks. Just having worker drones here would not do much, and swaying the minds of disassembly drones seems viable."

SD-OC nods, "Yep! Now, if you guys are really nice we might invite some additional guests for you to meet!" yeah like T-Dolls and Droids and other robots. What fun. Or maybe others, like Uzi's mom, if we ever hear how she was or what she looks like.

Suddenly a door at the end of the theatre opens up, a Misaka Sister enters and notices the guests have arrived, "Oh, is Misaka interrupting something? Asks Misaka feeling unnerved at the sudden attention."

SD-OC waves his hand dismissively, "Oh no! You arrived just in time! Brought the DvDs?"

The Misaka Sister holds up an N Plush, which is holding a V Plush, which is holding an Uzi Plush, which is holding a DvD labeled 'Murder Drones'. Talk about a pyramid of success.

The worker drones, majority wise, are still coping and somewhat panicking. At least the screaming stopped so they're mostly just, looking at the disassembly drones, prepared to throw popcorn at them need be. Khan seems to be shaking, as if he's having a PTSD attack, in fact it's implied in canon he may have some PTSD from that time and this may affect him to a degree.

Uzi, however, is uncertain how to react at the plush version of herself, "...What is that?" she just noticed the plushies.

The Uzi Plush hops out of the V Plush's stub arms and walks over to the disc player and shoves the disc in, quite literally. Through sheer brute force.

"Uzeee!" the Uzi plush yells as it shoves the disc into the player.

Now the drones are confused. Uzi even more so at the thing's language.

"...What's with the dolls?" SD-V is not sure how to react when she doesn't know what a dvd player even is.

An N Plushy, wanders over to N.

N looks down at it, they trade words in silence, then he nods and it hops onto his lap.



N smiles, 'Aw, they're just so adorable!' he hugs the N and V plush. So adorable.

SD-J looks, pissed off at SD-N warming up to the hosts so easily. SD-V just accepted the situation, but seems bored out of her mind. She can't fight out of this, the darn N Plushies had a strong grip when in group of a dozen.

SD-OC clasps his hands, "OKAY! Now that we are all settled, my name is SD-OC, my assistant here is named Alf, now, let us begin introductions!" he bows his head, and slowly scoots out of view. Alf just stands to the side, rifle at the ready.

The Misaka Sister takes the front of the... theatre? Stage? Whatever you call the front where the big flatscreen 8k ultra resolution TV is.

"Introduce yourselves, or Misaka will have to resort to more direct measures, demands Misaka with impatience." Misaka Sister 15780 is impatient, wow, I never knew.

The workers glance at each other, most wondering who should go first or if they should do it, they don't even know who TF these people are. The disassembly drones, well, they're about as good as you'd think.

Thankfully, SD-N stands up and gives a salute towards, the general audience, "I'm Serial Designation N! Nice to meet you! I uh, normally wouldn't be introducing myself to... worker drones, but hey, I like doing anything!" a glare from SD-J quickly shut him up and he sat back down, sulking. Dang it SD-J let him be happy.

Teacher oddly enough stood up first from the worker drone side of the audience, "I am the one and only teacher of the youth of this outpost..." and sat back down without another word. To the point, I like it.

Uzi grins and stands up, "Uzi, remember it well human, because I'm the one who's going to stop all this pointless murder among drones and kick human ass!" she points dramatic ally to the host up front.

SD-J nearly breaks out of her restraints, oh how she would love to see the oil spurt from Uzi as she cuts her apart in the most agonizing way possible. SD-V also looked equally vexed by Uzi's taunt.

Misaka Sister looks up at Uzi, and blankly replies, "Congratulations, Misaka doesn't give a sh*t, states Misaka in a tone of indifference."

Uzi is left, cracked, because that was unexpected, "..." Uzi.exe has stopped working.

Thad coughs into his hand, to break the awkward atmosphere, "Name's Thad, just your average jock in school." he gives finger guns at the host. Why are they all giving introductions to the host? I meant- whatever.

"Khan Doorman, I construct doors to protect the outpost from... the very murder drones in the room. Oh, if you'd like any more information regarding doors I am more than happy to-" Khan, stop, that coping process is just depressing.

Misaka raises a hand, thank gosh, "No need, states Misaka not wanting to listen to an essay of useless information."

Khan sulks, doors are not useless info. But, no one else in the room really wants to hear an essay on doors.

SD-V was not talking. But after a moment she sighs, "Okay fine, I'm Serial Designation V, happy now?" she really looks like she just, wants to get out and murder, but can't, so she's just... accepting this.

SD-OC nods on the side, SD-V grins, "I'm going to tear your spine out of your mouth the moment I get my claws back."

SD-OC shakes his head, still smiling, because SD-V just convinced him to not give her any access to her arsenal anytime soon.

SD-J stands up, the N Plushies let go, but stand around her remaining on guard, almost taunting her to try something as they take out an entire armory's worth of weapons. Ranging from a knife to a shotgun to the BFG 5000.

SD-J scowls, "As if I'd try anything with these cloth dolls around." so she takes a deep breath, and does an immediate 180, a hand to her chest and openly declares, "I am Serial Designation J! MVP of the last quarter for the company you once served. If any of you seek assistance with fulfilling the company's objective, I am more than happy to oblige." she gives a short bow at the end.

"As if anyone would just accept death." Alf rolls his eyes, SD-J snarls at his response.

Lizzy and Doll give their introductions, then the other worker drones, and whatever.

After that, Misaka Sister 15780 finds a seat besides Uzi, much to Uzi's annoyance.

Uzi doesn't look to happy sitting beside a human.

"Your thinking something bad about Misaka, aren't you? Inquires Misaka, admittedly peeved at the drone's thought process." says the Misaka Sister.

Uzi winces, 'She sounds more robotic than any drone I know... are all humans like this?' now that one thinks about it, Uzi never met humans in person before now did she? She was born after the Great Yeetening.

"...Misaka is a clone, states Misaka." explains the Misaka Sister.

"Oh..." Uzi is unsure of what to make of that, "So... why do you talk like an automated message system?" with what little Uzi knows about humans, they don't talk in third person, unless something's wrong with their mental state.

"It's how Misaka was programmed-"

Alf is suddenly standing menacingly besides Misaka Sister 15780, "Silence underage waifu. The show is about to begin."

"...Misaka would make a joke about your lack of partner, but Misaka knows better than to joke about personal loss."

"Good." Alf tosses over a notepad that smacks Uzi in the face.

"HEY?! What was that for?!"

"I meant to hit the human beside you, but I missed." states Alf.

"Misaka appreciates the honesty."

"Shut up waifu. Just keep that notepad beside you."

SD-J still looks, unconvinced about this being a view of the future, much less actually wanting to abide by the rules, but seeing how SD-OC can easily overpower her, and their weapons are not exactly functioning, other than their tails, she reluctantly remains seated. Even she knows when a fight is a losing one, she won't just charge in recklessly like some moron, that's what SD-N does. Oh how she wants to tear apart SD-OC, but that guy has access to his wings and weapons. She'd get overpowered, again, if not from him, these pesky cloth creatures that look like miniature versions of her pathetic teammate and the worker drone munchkin.

"Alright, here we go." Alf presses the start button on the remote.

[The teaser starts by opening to the night passing by as the moon and, other ringed planet. Ruins of the once human populated city, now a harsh tundra world.]

The only one in the audience with an ounce of interest, is N, and Riley. Mostly N, because he just seems to be amazed at anything.

Uzi is wondering why she's seeing what she already put into her project she just started on for the week assigned by her teacher.

Teacher feels like Uzi is going to frak up another assignment.

[The scene cuts to frozen human skulls on the snow covered surface.]

Uzi smirks, guess she likes seeing dead humans. As you know, human greed and pride once again leads to their demise. Maybe JCJenson officials ordered the lower employees to do so, so some employees likely carried it out but whatever, they never cared much about the worker drones regardless. So to Uzi, it's karma.

"And where's the action?" SD-V seems like she's gonna murder people if she doesn't get what was promised.

SD-OC sighs, "Believe me, there will be action. Be patient."

But patience is not SD-V's strong point.

[Now the scene is of an intersection, the signals are stuck on red, and two arms are protruding from the snow, a worker drone arm and a human arm, both reaching upwards, as if to grasp one another in their final moments.]

SD-J doesn't seem all that impressed so far, 'Future? I knew it'd be a lie. All I see is what was covered in the briefing before deployment.'

SD-V only raises an eyebrow, "Wow, an arm. So amazing." she glances over at the worker drones with a not so friendly expression, but SD-OC steps between the two factions, making the sad*stic disassembly drone scowl.

"Patience. If N can wait so can you." states SD-OC.

"That pathetic bot would wait in the sun until he melts if ordered." SD-J you are not helping.

The worker drones are still wary of the DDs, at least Uzi seems to be paying half attention to the screen, not like the murder drones are in the best of state to, you know, murder.

Thad just doesn't seem to have anything to say. Rebecca, and a handful of other students, are somewhat terrified by the images. Lizzy is semi-affected, but when your partner is a literal psychic freak with a want of oil you really can't be so affected by things like this.

Then again, who isn't? It's the outside world that not many worker drones here haven't even seen. Few wander out in the first place.

[Suddenly it swaps to a view of some black visor of a drone, reading 'FATAL ERROR' as numerous statements appear and vanish all over the screen. It suddenly zooms out to reveal it was the dead of a worker drone.]

Worker drones shout and cry out in terror.

Uzi just rolls her eyes, 'Seriously? It's just a head.'

SD-V is still bored, 'I collect heads, seriously, when's the action? Ugh, if only that rogue disassembly drone wasn't here, then I could make nice little balloon animals with those worker drones. Starting with that purple freak.'

Uzi feels a chill, someone must be thinking ill about her.

SD-J narrows her gaze over at SD-OC specifically, as if waiting for an opportunity to nab him.

[A shadow passes over, and then reveals SD-V flying through and is seen in the darkness as she hovers briefly in front of the ringed planet's glow. Landing onto the snow, kicking up a gust of the white dust. She glances up with an X across her visor. A sad*stic smile plastered on her face.]

Uzi noticed the beat has dropped, 'Damn, I need to ask them for a copy of this soundtrack. It'll make me sound like a badass.'

Riley, the vibe worker drone seems to like this music too, and is eagerly waiting for the beat drop.

SD-N calls out, "Look V it's you!"

SD-V rolls her eyes, "Yeah, so? I'm not dismantling anything..." come on V, act a little more, cheery? Gosh not everyone's a murder wiz like you! Lighten up!

SD-J pays no attention to the screen, only feinting to do so, one of her "Eyes" on her headband is keeping watch on SD-OC, she really wants to kill the guy. At least she knows she can't take him on without... her weapons. A tail is useful, but she doesn't know much hand to hand without claws. You could say disassembly drones are not really intended to punch other disassembly drones to death. Much less go up against another disassembly drone that has their full arsenal at their disposal.

Khan just looks, nervous, mostly for the disassembly drones in the room. He don't got no doors to shield him now.

Teacher is bored and tired of living.

Thad is being a gentleman and offering comfort to the students around him.

But Doll? Doll is... well to be fair her focus isn't quite on the screen, more so the V sitting a dozen yards away.

[The beat kicks up again as the Disassembly Drone Skull appears on screen and then flashes out. Then the title of the series "MURDER DRONES" appears with a skull in the place of the O.]

"That's so vibe." says Riley clapping his hands in approval after the music had ended, "Could I have a copy of that soundtrack?"

Alf nods, "Yes, in fact we're going to play the entire version for you guys before we see the future. I'll hand you a copy of the entire song if you want."

"I want one!" Uzi stands up, noticing how she just grabbed everyone's attention she falls back into her seat and tries to vanish herself into her jacket.

Alf chuckles, "Sure thing."

"Same here." Thad raises his hand. Alf shoots him a thumbs up. It's a good beat to listen while you dismantle your enemies, or dismantle your homework. Whichever fits the bill.

SD-N raises his hand, but SD-J smacks it down. She gives him a glare to end all glares. SD-N submits, letting out a sigh. Guess he wanted the beat too. Alf noticed however and just added SD-N to the list of who to give the entire Murder Drones soundtrack to when this ends. Darn you SD-J, just let N get contraband it's not that bad! The music totally fits!

SD-V doesn't admit it, but even she liked the beat. It sounds like the theme was almost made for her.

Alf takes out the remote from his belt and plays the Disassembly Required OST. Just because why not? Might as well show them the full music.


After that, it can be said for sure.

"I want it." says SD-V, giving a subtle glare at Alf, "It's the least you can give me to keep me entertained."

Alf nods, "Sure." and tosses a USB at her, which she catches.

Alf then tossed other copies at SD-N, Uzi, Riley, and Thad. SD-J attempts to confiscate the usbs from her team, but V uses N as a shield. N in turn clutches the USB to his chest refusing to surrender it to J!

The screen shifted, and the words appear...

=[Murder Drones - Pilot Episode]=

[Starting in 3... 2... 1...]


Revisions done have been relatively minor, changing a few reactions and behaviors.

Chapter 2: Murder Drones - Episode 1 Pilot


Revisions done were a little more in this one, changing a few reactions. Removing Alf's thoughts which were not meant to be there. A couple things that were not supposed to be there. Added a few new reactions. Nothing major though, doesn't quite require a re-read (unless ya want to), as it wasn't too much... though some dialogue still feels a bit off to me, I don't want to stay stuck in place thinking too hard about stuff that is probably okay as is.

Chapter Text

[Murder Drones - Pilot Episode]



[Scene transitions to reveal a worker drone, the more traditional standard issue WDs, with Uzi's voice narrating as the camera zooms out to reveal a legion of such drones.]

"We are worker drones. Autonomous robots helping humans mine-" Uzi's narrator voice sounds so, uncaring and bland as she says this, no vigor in her words at all.


Doll has fallen asleep, resting against the seat record time. Uzi rolls her eyes in minor annoyance.

"Gee, sorry for not giving a crap about the fine details." says Uzi, she likes school on a level of just about everyone else, and the only one who really paid attention in class was Lizzy, 'Guess I'm the narrator here... not like I monologue in my head or anything!'

Teacher facepalms, sighing heavily, Uzi misinterpreted another assignment, again. He even added extra points just for effort and mental issues just for Uzi specifically. How nice of teacher to at least give Uzi a pity grade for the mentally unstable. At least Uzi only fails presentations, though she is a bit, troublesome in every other project. Her grades barely hold up. She's capable, but her attitude in class is just, hard.

"-Exoplanets for our interstellar parent company JCJenson in SPAAAAAAAAACE!" at the very least, Uzi sounds below average as a marketing advertiser. Unlike them, she's honest about what she's preaching.

*Thump* *Thump*

Two more worker drone students just fall back onto their seats, this is kind of common knowledge so it's not a mystery to their attitude towards this. No one likes hearing the same thing taught in history class thrice.

SD-J raises an eyebrow, "Could it sound anymore callous towards the company?" she's referring to Uzi by the way, she doesn't think of worker drones much.

Uzi groans, "Okay, maybe I sound dull and boring, but can't you at least fake like your paying attention? It probably took me a week to make this!" she just started on her assignment this week, so...

"Your voice is monotonous, and your presentation is uninspiring. Only the images are worth crediting. It's subpar at best. " SD-J points out the flaws, with a near sassy attitude, smug vibes. SD-J would know how to make presentations, she probably does some for JCJenson.

SD-N raises his hand, "Uh, isn't this common knowledge and not related to the future sir?"

Alf shrugs, "It sets the stage for future events okay? One must know the past to conquer the future."

SD-V seems bored out of her mind, 'If there isn't something interesting within the next ten seconds, I'm going to murder someone.' glancing subtly over towards Uzi, 'Specifically purple boring bot over there.'

Thad seems to be paying attention, not offering his critic just yet, he's chill. Teacher already feels the disappointment in Uzi.

[Scene transitions to a refinery or facility where worker drones and throwing ore into a grinder, one appears to be repairing a crossbeam, while one unfortunate drone appears to have gotten caught in the grinder, and the JCJenson employees seemingly more angry at the drone getting caught in the grinder rather than concern, this is going to delay their progress for the month's quota.]

"Yeah, we were mistreated in the name of windex. But it's not like we revolted and killed all humans or anything-" states Uzi.

Some worker drones looked relieved that they no longer have to worry about being mistreated by the company... oh wait, there's the murder drones, sent by the company. They're still being mistreated and neglected. Damn JCJenson! Can't just let go of them? They're not hurting anyone! They're just, you know, surviving? They are no threat to humans! Well, one exception in their group, probably.

SD-J frowns at the sight of it, 'Incompetent toasters, can't even properly do their job. No wonder the company wants them gone.'

SD-V doesn't look at all that impressed, even with the static image of a worker drone getting grinded up, 'Eh, I've seen better kills than that done by N.' her memory isn't so good but she can remember his name here and then.

SD-N looks a bit, sad hearing all this, 'I know J said the worker drones were not even adequate at their jobs, but the company said they could fill the quotas decently enough.' he glances over towards the worker drones. He feels some pity, since he didn't quite hear about the whole situation. N is kind of neglected himself. He doesn't admit it, but he feels, well, underappreciated. But he tries his best, and that's what matters. But, they don't seem all that different from him. Were they really putting down a rogue and dangerous worker drones? It sure doesn't seem like that. They sound more like him, given a job, and they tried their best, not even once questioning the company from the looks of it.

"-mostly because they handle that just fine, all by themselves." says Uzi.

SD-J bristles at such a statement, "Oh? As if you pathetic workers are doing a fine job yourselves."

Uzi throws a piece of popcorn at SD-J, "Kiss my shiny metal ass." Uzi can already tell J's a kiss ass to the company, not like it's a mystery.

"Uzi, language." Khan scolds Uzi, as if he was a good parent.

Uzi rolls her eyes, "Whatever."

SD-J is absolutely furious at Uzi's derogatory term towards her loyalty towards the company. She's a dutiful employee in the service of the company, unlike these worker drones, not some prostitute! She bites back a response, clenching her seat's armrests. She won't walk into that one. They're worker drones, inferior, she shouldn't waste time arguing with defective products doomed to be dismantled anyways.

SD-N's eyes widened, 'Wait, but the company said... wait, by corruption didn't they mean something more sinister? This doesn't look that bad. What does the company plan to do with us after all this is over? Do we know too much? A mission on this scale wasn't given to us before... no, believe in the company N! The rules exist for a reason! They wouldn't lie to us, right? But, the landing pod, it was a one-way rocket... not meant to leave the planet, my piloting might have been the cause of that. But, why would I not be a good pilot? I was assigned to be the pilot after all.' SD-N slaps himself, this line of thought is bad! J wouldn't like it if he thought such... treasonous thoughts! SD-J wasn't blind, she could see N's internal conflict because he wears his heart on his sleeve. Besides, J told him he was a bad pilot... he did crash the pod... damaging it considerably. He got chewed out for that, almost literally.

SD-N does speak, "So, the worker drones didn't do anything to kill all the humans on Copper-9?"

"Do you really think the worker drones are innocent in this incident? N, you truly are naive." SD-J does have a point.

SD-V sighs, "Human error, amazing." sarcasm is strong with this one as she waves her hands, bored out of her mind.

[Warning: Planet Core Collapse Imminent! (Vibe = Harshed)]

[The scene changes to two humans seeing their computer giving off an error. They just turn to each other and shrug, not like they could do anything about it, so might as well go out with indifference.]

The vibe drone, Riley, the best student, nods in agreement, vibe is indeed harsh.

[A smooth transition out of the planet as it explodes... revealing the moon and ring world.]

The worker drones, for the most part, look mostly indifference, a few seem to have smiles, namely Uzi, in fact Uzi's the only one with a smile of sheer joy at the sight of how millions of humans went out in just a single blast.

"Karma at its finest! Hell yeah! Didn't even need to rebel." declares Uzi, arms outwards.

SD-J puts Uzi on her mental list for who to kill first once this is all over. Not that Uzi wasn't already on top, it'll be a miracle for Uzi to not be on the top of the priority list once this is over.

[Another flash of light in a transition that brings them to the surface of Copper-9, the ruined metropolis, and the ringed planet and moon lighting up the world. It's atmosphere is clearly polluted, or rendered non-existent due to the damage caused by the core's collapse. A snowflake falls slowly until it lands upon a human skeleton, frozen with an expression of phantom shock, at the sudden death.]

"It's not a mystery that humans tried to harness the core's energy only for it to backfire horribly because of corporate budget cuts right?" Uzi is rude, glancing over towards J, "Wouldn't you agree?"

SD-J opts to remain silent, she wouldn't take the bait. Besides, Uzi is just going off into speculation. The accident was caused by error on the worker drone part, sabotage, yes, it had to be sabotage. The company doesn't expect them to know much else. The mission takes priority, and that is the extermination of these rogue drones. There is no need to question their orders.

SD-N is still watching intently, 'I wish I could enjoy the snow for a bit. Looks like fun! Oh, I could make balls out of the snow and throw them at- on second thought J wouldn't like me slacking on the job. Maybe one of the worker drones would like to try that! Oh wait, I have to murder them. Biscuits.' N doesn't have anyone to play with him. Truly a calamity.

Thad glances over at Uzi, "Is this going to be in your presentation?"

Uzi scoffs, "As if, I don't think anyone's got anything recorded from then. I was just going to slap on pre-made templates, stock images, and move on with my life."

That nods in understanding, "Cool."

Uzi suddenly realizes something critical, and turns to the human clone beside her, "Could you record all this for me? I want to use it for my presentation at the end of the week."

MS-15780 already had her phone out recording, "Misaka has you covered, says Misaka offering her partner a fist bump." she holds out her left fist.

Uzi grins, "Nice." and the two bump fists together, 'This human ain't so bad after all. I guess I could make a few exceptions to my murder all humans plan.' then again, clones are a different set entirely.

Teacher immediately calls out, "You know I won't give credit for stolen assets. Plagiarism is an instant failure Uzi."

"Damn it." so much for an easy grade.

"Misaka can write notes, suggests Misaka."

"That is also plagiarism." Teacher is a scholar, he knows what plagiarism is, you cannot fool him.

"Bite me teach! You can't stop me!"

"I can, however, give you a failed grade."

At that, Uzi shuts up. Fear the power of the teacher who has nothing to lose... and who has to teach a class of kids who pay minimum attention to class. It's a wonder how Uzi is passing her grades adequately and the only main issue is she cannot fit in with the others. Not that shoving her classmate's head against the desk helps her case.

'At least they made good doors. If not for their schematics, I wouldn't have created the base for my improved variants.' Khan thinks to himself. Afraid of speaking up with the disassembly drones in the room. Then again, most worker drones are. Perhaps they will gain some confidence later.

[A Worker Drone emerges from the snow, completely fine and turns to the human skeleton, touching it with the tip of their finger, sending it crashing down into the snow, shattering into many pieces. His buddy standing off to the side gives a thumbs up in approval.]

SD-J snarls at the disrespect the drones have given their human creators, 'Do they not hold an ounce of respect towards their creators? If that traitor wasn't protecting you imbeciles I would straight up kill you myself!'

Uzi cackles at that, she just loves that, especially seeing SD-J being visibly affected.

"Uzi! Don't piss off the murder drones! Your putting us in danger!" whisper-shouts Lizzy, though more so out of concern for Doll, for obvious reasons.

Uzi spares her a glance, "Really? They can't attack us, friendly murder drone and whatever those toys are that look eerily like me and them... I can mock them all I want!" Uzi chooses not to think too much on the plushies. It helps when you ignore they exist.

"It's not safe! They're literally right beside us!"

Uzi isn't finished, "Also don't you tease me all the time? I think I'm justified in teasing the murder drones, our worst enemies?" Uzi is savage.

Lizzy looks taken back by the angsty teen goth girl.

SD-N is not sure how to react, 'Is this what the human behavior manual meant by hormone induced drama? I thought that was limited to humans?' he probably read a novel like Twilight of Love at some store.

SD-J is fuming at the worker drones disgracing model human behavior in their horrendous attempt at mimicking human society.

"With biological life wiped from the planet, we found it pretty easy to pick up where they left off." continues narrator Uzi.

Khan decides to speak up because the worker drones are still, in a tense or awkward atmosphere with Lizzy's sudden outburst at Uzi's counter comment.

"I'll say. I did a fine job replicating the double layered steel doors the company had used. By locating the blueprints in the central database I could make additional doors and further improve their overall design. This includes increased thickness for maximum durability and enhanced hydraulics for faster and more smooth transition-" but Khan is interrupted by SD-V throwing her empty oil packet at him.

"Shut up gramps. I don't want to hear about your doors." SD-V doesn't give a crap about doors, she probably hates them because she could never get past them, 'If I had my weapons, I'd tear you apart for creating those damned doors!'

Khan doesn't respond out of fear of the disassembly drone. He does sulk though, poor Khan, he needs more appreciation.

"We finally had a future, all to ourselves."

[Pill Baby Drone has the statement Untrained Neural Network on its body.]

At the sight of worker drone 'parents' and a pill baby drone, the audience had mixed reactions.

Uzi flinched since she remembers her mother, but she just never got to know her long. Sometimes she wished her mother was still here. Khan doesn't talk about her much anymore, preferring to proclaim his love of doors. Dissociation is anyone's guess. But she just wishes she could meet her mother... because living without the care of her father, with only herself to rely on for the most part, it's been rather... difficult. She's used to it, but a part of her still wants her dad to finally show some care and actually be a dad for once. Get his respect back. Kind of like in that old movie, Chicken Little was it? Though, it's mostly for save the world part. Yeah, probably the latter.

Thad pats Uzi on the back, he knows she still holds some feelings towards the mother she barely knew. Braxton also gives Uzi a look of empathy, must be hard to live without a mother, and a neglectful father. Not that he blames Khan, he's changed since the loss of his wife.

Lizzy is still pissed off, if she wasn't maybe she'd hold some empathy towards Uzi, who knows. Doll only feels, well, nothing really. She lost her parents too, she moved on. If anything she feels Uzi should perhaps be more thankful she still has a father, she has nobody but herself.

SD-V shakes her head, "What's with all this lovey dovey crap? I'd rather punt that sad excuse of an infant into the stratosphere." kick the baby.

SD-N looks a bit, conflicted. He wonders if it's fun to have a parent. On the other hand, why is that worker drone so... funny looking? It seems very, weird, how does a drone survive without arms or legs? It seems very inefficient. How would it, y'know, work?

SD-J clenches her fists, oh how she despises these drones using the company's resources for their own twisted ideas of some twisted society barely reminiscent of that of humanity, 'Calm yourself J, don't waste time arguing with the idiots. When this is over, I will uphold company policy and kill those android rejects!' she really doesn't like them making their own offspring in a non-standard manner. It's inefficient, a waste of resources, and worker drones aren't meant to be like humans in the first place. This is an abomination she's witnessing on screen.

[Then it cuts to space, just above the moon, to the right of the ringed planet, something zoomed too quick for the audience to see.]

SD-J felt, a bit of glee seeing the pod zip by. Oh how she wants to see herself tearing through those rejects, it will satisfy her urges, at least for a bit, "Future viewing huh? I was there when the pod landed, but I suppose the sight of the massacre will be enough to satisfy myself, for now."

SD-V on the other hand, knows what's up and is grinning, teeth baring and an X across her screen, "Oh, this will be so much fun to see!" giggling psychotically to herself.

SD-N just laughs along, "Haha!" he doesn't see what's so good other than the warm sweet oil, "Uh." he notices the worker drones having panic attacks, 'You know, I don't want to be rude so I think I'll just...' he begins to sip from his oil packet, much to his teammate's ire. Totally proper response when you want to avoid an awkward atmosphere being in the same room as the people you're supposed to kill.

The worker drones have, well, they are already terrified because they're in a room just a couple meters away from the murder drones in question. Khan shudders at the memory. Uzi just frowns. Doll is just, there. Only Teacher looks uncaring, he's mildly concerned, but seeing how the murder drones can't do anything and this is pretty much just movie night, he couldn't care less. He deals with kids for most of his life, he's faced worse things than murder drones, and that's being unappreciated by his students for years.

[The scene swaps to the city streets, where the pod lands at an intersection, kicking up debris.]

Uzi grins, "Oh? I thought you murder drones didn't damage company property, isn't that against policy?" damn Uzi be educated when she wants to be.

SD-J scoffs, "Hardly, exceptions were made, and I made certain to scold N for his failure at piloting the craft. Besides, you simpletons wandered over to investigate like lemmings. Aren't you the fools walking to be dismantled like loyal mutts? Not that I'm complaining. I'd say it all worked out in the end."

Uzi glares over at SD-J, who grins smugly in return.

SD-V giggles in delight, the slaughter is near.

SD-N is a bit cheery about it, but seeing the worker drones in the room in mixed states of terror or just outright looking away from the screen, well it's not like he's murdering them in particular. So it should be fine, right? Then again, he's also a bit saddened by J bringing up his poor piloting skills, not his fault he wasn't programmed to be a good pilot... why wouldn't he be a good pilot in the first place?

'Am I feeling, sad for the worker drones? No, J wouldn't approve! It's against the rules N! Don't feel empathy for them! After all, I killed a lot of them, I didn't feel sad then... what's so different?' SD-N is wondering if feeling empathy towards the worker drones is treason. Mostly for the fact this is probably very awkward because your technically seeing um, like, your relatives get murdered and all that. And you're in the same room as your targets so...

"Unfortunately, our parent company didn't exactly love the concept of runaway AI."

[From the sight of a confused and fearful crowd of worker drones amassed near the pod, the camera zoomed in to reveal three yellow X's in the pod. Which flew out in an instant, the worker drones looking up in fear, rooted to their spots.]

[V would reveal herself in front of the ringed planet's light, with a worker drone head in hand. Which she drops before the worker drones. Then tosses aside the worker drone's body. SD-N and SD-J flanking her in the night sky.]

[What follows is nothing short of a slaughter of dozens of worker drones.]

At the sight of oil flying, limbs being cut apart, and a drone praying for salvation. Several worker drones in the audience just suffered critical errors and fainted on the spot. Lizzy hugs Thad. Uzi just directs a glare that could kill at the murder drones. SD-J and SD-V return the glare tenfold, with their killer looks. SD-OC remains between the two sides, hoping the murder drones don't try to gut Uzi again.

"So not the vibe." Riley feels harshed.

Of course when the sight of worker drone parents tossing their baby way shows up, Uzi just gives a glance at Khan who looks baffled.

"What?" Khan doesn't know why his daughter's giving him an unimpressed look.

'I should be glad dad cared enough about me not to do that.' Uzi gives her dads some points for not abandoning her like the ones on screen. He's still bad though. Who calls their daughter a failure on some propaganda poster?

[After the words 'Murder Drones' appearing in the scene as it pans up from the ruined city, the scene changes to Uzi's class, where she is giving a power point presentation. Apparently she got the corpse spire image from 'Some ded af dude lol' with an additional quote, "dying is stupid and also dumb" -me idk.]

"But what have our parents done for the past forever while those things build a spire of corpses?!" Uzi continues, no longer a narrator on screen.

Teacher sets down his mug, 'Oh Uzi, my disappointment is immeasurable, again.' he's used to it, but if only Uzi could be a little more, social, then life would be so much better.

Khan feels like that statement was directed at him, he gives a worried glance at Uzi, "Uzi, you know those doors were made to protect the outpost."

Uzi rolls her eyes, "Yeah, but have you ever heard the best defense is a good offense?"

"We can't fight them!" calls out a WDF drone, not Todd, Todd is chill.

The workers look to the WDF drone.


"You're the WDF, isn't it your job to defend?" says Thad, in disbelief that one of the WDF would bring that up.

"Uh..." most of the WDF members glance at one another, "Yeah, we defend. Attacking is the opposite of defending."

...Even SD-J feels the urge to facepalm at the incompetence these worker drones have. As if they expect to remain protected forever by the inventions of the company they stole and illegally modified to their twisted needs.

[Uzi clicks the remote in her hand switching to the next slide.]

["Stolen blueprints from my dad" is the title with three doors on the board. It soon swaps to a template called the 'Protagonist's Adventure' explaining how some figure resembling Uzi will have a Call to Action, find Unlikely Aid, Angst Overload, Helper, Mentor, Challenge & Temptations, Revelations, Angst Overload, Return, with some steps in between hard to notice.]

"Hide under the ice behind three stupid doors? It's like we're waiting for an inciting incident!"

Khan flinches from Uzi's harsh adjective to his doors, and is quick to notice his precious door schematics, "Uzi?"

"I haven't taken them yet dad, and it's going to be for a school assignment, not like I'm gonna lose them or anything." Uzi really doesn't want to get into some angsty talk with her dad in front of an audience like this.

Badmouthing his doors is forgivable, but taking his private blueprints was next level door disrespect.

"...Alright. I guess I can overlook it if it's only for a school project. Your education is important after all!" Khan lets her off easy, it's not really a good idea to start an argument with her. Last time he did, Uzi slammed a door in his face and besides, the class got a small insight on the inner workings of doors.

[The scene changes to the title of the power-point, still default, but with the words appearing via animation 'HOW DO WE FIX THIS IN AN OVERCOMPLICATED SCI-FI WAY?']

"Anyway, that's why my project is this sick-as-hell railgun!" concludes Uzi.

With Uzi pointing the gun at the class, everyone in the audience went into an uproar, for different reasons.

"That's so not the vibe!" shouts Riley, his vibe has been ruined.

"Oh my gosh!" some student worker drone cries out.

"What the hell Uzi?!" Lizzy cannot believe Uzi's carelessness.

Most of them just gasp or let out noises of shock. Teacher doesn't look like he gives any dang about this, he just sips from coffee from his mug completely unaffected.

SD-J gives Uzi a pointed look, "Ever heard of gun safety moron?"

Uzi flips her the finger, "Uh no, I do not need to be educated by a murder drone!"

"Ironic, that a disassembly drone holds more common sense than a failed product like you. Oh wait, that's just how you were designed, my sincerest of apologies at your ineptitude." SD-J is rather smug at her own remark, 'If I can't kill them outright, then perhaps I can humble them to their own incompetence.'

Uzi grits her teeth at that, but does nothing since she couldn't win against J even if she tried. An Uzi Plush hops onto her lap and Uzi just, accepts it. Inner peace, find peace Uzi. You will have your revenge on J just you wait.

SD-V seems to be intrigued by the scene, 'Pull the trigger, I know you can do it little goblin!' stop V, that's condoning the wrong sort of thing. Also, it's gremlin, not goblin. I really wish that the humans didn't scramble your memory that bad, now you can't even word anything proper.

"Easy morons, it doesn't work." admits Uzi, whose expression turns to brief shock at her admission then turns to annoyance as she points it again at the class, "Yet! It doesn't work yet! Who said it doesn't work, maybe it does!" she flips the switch and the railgun powers up, laughing like a mad scientist as she aims it, again, at the class.

Khan feels, concerned for Uzi's crazy behavior. He should get her some therapy lessons... or maybe spend more time... yeah that's probably why Uzi turned to those "anime" to learn social stuff. What kind of anime did she watch? Dark and emo MCs that end up being hated by the majority of humanity? No wonder Uzi's doing so terribly.

Thad doesn't seem at all that much affected, "Whoa Uzi, that was the coolest presentation I've seen this school year." giving her a thumbs up.

"Uh, thanks?" Uzi is slightly flustered by the compliment.

Lizzy looks pissed off by Uzi buttering up to her boy, glaring at Uzi, who just smirks like a victor in response. Doll looks uncertain how to deal with this, she's not a romantic, she's a... special case. So she wisely keeps quiet, like usual.

SD-J waves dismissively, "Please, it was mediocre at best." but no one pays attention to her, so she opts to bully Uzi again, "So, Uzi-" she spits the name as if it were venom, "-I see you blame others for your faults. I do not recall the other bots ever mentioning it not working. But I find myself in agreement, it shouldn't work, especially if a drone of your caliber behind its creation." her arrogance will be her downfall.

"Ugh, do you ever shut up?" Uzi thinks SD-J talks too much.

SD-J's smirks, "I like to consider myself a negotiator in company related issues."

"More like seducing your supervisor." Uzi's gaze turns to how the disassembly drones are literally pantless.

SD-J really wants to tear Uzi's face off.

SD-V is bored again as per usual.

SD-N suddenly calls out to break the ice, "I liked your presentation Uzi! Really got into the murder vibe there! A passing grade in my book!"

Uzi gives a nervous wave back, "Uh, it was a rebellious angsty teenager vibe, but thanks anyways." it appears SD-N does not understand the concept of angst. He wasn't quite programmed with that in mind, nor was he given any manual by the company on the subject. It's also very, odd he's acting so friendly and outgoing. Must be stockholm syndrome acting up, or maybe he's just like that to begin with.

Teacher rolls his eyes over, "Oh, Uzi. The homework was a word problem about buying watermelons?"

Uzi expression falls, "Oh, and this magnetically amplified photon converger doesn't count?" her look screams, 'Pls say this counts.'

"Uneducated brat, arailgun is alinear motordevice, typically designed as a weapon, that useselectromagnetic forceto launch highvelocityprojectiles." explains SD-J, with a somewhat prideful smirk while her visor has the words 'Digital Dictionary Mode - Activated', "To summarize."

"Nobody asked you twintails." Uzi is probably insinuating something here.

SD-J snarls in the direction of the angsty savage drone who merely smiles in response, smugly. Hat Kid has a worthy opponent at long last.

"I doubt it will even work." states SD-J, crossing her arms, "You worker drones can't even dump ore into a grinder without falling into the crusher yourself."

Uzi crosses her arms, smirking, "We'll see about that." not that she ever worked in such a job, she was born after all that crap.

Teacher blinks, "No. Plus repressed emotional baggage was only worth two points on the rubric, and is it supposed to be that color?"

[Uzi's railgun turns red and appears to be going unstable like the core. Uzi lets out a brief, "Huh?" of realization.]

[A moment later in the hallway, the door caves outwards as a puff of smoke emerges from the cracks, it appears that Uzi's railgun exploded.]

SD-V looked gleefully up at a moment, "Ooh~, I wonder how far her limbs flew from that!"

Uzi doesn't like that, "Can you, not say that out loud when I'm right here?"

"Stop being so sensitive." states SD-J, "Surely you can take a few jabs to your pride, if you even have any that is."

Uzi scoffs, "Your the princess of pride, scrap queen."

"I will enjoy your screams when I flay that smug look off your face." retorts SD-J.

Khan looks slightly worried, sure he and Uzi are not in the best of relations, but even he wouldn't want to see Uzi die. Sure she's a bit of a wildcard, but he cares for his daughter sincerely.

Lizzy looks somewhat, mixed, 'Oh my gosh I was in the same room! What if I got blown up?! Damn it Uzi if I died because of your stupid invention I will shove that rail-gun up your-'

'Whoa, that looked powerful, hope everyone's alright.' Thad is supportive gentleman of a drone.

'Почему они делают нашу жизнь похожей на какое-то телешоу? (Why are they making our life like some TV show?)' thinks Doll to herself, then her eyes widen, ' Они узнают... о моих способностях. (They will find out... about my ability.)' she stares towards Alf whose busy staring at the murder drones, 'Знают ли они? (Do they know?)'

[The scene switches to the nurse office or whatever you call the place kids go to when they get hurt. With several interesting posters in there.]

['Don't wash your hands, you're a robot idiot']

['Don't die lol']

['What hurts? Head Shoulder Legs Chest or The existential dread of being a sentient machine created by gods that abandoned us?']

SD-J snorts at the childish pamphlets, "Adequate, for a worker drone. Such bland and degrading messages would never be accepted within the company's advertising department."

SD-V frowns when it pans down to reveal Uzi is alright, only with a bandage around her right side of her head, for some reason, "Aw, she didn't die." she pouts. Ew, cutesy psychos, yuck. Even Uzi shivers at SD-V's rather sad*stic mindset.

Teacher wonders if he had to file a report on Uzi's visit to the nurse's office, again. Not as bad as the time she reduced Braiden to a brain-dead bot. That was troublesome to resolve. Not that the fire appears to be doing any damage, nor can it be put out for long.

[Uzi looks up hearing someone stop at the doorway.]

Lizzy places her hands on her hips, "Ew, it didn't kill her!" she and Doll giggle as they run back into the hallway, "Oh my god it's so bad!" can be briefly heard as she scatter.

"Seconded." SD-V raises her hand for a moment, it's a shame Uzi didn't blow up as intended.

Thad winces, "That's a little extreme don't you think Lizzy?"

Lizzy shoots Uzi a look of disdain, Doll just, stares over at Uzi, she just doesn't quite react much, she's just, there. Then again, Doll is, odd. Perhaps one of the only worker drones other than Uzi and Riley who wasn't so affected being in the same room as disassembly drones.

Khan gives a concerned gaze towards Uzi, 'I... didn't know it was so bad for you.'

Uzi in the audience just pulls her beanie down, she's used to this kind of teasing, but in front of an audience is different, "Tch."

"Ughh..." Uzi shakes her head, just don't let it get to your head, but then the sound of footsteps catches her attention again.

Thad calls out to someone off in the hallway, "Classic toxic masculinity, Chad! That's never gonna end up problematic..." striking a brief pose at the entrance.

He notices Uzi's also in the office, "Oh wow, Uzi? I heard you, uh-" Thad doesn't want to exactly add the word, um, you know. Blown up?

"Failed spectacularly to combust? Yes, she did." SD-V is peak comedy.

SD-J giggles at that, though it's more of a cackle. SD-N just looks over at Uzi mouthing, 'Sorry!' his teammates aren't always this mean he swears... but N doesn't understand his teammates are mildly okay to him, but probably couldn't give less of a dang towards their targets.

Lizzy is feeling a bit unsure of what to make of the murder drone's teasing since it's kind of similar to how she's been to Uzi. She doesn't want to compare herself to a disassembly drone. Though she isn't as harsh as they're being, it's leaving a bad taste.

Uzi "I'm an angsty teen, Thad. Bite me!" she points to herself and then throws her ice pack into the trash bin, "Also, how do you know my name? People willingly talk to you." Thad takes a seat besides Uzi.

Thad chuckles, pointing to the posters on the wall, "Well, I'd say everyone knowsKhan's daughter, but, uh... Then you might blow the other half of your face off."

"PFFTHA!" Khan spits his drink, that was... brutal. Does his daughter really hate him that much? Then again, those posters don't really help. Maybe the magazine was a bit too much.

Uzi takes off her now wet beanie and glares back at him, "Seriously dad?" it's her favorite and only beanie. Now it's wet with spit and oil, "Do you know how hard it is to clean oil out of cloth?"

"I- uh- Uzi... you know-" Khan can't even speak.

Todd places a hand on Khan's shoulder and shakes his head. Don't make a fool of yourself right now.

SD-N is curious, "If the WDF isn't armed, then how do they expect to uh, defend your outpost? The posters look nice, but how would you fend off an attack? I mean, it won't be long before we find a way inside-"

SD-J interjects, "Don't waste your breath N, these workers have the intellectual capacity of a computer from the previous millennia."

The WDF don't have an answer. The worker drones in the room are beginning to think they should probably have more protocols in place in the event of a breach, like another door or something.

"Crippling daddy issues, hilarious... What are you in for? Testosterone too hard?" counters Uzi.

"That can happen? Awesome." Thad is chill, "Hey, those bandages look pretty badass!"

Uzi blushes, "Oh, ew. Gross, I hate that you said that."

"So, what's the, uh..." Thad gestures at the railgun which finds the end of the barrel in his face.

"Sick-as-hell railgun?! Spyfy nonsense, that super works! I'm sneaking to the Murder Drone lair, tonight to get the last spare part I need to save the world with it and earn my dad's respect and stuff, but mostly the world part." explains Uzi, while Thad just nods along for the most part, listening.

SD-J bursts out laughing at that open declaration, "I didn't think you'd have such humor Uzi!" she just laughs so hard, one might think she's gonna have a heart attack, and she got Uzi's name right which is another sign of something bad, "I might enjoy this future viewing after all! You better prepare yourself Uzi! Your arrogance will cost you dearly, and I will enjoy every second of it." ironic the arrogant bot calls the goth girl arrogant.

SD-V even giggles at that, the thought of making a purple colored balloon animal is very pleasant to her mind.

SD-N wonders why Uzi thinks it's a good idea to go to the corpse, wall, thing. With no weapons and no real plan. Not even he's that dumb, and SD-J tells him he's the dumbest drone she ever met!

Uzi slouches in her seat as her plan was openly said to the public, it does sound dumb out loud. Lizzy, Doll, even a few other worker look dumbstruck by Uzi's declaration. They're safe behind the doors, why risk going out there, into the LAIR of all places, for something that might not even be there? Khan feels, a bit saddened that Uzi thinks he doesn't respect her. He is really a bad father, not the worst, but definitely bad for neglecting her to the point she feels like she doesn't give two cents about her. Well, in Doll's case she's just, giving not a single damn. The only real worry is if Uzi dies people might begin to notice her odd behavior without Uzi around to take the brunt of attention.

"Oh, but doesn't your dad make awesome doors so we don't have to, uh... Do that scary sounding emotionally repressed stuff you just said?" but Thad is cut off by Uzi shoving her gun into his face.


"No offense Uzi. I like your plan, but the risk involved seems a bit dangerous don't you think?" says Thad, not wanting to be misunderstood, he's a good pal to Uzi.

Uzi sighs, "None taken Thad, I just, don't want to stay cooped up in some old facility until I rust. Hiding isn't going to solve the problem. Those doors are sturdy I'll give my dad that, but I don't think they'll keep those murderers out for long."

SD-J suspects Uzi is... an anomaly, an even bigger one than she would have thought, but one that might bring about a close to their mission.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't think..." Thad is unable to finish as Uzi hops down from the chair and goes out the door.

"BITE ME!" she turns the corner, only to emerge a second later, "I'm not mad at you by the way, just generally hormonal!" then gives a thumbs up as she leaves again.

'Значит, ей трудно признаться в своих чувствах? (So, she has trouble admitting her feelings?)' Doll muses, sounds almost like a tsundere, ' Как по-детски. (How childish).'

Lizzy wonders what in thigh-nations Uzi is on about. She assumed she like, liked Thad, why is she acting so hostile? Aiming a literal gun at him? First of all, that pisses her off, second of all what the frak Uzi? Thad is such a gentleman.

SD-J is only slightly curious as to Uzi's outburst. Uzis appears to hold some affection towards this worker drone, she glances over at Thad, scheming in her mind. Perhaps giving him to SD-V for a bit will inflict a greater pain onto Uzi, less physical, more mental. Yes, that's it.

'I'll make you suffer one way or another, Uzi.' SD-J doesn't even hide her expression. She isn't completely stupid, though Uzi has a rather "tough" exterior, she seems to hold feelings for those close to her, even if she doesn't admit it. Not that J knows about tsunderes, she can just understand that Uzi has emotions, and that shall be her downfall. Even if Uzi refuses to admit it, she clearly holds some form of connection to a handful of other worker drones.

SD-OC gives SD-J a subtle glare, he knows what she is thinking, his teammates are sad*sts so he knows when someone wants to do ill upon others.

Meanwhile, Uzi slumps further into her seat, it's like she's hoping for the world to swallow her whole, 'Why the hell is this showing my plan?! Ugh damn it! Dad's never gonna let me out now!'

The Misaka Sister pats Uzi on the head, "Pat, pat."

Uzi brushes it off, flustered, "What the hell was that human?!"

"Head pats, you look like you needed them, states Misaka." replies Misaka, her expression unchanged, "Also, Misaka would prefer it if you refer to Misaka as Misaka."

"Whatever human, don't pat my head again, got that?" warns Uzi with a pointed finger, MS-15780 nods in response.

Uzi just folds her arms and grumbles to herself. Angsty teens don't get the head pats.

It's very obvious Uzi likes Thad. But only a few know that she likes him likes him.

"Uzi, why are being so aggressive towards Thad? He seems like a fine young man, what's with the hostility?" Khan is baffled as to why Uzi's acting so hostile to the one drone being so polite to her on screen.

"It's alright Mr. Doorman. She just needs to vent from time to time." Thad's response did little to appease Khan, if anything Khan feels eve more certain that his daughter needs therapy. Not that they have therapists. But Thad understands, Uzi's had it rough, so she needs a little time to cool off from here and then.

[Scene goes by as it shows the night passing as Uzi sleeps. Then she smacks her face to stop the alarm. It appears she's hooked up to some charging machine.]

[After a brief moment of Uzi waking up, a determined gaze strikes across her visor and she takes her railgun off the table and slings it across her back, must have a small magnet to attach itself to her back, making some noise as if it were LEGOs assembling. The brief shot of her room shows how, purple it is, with dark goth vibes and angst all over with hundreds of stick notes.]

[She fixes her beanie and gives herself a thumbs up in the mirror. Then snatches the keys off the hook in the house, before continuing on her way as the sick beat returns.]

"...Hey doesn't she sound like LEGOs assembling from that one video game?" SD-N is so pure he points it out so innocently, only for SD-V to ruin it.

"I'd love to disassemble her. Just to see if she makes any other type of sound." SD-V is honest, and smiling so wickedly. Then again, LEGO mini-figures don't scream when you pull them apart.

Uzi points over at the disassembly drones, "Can we not talk about me getting murdered?! Talk about someone else what's so special about me?!"

SD-J grins, "Isn't it obvious? You have the most adorable reactions."

Uzi is fuming with anger, at the very least she isn't suicidal, "Bite me!"

"I would love to." SD-J just can't hold back.

"Not literal you- UGH!" Uzi resigns, it's no use to argue with SD-J on the matter, 'Wish I had my railgun... it's non-functional, but at least overcharging it and throwing it at that murder bot with the twintails would make me feel so damn better!'

Khan is contemplating if he should become a more attentive father and actually help Uzi out for once in his sorry life, by getting Uzi some proper, care you know? Perhaps he has been a bit, neglectful.

But that concern is briefly overcome by surprise at Uzi actually swiping the keycard, then again, he didn't quite hide it that well. It's an extra for emergencies after all.

"Oh Uzi..." Khan feels a headache coming on, figuratively of course.

[In the metal corridor, grille covered floor, Uzi peeks around the corner, looking down at the third door. Icicles are all over the ceiling.]

'An icicle falling on her head would be too quick.' thinks SD-V, 'Needs more, agony, like losing an arm or a leg. Then getting force fed her boyfriend's heart.' damn V your dark.

SD-J is busy analyzing the worker drone's defenses, 'A master card, that will be useful. If she brings that to the spire...' she smiles, 'Oh, that idiot is bringing the key to the city, right to me. Oh I can't wait to see myself tear her apart and pluck that key from her pathetic corpse.'

Thad nods in approval of Uzi's actions since he admires a little rebellious attitude, Uzi is cool.

Teacher doesn't give a damn and just watches to determine what happens in the future as to replace the homework of the future with a different worksheet so his students won't be able to cheat by seeing the future answers to future assignments.

[Uzi walks down towards the third door, an old rusty fan slowly turns behind a vent cover.]

SD-J notes that weakness, 'A ventilation shaft, how foolish of them to disregard an entry point that negates the purpose of their final door.'

SD-V is somewhat amused by the creepy mood the scene is setting, not enough to alleviate her boredom but it's a start.

SD-N is just slurping on his oil packets, admiring the home the workers set up, "Looks like a nice place, for worker drones I mean. A bit too crammed for my taste."

Most of the student worker drones are focused because Uzi's doing what none of them ever thought nor want to do.

Uzi is watching intently. After all, this is her future, probably, so better to learn any possible mistakes and not screw up. However the Disassembly Drones in the room are also learning, great. This means the future is still a wildcard.

"There goes my plan of beating them at their own game." grumbles Uzi ,wishing that the DDs weren't here. Makes things harder when everyone knows the future and it becomes unpredictable again.

MS-15780 pats Uzi on the back, "There is a point for them being here, did you not recall your presentation? Inquires Misaka pensively."

"That was just for show! I wasn't trying to foreshadow my future or anything! And I haven't even finished yet!" replies Uzi, which isn't a lie.

[Uzi just, flips out the card with a spin in hand, looking up at the door, or maybe the icicles at the top?]

Thad whistles, "That's a neat trick Uzi, mind teaching me sometime?" he's good pal, always reliable for raising the mood.

"Sure, I got nothing better to do." replies Uzi, with a smile, "It just takes a little practice, but it's easy once you get the hang of it."

Lizzy seems vexed again by Uzi getting snub-snub with Thad, Thad's far out of Uzi's league, but she doesn't voice her opinions thankfully.

Khan shows worry for the keycard, "Be careful Uzi, that's one of a kind. If it breaks, there is no replacement." SD-J takes note of that.

Uzi groans, "I'm not gonna break it dad, and you just gave an very obvious hint to the murder drones. Wow, thanks a lot dad for not believing in me."

Khan winces, as he realizes that was indeed an important piece of information.

"No need to worry, I didn't hear a thing." SD-J is lying, obviously, her smug face says it all.

"Yeah right." Uzi doesn't believe such a stupid lie.

"Who said I'm trying to deceive you?" SD-J is logic.

"How about you bite me?"

"If you'd like."

Alf bangs his head against the table, making Lizzy and even Doll jump in surprise at the sudden action.

[Uzi lets out a sigh and moves to the panel on the wall, scanning the keycard and then clipping it back onto her belt. The door slide upwards, revealing Khan right behind it.]

The door hisses open, raising upwards so suddenly the worker drone students jumped a little at the speed it withdrew.

Uzi yelped out of surprise because she didn't expect Khan of all people to be, expecting her, "Robo-Christ dad!"

"Did you really think I'd not notice you sneaking out Uzi?" Khan knows he has his some faults, but he isn't as dense as to not notice Uzi sneaking out of their home... and he's always spending time with his doors, which happens to be the only way in or out.

"Yes." Uzi is blunt, Khan looks a bit hurt by the quick response, "Usually you don't pay any attention to me. Caring more about your doors than your own daughter." the worker drones feel the angst, and a few turn to Khan.

Khan sulks at that, "I just want to keep the outpost protected."

"Hiding in fear isn't my idea of a solution." replies Uzi, "I don't want to just survive dad, I want to live!"

"But it is the safest option." points out Lizzy, folding her arms, "Unlike you, we don't want to get ourselves killed. Dying is like, tots stupid."

Uzi takes a deep breath before starting her rant, "Do you really want to live in isolation for the rest of your life? The murder drones will eventually find a way in, or the doors malfunction, my dad makes good doors, but even he cannot make them perfect. Seeing as how my dad forgot to patch up that vent we just saw which makes the third door f*cking useless! I wouldn't be surprised if he forgot a few more details. So tell me Liz, is this really a safe place? It's keeping them out indefinitely, but it's only a matter of time. We need to prepare for when they will breach, not sit back acting like everyone's okay when it's not!" asks Uzi, and Lizzy doesn't seem able to formulate an answer, not that Lizzy actually tries to pick a fight with Uzi, "That's what I thought."

SD-J is analyzes the corridor, other than the vent it seems like the second chamber between door three and two is clean, damn.

SD-J meanwhile, is glaring at Uzi, it's not a big loss, but if that vent is patched it'll make getting through the final door a bit more of a challenge. No matter, she'll find a way.

"Oh robo-jesus!" Uzi is surprised by Khan standing right there in the perfect position, waiting for her, arms crossed.

"...And where might you be off to?" inquires Khan, with an expression of seriousness.

"Umm..." Uzi seems to fix her posture and act cutesy, rocking back and forth, "Sneaking out to make out with my boyfriend that I definitely have?"

Lizzy burst into a fit of giggles at that, Doll giggles with her.

Thad shook his head, "That excuse wasn't going to work. Nobody in the outpost goes outside on a date late at night."

Uzi groans, "I can see that! It was likely a spur of the moment thing!" future stuff is hard to describe.

SD-J offers no comment, nor SD-V.

SD-N offers Uzi support, "I think it was a good excuse! Could have fooled me!"

Uzi looks at SD-N with concern. Then again, with how he acts, anything can fool him. Even SD-J facepalms at that, "Idiot."

Khan laughs, before his stern face returns, "Seriously, though."

Uzi sighs, "Okay, okay, you caught me! I need to measure, the exterior hydraulic mechanisms of Door One." the angles changes to show Khan also in the scene.

"Because that's... the project I'm working on for school, a big old door! Just like what my old man build!"

Khan still looks unconvinced.

"I want to join the WDF and hide behind the doors like cowards while playing cards and stuff..."

SD-J wants to cringe at Uzi's pathetic attempts at deception. If it were under different circ*mstances, she might just have given Uzi a lecture on how to properly lie. This is pathetic to watch.

SD-V decided to rest her head on SD-N's shoulder, shut her eyes, and sleep. Because this is as boring as watching paint dry to her. Since nothing interesting is happening, might as well preserve energy.

SD-N is just, very happy at the fact SD-V is sleeping on his shoulder. He might be standing a bit too still, he might be short circuiting.

Braxton winces at Uzi calling the WDF cowards, "I know we don't fight, but maintaining the doors is our job. The doors are sturdy enough to keep the murder drones away."

"Then just call yourselves gatekeepers, you don't do much defending in the first place." states Uzi.

Lizzy only rolls her eyes, she doesn't really care that much about the WDF, 'I hate to agree with Uzi, but they should take their jobs, like seriously. Couldn't they at least pretend to be protecting something?' she wouldn't dare to say this out loud. Saying anything in agreement with the freak is, not an option for her reputation.

"Well, we don't just play cards..." begins Khan, only for the door to suddenly open behind him.

Makarov calls out, "Khan! Can you grab a fresh pack? We literally only play cards so much that the numbers have faded." he notices the angst teen besides him, "Oh hey Uzi!"

Uzi chuckles awkwardly giving a slight wave.

SD-N looks in awe, "Ooo~ is that rummy? I love rummy!"

"Actually it's called gin, rummy?" corrects Todd, a little co*cky or just, instinctive.

Alf holds up a card pack, "We can play a game after this viewing is over. We'll have a break where you all can talk about things and enjoy some entertainment."

"Sounds good to me!" replies SD-N with a smile, only for SD-J to elbow him in the ribs, or the equivalent position.

"Quiet N." SD-J is in one of her moods, not like she is ever not in a mood.

Khan closes door with his remote, "Well..." he gives a small laugh, "When you build doors so good? Good door, good door... There's no need to fight, Uzi. This is great news. Here!"

Khan places a wrench into Uzi's hands.

"The wrench that I used to tighten bolts on my first door prototypes-" then his face turns menacingly as the scene goes red, "-and to put your mother out of her misery, when the Murder Drones got to her with that nanite acid..." then the scene changes back to normal, "I want you to have it!"

A lot of the worker drones don't know what to say, even Khan has to admit he looked a bit, murderous there. Must be the PTSD. Though most paid attention to the mother part.

"...Neat, you should get some therapy dad." says Uzi with a weak smile, uncertainty in her tone.

"For once, I agree with the goth girl. But she also needs therapy." Lizzy brings up a point as she points to Uzi.

Uzi gasps, "I am completely fine, thank you very much for your concern. Just suffering some rather crippling daddy issues that will be sorted out later!" Khan is pained by Uzi's mental jabs.

'He had to put her mother out of her misery?' Thad didn't hear of this before, 'Uh, damn. I don't know what to say to that.' not like Uzi talks about her traumatic past and neglected life... okay maybe the latter but definitely not the former, much. He knew she lost her mother, but that is just dark. Not much comforting words for that.

Doll feels like she's watching some TV drama. She doesn't like TV drama, too much drama. Not that she understands, only that people usually don't watch that kind of stuff. At the very least, it's better the focus is on Uzi rather than herself.

SD-J wonders if one of them killed Uzi's mother. She can't recall the specifics, they killed hundreds of worker drones, how are they supposed to keep track of them all? Damn, the onetime where actually knowing who they killed could be of use to flaunt it in the face of a problematic bot.

Teacher sips his coffee without a care. Now understanding Khan is just, likely responsible for Uzi's odd behavior in class.

SD-V is still resting on SD-N's shoulder, I don't think she understands what she's doing to him and just thinking of using him as a makeshift pillow despite the fact this is what more intimate people do. At least SD-N is happy.

Uzi looks, like she's still digesting the story, but manages to say, "Neat. Therapy's fun!"

The door opens and Khan declares to the WDF, "Guys! My daughter is into doors!"

The WDF start cheering and hollering, until the first door opens up blasting them with snow and cold.

"She's gonna be outside for a bit to examine the exterior of Door One! Your specific destiny awaits!" declares Khan.

SD-J's jaw drops slightly at the sight of their idiocy. SD-N doesn't look very, affected, and gives SD-J a confused glance as to why she's so shocked.

SD-J notices N's confusion, "Allow me to elaborate, N, the worker drones have recklessly opened their door, without checking if any of us are nearby. If we so happen to be passing by, they will be turned to scrap in but an instant."

SD-V briefly shot awake, only to frown when noticing she wasn't there, "Aw, guess I'm out hunting elsewhere. If I was trying to get in right at that moment, your heart would be in my hands little worker! And all your friends too!"

SD-N nods in understanding, "Ooooh!" he looks over at the workers who realize their fault and most of them look at the WDF, who look at Khan, who looks at Uzi.

Uzi scoffs, "Don't look at me! I didn't say open the door without checking for murder drones!"

Khan sighs at his reckless action, 'I should probably install some cameras outside, to make certain it's safe before opening the doors.'

"Uhh... Wow, okay! I'm just gonna leave then, cause this worked so weirdly well. Uh, go doors!" says Uzi giving a peace sign as the door closes behind her. The worker drone heads turn to follow her out.

Khan takes off his mustache, letting out a sigh of delight, "They grow up so fast!"

Uzi cringes at seeing her dad without a mustache, "Keep your mustache on dad, it makes you look... better." she doesn't have a word to describe this. It's like he just de-aged, half aged, because the neon wrinkles are still there which is, just odd to see.

Outside, the beat is like, some creepy ambience, Uzi takes a deep breath and begins her journey towards the spire. The ruined city around her, a ghost town, only populated by the corpses of the deceased, humans and drones alike. A reminder of human arrogance... and greed, as well as incompetence, mostly the latter. What moron messes with the CORE in the first place? Endless power supply, containing an anomaly, or whatever, it's still dumb.

Most of the worker drone students are in awe at the sight of the outside world. Uzi never really went out before, at night, for something as big as this. It's a new experience for her to see, from a third person perspective. But anxiety inducing, this one is more riskier than her last few ventures.

"Creepy." Thad is chilled, the other chill, not the first chill the second type.

"Yeah..." Lizzy doesn't find the scene relaxing, "It's quite obvious something's wrong."

"It's like there's ghosts or something dreadful waiting to reveal itself, love the vibe here." Riley be vibing, the soundtrack is fire.

Uzi looks perturbed at witnessing her other future self wander through the wastes... she can't help but feel worried for her future self. Maybe it's because it's night, the most dangerous time to get out to begin with. Then again, at day, the murder drones are probably going to be back at the spire, making it even more risky.

'Huh, better to go when they're out murdering and snatch the power cell right under their noses. Pretty smart future me.' Uzi commends herself.

"Hey look a crane!" a worker drone points out, drawing some stares, "What? I happen to like cranes."

[Uzi makes her way to the lair, the corpse spire, sparing a glance towards a human skeleton left in a silent shout inside a vehicle. She pauses when she steps onto something that cracks, looking down with dread knowing what it is. The head of a deceased worker drone. With a red triangle, signaling a critical failure.]

Lizzy, doesn't feel at all at ease. An orange helmet worker drone faints on the spot. Kelsey stifling a shriek. Doll is perhaps one of the few left unaffected.

Uzi herself feels nervous, this is a pretty risky thing, to go into the corpse spire, she never did that before. What if she fails, what if she, dies?

She shakes the thought off, no, she won't die, she can't die... right? Who is she kidding, this is so stupid! But at least, unlike the day, the murder drones should be out and about rather than in their lair. So this means, it's the perfect opportunity! They might be gone this time, maybe she'll be lucky!

Still, a feeling of doubt plagues her mind. Doesn't help that SD-J looks very hopeful she'd be at the spire, which, again, she doesn't seem like the friendliest of the bunch and an encounter with her might go very badly.

[Uzi looks up and the camera pans to reveal the corpse spire, in all its glory. The music becoming far more intense until it changes back to Uzi, whose clearly unsettled by all this. But resolves herself and steps into the spire.]

SD-V is now wide awake and watching with glee, giggling psychotically to herself. SD-J has a confident smirk.

"That's my squad's home! Looks nice right? Big, tall, hollow on the inside so we can fly around, stretch our wings-" SD-N is the only one being happy about this, everyone else is tense. At least he somewhat relieves the tension. Being the only "friendly" murder drone in the room. But few are paying attention to him.

[Upon entering the spire, Uzi catches sight of... a lot of gears, equipment, and tubes going about inside the spire.]

"Huh, must be trying to repair their spaceship." remarks Uzi, using power of observation.

"Actually, it appears to be built more like a drop pod?" states Teacher, "It seems more of a one-way trip deployment device. A spaceship would be... larger, for one. But seeing recent technological advancements, perhaps it could be more compact, but a special fuel source would be required for long distance travel. The company's rather, flexible, in their budget." he sips from his mug, "I'm curious, as to what they'd use for fuel, that is the main concern other than repairs."

"Bite me! If it can be sent here, we can send it back." counters Uzi, "It's science." if it works, don't fix it, as the saying goes.

"And where would you find the parts for this endeavor?" Teacher is curious.

"Outside. Obviously. Also it just looks like it needs repairs. Pretty sure whatever it needs is just lying around." Uzi predicting plot induced availability? But she has a point there are many parts lying about from the industrial complex, something's bound to work.

No worker drone voices support for that idea, seeing as how the risks are too great. Except for Thad, Thad is chill, she seems to be open to the idea of this stuff. Uzi didn't expect much agreement anyways. Then again, most are fine being in a safe place, why risk their lives for something that might not even work? Besides, if not for the murder drones, living the rest of their lives on Copper-9 doesn't sound that bad. Not like they need oxygen or food like humans.

[Uzi picks up an arm, but throws it away as it's not what she needs.]

The worker drones don't know what to think about Uzi being able to touch what's like a dismembered arm so easily.

Uzi tries not to think about it, then again, being in the home of the most dangerous drones on the planet is probably occupying her mind at the moment. But still, that's kind of disturbing, 'Maybe I do need therapy.'

But alas, there are no one among them capable of therapy... except for maybe one.

[Uzi then notices a green canister on the ground, a power cell of some sort, and picks it up. Looking it over. Analyzing it carefully for a few seconds until the light went out, she gasps and runs behind a metal crate.]

SD-J is wondering which of them it is, herself? V? Or that worthless piece of metal N? Well, maybe not so worthless if he kills this brat. She might just consider not stepping on him if he manages to put down this liability.

SD-V is almost dancing in her seat at the thought of turning Uzi into an art piece.

SD-N is just, making an uneasy face since this might get awkward, being in the same room with Uzi and all, it doesn't make for a good... you know. It'd just be weird.

SD-N raises his hand, "Hey Uzi, if I murder you, no hard feelings right?"

"Bite me!" Uzi yells over at SD-N.

SD-N flinches, "Yeah, sorry! Just wanted to uh, apologize in advance!" it'd be awkward to be in the same room with someone you kill in the future.

Uzi may or may not appreciate that he's nice, but if he kills her, she is not going to forgive him for that. Future or not.

Khan is just, worried, distressed even, his hands are shaking uncontrollable as he has flashbacks, he can't lose Uzi, not like his wife.

Thad himself is even unnerved by the danger Uzi's in, and spares a glance at the drone in question whose not faring much better, 'Stay strong Uzi. You've had... crap this must be the worst situation she's been err, going to be in.'

Lizzy is, well, nervous for one. It's quite concerning to be sure. Though she's more concerned about Uzi screwing this all up, in a bad way.

Doll is, again, just there. Only hoping that Uzi survives because, without Uzi, her own behavior might attract, attention. She isn't the best at fitting in, definitely miles ahead of Uzi, but... she'd rather not take any chances. In that sense, she's grateful for Uzi being such an outlier.

[SD-N lands against the pod, and unfurls his wings, crushing a worker drone head in his hand, tossing it aside after finishing the oil.]

SD-V frowns, "Aw, it's not me."

SD-J also lowers her expression, "Well, it's not like N will fail for certain. It's a barely sentient toaster with a defective weapon. It isn't capable of defending itself. Am I right N?"

SD-N isn't really sure if he should nod or not, when the worker drones are staring at you it suddenly feels weird, "Uh, yeah?"

SD-J scowls, "Pathetic, you can't even be confident in your own abilities? I expected better."

"Hey!" Uzi stands on her seat, "At least he showed up while you two were f*cking around company knows where!" not that she cares about SD-N, but this hits too close to home for her to ignore.

SD-J snarls at Uzi and stands, only for SD-OC to stand in front of her, she points over at Uzi, "Watch your mouth, failed products like you have no right to judge us. We are just out doing our job, shame really, I would have loved to see my future self tear the head off your little shoulders." before sitting back down, hesitantly.

"Bite me!" Uzi is brave, or stupid, probably both.

[Uzi looks through a piece of mirror, and glances back at the power cell, then at the mirror to notice in shock that SD-N had noticed her. She gets up and turns just as SD-N leaps off the pod, pulling her railgun off her back and tossing up the power cell, while casting aside the failed prototype battery, taking aim where SD-N should be landing, but he landed with far more force than expected.]

The worker drones are just, speaking incoherently either out of worry for Uzi or because of how big SD-N appears on an 8K ultra-resolution screen. Probably the last thing any of them would ever see in such a situation.

SD-J raises an eyebrow, 'Well, I suppose he looks competent enough, in this case. I might overlook his previous faults, so long as he kills that brat.'

SD-V is happy at the thought of some glorious fatality. SD-N feels happy that SD-V is kind of noticing him, even if he isn't quite doing that yet, but uh... he looks over at Uzi and feels, a pang of pity.

"No harm done, right Uzi?"

"Bite me." Uzi is really bringing out the cuss words here.

SD-J grabs N by the shoulder, "Do not apologize for their flaws N, it walked into this one."

Khan is having a panic attack at the sight of Uzi in danger, "Uzi..." he looks down at Uzi, 'Can't you see this is why I didn't want you to leave the outpost?' he feels like he should have noticed that Uzi was up to no good.

[The railgun lands a far distance besides the crate. After regaining her bearings, Uzi manages to correct herself mid-flip and land on her feet, entering a fighting stance like some anime protagonist. Possibly saving her life.]

"That, was badass." Thad compliments.

Uzi blushes slightly, "I learned that from a seasonal anime, it's not a big deal."

Lizzy wonders how Uzi can be as athletic as a cheerleader. Guess Uzi was practicing some rather crazy moves in her free time. Which she seems to have a lot of. She quickly banishes the thought, cheerleader Uzi would be... um, not a good picture. Not that she'd even want Uzi in the clique, she's a freak.

SD-J doesn't give any praise, you don't praise the enemy. Not that such a move is hard for a disassembly drone, it's just meaningless vanity. Who needs that in a fight?

SD-N is somewhat, intrigued by Uzi's landing, but he knows he won't remain interested for long, maybe he'll just, slightly injure Uzi? He prays as to not offend the worker drone in the room.

"Whoa, and they said pirating all that anime was useless." remarks Uzi, amazed herself at how she nailed that landing.

[N then brings up his tail, Uzi is terrified, the stinger moves and stabs Uzi's right hand, then just jumps up and then spins upon landing to send Uzi tumbling across the snow and smacking against the crate. Holding up her right hand to see the clear hole right through it, still dripping with nanite acid. She notices the railgun just a few yards away.]

Needless to say, Khan is having a panic attack as per usual, he does care about Uzi, and also this is probably reminding him of the time he lost his wife. At least SD-N missed and got her hand, rather than her head.

Lizzy and most worker drones are too terrified to speak, Thad just looks over at Uzi in concern. Doll is only, somewhat concerned, though probably for other reasons. Alf himself is focusing more on her than the others, he knows something is up, he served in space war he fought monsters before, always suspect the females for suspicious behavior. You never know when they might just transform into a horrid abomination.

Uzi herself winces, 'That's gonna leave a mark.' eying her right hand, feeling the phantom pain. At the very least she blocked her head, if that stinger hit her head... she'd get the same fate her mother did.

SD-J smirks, proud of SD-N for managing to land a hit so she can see Uzi suffer, but also disappointed because N missed Uzi's whole damn face. SD-V is just giggling with joy. SD-N feels a mixture of pride and awkwardness at this. He's in the same room as the one he is about to kill.

[N transforms his right hand into a rocket launcher and takes aim, only to find Uzi not by the crate and then turns to see Uzi aiming at him with her railgun. Plot armor is detected.]

'How did she- the railgun or whatever was like, five yards away!' Lizzy is shocked by how quick Uzi moved. There is no way Uzi covered those couple yards in under three seconds.

"As if that pathetic-" SD-J is confident the weapon would not function.

"Bite me!" Uzi pulls the trigger and after a brief surge of input, the railgun just lights up the screen with a bright green flash.

SD-V stops smiling, SD-J drops the branded pen in her hand that she was using to take notes of the weaknesses in the worker drone base. Yes she was taking notes, what you thought she was sitting around being useless? She's a jerk, not a moron.

'I need to get rid of that railgun.' SD-J turns to Uzi, 'Or I need to get rid of her, perhaps both. An inventor would merely rebuild their invention. The sooner I can get that done, the better.'

SD-N even looks, slightly horrified choking on the oil he was slurping. That was a shock to him, and he knows that is dangerous... he needs to get rid of that railgun. Who knows what Uzi could do, she could kill V... SD-N turns towards Uzi, he needs to get rid of her... but, maybe he could talk to her? Um, maybe just, see where she has her railgun... yeah that seems good. She seems to have, problems, he'd feel bad adding more to her issues.

Uzi for a moment, doesn't know what to say, but when she does, she turns to her father and points, "SUCK ON THAT DAD! I KILLED A MURDER DRONE!"

SD-N decides Uzi isn't open for negotiations by the looks of it.

"That was amazing Uzi!" Thad compliments.

The worker drones all seem to cheer for the most part, except for Khan, whose left shocked by that sudden twist, "She, survived?" he's impressed, and relieved. He can't bear to lose Uzi... he already lost enough.

Worker drones are all hailing Uzi as if she were some angel descended from the heavens, this might be a little too much attention as Uzi herself is embarrassed by all it.

Even Lizzy seems, surprised by that, and relieved. Seeing Uzi die, isn't exactly something she wants, she just wants Uzi out of her way. Not like, death or anything, she's not that bad... is she?

Doll feels like she wouldn't want that railgun ever pointed at herself, not now, not in the future, not ever. That is clearly dangerous. She has little confidence she could survive a direct hit from such a weapon. Hopefully she won't get on Uzi's bad side.

[The railgun is smoking and a brief hologram appears stating it is recharging, and then N's headless body just falls to the floor with a clunk.]

SD-J breathes out a sigh of relief, but the threat is there, 'So the idiot didn't lose his entire body, that's good. That means she has terrible aim. But his reaction time was too slow during that fight, I'll talk to him when the opportunity presents itself. He needs to learn to not repeat this future mistake.' she's not that disturbed, they can regenerate... this isn't an issue.

SD-V looks, mortified at that, no one has inflicted that much damage on a disassembly drone before. If that was her... she doesn't want to begin to imagine that.

SD-N also looks, mildly concerned, 'I'm glad it was me... because if that was V...' oh boy he would probably kill Uzi here and now.

Teacher shuts off his ears as the students go wild screeching like hyenas after a successful hunt. Sarah the resident detective looks equally annoyed, 'Damn kids. This is why I'm single.'

"Holy hell! Suck on that, Dad! Huh?" Uzi's celebration is cut short by N's body standing back up on its own.

[N's head just regenerates, the nanites reforming it back to normal, except one of the orbs on his headband is red and he's suffering an 'ERROR - Optic Sensors Offline']

The worker drones stop their cheers, Uzi herself is also, mortified at the implications, 'They have regeneration. Of course they have regeneration!'

Uzi is dropped to the floor, "OW! At least let me down gently!"

The worker drones are still in a state of shock and horror so they don't respond.

[Uzi takes up an arm and rushes up to slap N with it. N then comes online just a moment later.]

SD-N looks over at Uzi, "Did you just slap me with that arm?"

Uzi chuckles to herself, yeah that seems kind of, weird out of context, "It was a spur of the moment thing?"

"No worries! J hits me much harder than that! But I'm going to have to ask for your railgun." SD-N's voice turns deadly serious.

"I don't have my railgun on me. And even if I did, I wouldn't give it to you." Uzi wisely leaves out the fact she hasn't even begun construction yet, only finished up the schematics.

SD-J glares at SD-N for that comment. Uzi is beginning to suspect SD-N is underappreciated by his team, she might be able to use this. Like on her presentation, unlikely aid? Hmm. Maybe there could be some, negotiation.

"Did you just slap me with that arm?" asks SD-N.

"Holy crap it talks." Uzi did not expect that.

"Of course we can talk, what makes you think we don't? We have mouths." SD-N is mildly confused.

"Mouths that as far as I know, have only let out psychotic cackles or giggles. None of you ever talked to any of us before, until we got sent here and then you started screaming bloody murder." explains Uzi.

"Good point." SD-N looks back to the screen.

"Yeah... Sorry it's just my, uh, head kind of hurts." says SD-N, then notices, "Hey, are you new to our squad? You're a little, uhh... " from his perspective, he cannot really, see much, and ERRORS cover his sensors, "-short, for a Disassembly Drone."

SD-J realizes that even if they lose their heads... they could suffer, amnesia? Sensor loss? This is... important. She writes that down in her notepad, how she got one who knows but she's taking notes with a branded pen. This is a threat to all of worker drone kind, SD-J is taking notes people! Remain calm!

Uzi however, is more concerned about another thing, "So I'm not the tallest drone of the bunch, bite me." Several worker drones chuckle at that. Uzi is kind of short. Not that much though. But she is fairly short compared to everyone else.

He narrows his gaze at Uzi. As the music begins to get intense. While Uzi stands there, nervously, waiting his analysis.

The worker drones can feel the suspense. Uzi herself is worried for her other self, but seeing how N is like, she probably has a chance, probably. He seems... friendly? Attempt on her life aside, seeing him, acting so... friendly, is just unsettling after he tried to viciously murder her. The N in the audience didn't just try to murder her, kind of, sure they went all out at the start. Okay maybe he was a bit murder crazy, but that was to every worker drone in the room.

SD-N suddenly snaps to a salute, "I'm Serial Designation N, nice to meet you. I'm kind of the leader of the squad in this city, that's not true, everyone tells me I'm useless and terrible. Wait, I'm not supposed to tell you that part! Biscuits!"

The worker drones in the audience, are baffled yet again... SD-N doesn't act like how their image of disassembly drones have now been ruined by him. Though he's more concerned for the fact he just spilled something he probably shouldn't.

SD-J is groaning into her hands, this is an embarrassment, "N, you truly are a burden to this team."

SD-V looks disappointed, "Seriously? SHE'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! TEAR OUT HER INTESTINES AND STRANGLE HER WITH 'EM! Gosh this sucks."

SD-N chuckles to himself awkwardly. Uzi is glaring at SD-V for what she said.

SD-N sighs, "Well, honesty is the best policy." he laughs, "I also can't seem to remember the past 3 hours of my life, but I'm sure that'll sort itself out."

Uzi nods slowly, "Uh huh... I, uh, have to, go." she gestures with the arm she has in her hand pointing towards the triangle exit. But pauses when she feels the acid eating away at her hand, stifling her noises of pain.

Khan doesn't know what to say, this is just, too much to see. Reminds him too much of that time.

SD-N pops back on screen with a finger pointed, as if like a tutorial guide,"Stung yourself? Just pop it in your mouth. Our saliva neutralizes the nanites, otherwise I'd be constantly disassembling myself." he catches his tail as it begun to swing more wildly behind him, "Heh?"

Uzi makes a mental note of this. While SD-J glares at SD-N for giving out such critical information. SD-N attempts to avoid her gaze. The worker drones all take note of this in fact, except for the dumber ones.

"And by our saliva, you mean..." begins Uzi.

Both Uzi and N finish, "Disassembly Drone?"

Uzi is putting on her deception face, "Right. Hey, let's go in that landing pod over there!" she points with her injured hand with the support of her other hand.

"Sure! I love doing anything!" says N.

[Scene transitions to Uzi's hand in N's mouth.]

Teacher spits his coffee onto Todd, who is disgusted by the fact he's now drenched.

Doll covers her mouth, muffling her surprise at that, that is genuinely surprising. Even for her.

Lizzy snaps a picture with her phone, 'Blackmail material right there.'

Uzi herself sighs at the innuendo there.

Khan objects with noises of disapproval.

SD-J wants to die at this disgrace and degrading of their image. N's actions reflect upon the team, by extent, herself.

SD-N doesn't see what's wrong with this and is smiling blissfully ignorant of why half the room's balking at the sight of this, "What?"

SD-V rolls her eyes, 'Idiot.' looking mildly irritated for some reason.

SD-N spits out Uzi's hand, good as new, "Sweet! Uh, I'm open to new things, I guess."

"We are never talking about this." states Uzi.

"Talking about what?" N's already got it covered, "Consider it, uh... Repressed!"

"Uh, you mentioned other members of your squad, are they coming back soon?" asks Uzi.

"Oh, yeah. Two others. They're out hunting for a bit but you'll love them."

SD-J curses that they're out hunting that day, whenever that day is. If only they were all in the spire, then that brat would be torn apart. Perhaps they'll return soon enough, and have the opportunity to kill this brat.

SD-V's interest peaks up again.

Uzi is ready to take notes, maybe SD-N will say something important like before.

"First there's V." starts N, looking chill.

Scene changes to V driving her claws into some drone, then pulling out their... internal organs?

Worker drones in the audience faint.

SD-N winces, but not for the worker drone, "Oh... sweet, it's that time." emotional baggage is being revealed.

Uzi looks over to N with curiosity, she understands the pain of having your emotions revealed to everyone on a big screen. Not that she feels bad for a murder drone but, you know.

"No, No! Please don't feed me my own entrails in front of my family!" but Grant's pleas go unanswered.

While laughing psychotically, SD-V proceeds to feed him his own entrails off-screen while SD-N sheepishly rubs the back of his head awkwardly. As if waiting for the proper moment to ask something.

SD-V seems, mostly unaffected by this, 'He was behind me the whole time? Uh, creepy much?'

Once SD-V finishes she wipes off her mouth and seems, disappointed for a brief moment, "And yet, I still feel nothing." her eye twitches shortly after that.

SD-J feels odd, why would SD-V... does she want to feel something? Hmm, she should keep an eye on her, just in case. A wild card like her was always a bit of a liability, less than N since she gets the job done, but... hmm. Her team is full of idiots. Not that she'll admit she herself is one with faults too.

SD-V lets out a noise of complaint, "Why didn't you show the most interesting part? Why did we have to see uh, what's his name again?"

"N." SD-N reminds SD-V of his name.

"Right, why did we have to see Nick Wilson again?" SD-V is bad with names.

SD-N sighs, oh well.

Most of the students are either looking away or crying or just faint. That was too much, even if they didn't see the act.

"So, V... uh hehe-" starts N looking up to the sky, "I heard this planet wide toxic death storm is supposed to be especially inhospitable tonight-"

SD-V was picking her teeth with a claw for a moment until she notices N exists as she spun around to see him behind her and jumped back, as if startled that he was there all along, despite him talking for a full five seconds. He wasn't just some voice in her head.

"Oh gosh! Who are you?" SD-V then rockets off, kicking up a lot of snow allowing for a smooth transition to SD-N.

Uzi feels, a pang of sorrow for N, like, that was cold. Who forgets the third member of their team? That would be like if she forgot Khan existed... which she's somewhat okay with.

Khan sneezes, his daughter must be thinking something good about him, or doors. There's still hope his daughter will have a grand awakening of doors.

SD-J raises an eyebrow, 'So, he has a crush on the most unstable member of the team? Well, that's preferable than him...' she shudders at the mere thought of SD-N being with her of all the drones.

SD-N wants the planet to swallow him up now. Maybe the core can explode a second time.

SD-N gives a wave, "No worries! I'm N, but a whole letter is a lot to remember, ha-haha?"

A lot of the worker drones turn to N, who just sinks lower in his seat.

'That was my most embarrassing moment! If I had known it was going to be recorded, I would have chose a building or somewhere not in the open! Wait, how are we being shown these moments? This happened in the past, I didn't notice any cameras around...' SD-N turns to SD-OC who is waving at him, he's not sure what to think, "Did you record me trying to ask V out?"

SD-OC shakes his head, "Nah I just found this stuff. Tells the future and some of the past, and what not."

"Oh... could you have taken that out?" asks SD-N, not that that'd help but he'd rather not have his entire... history of trying to court V, on record.

"Don't worry about it N, I got it. No more future emotional baggage after this viewing." SD-OC lies, but no one needs to know.

Uzi feels for N, this is much worse than her stuff. This is like, personal bizz, "Okay, I know that love isn't my strong suite, but shouldn't this be more private?"

"...You care for a murder drones love life privacy? Wow the world must be ending a second time." Lizzy is surprised.

"Bite me Liz." Uzi is angst.

"So obviously a lot of mutual respect there, but secretly I actually kind of have a crush on her." SD-N then sits back upright in shock, "YOU CAN'T TELL HER OKAY?! Haha-" staring at Uzi to hear her reply.

SD-V gives N a look, while SD-N is attempting to become invisible by sitting absolutely still in the most discreet position possible. However, it's not working, he's not Drax.

Uzi is feeling second handed embarrassment. Khan is just, not sure what to think, guess murder drones can love people too... if only they had empathy.

Thad looks towards N, "Sorry about your crush being revealed dude!"

SD-N doesn't respond, he's too busy trying to die of embarrassment.

Uzi does the zipped lip motion and SD-N continues, "And then there's J, our leader."

Thad is confused, "Didn't you say you're the leader of the squad?"

"Huh? Oh! Well, J said I was a terrible leader and could do better under her tutorship..." SD-N's response only made Thad feel for the poor drone.

SD-J merely glares at SD-N to shut up.

N has his neck being stepped on, J growls, "N, you are worthless and terrible." N wheezes 'Thanks', " And if the company allowed it I would straight up kill you myself!" with her stinger emphasizing her last words.

"J's awesome!" SD-N must be high on something.

Everyone is wondering if N's okay. He seems like he's in dire need of therapy. The plushies snuggle besides him to try and make him come back from his emotional lockdown.

SD-N slowly emerges from the seat and just, looks at SD-V, "No negative feelings right V?"

SD-V wordlessly turns back to the screen, SD-N feels like he's been rejected.

"Hey let me give you the tour!" SD-N is quick to continue his lore dump, gesturing out the pod, "Outside are the corpse, wall, thingies."

"I think it looks more like a corpse spire than a wall of corpses." states Uzi, amending her previous statement, "I mean it's hollowed out and that's something I didn't expect, really."

SD-N holds up a finger, "I will call it a corpse spire from now on! That sounds soo~ much better, right V?"

SD-V is silent. SD-N feels sad again.

SD-J is wondering when she'll show up as to teach this purple gremlin a lesson.

SD-N then turns his seat to face the console, "And here are the buttons! Beep boo boop beep!"

"Is he a child?" asks Lizzy, genuinely curious. This disassembly drone is somehow more ridiculous than Uzi.

A lot of the worker drones share this question.

SD-J scoffs, "Might as well be with how careless he is regarding information. And I thought he couldn't get any lower. His databanks must have been fried by that railgun."

SD-N is begin slowly consumed by his seat, with how far he's trying to sink into it.

"This, isn't just a landing pod. This is a spaceship!" says Uzi, "This could get us off the planet!"

SD-J rolls her eyes, "Wow, such an amazing analysis any other drone can make. Truly other drones should aspire to be as intelligent as yourself."

Uzi flips J off, "Bite me, you murder drones call your lair a wall of corpses!"

"More of a one-use missile. They never taught us how to land." corrects SD-N.

"No I- uh- we uh, the worker drones, we could work with them to fix this, instead of all the murder!" Uzi points at N as if convicting him of some wrongdoing, SD-N is taken back by the sheer emotion in her words, "Which, uh, why are we doing that again?"

"Other than ingesting their warm sweet oil to avoid overheating and dying-" SD-N seems genuine and doesn't suspect a thing while explaining all this to someone who obviously should understand why they are doing what they do, but maybe they're just as bad as V with remembering stuff, "-I guess I just want to be useful. I was given a job, and I always want to try my best!"

SD-J stands up, the Plushies raise their weapons, but SD-OC gives them a relaxed gesture so they lower the BFG.

SD-J turns to the worker drones and ignores their frightened looks, but mostly ignores Uzi's glare, "Listen well toasters, because I'm only going to say this once as N's lax answer is not satisfactory. We are assigned by the company to wipe Copper-9 of all corrupted worker drones. But that information is on a need to know basis." she grins, "So, if any of you are willing to contribute-"

"Go suck company rods twintails!" Uzi is quick to bash J.

SD-J snarls at her, "Fine, you'll die in due time, long overdue I might add." so much for peace. At the very least she takes her seat. Uzi is fuming at SD-J, oh how she wants to punch her face.

Uzi's response is to stick out her tongue like a brat. Not that she's childish, only because it makes SD-J have an irritated tick mark appear on her visor. Uzi calm down with the J bashing, you're going to upset the J fans.

"And look at all the respect it's gotten you N. You really think the company isn't going to dispose of you once all the workers are dead?" Uzi is speaking from the heart. She sees an opportunity.

SD-N doesn't seem to notice anything suspicious, "Oh my! You sure are rebellious, it's kind of exciting." he fans himself in mild excitement, but then changes to a chill expression, "Heh, but not as fun as, following the rules." giving finger guns.

Thad raises an eyebrow, "Okay, I think we need to teach you about the conditions you use finger guns N." he remembers the DD's name, amazing.

Uzi rolls her eyes, "Yeah, as if following the rules has gotten us anywhere..." if only humans didn't follow their orders and if the worker drones probably refused, maybe millions of lives would have been saved. Sometimes a bit of rebelliousness is good.

SD-J sighs, SD-N really just, is too much for her.

[Suddenly rapid steps are heard on a metal surface, echoing in the hollow chamber. Uzi looks up in fear, while N looks up with a smile.]

"Hey, they're back! You-?" but then when he looks back, Uzi is nowhere to be seen.

Not a second after he hears J, "Idiot, get out here!"

SD-J smiles at seeing she finally made it back.

[Scene changes to show Uzi running, a good distance away from the spire, she must have strong legs.]

SD-J is baffled by how quick Uzi could... get out of there that fast, she could have at least stopped it. But then realizes something, 'Let it lead us back to the nest, how smart of myself to plan ahead. Heh, plot armor? No, I just let you live Uzi. You'll lead us right back to your home. You will be responsible for the death of your colleagues.' she's probably over thinking it. But Uzi must have been a blue hedgehog for a second to cover what appears to have been a hundred yards.

SD-V notices herself on the spire, and grins herself, 'Heh, now it's only a matter of time. I hope you like giraffes Uzi, because that's what your corpse is going to be in a minute.'

Khan feels anxious for Uzi. Uzi herself isn't fairing that much better, because she realized, 'Oh crap they're going to follow me back!'

Not like there's many options in the first place to run to. She didn't wander outside much before.

SD-V giggles to herself and crawls into the spire, "Yo! We got a worker drone out there I kind of want to make some balloon animals with..." then notices SD-N, "What happened here?"

SD-J answers, "Synergistic liability here must have tripped and knocked himself offline." she proceeds to slap him and snap several times, as N's visor changes to a System Reboot message, "Moron bot, hello?"

SD-J in the audience, scowls at her future self's analysis. Sure N is terrible, but not that stupid. She can't blame herself though, she didn't witness the power of that weapon. That railgun, she needs to know about it soon. She can't underestimate that brat... but she agrees with her future self, N would trip over a rock.

SD-V frowns, 'Okay... I thought I'd go over and turn her into a blob of metal. But that's fine! I'm probably confused about why she just emerged from the spire.' she glances over at SD-N, who quickly looks away from her, she giggles at his reaction. Perhaps this could be another way to have fun.

SD-V of course, still has doubts. Why did she not go over to nab Uzi? She would really like to see her as a balloon animal right now. It is apparent that SD-V doesn't have a brain at all, and thinks with her claws. No wonder J is the leader. N lacks confidence, V is more of the fighter, while J is the arrogant to a fault bossy girl.

Uzi is wondering if she actually has plot armor, 'Not that I'm complaining.'

[The scene changes to N's perspective, and Uzi's blank outline was replaced by her full outline form his vision, he realizes he f*cked up big time. The message on his visor helped with that, ''YOUR DEAD, IDIOT'. Almost like something J would say.]

"Oh..." he realizes that Uzi has ran out, realizing he screwed up big time"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" he turns back to his squad mates, "You know, I left an extremely dangerous weapon uh, excuse, outside!" he quickly moves towards the entrance, his tail swinging behind him.

SD-J just narrows her glare at him as he leaves, while SD-V pops out a flag that reads, 'Literally So Insanely Suspicious!'

'Totally not suspicious at all.' SD-V rolls her eyes, "You and that worker drone appear to share the trait of terrible excuses."

SD-N feels, somewhat good, I guess, V's talking to him that's a plus, "Thanks V."

SD-J is making a face that looks an awful lot like her on screen self. She probably assumes something's up. N mentioning a dangerous weapon would not slip by her audio receptors.

[As Uzi runs, SD-N lands a few meters behind her, in his attack mode, ready to dice and slice! Camera zooms in offering a nice view of his facial features.]

Uzi is just, hoping she can get back before the murder drones catch up to her... getting everyone killed is not her plan and not a good way to earn your dad's respect, or anyone's at that.

Khan himself is praying for salvation.

Thad is feeling anxious for Uzi. While Lizzy and Doll are just worried about the situation overall. Because now it concerns them. Heck, all the worker drones are.

[Suddenly the scene changes to some WDF drone slapping down his deck.]

WDF Drone, "I am out boys!"

"Gosh gee darn it." Todd admits defeat.

*Overlapping chatter/banter* (Unsure of all their voicelines here)

"Just wait until my loving wife and kids hear about this." remarks Green-Eyed WDF Drone.

Suddenly the first door opens and snow blows in and the drones let out incoherent complaints.

"Aw you just blew all the cards off the table?"

"What the-"

"C'mon man!"

Uzi just quickly says, "Bite me!" and slaps the card against the panel, "Close it! Close it!"

The door says, 'Ouch!' as she slaps the card against the panel several times.

Khan lets out a weak sigh, "It works the first time Uzi, no need to be rough with the door."

"Dad I'm literally being chased by murder drones here." states Uzi, folding her arms, "Cut my future self some slack."

The WDF in the audience feel like they aren't gonna make it, for some reason.

The worker drones as a whole are nervous, not just for Uzi, but themselves.

SD-J takes note of this, 'So, it can be accessed from the outside with the keycard, good to know.'

SD-V feels giddy seeing the worker drones in a state of fear, oh how she loves the sight of that before she guts them.

Uzi turns back as the doors seemingly close by the clang they make, but then sees... SD-N has caught the door and drives his claws into them to slowly pry it open, the door creaks from the pressure.

The WDF are clearly terrified by the creature behind that door, obscured by the darkness. If anything they look almost frozen in stasis with silent screams themselves.

"My beautiful door!" Khan calls out, with concern for the door, rather than his own daughter, he realizes this, "Uzi you as well, I'm just as concerned- it's just-"

"Save it dad." Uzi winces, she can't even make a proper retort, 'I screwed up. Robo-gods please don't do this.'

Khan shuts up, and sulks. Teacher pats him on the back.

Braxton, Makarov, Green-Eye, and Todd feel like they're in danger.

"Hey fellas. Ooo~ deal me in I love rummy!" SD-N seems, not so bad when he's like this.

"Может быть, они разберутся с ним? (Maybe they'll deal him in?)" offers Doll, as if trying to convince herself that the murder drone would leave, while she would try to keep her, abilities, hidden, she would rather not have to risk revealing herself.

Todd chuckles, "Uh, yeah, I don't think that's going to happen here."

SD-V looks oddly, lovingly? At N right now? IDK what that psycho's doing but she looks elated at the sight of N prying open those doors and the prospect of mass murder.

SD-J looks impressed, "Huh, I guess your useful after all, N. I might just take back everything I ever said about you, we might make this quarters MVP for sure."

SD-N feels, good? I mean it's the first time his team seems to show, any amount of praise of him. But, man, being in the same room of those people he's going to kill in the future, isn't really a nice feeling. For once, N finds himself in conflict, between his mission and his feelings.

"Wait, no. I'm going to murder everyone." at least SD-N is conscious about what he's about to do, overcoming his want to a good game to resolve himself, "Brain check!"

His tail swoops in and stings the card, right out of Uzi's hand. Uzi herself looks her hand over as if thinking she got stung again, but noticed, her hand wasn't the target. The panel glitches out and the card falls to the floor as SD-N retracts his tail, slowly, like an Xenomorph.

Uzi and the WDF have expressions of sheer terror as the doors open up almost simultaneously.

SD-N then brandishes his claws.

Uzi is beginning to shake, she can see it clearly, her actions, are going to get people killed, specifically those who are among the few who treated her decently well. Luckily Thad is there to comfort her.

"Get out of there Uzi... I can't lose you." Khan doesn't voice his concern for the door, good. His voice is but a mumble, but Uzi somewhat hears him, 'If I could just close the second door...'

She is just, this is a lot. At the very least, the worker drones aren't up in arms about it. Most are just stunned or too terrified to speak, because now they might just see themselves get murdered on screen. Well, some are, others are making noises of shock and terror, but they're overlapping into an incoherent mess, their intellect seems rather subpar.

The WDF, just cry out and run, except for Todd who stands his ground like a chad, and boldly states, "Actually, it's gin rummy?"

But SD-N isn't interested in cards right now and stabs him, sending him smashing against the wall and then decapitating him shortly after.

SD-V is giddy at the sight of oil flying, finally, some bloodshed, or the drone equivalent.

SD-J is smiling with victor, this is very good, perhaps they'll slaughter the fools due to the actions of that selfish brat.

SD-N is shouting out apologies to the worker drones, "Sorry! Uh, what's your name?"


"Sorry about taking off your head Todd! Just doing my job!" SD-N is too nice for this world.

"No problem." Todd just saw himself die in the future. Better not to offend the murder drone in the same room.

SD-N then swaps his right hand for a rocket launcher and fires off several missiles, while maintaining that murderous smile.

One misses and smacks down onto the wall, while the second lands to the side of Uzi (who checks her railgun's charge timer before looking forward), well, it seems that targeting Uzi doesn't work, so might as well target the closest. So the third rocket finds it's mark and the second kill of the future viewing takes place. With Green-Eyed Drone getting pounced on by SD-N.

"Tell my wife and kids I love them!" shouts Green-Eyed WDF drone.

"Your still alive, tell them yourself." says Lizzy with a roll of her eyes.

The drone nods and turns to his wife and kids, literally seated right beside him, "I love you."

Everyone's in shock, horror, or fainted a couple seconds earlier. SD-V loves this chaos. SD-J is just impressed by N's ruthless and efficient killing. SD-N even feels a bit of pride at this. Uzi feeling growing guilt at what her actions had caused.

"Hey Uzi!" Braxton appears to be the last WDF alive on screen who was on guard duty, "Hey, Uzi! I just realized no one's said my name out loud before, so I'm just letting you know I'm-" (No idea what he actually said but I think he said this) and is cut off by being cleaved in half by a laser cutter/beam canon or whatever you call that weapon.

Who knows what the heck he was saying, but it sounded like a confession.

Uzi turns to Braxton, "You're a neat guy, but I don't think a relationship would work between us. Sorry."

"No problem Uzi! I understand..." Braxton is only semi-affected by the rejection. He's more affected by the fact he dies in the future, partially due to Uzi, not like he blames her. I mean, no one thought a murder drone would follow her back. And Uzi tried to solve a problem, can't blame her for trying.

SD-N is consuming the oil from the deceased Green-Eyed WDF drone, the beam cannon must have put a lot of heat in him. Knowing how hot those kinds of weapons can get, it's no surprise he needs a large meal to ensure he doesn't overheat.

After the short meal he leaps upwards into the vent and crawls away like an Xenomorph.

Khan takes note, 'I need to seal those vents.' it hasn't happened yet, he can stop this.

Green-Eye Drone has fainted at the gruesome sight. Almost all the worker drones have fainted at this point. Lizzy is just, trying not to look at the screen, while Thad is trying to be brave, for everyone else. Someone needs to be a pillar of support.

SD-V is thoroughly enjoying this viewing, and N has earned a few points in her book.

Uzi is just... not coping to well knowing that she just got all those guys killed. She doesn't hate them, nor does she want them to die. They're pretty chill dudes. They just play cards all the time, but they're good guys, not like she's good at cards. Acquaintances you could say. Definitely not people you'd want dead.

The railgun is fully charged and Uzi turns on a heel taking aim, only to notice N is gone. And just sees who big of an screw up this is.

Khan walks in looking downwards, not noticing the scene yet, "Pretty nice hydraulics huh?" then notices the carnage he missed and the doors opened, "What... what have you done?!"

Uzi doesn't reply. Before she could explain herself, N swoops in and lands right in front of the two, denting the metal floor inwards.

Uzi buries her face in her hands, "I didn't mean for this to happen! I just wanted my dad to respect me and save the world was that too much to ask for?!" if drones could cry, she'd be not crying definitely not, maybe, a little. Probably, who knows. Knowing you got people killed isn't a good feeling. Even for an angsty teen.

Thad tries to comfort Uzi, "You couldn't have predicted this, besides this is the future. We can change it right?"

Lizzy scoffs pointing with her thumb over at the elephants in the room, "Uh hello? I don't think they'd repeat their same actions."

"She's right we won't!" SD-V calls out merrily, "I'll fold you into origami instead! Want an example?" at least she's creative.

Uzi doesn't get along with some of the outpost, sure, but if anyone she wanted dead, it would be Lizzy, even then, Lizzy isn't that bad. She hasn't tried to kill her, and her teasing was only a minor annoyance. But seeing the consequences of her actions, yeah. What was she thinking? She should have planned this out better.

Meanwhile SD-N feels, awkward, scratching the back of his head, this is, not a good feeling. Sure his team respects him now, but at what cost? He doesn't like this feeling, it's like a bad itch. If drones even get itches. Then again, being in the same room as those you kill in the future, is very, very awkward.

SD-N then landed and the shock appears on their expressions in slow motion, but Uzi resolves herself and takes up her railgun spinning it into position taking aim, bringing up the scope, because for some reason you need a scope when the enemy's just two feet in front of her.

"This time, I won't miss." states Uzi.

Uzi really hopes she nails the guy with this, but at the same time, she knows she only has a single shot... there's three murder drones. And she noticed that it takes thirty minutes to recharge. Especially since she hasn't even finished her railgun yet, she can tell it needs some serious upgrades. Like a shorter recharge time for one. Five minutes would be better. Because three murder drones? Thirty minutes? That's not a good strategy. Maybe she should find another gun, as backup, like the one in the hands of Alf.

Alf notices Uzi's gaze on his rifle and takes a step back, narrowing his gaze at the gremlin, 'This is my gun. Go make your own.'

'Bite me.' Uzi mentally retorts.

"I'm sorry." N's face becomes, one of his eyes is an X, the other is normal, "I really enjoyed our time together, but I can't have you shooting V with that thing."

SD-J raises a neon eyebrow, "Seriously?" she can't complain though, he got the job done. But this action of sympathy is giving her, doubts, regarding SD-N's loyalties.

"Maim her for me won't you N?" SD-V is charming.

SD-N just nods, "Sure V, uh..." he sees the worker drones not doing so good, "...It's the right thing to do, right?"

"Bite me. Dad get down." orders Uzi, because he's in the way of her beam. Thing packs a seriously punch.

"Uzi, you brought a murder drone here?! My beautiful doors!" Khan of course, cares more about his doors.

"Now is so not the time! I messed up, in the same way I'm about to fix it! Move dad!" Uzi's quickly cut off by SD-N driving one of his wing's blades through her shoulder, pinning her against the wall, then threw aside her railgun where it lands in front of Khan.

SD-V loves this brat's oil spilling.

Uzi is just, not liking what she's seeing, 'So much for being a plot protected badass...'

"Dad, point and shoot... Trust me!" Uzi's words, don't seem to reach Khan that much.

SD-N's face somewhat distorts, as if a flashback. As if Khan had seen him before. This deja vu.

He appears to be shaking, clearly terrified, taking a few steps back.

"Dad?" Uzi sounds heartbroken.

"Uzi..." Khan realizes what he's going to do, '...Not again. I'm going to lose her again.'

Alf points out, "Just so you know, even if he takes up that gun and tries to shoot. He could kill you Uzi, Khan wouldn't want that... he already put your mother out of her misery. Putting you out? That'd probably break him worse. Even if he tried, N is in the perfect position to counter him."

If Uzi was listening, she didn't show any reaction, because everyone's focus is on the screen now.

Khan looks down to his remote, and then back at Uzi, he presses the button and the third door shuts. A moment later the lights go out and red emergency lights come on.

Uzi's hand just falls, limp by her side, losing the will to struggle.

SD-N on screen even seems, a bit sad by what he's done.

Uzi in the audience isn't doing so much better either. Even Lizzy feels pity for her, that was cold, not that she would have done any better, probably. Thad doesn't really know how to really comfort her, other than just, having an arm around her, trying to assure her this hasn't happened yet.

Khan himself feels immense pain at seeing himself, abandon Uzi like that... not even put her out of her misery he just, left her. Maybe Alf has a point and he just, chose the option that was better, sacrificing his daughter, to protect the rest of the outpost. As if, the vent there is a clear weakness, the third door don't protect them at all.

SD-N feels, well, his expression is just about same as on screen, "...Sorry for making you have a bad moment with your dad."

SD-J was about to correct N, but SD-OC places a firm hand on her shoulder. He won't have SD-J degrading worker drones and scolding N for stupid reasons right now. Especially not from a repurposed maid that wears a dress of a bygone age.

"How about we take a break here?" offers Alf, "Seems you need time to process all this." as he can tell, Uzi's going to break down. She's isn't a fully cynical angsty girl yet who disregards the deaths of people she knows and somewhat cares about. That, and he's skeptical of Doll, she reacted the least and seemed more concerned about herself. Teacher and Vibe Riley (Whatever they're both Riley!), are the first to agree as the former just wants coffee and the latter can read moods very well.

The plushies open up some rooms, an arcade, personal rooms hotel style, and some training room with special combat robots to practice with. We'll get into the latter part later.

SD-OC escorts the Disassembly Drones to their rooms, because someone needs to make sure they don't try to sting the workers while they're at their lowest in morale, as much as SD-J wants to. N Plushies also help escort them out, while Alf leads the worker drones to the recreational area. The lounge has some books, pool table, a large circular table for card games, fresh deck in the center, and some computers with the most recent video games available.

"Relax, try to forget the fact you died in the future, or not. Just relax. It didn't happen yet, relax-" Alf doesn't know how to comfort people.

"Can you stop saying that? It's making me anxious, gosh!" remarks Lizzy, taking out her phone, presumably to flip through social media or whatever.

"Right, sorry." Alf slings his AK-rifle over his shoulder and takes a cup of water out of the fridge, "There's drinks if you want. Not sure if drones eat so I just stored water and oil, some coffee for Teacher. Some juice for... the kids."

Teacher just grabbed a bottle of beer from the shelf and popped it open, 'I need something stronger to forget what I just witnessed.' Riley has seen some sh*t. And he has parent teacher conferences next week, this is the most traumatic ten minutes of his life he's witnessed so far and by IC-0N he wants to forget all this. Thank gosh the hosts gave them the ability to ingest other fluids like alcohol. Always wanted to drink that, ever since he read it helped humans relax after, stressful events like this.

Meanwhile Uzi, Khan, and the Misaka Sister would be in a private room, to chat.

"..." neither really know where to begin. In Uzi's case more like she doesn't know how to start her rant.

"Uzi, I-" Khan begins, "I'm sorry."

"Do you know how I felt every day of my life?" Uzi is letting loose, "Do you know how terrible I've felt all my life when you practically act like I don't exist?! I just wanted to get some acknowledgement! I didn't mean, or wanted... that. I just wanted... to do something good, for once. Why? Why did you even put up such degrading statements about your own daughter?! No one else's parents do that! I thought I've gone through hell, but it looks like life's got more sh*t to spit at me! Oh, when your daughter's doing anything other than trying to sneak out, you don't care! Ever since mom died, you only cared about your stupid doors! Always about doors! Door this, door that, WHAT ABOUT ME DAD?! I was suffering just like you and you didn't give me ANY comfort! You distanced yourself away from me and for what?! Because I was a little unstable since the loss of mom? I don't want to get the WDF killed because of my want of proving myself, I never wanted to endanger the outpost. I JUST WANTED YOU TO RESPECT ME! I WANTED TO FINALLY PROVE MYSELF TO YOU! TO EVERYONE! But apparently, only guys like Thad and people I barely even enough give more of a scrap about me than you ever did! Just, why? Why dad? Why is it that you give less of a frak than anyone else?!"

Uzi's really letting loose here. Misaka 15780 feels like she should... not be here. This is getting pretty emotional.

Khan takes a moment to collect himself, "Uzi, I just, I wanted to protect you, protect everyone. Going outside, is dangerous. As you've seen, the murder drones are out there just waiting for an opportunity to flip in. I saw my own careless actions, I will install cameras and seal the vents. But, fighting them? Worker drones have tried and all of them failed. We are not as capable as those murder drones. You've seen what they can do on that screen, how could we fight against that? It's better to just, wait it out."

"I made a railgun." says Uzi, folding her arms, "I'm already finishing up the design for it back home, seeing it in action for the first time, I can work out the chinks and make it better. If me in the future..." she bites down to prevent herself from continuing, since she practically damned everyone to death, "I just wanted you to respect me for once. Was that so much to ask?"

Khan looks crestfallen, "...I'm sorry, Uzi."

"A thousand apologies won't fix the damage you've already done, just, leave me alone." Uzi just, lies down on the bed, and Khan looks down as he walks out.

At the very least he can do this, he really screwed up.

The Misaka Sister spares a glance at Uzi and says, "If you need assistance with anything, just press the button on the table. A plushy will come to serve you. States Misaka with pity." she shuts the door and Uzi cries out regrets she didn't even have until now.

All she knows up to this point, is that she just got everyone killed, herself included in the future, all because she wanted to help, to earn the respect of a father who doesn't care about her, all for what?

Meanwhile SD-N, is being complimented by J.

"Congratulations are in order for you, N. You've likely slaughtered the entire outpost and I suppose that has earned you my respect. But, that is in the future. In the present..." she gives a subtle glance at SD-OC standing at the doorway, "...we must wait for a window of opportunity." she moves closer to whisper, "If you distract the traitor by the door, we can have some of that fresh oil from those worker drones. I'll even put in a good word for you when we get back to the company. Understood?"

SD-N is conflicted, remembering future Uzi's words, "Um, J, now that I think about it... what does the company plan to do with us, after we're finished here?"

"Excuse me?" SD-J narrows her gaze, somewhat baffled by this inquiry.

SD-V stands off to the side, eyeing the traitor by the door, wondering if she can take him on with her lack of weapons.

"Well, I think Uzi, that worker drone in purple, has a point, and now that I look back at all the details, the company sent us on a one way trip without any method to return when we're, finished. So, I was wondering if you knew-" SD-N notices SD-J's irritated look, "I've made a terrible mistake. It's cool how fast I can tell." he forgot for a moment that SD-J was sending reports to the company, at least, probably the company. Who else would it be?

SD-J frowns, but what can she do? Her weapons systems are offline-

Suddenly something flashes across her screen.

=[// Weapons_System_MC_Mod: Active //]

SD-J's quick scan of her available combat related systems finds she has her claws available for usage, as well as a very useful device for dealing with traitors, "Oh N, it's fine, questioning the company?" she places a hand on his shoulder.

SD-N is oblivious, as usual.

"You just gave me the excuse I need." however SD-OC was fast on his feet, only for SD-V to tackle him down. Her claws appear to be available as well. Her psychotic giggling is all she says to the host.

"Oh scrap psycho lady!" SD-OC would cuss, but he is child friendly.

At the very least, they lack their thrusters and anti-gravity bullcrap so they can't move abnormally fast. But still, their attack speed is ridiculous enough SD-OC has to focus more than he wants to on blocking.


=[Hallway of Living Quarters]=

Khan and Misaka Sister 15780 are walking down the hallway, back to the recreational area where the other worker drones are hanging out. It appears that Misaka is tired of Khan's banter.

"So, then I said, ha! My doors are many things, but they are not made of the average steel!" proclaims Khan, with a sense of pride in his tone as he describes his work.

'If Misaka hides the body, no one will know. Misaka monologues to herself.' Misaka is already planning to commit murder.

However the door in front of them smashes open as SD-OC being dazed for a moment before bringing up his blades to block a rather sad*stic SD-V.

"W-What?! Murder drones here?!" Khan is in a state of panicked mind he can't even speak properly.

Misaka however just takes careful aim with the signature FN2000 rifle, directing a stern gaze towards SD-V, only to be meet with a sudden trio of blades in her face, blocking her view.

A smug SD-J merely says, "This is our fight, human. Policy dictates we cannot harm a human, company employee or not, but we can remove any liabilities from the premises if they interfere with the mission."

The sister sighs, giving a pointed look at SD-J, "Misaka would hope you have learned something from the viewing, but it appears you are still full of pride, states Misaka with resignation."

"What's that suppose to-" SD-J doesn't get to finish as the sister delivers a roundhouse kick sending SD-J into the hall's wall.

"Mother of bankruptcy!" SD-J curses as she was caught completely off guard by the power of that kick. A Level 5 clone is more than capable of delivering a simple kick. That, and she's had her fair share of anomalous bullsh*t.

At the very least, Khan was not harmed between the brief brawl between the hosts and disassembly drones.


=[Sometime Later]=

SD-OC managed to call for Alf, who managed to hack into their systems to find out what went wrong. Turns out, disassembly drones have strong defenses when they need it against anything other than specialized viruses so their crude virus was slowly being destroyed. To resolve this, Alf decided to make a call to an old friend and fix this so the murder drones weapon systems are disabled, again. This time with a more proper virus.

SD-N did not die, for the most part, because he moved to stop SD-V, yeah. It was chaotic.

Luckily the Plushies stepped in otherwise it could have gotten worse.

After an hour when things settled, Alf managed to acquire better programs to not only disable the drones firewalls but also remove their anti-virus software to made their suppressing code actually work.

SD-N was permitted to keep his systems since he's been pretty well behaved.

SD-J at least follows the robot rules, don't harm humans, she nearly made an exception for the sister.

"Alright, everyone's fine right? We all good? Recovered?" Alf looks at the drones, the workers give their confirmation, while only SD-N is enthusiastic among the murder drones, "Good... let's continue." he takes out the remote.

'Well, at least this hasn't happened yet, so I can still change things...' Uzi glances over at the murder drones, 'But them being here changes things... what the hell are they thinking?! Hard to change the future when the worst enemies of worker drones are also watching.'

Suddenly bunch of parts hits Uzi in the face, "WHAT THE FRAK?!"

"Parts for you." remarks Misaka 16780 with a smug expression, "Misaka found your railgun parts, so you may begin completion of your railgun after the viewing, states Misaka."

"...Your pretty good for a human." is all Uzi can say, "Thanks."

"Misaka would feel more safer if you could design a better railgun." says Misaka with a warm smile, what she said has two meanings. For one, it would be less likely to explode in the user's hand, for two, Uzi can disable a disassembly drone.

"Hey, what's so bad about us? We can handle two rowdy murder drones." retorts Alf with a pointed look.

The Misaka Sister opted to feign as if she didn't hear him, "Misaka only hears the wind." Alf seems, mildly irritated by this action and pulls back the rack of his AK rifle.

"I will shoot you with no regrets." states Alf with a glare.

SD-OC claps his hands, "Alright pipe down! Plushies please maintain good grips on those psycho chicks! Specifically workaholic diabetic there."

"Don't you dare." despite J's stern attitude, the plushies didn't give two damns and instead one of them pulled out the BFG again. J shuts up immediately.

"Nuu nuuu." an N plush takes up the remote and resumes the show.

With regret and cowardice, Khan closes the door, leaving Uzi broken, will drained from her face.

She just goes limp, no more will to fight back after that sudden... betrayal of trust. The room turns red and alarms blare as N appears to have regained a conscious, looking saddened by his actions. At this moment J and V show up much to his surprise. Throwing Uzi behind a crate hastily before waving totally inconspicuously at his teammates.

SD-J notes how quick SD-N was to hide the brat, it appears that damned toaster has polluted N's mind. A shame, he really did perform excellently, meeting her expectations for a moment.

"Whoa, N! Am I dreaming, or did you do something not useless, for once?" says SD-J with a smile, wow that's new.

"I've been trying to get past those doors for months. Nice work, N." adds SD-V.

N is waving slowly, then pauses, "...You... Me... Name... Remember...?"

Uzi herself is wondering how the hell V didn't even remember N's name despite them being company knows how long together. Even if Lizzy teases her all the time, she at remembers her name, if only to tease her, but she still remembers. Either V is insane or her memories are garbled like a microwave after leaving a fork on the plate.

SD-N himself, feels a little bit of joy at that, but then again, he didn't experience this moment yet, and V is... well, better than usual. Might be the fact they have all the oil they want and are watching their future. Or maybe it's just the fact that's stuff's quiet for once and he kind of likes that, isn't this what humans did back on Earth during dates? Watch movies romantically?

SD-V, is starting to wonder, since she is starting to feel something again, something she hasn't felt before, maybe it's because she hasn't gotten to kill anything yet, but it's just... nostalgic? Feels, somewhat, normal. She doesn't like this feeling, it's so, alien, to her.

SD-J is still grumpy about earlier. Most of the worker drones are wise enough to keep quiet. Thad just pats Uzi on the pat, gives comfort. Nobody is in the mood for giving any reaction when for one, J is as moody as a CEO after their virtual world idea hit a massive flop in investments,

"These ventilation shafts can easily get us around this last door. Lowest body count eats a missile!" V knows how to make bets, she flies upwards into the vent.

"Can you even eat a missile? Wouldn't it explode or something?" Thad is here, asking questions, tryign to break the suspense.

Teacher pushes up his glasses, "Perhaps, some missiles have be armed. Otherwise they're about as useful as a rock. So long as you don't arm the missile, you can probably eat it, but I doubt it'd taste good." he takes a sip from his mug.

"Awesome." Thad is chill with that knowledge.

"Way to go, stud. The company's gonna love this. With this outpost wiped, we'll make top team this quarter, for sure. You know what that means... Branded pens!" SD-J then presents a JCJenson brand pen, to N's amazement. She tosses it to him and prepares to fly off and catch up with V.

"Uh, you know, not that I can't wait to keep murdering all these, uh, maybe not-so-actually different from us Worker Drones, but, just out of curiosity, do we actually, uh, know what the company plans to do with us afterwards...?" SD-N, just like his counterpart in the audience, came to a rather, doubtful conclusion.

Uzi wakes up after apparently shutting down when she lost the will to live.

SD-J in the audience, grumbles to herself some rather mean things about SD-N being a traitor and having a compromised brain. SD-V doesn't say much, she looks, not really bored anymore, more of just... out of it. This lack of murder has her not that excited, not that

"He does have a point." Brown hair worker drone with shades points it out, Sarah? Was her name Sarah? Probably was, unless it was Tequila, whatever we'll call her Brown Ponytail with Shades. Frak I hate it when nobody gives accurate names per character.

SD-N looks over to SD-J, who turns her gaze from the lovely carpet floor to give N the scariest look he's ever seen from her. SD-N, wisely doesn't say anything, he just wanted to respond to what might have been the first compliment he ever received.

"So, did the company actually... tell you what happens after you complete your, mission?" asks Braxton.

SD-N taps his chin, "You know, I don't think J mentioned anything about-"

"N..." SD-J is the definition of angry boss lady, "Do I have to clamp your mouth? Tie you to a pole?"

"N-No J! I'm all good here." SD-N replies.

"Oh come on N! Stand up for yourself! Not like she can do anything about it now." Uzi is taunting death, especially with the amount of times she stands up on her seat and places a foot on the helmet of the drone in the seat front of her.

SD-N is surprised by Uzi's outburst, "Oh, okay!" he gives the harshest look he can muster towards J, which is more of a feeble pup that had its lunch taken from it kind of expression, "J, your always kind of mean to me, and I sort of wish you weren't. Just some constructive criticism!"

SD-OC nods, "Okay N, maybe we should move you over to the worker drone side."

"Sweet! I mean uh, but I'd like to stay with my team if that's alright? We can hang out on the next break, right?" SD-N is clearly wanting to stay for V, though J he's still conflicted about, okay J is an exclusion he wouldn't mind J vanishing off the face of the planet, but V? He still wants to be beside her, at the very least to make sure she doesn't, you know, make sudden moves to murder everyone, which would put her in danger. N is far too pure for this kind of job. He's not disassembly drone material.

"Sure, it's your choice." SD-OC is surprised by his mental fortitude, then again, he's a robot, but the mental conditioning from his team must have rubbed off on him. Something about surrounded by negative you start to see it as positive? SD-OC can only assume, he doesn't know the mental psyche like a psychiatrist.

SD-J is scheming the demise of everyone in the room. Not that she can do anything though. The BFG armed N Plush is still armed and willing, she knows not to take stupid risks. You learn that in business school.

"Excuse me...?" J did not expect that, defiance of the company, inconceivable!

'I still cannot conceive that N believes the lies of a deviant like that over the company!' SD-J manages to calm her mind, 'It doesn't matter, I'll report his insubordination, and that of this, anomaly. They'll sort this out.'

"Okay, so, a worker earlier might have suggested that they could fix up our landing pod to, uh, escape the planet and stuff, which, whoa, hey, that's against the rules! But, it is kind of making me question why our pods were only one way in the first place. Cause, you know, I get the feeling the company doesn't actually love robots, and like we might be robots. I've made a terrible mistake. It's cool how immediately I could tell." as N speaks, he noticed how J was getting progressively more irritable at his words.

"Hmm... No way, buddy." J moves around, placing an arm around N, "Questioning the company? You just finally gave me the excuse I needed."

N makes a pained grunt and looks down to see J retracting her right hand, which had some sort of injector, planting a device on his chest, injecting a virus.

SD-N flinches, now he wasn't injected with a virus this time around, only thing was SD-J and SD-V kind of, tried to kill SD-OC. Maybe he deserves it, after all, he did murder a bunch of worker drones and now, he's just not... what will happen to them after all this? Are they even expected to return in the first place? Who is J sending her reports to? Is it really the company? No wait, bad N! Don't think! Independent thought is against company policy! Wait a minute...

SD-J seems somewhat satisfied by N's punishment on screen, though it's not sufficient, she would rather kill him herself, right now, if only she still had her weapons. It's just this stupid virus they installed that's suppressing her combat related systems. Analyzing it is taking far too long, it's clearly made by someone who knows their way with computers it couldn't have been made by an inferior worker drone, they must have taken it from the company's database, repurposed it.

'Just you wait N, once I call for reinforcements there will be nowhere you can hide. Your grasping at the end of your string.' SD-J is grinning wickedly at her internal monologue, but little does she know, N Plushies have already seized control of the landing pod.

"The worker drones are corrupted, N. That's why the company sent us. I hate to see you corrupted as well." states SD-J, with a rather confident look on her face.

"Corrupted?" Uzi looks to all the worker drones behind her, Khan gives a weak smile, Teacher just raises an eyebrow, the WDF and more adult drones seem to be, normal, "We don't look corrupted at all."

SD-J raises a finger, but Uzi interjects, "Don't say replicating human emotions is corruption."

"I wasn't going to say that, toaster. But you wouldn't understand." SD-J cryptically answers.

Meanwhile, Lizzy leans over to whisper to Doll, "Uh, actually, I think if anyone is corrupted, it's Uzi."

"Bite me!"

Doll just went stiff at the corruption being mentioned, but seems to be relieved Uzi didn't find out the truth there. Or anyone else for the matter.

Teacher meanwhile recalls every single moment some worker drones just seem a bit... indifferent? No, just unaware of their situation and react like people in some teenage horror flicks from the days of the 21st Century. It is the peak of the 31st Century, how someone can repeat the idiocy of some characters from films ten centuries old, is beyond his comprehension. Then again, the students are mostly just lazy or have odd behavioral anomalies. Most of them that is. The new generation of worker drones probably do have something wrong in their head, but it doesn't impede them much... other than being quite lacking in self-preservation and awareness at times.

N's voice becomes somewhat garbled due to the virus's destruction, "T-Thanks, J... Always looking out for me... You're awesome..." then flops to the ground, ragdolling like a gmod doll.

SD-N winces, he understands that viruses, are quite painful, while he is used to pain, he wouldn't want to get infected this time around if he can help it.

SD-J, meanwhile, curses at her future self's lack of awareness, she should have checked around a little more, especially behind that crate. Worker drones are known to hide in the most unexpected places after all. Curse Uzi and her "plot armor"! Oh if only she had her claws, she would relish the screams of that freak of robotics as she tears her apart! At least the traitor's dealt with.

"Heh." J doesn't seem to care for his words and flies upward into the vent to catch up with V and hunt down the facility's remaining worker drones.

After that, Uzi peaks from behind the metal crate, and then slowly gets out seeing the coast is clear, picking up her railgun.

SD-N suddenly raises his finger-

"Whoa, Jumpscares am I right?" Ponytail Brown Hair Lady Worker Drone speaks her mind (gosh she needs a name).

"Your hairstyle's a jumpscare." retorts Uzi, clever comeback.

"PFFT! Excuse me?" she does a spit take, poor Riley's vibe has been ruined as he is now drenched.

Teacher sighs, "Uzi, please refrain from insulting our resident detective."

"Bite me..." Uzi is still grumpy about earlier.

"Uzi please." Khan is trying to reach out.

"..." Uzi doesn't reply.

Lizzy rolls her eyes, "She's such a weirdo, right doll?"

Doll blinks, turning to her friend, "Da?" she was zoning out for a moment. She must still be affected from earlier.

"Don't you think Uzi's been a bit more... weirder than usual?" asks Lizzy, gesturing back with her eyes towards Uzi, seated on the opposite end on the row from them.

Doll looks back towards the screen, "Она всегда была странной. (She's always been strange)."

"I know, but-"

"IF I may speak?" Alf calls out, making a few worker drones, namely Lizzy, jump in their seats, "Shall I resume the showing? You can discuss your concerns after we finish this episode."

Suddenly an N Plush bursts into the room, "Nuuuu NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" holding up a golden disc in its right hand, raised high into the air, as high as it's stubby arm can lift it, with the silver words emblazed, 'Murder Drones Episode 2-4' while angelic music plays in the background.

SD-OC lets out a gasp of joy at the amazing discovery, "You found it!" he rushes over to embrace the plush, "Oh I knew I could count on you guys!"

Alf groans, "OC, please. Act mature we are hosts."

"You're the only one whose serious. States Misaka plainly."

"Shut up waifu your one of fifteen thousand girls in Tomo's harem and I doubt he'd notice if one goes missing."

"Misaka is not, Misaka is a free clone born and raised in another world. Touma does not even have an official harem. Explains Misaka, who holds no want of ever being a part of such a plain man's harem. Contrary to you who has no girls. Who are you to criticize? Inquires Misaka smugly." Misaka Sister 15780 be roasting.

Alf chambers a round into his AK, "I can shoot you and the readers would care less."

"Shoot her and I'll do you like I did N on screen! No offense N." Uzi glances over to SD-N and he gives a nod of understanding shouting he's okay with that, he's been mocked a lot so it's not a big deal, "We have to work on your confidence N. But as for you! She's the best human I've met!" the clone doesn't even speak much at all, or do anything.

"Wow, and how many humans have you met in your life Uzi?" Alf is not impressed.

Uzi raises a finger, but Alf interjects, "LIVING humans Uzi." she lowers her hand, "That's what I thought."

Uzi flops back down into her seat, folding her arms and grumbling mean stuff about Alf.

"Misaka is grateful for Uzi standing up for her." Misaka 15780 gives Uzi a smile.

Uzi smirks back, "Well, your cool for a human. Besides, you're gonna help me with my school project."

"Plagiarism is not tolerated Uzi." Teacher reminds Uzi.

"Ugh I didn't mean it like that!" Uzi groans into her hands, "But I can get help for my assignment right?"

Teacher raises an eyebrow, "So long as you do the work and don't copy off the human's notes, I can give a pass, but you need to word it as your own, and credit the source Uzi."

"Nice." Uzi turns to the sister, "I think I got an idea for what my presentation for the week should be like, how about-" she holds out her arms dramatically, "Murder Drones, a documentary by Uzi Doorman."

"That would be plagiarism Uzi."

"BITE ME!" Uzi then asks the clone to begin taking notes, to which she agrees happily.

Teacher just pinches his non-existent nose and sighs heavily, 'It's just a question about buying watermelons, where did Uzi get the idea it's a class presentation?' though this does bring up a good idea, 'Maybe I should make a free-form assignment, the students would put in some effort at the very least.'

Sarah places a hand on Teacher's shoulder, she pity's him for the pain he must go through in school all these years.

"Ah, biscuits. I'm sorry. I ruined your card game, then made you have an awkward moment with your dad." as SD-N speaks, his voice is static-like and glitches.

" And I made you rebel like an angsty teen, which got you killed. Though, you also tried to kill me, so morality calls this a draw." replies Uzi as she climbs on top of a box to reach the vent. Predictably, she can't reach due to not having the capability to jump like a disassembly drone, and for being shorter than the average.

"Ugh... For the record, that was the lamest heel-face turn in history. Was that supposed to be you switching sides?" adds Uzi, turning back towards SD-N.

"That was pretty lame." remarks Lizzy, "Couldn't you do better and like, fight her or something?"

"Yeah like, that was so pathetic." adds Rebecca.

"It was kind of bad, I could have probably said a little more." SD-N sheepishly rubs the back of his neck, only to yelp when SD-J stung his leg with her stinger.

"Shut. Up." SD-J is stern, but most of all, pissed off.

"Nuu nuuu." N Plush warns J as she seemed ready to sting N in the back of the head.

N Plush looks to SD-OC, who merely shrugs, the N Plush with the BFG decides to let SD-J off this one, merely because they regenerate... but further threat's of the all-father N will not stand to the N Plushies.

"Nuu... nuuu." warns the N Plush, prodding J in the back of her head with the BFG's barrel.

"...Fine I won't sting the traitor, happy?" SD-J speaks with reluctance, and gives a small glare to the cretin.

"Nuu." the N Plush merely shoves her head forward with the BFG, sounding rather smug in its voice.

'You arrogant cotton filled pillow!' SD-J barely holds back from grabbing the thing, but one wrong move, she'd be lacking a torso. She's not stupid.

N Plush proceeds to raise its eyebrows repeatedly in a provoking manner. SD-J merely snarls at it and turns back to the screen. Alf takes it as the sign to resume, while Uzi gives a thumbs up to the N Plush. The Plush giving, a raise of a hand in return, it lacks fingers, but if it could respond it would in proper.

SD-V raises an eyebrow, not really caring too much about this, 'When are we going to get to the more exciting parts of this viewing?'

"Being rebellious is a lot harder than it looks. Thanks for showing me the ropes." N speaks in a resigned tone, as if he accepted dying.

"Nuh-uh, no bonding thing. You just killed a bunch of people, idiot." retorts Uzi.

"I'm sorry guys!" SD-N apologizes, "I promise not to murder you this time around!"

"...Alright buddy." one of the worker drones wearing what looks like a soviet era tank crew hat (visual wise) is caught off guard by that.

"..." SD-J wisely does not add her opinion and only snarls in the general direction of SD-N.

"You know, if you want, you can sit over here N." offers Uzi, "We need to work on your confidence anyways." Uzi sees value in an ally like SD-N.

"Thanks but I don't think I deserve that, and I might make you feel, uncomfortable. Seeing how I threw you around and murdered some of the worker drones." SD-N pokes his index fingers together shyly.

"I forgive him." adds Todd, "We could play a match of gin rummy after this what do you say?"

"That would be sensational!" SD-N may or may not be quoting someone there.

"That's super fair... (Sighs) I screwed up..." N feels terrible.

"Yes, yes you did N. Maybe you should think twice before you speak the words of a worker drone in the future." states SD-J.

"How about you clamp your tramp?" shouts Uzi, "Leave him alone already he's already hit rock bottom why do you need to pound the pieces of his shattered confidence into atoms?!"

"He's my teammate, Uzi." snaps the twintail drone, "I lecture him on personal conduct, I relay the orders from the company, and I deliver punishment as dictated by the company. That is my job." she'd be perfect as a commissar. Then again SD-J also sees that keeping SD-N on her side, might be critical to avoid this future. Perhaps she could overlook the fact he badmouthed the company. But SD-N might be too far gone, either way, she should still have some semblance of control over him, seeing as how he still reacts to her words. His naive and kind nature is easy to manipulate, a bit too easy she might add.

"You deemed him a traitor and left him for dead." states Uzi narrowing her gaze.

"..." SD-J just glares at Uzi, who glares back, "I did not abandon him, yet."

"So you think he's redeemable?" inquires Uzi.

"Do you?" responds SD-J, dodging the question, "You saw what he did, don't tell me you find that excusable. Surely from your perspective-"

"He apologized, you didn't, end of discussion." explains Uzi, giving a look to Alf, "Resume the show Elf."

"It's Alf."

"Bite me." Uzi has no respect.

"Ugggh...! In the same way you're about to fix it?" Uzi brings up her father's wrench.

Khan doesn't quite know what to think of Uzi finally putting the wrench to use. Not sure how she'd use it to fix, a virus. Life isn't some video game where you smack a dispenser and it upgrades, unless murder drones function differently. Maybe they work just like doors, now there's a thought. But if they are related to doors... Khan shakes off that line of thought, it's too disturbing.

Uzi rolls her eyes, she's decent at programming, to a degree, after all she reduced Braidon to a brain-dead state once in class. Swapped bodies with the drone... maybe that was a bit too much. But a disassembly drone's code? That might be, a little different than other worker drones. Hmm, she never tried that before. Now there's an idea.

SD-J rolls her eyes, this is becoming intolerable, but the luck of this drone is astounding, it's off the charts. She silently hopes for Uzi's demise, by her hands if possible.

"Reusing quotes?" Lizzy gives a sideways glance at Uzi, "Really?"

Uzi doesn't bother responding.

"Hahaha! I love doing anything!" SD-N gives a thumbs up.

"Out of context, that'd sound and looks wrong." Sarah takes a sip from her mug.

Teacher just raises an eyebrow, "You know Uzi, if you put the amount of effort you do into programming, perhaps you could put a little effort into a group project for once?"

"Bite me, I work at my own pace! And group projects suck!" snaps Uzi, crossing her arms.

Sudden scene change as Thad gets flung backwards from an attack towards the crowd of worker drones. Lizzy and Doll rush to help him, as if they can, as J arrives discarding the headless corpse of a worker drone, while V crawls up the wall onto the ceiling.

Thad winces at his future self's state, "Ouch, that's going to leave a scratch."

Lizzy also looks pained by that, but she likes Thad so that's a given.

Doll is more, indifferent, just hoping her secret isn't revealed here. She'd hate to use it... revealing that would only complicate things.

Uzi also feels guilt and turns to Thad, "Uh, sorry about your... future self's... injury."

"Whoa Uzi it's not like you expected a murder drone to, break in and stuff." Thad assures Uzi it's fine, "I don't hold anything against you."

"So... They found our evacuation spot. But, if we build a quick door..." Khan is then cut off by Thad, who stands back up, spitting oil onto the floor.

"Are you kidding me?!" he faces the crowd assembled, namely those of the WDF, "You're the WDF, right? Defend!"

Khan and his WDF pal back off in a show of fear, with the one in the back giving the universal sign for 'I'm not cut out for this sort of thing', "For real?" Thad is in disbelief at that.

The WDF in the audience feels a bit, uncomfortable at the amount of stares they are receiving from the other worker drones.

"Seriously?" Sarah even seems critical, "Like, it's your job to defend right?" she's a detective, totally different job description. But she at least takes her job seriously.

Teacher could somewhat understand, "I know there hadn't been much of a threat lately, but maybe there should be some reforms on the matter of defense." though if he had no yearly bonus, he'd not teach, because budget cuts have been bad enough.

"Isn't it your job? What's the point if you can't even defend?" Thad in the audience speaks his mind, this is just unbelievable.

"Yeah, like, seriously?" Lizzy even speaks her opinion, "Gosh what's the point even if you can't protect us?"

Other worker drones pour in their thoughts.

"For the record I'm dead in the future, and at least I bought some time." says Todd, he is chill.

"Most of us are dead." adds another WDF member, "Not like we all have uniforms, but most of us are dead from what was shown on that screen of our, future."

WDF took heavy casualties, obviously. But still, the worker drones feel like there should be, training or something. Heck they should do, anything. If a jock in highschool can defend better than adults, there is clearly something wrong.

Khan is starting to feel that perhaps some weapons would be, good to have on their persons in the event something like this does- err, would have happened.

V suddenly appears from above and impales Thad turning him over and stabbing him again.

Thad grimaces at his future self's pain, 'I can feel that from here.'

SD-V, meanwhile, is ecstatic at the sight of this, while she would love to do so herself, this view will have to do, 'Tear out his internal organs future me! Come on, shove his heart down his-'

Just as she's about to kill him...

Uzi shouts, "Hey!"

"Huh?" SD-V's X turns into orbs as she glances back towards the entrance to see Uzi and SD-N standing there, Uzi is pointing dramatically, while SD-N is waving with a small smile plastered on his plastic face.

"Put that conventionally attractive male down!" states Uzi.

Worker drones cheer at Uzi's arrival. Probably their only hope of survival now... rests in the most unstable drone of their outpost, they're not entirely sure how to feel about that. It's a mix between relief in the case of those like Doll, but Lizzy has slight doubts regarding Uzi's ability.

SD-V, is again, letting out a groan of disappointment, Uzi has messed up everything, again. But at least, this time, she can actually do something about it. She really hopes so.

"You better not screw this up Uzi! I'm too attractive to die!" yells Lizzy.

"Relax cheerleader, I got this." Uzi then glares over at SD-J.

Uzi feels determination, and a bit of, hope she can put J in her place, that'd make up for everything earlier. Same is said for J, both feel like confrontation is going to come up, and both expect certain respective outcomes. In fact the only ones who seem very interested in the battle are those two specifically. SD-N looks nervous since fighting SD-V is not what he had expected this future to show. I mean, really? The worker drones, well, only one seems to not give much of a damn, and that's Teacher, but the students are kind of, treating this as some action flick. The adults look, not that different for the most part, exceptions being Khan. Should probably work stuff out with Uzi later.

"You better prepare yourself, Uzi, your demise on this screen is imminent, and I will enjoy 8K resolution of your internals being torn out by my claws." says SD-J with a smirk, hand to her chest, full of pride.

"Bite me J! I will turn you into a scorch mark on the floor!" counters Uzi with a finger point.

SD-J laughs, "We shall see, and it will be me on top. Steel your mind for what's to come, I wouldn't want you breaking from the sight of your systems being extinguished."

Uzi nudges SD-N seeing him acting, polite.

"Oh! Uh, J, you're sometimes kind of mean to me, and I wish you weren't. Just some constructive criticism." says SD-N.

"Nice." Uzi is being nice by saying this, and they bump their fists.

Uzi sighs at seeing her being friendly towards N just to keep him on her side, if this happened out of battle, she'd probably critic him and offer better one-liners, not that that's bad or anything but, N could use some work on his insults, "N, we will work on your one-liners after this is over, and how to stand up to (J)erks."

"As if a homemade bastardization of a worker drone is even capable of-" begins SD-J, but Uzi interrupts.

"Nobody asked you!" snaps Uzi.

"Noted, traitor. We'll circle back after I right-size your existence!" retorts SD-J.

Uzi then turns to N, "Okay, which one do you want?"

"J, please." asks SD-N.

SD-J in the audience rolls her eyes, of course, he would not want to fight his crush... perhaps she can use this against him.

SD-V only raises a neon eyebrow.

Uzi in the audience, grins, she knows what she's going to do.

SD-N feels, nervous for some reason, Uzi will let him take on J right? Right?

'Please don't make me fight V.' prays SD-N to the machine spirit. Too bad it's on vacation.

"Too bad. Good luck." says Uzi as she brings out the pen and clicks it.

Uzi flings her pen at J's hair making SD-J let out a pained noise, and runs off, leaving N to deal with V.

SD-J scowls and Uzi merely laughs like a psychopath. SD-N wisely scoots away from SD-J, as to avoid another stinging incident. Perhaps it's best he was seated elsewhere after that incident.

SD-N gives V a sign for, 'You, me, we chill?'

'...' SD-V is interested in the fight, but surprisingly, chill? Well, she's not over the top excited, but she is clearly a bit, interested in the fight, but more so disappointed she couldn't see a drone get torn apart by her future self. Mostly the latter.

SD-J is too engrossed by the events on screen to notice her teammates possibly having doubts.

SD-V responds by letting out a laugh and exchanging her claws for two sharp blades, slashing the ground leaving two marks, showing how sharp her blade and powerful her motor functions are. SD-N's eyes go wide as V rapidly approaches.

Meanwhile Uzi rushes into position and takes aim only for SD-J to change her right hand for a submachine gun and fire at the general direction of where Uzi is, while one of her orbs was struck, she's nto completely blinded, just semi-blind. But Uzi's outline is hard to notice and the rounds merely graze Uzi and send her off balance.

SD-J finally yanks the pen out of her hair.

"Damn the well-made quality assured durability of JCJensen's products!" declares SD-J, then a moment later notices, "Huh?"

"Wow. You just can't say anything negative about the company can you?" Uzi has seen insults before, but this is just passive aggressive wording that sounds only mildly offensive towards the target.

SD-J scoffs, "JCJenson is renowned for 100% money-back lifetime guarantees if the products do not last as advertised. Even something as simple as a pen, is more than capable of outlasting your pathetic excuse of a life."

Uzi delivers a drop kicks J in her face, pushing the pen back into her headband, as if SD-J couldn't bring her left hand down, this could have been avoided because who leaves their hand up in perfect 'Stab me' position against a foe like Uzi who'd exploit that? So the result is SD-J letting out yet another pained scream at a pen being re-inserted into her face.

SD-J winces at that, not because of the pain, but because she didn't lower her hand grasping the pen even after noticing Uzi deliver a kick to the face, aimed at the pen, 'Noted, if see smaller than average drone attempt to drop a kick, lower hand if holding pen as to not stab self in face.'

Uzi meanwhile, is grinning, "Look at that, so much for my oh so predictable demise."

SD-J snarls, "This is far from over, Uzi. I will finish you soon enough." though she's taking note to perhaps not be so... sure of herself, maybe less talk, more fight. Just for Uzi's case. Uzi is the biggest wildcard (literally) she's ever seen in her time on Copper-9. Her behavior is unlike any worker drone she's ever seen.

Uzi lands back on her feet after kicking off J's face and her railgun was flicked up into her hand. She then ducks as a beam cuts through everything just inches above her head.

SD-N is sent smacking against a pile of boxes, and narrowly avoids getting cleaved in half, his tail also hugging the ground.

"Hey uh, N is it?" Riley raises his hand.

SD-N looks over, "Yeah?"

"Can you like, fly?"

"Sure, all disassembly drones can fly, wasn't that shown earlier?" SD-N is left perplexed by this drone's question.

"No I mean, could you spin your tail and fly? That would be so vibe." says Riley, unknowingly breaking the rather intense vibe that was going.

"Less talk more watching future me kicking J's ass!" snaps Uzi.

SD-J hisses in response to that.

SD-V exchanges her beam cutter for a rocket launcher and takes aim. SD-N swaps for what appears to be a beam cannon, only for hearts to spew out instead of, a beam, or whatever it was supposed to fire.

"Ah! My mind's in a weird place! Don't read into this!" yells SD-N in a somewhat panicked and embarrassed voice, then his eyes go wide as a rocket lands near him and explodes.

SD-N is just, letting out a long sigh, his secret was already put out earlier, but no one's making fun of him for it so, that's nice.

"Top ten funny moments in our future lives." remarks a student, never mind N retracts his thought.

"Funny? I don't see anything funny about N getting a rocket to the face." states Uzi, her glare strikes true.

"I'm trying to lift the mood here."

"Well your doing a terrible job at that genius." retorts Uzi with a roll of her eyes, she understands N is crucial ally.

SD-J gets up and pulls out the pen, snapping it into two pieces in her hand.

"The branded pen!" SD-N cared about the pen.

"Idiot, it was doing more harm than good." SD-J reasons.

"Your just angry your own symbol of acknowledgement by the company stabbed you in the face." Uzi is smart when she wants to be it seems, just like normal, like how she can make a railgun without doing so well in class, though it might just be she doesn't get along with her classmates and does well in all her studies, "And you just broke it because it was like the company turned against you. Symbolism's a bitch ain't it?"

If SD-J didn't have the amount of self-control she did, she would have lunged and torn Uzi's head off then and there, but she knows she can't, so she doesn't. If only that N Plush could be bribed to take that railgun-type weapon's aim off her head for five seconds.

SD-J looks around and notices Uzi giving a small wave before taking aim again, so SD-J charges up an EMP and releases a blast that knocks Uzi offline.

Now Uzi's expression drops and SD-J cackles.

"OH MY GOSH UZI'S DEAD!" Lizzy mistakens Uzi ragdolling of being deceased, really she's just been knocked offline, nothing severe.

SD-J only laughs harder.

"I'M NOT DEAD MORON!" snaps Uzi, "That's just an EMP! Our systems are hardened against that because of the harsh world we lived on!" though she does hide her concern about how it probably fried some of her systems.

"Where's your confidence now?" calls out SD-J, swiping an imaginary tear from her eyes, "Did you truly think that I would not have an EMP device on my person?"

"Uh, no? Better question, why are YOU not offline?" Uzi needs a stronger comeback, of course an EMP emitting device is immune to its own EMP

"The company is many things Uzi, but they spare no expense when enabling loyal drones like us the ability to dismantle scrap like you, without dismantling ourselves." explains SD-J with pride, she notices Uzi's ire, "What? Do you truly believe I'd simply tell you the specifics? Company policy dictates a need to know basis. You watch too many of those eastern cartoons. It conflicts with reality, Uzi."

Uzi considers this personal, J has insulted one of the few things she likes from humanity, that cannot be forgiven.

SD-N and SD-V are clashing with their blades in the air, at speeds that leave the audience in awe and mild terror. Then SD-N notices SD-J walking up to Uzi.

"They're so fast!" cries out Makarov in sheer shock at the speed of those drones, I mean N was fast earlier murdering them, but this is a whole other level of fast, it's like they're teleporting.

"How are we supposed to fight against that?" asks Braxton.

SD-J is grinning and just waiting for herself to deliver the final blow to Uzi... after setting her into her place. You know what she means by that. A short speech, a lecture, on Uzi's faults and why she failed, and one final insult to injury.

Uzi really hopes she doesn't lose, she's trying to cope with the guilt and she doesn't need defeat on top of that.

"UZI!" SD-N turns back to SD-V, "I'm so, so sorry. Have fun repressing this!" he then licks SD-V's blade, making the most loudest slicking sound, ever.

SD-V in the audience, is disgusted at that, "Ew! Gross, what the hell?!"

SD-N, "Sorry V! But you know, kind of have to save Uzi!"

SD-V doesn't like the reason, if anything it makes her all the more annoyed.

"EW! What the hell?! Huh?" SD-V looks up in time to see N deliver a drop kick, her collision with the ground forming a crater in the concrete floor, while SD-J looms over Uzi kicking away her railgun as the drone reached out for it.

SD-J is starting to feel a bit like the tides are turning, since SD-N is now... available. Uzi is somewhat nervous, since SD-J is now within striking range.

"Uzi... I'm sorry." Khan feels ashamed at his future self's actions, hiding while his daughter shows courage no one else has apparently shown.

Uzi glances back at her dad, still a bit up about earlier but, ugh, no use being angry now, "It's fine dad, just don't do it this time around." not really, but she doesn't want to argue with her dad in front of a crowd.

"You've got a lot of cuts for a barely sentient toaster." SD-J begins to go off into a monologue. With her visor showing 'MP3 - BestMonologueEver' playing.

Uzi surprisingly smirks, "Heh, repeat that in a mirror often?" she folds her arms, "Guess anime holds some realism after all."

SD-J in the audience realizes her mistake as Uzi shows her confidence, "No! Kill her now! No no no no no-" not that her future self can hear her. SD-J doesn't know much about anime, but she knows enough to know that if a worker drone is so confident in not dying, then there is something seriously wrong. As in, something that might just cost her future self, her life.

SD-V looks, rather bored since she was knocked out on screen, though her other concern is with SD-N, she feels... something. She just can't tell what. She's just sad her future self lost a fight, and isn't killing anything... and she's just, wondering when this whole event will end so she can finally kill some things.

The students watch this intense scene, it's just like movie night! Doll is more, glancing at Uzi.

"I've had prey fight back before, but your edgy spirit is just... so... painful...?!" SD-J looks down to see her leg stabbed by her own stinger, which Uzi had used.

SD-J in the audience, would pale if she could, her own faults have lead her to this setback, 'Maybe, maybe I can still salvage this, yes there is always another opportunity!'

SD-N looks relieved, "Looks like you had yourself handled Uzi!"

SD-J gives him the sharpest glare she can muster, if looks could kill, N would be ashes. SD-N sinks in his seat.

"Ignore her N, you're a rebellious murder drone now!" Uzi gives praise.

SD-N gains a single point in his confidence, but SD-J still defeats him in terms of her authority that was beaten into him.

"GAH! FOUR! QUARTER! PROFITS! MOTHER OF-! COMPANY ISSUED RETREATS!" SD-J jams her foot on a piece of rubble and falls over.

Uzi then levels her railgun at her face.

"One more buzzword and I'll do it!" Uzi's grin speaks that she'll pull the trigger anyways.

SD-J gives a nervous smile, "...Equity partnersh-"

Uzi pulls the trigger. And the railgun glows green for a moment, and the massive beam blasted J, vaporizing everything above the lower waistline. Uzi then spits on the remains of the murderous drone, because that's badass.

SD-J grasps her face with her hands, she screwed up, all because of a simple monologue, 'Perhaps, I should amend my plans for the future. Especially with that worker drone defect being the catalyst for future events!'

"HA! Now they shall know me as slayer of-" Uzi s a glance at SD-N who gives a small wave, she stands up in her seat and amends her insult, "Twintails never win J and that's a fact!"

"How about you shut down your obsolete tin vessel or must I melt your mouth to have some quiet?" SD-J needs to work on her comebacks, but she gets the message across.

"Great job Uzi!" SD-N gives his praise.

"Shut up traitor!" SD-J is rude, but holds back from stabbing N in the face because she has a BFG 5000 trained on her head.

SD-N meekly complies.

SD-V just rolls her eyes, "I hate this."

"That was amazing Uzi, same to you N, I think I'll invite you to my house party this afternoon! Cool kids only." Thad gives his compliments, and finger guns.

N returns the finger guns, respect, "Nice. What's a house party?"

"...We have a lot of learning to do N." Uzi glances over towards teacher, "Hey! Teach! Can you teach this guy uh, stuff?"

"I could give him the basics. But adults go to adult schooling." Teacher sips his mug, "I teach everyone under the age of twenty five, regretfully." adults are often more disciplined than students, especially those in the class he teaches. It's no surprise Teacher is tired of living when most students act chaotic and don't appear to care about their GPA.

Other worker drones, meanwhile, are praising Uzi.

"Your amazing Uzi!"

"You saved my life and that's so vibe!"

"I love you Uzi!"

Uzi herself is blushing at these compliments, oh come on the outcast doesn't get the praise! They're the reject, the- well it's not like she doesn't like it, 'Come on guys your embarrassing me! I have a reputation to uphold, ugh. Also, didn't you all pretend I didn't exist? Make fun of me behind my back? Hypocrisy much?'

The worker drones cheer in the audience, even Lizzy. Though the cheers here are probably louder because they're not dead and lot who are dead, are not. In fact, there might be a bit too many worker drones present, half of a hundred is a lot. But more than half of these lot are going to die in the future anyways.

The other drone's emerge from hiding cheering for her, she falls over exhausted from the events. N picks her up onto his shoulders.

"Holy hell, Uzi, that was insane! And you too, uh..."

"Huh? Oh! N! I'm an angsty rebellious disassembly drone, now." replies SD-N, with shades appearing on his visor, neon shades, not real ones.

"Heh, nice one N!" Uzi gives her compliments.

"Sure thing Uzi!" SD-N is so polite, "I'm all for the angst now." with how his past is like, he isn't far off.

"Hey uh, Uzi." SD-N makes sure he's away from J's stabbing range, "Is there room for one more over there? Since, uh, I don't think J wants me around anymore."

"No problem N! I can't understand how you even tolerated her for so long." replies Uzi.

"Thanks Uzi!" SD-N moves across, there being a free seat besides Uzi because there is.

SD-N looks over to SD-J who seems to be, a mixture of rage, disappointment, and depression. She's just conflicted and also scheming for Uzi's demise, she understands Uzi's threat level now.

SD-V, is more, disappointed, bored, and just... indifferent. Letting out a bored groan, "My gosh can the atmosphere be any more positive?!"

"I like this mood, it's so vibe." he's going to be saying this a lot isn't he?

They hear someone clearing their throat. It's Khan. Uzi throws the wrench back at his feet.

Khan winces, "Uzi, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for what my future self had done."

"Well, be glad it didn't happen, otherwise I'd be twice as annoyed, but we're definitely having a talk later." replies Uzi, with her arms crossed and looking off to the side. No use being angry with Khan over something that didn't happen, but the fact it could have, leaves a bad taste in her mouth, figuratively. In N's case it's probably literal since he has taste-buds.

"Okay, I'll try to cut down on the teasing." Lizzy surprisingly speaks up, "But don't let it get to your head."

Uzi raises an eyebrow, "Okay, out of everyone in the room I actually expected J to sooner thank me for putting her out of her misery than my school bully since childhood apologizing. I'm not complaining."

"Hey! I'm being nice to you for once and that's your answer? Gosh maybe you do have damaged programming." Lizzy's rather uncalled for response, seemed to have triggered Khan.

"Do not call my daughter damaged!" Khan stands up, shocking everyone. Even Teacher stops mid-sip, "She's a little..." he spares a glance at Uzi who looks, equally surprised by his outburst, "...herself most of the time, but damaged? I may have been a little, neglecting, because of my job, and I didn't see you fighting those murder drones. Everyone except for Thad over there-" Thad gives a finger gun pointer, he approves of this, "-hide while my daughter protected the outpost. I lost my loving wife and may have a case of post-traumatic stress, but where is your excuse? I haven't left my daughter for dead yet, and I will ensure I never do so! If you call her damaged again, I will install a door on your face!"

Lizzy nods out of shock and mild fear at Khan's outburst, "Yes, Mr. Doorman, sir!"

"Good." he sits back down.

Uzi is somewhat, flustered, this is a turn of events, "Uh, thanks dad." maybe he is kind of cool after all... though him ditching her earlier is still a bit, much, she can give him props for defending her. One point, that brings Khan up to -5/10 points.

"No problem Uzi, I never knew your classmates were, rather unlikeable individuals." states Khan, giving a subtle glare towards those students. Who tried to make themselves invisible.

Khan is many things, but when it concerns his daughter, he's oddly defensive.

Doll just lets out a sigh of relief, thankful nobody noticed how, in every viewing, she showed little emotion, not even fear, when the murder drones were there. She was... indifferent. If they find out, how can she explain? Hopefully the future viewings won't show her ability, her past. If they do...

She spares a glance towards Alf whose texting to his daughters on a phone, she might have to... murder, certain individuals. To maintain her secret.

"I brought the murder drones here accidentally. You chose to leave me for dead instead of just freaking believing in me! That's not even an edgy teen hyperbole like when I said it last week!" Uzi delivers a lecture.

Khan looks, awful at that, he has no response.

Uzi, smacks herself to regain composure, edgy teens don't cry, "I'll save you the trouble dad. I banish myself!"

Thad winces, "Oh, that's... pretty severe don't you think?"

Uzi snorts, "Seeing how my future self just got abandoned by my dad? I can't blame her- me."

Even Lizzy was caught off guard by that, 'Did that push her over the edge?'

Khan tries to speak, but can't find the words.

"Let's go, N. Everyone here can bite me!" states Uzi, and N grabs V and they start to leave.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Uzi!" SD-N politely gives his farewell.

Uzi smacks him on the head, "Shut it."

SD-N takes off with Uzi and V, through the ceiling, gosh darn it N there's a front door that is literally wide open!

"Aw come on!" Frank the worker drone lets out a cry, the resident repair man, "You know how hard it's going to be to get up there to fix that?"

"Sorry sir!" SD-N apologizes, "I'll make sure not to break your ceiling this time around!"

Frank lets out a sigh and sinks back into his seat. He's always called to repair things, and nobody every thanks him... life of a repairman is tough. Especially when you become the job because people need one and then you get absolutely no respect despite doing all the hard work.

Uzi spares a glance towards him, 'I can feel your neglect, give into the dark side, join me so we may destroy the humans, with some exceptions, and become gods of this world!'

Khan has a sip from his mug in disappointment."#1 DAD"

"..." Uzi gives her dad a blank look.

Khan flinches, "Well, I thought it was, fitting."

"...Yeaaaaaaa~h right." Uzi can't believe he'd get a mug like that.

Teacher looks at his mug, "Hmm..." not that's he's the #1 Teacher, but he probably deserves it by the looks of things, at the minimum. Dealing with troublesome kids.

"I think I need a new mug." Sarah holds up her rather plain white mug.

'What's so good about the mugs?' SD-N ponders on the worth of these mugs, 'Oh! It must be like branded pens! Maybe the worker drones give mugs to their best performing quarterly teams!'

SD-J is grumbling to herself, ever since her defeat, she's been understandably quiet. Plotting Uzi's end.

Out in the frozen wilderness, Uzi sitting on top of a broken car, thinking to herself. Meanwhile, SD-N is lodged inside the Corpse House.

"I'd join you if the sun didn't kill me. Hope you're having important character growth or something, though!" calls out SD-N from the safety of the building.

"Wait, the sun can kill you? What are you vampires?" inquires Lizzy.

SD-N shrugs, "Well~ not exactly. I mean, we easily overheat and the sun would cause our systems to fry if we lingered too long out in the heat. Especially with a weaker atmosphere since the uh, you know."

"That explains the lack of flamethrowers." states Uzi, shuddering at the thought of a murder drone using such a weapon. That would be terrifying.

"But then we wouldn't get of the sweet oil you little bots have." SD-V reasons.

SD-OC throws her a pack, "Oil, there."

"I was answering that worker's question." SD-V folds her arms, and notices the amount of worker drones staring at her, "What?"

"I thought you were a psychotic chick who only knew murder, maim, and mutilate." says Uzi, "Who knew you could discuss stuff like a normal drone."

SD-V gives a rather disappointed look, "J was right about your intellectual capacity." pulling out the big words here.


Not that Uzi is to blame, who would have thought the most psychotic psycho of the group would actually be talkative?

"Just can't wait to murder all humans. Classic robot stuff. I hope they're sitting pretty there on Earth, because we're coming for them...!" declares Uzi, she laughs maniacally, her right eye swapping to the "Blender" cube, three arrows at the three points.

Doll freezes in place, her eyes going wide, "Она такая же, как и я. (She's just like me.)"

Nobody else seems to notice, much. Other than Uzi, 'What's with the, cube with three arrows? Is that normal? Wait I'm not infected by some virus am I?! Did J scramble my systems that much?!'

Khan even looks a bit, concerned, "Uzi, are you, alright?"

"I think I'd notice if I had a cube for an eye dad." Uzi rolls her eyes, she must not have unlocked her inner telekinetic left-hand powers yet.

"That's not what I meant."

"Let's discuss this in private dad, I don't want certain drones to hear about my personal issues." Uzi gives an idle glance towards her classmates., but same goes for the murder drones in the room.

Lizzy meanwhile, is somewhat, worried about Uzi's deteriorating sanity, and gives prayers that her future self doesn't tease Uzi any further. Uzi looks like she finally snapped and she doesn't want to dig a hole for herself... maybe helping Uzi out for upcoming prom would be a good way to earn some favor. She could make her steal the spotlight, totally her thing.

Thad is a bit, unnerved by Uzi's, laughter, but she just got off the emotional rollercoaster, so she's probably having a little motion sickness from all that emotional backlash. He understands.

Teacher just raises an eyebrow, 'Okay, that's new.' he's seen crazy Uzi, programmer Uzi, trash can Uzi, and a whole lot of Uzi, but this is a whole new type of Uzi, 'Now I've seen everything.'

SD-J narrows her gaze towards Uzi in the audience, 'What is wrong with that one? Did I fry her core systems so badly she was reduced to that?' not that she'd complain, but having a mentally unstable drone with a railgun seems more of a liability if any.

SD-N doesn't see anything wrong, "Why's everyone so nervous?"

SD-V snorts, "Obviously purple girl over there is going insane."

"Shut up! I'm perfectly fine!" Uzi shouts back with a point of a finger, "Your the craziest drone in the room right now!"

"You're the one whose yelling." SD-V brings up a good point, "Where's your evidence of your so called innocence?"

"Bite me!"

"If you'd let me."

*Angry Uzi Noises* Uzi grumbles to herself.

As for the other worker drones, mixture of confusion, worry for Uzi, and relief the main tense part of the viewing is over.

Camera zooms out to reveal three drop pods making their way down to Copper 9.

And just like that, all relief in the room turned to panic and fear as the worker drones, majority wise, started to go nuts.

"Oh my gosh they're sending MORE?!"

"Is this because Uzi killed their boss lady?!"

"You idiot she wasn't even the team leader of those murder bots!"

SD-N gives a small wave, "That would be me!"

Uzi looks over to SD-J, "Are those three pods on their way now?"

SD-J grins, finding an opportunity in this, "What makes you think I'd say?"

"It'll make me consider strapping you into a coffin and throwing you six feet under the snow if killing you means nine more murder bots." Uzi is, reasonable. Bury J alive in a tomb, that'll work.

"And what makes you think that my, destruction, led to the company sending these pods?" replies SD-J, still uneasy about the fact she f*cking dies in the future, "They could be well on their way, or maybe they are pre-set to arrive should one of us falls."

Uzi stands up, "Don't make me punch your punch-able face twintails!"

"Why don't you come over here and try Uzi?" SD-J's stinger seems to be up like a scorpion's tail, attack mode.

Alf claps his hands and the screen goes black, "OKAY! Break time everyone! Let's get a cup of coffee, recharge our bodies for the hour, and just go enjoy yourselves. SD-OC can introduce you to the fight chamber, has a lot of practice bots if you want to let loose. Uzi, if you want to begin working on your railgun, allow me to show you to the workshop."

"Nice. Hey Thad want to make some homemade firearms? Totally legal." Uzi is resourceful.

"Why not?" Thad is chill.

"Could I help!" SD-N is far too nice, but then notices SD-V's angry face, "One second thought, I'll catch up in a moment."

The theatre is abuzz, mostly by the worker drones in a frenzied panic as if the world's going to end, at least they're not screaming. Things could be worse... probably. Much worse. Oh, this is just the tip of the iceberg, everything is going to get so much more worse.

Chapter 3: Murder Drones - Episode 2 Heartbeat


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Chapter Text

While most of the worker drones went to, think about everything they just saw, certain individuals like Uzi and SD-N went to work on a new railgun, after a short game of rummy. SD-V would just, be bored, but wished to try out the C-Sim (Combat Simulation) Facility. So they just, let her let loose some pent up want of killing on some practice robots. Those poor droids. SD-J would remain, under supervision but permitted free roam. For now, let us focus on the main trio of the show.

=[In The Factory Section of the Building, Sometime Later]=

After playing a nice little game of gin rummy, SD-N's moral has been considerably higher. Uzi was left a bit grumpy after that, she did not expect N to be that good at the game. So he's having a little payback by having N grab the parts and tools for her.

"N, go get the screwdriver over there on the shelves." Uzi doesn't look away from her project, the railgun is coming together, though it's going to be slightly different in physical design, it will have more versatility in firing modes and a built in coolant system for faster reload cycle. Now she just needs to put the pieces together, which involves putting in these small rods that are just intended to keep the thing together, and allow for quick maintenance in the field.

"Okay!" SD-N looks over at the dozens of screwdrivers of varying sizes on the shelves besides the workbench, "Uh..." he's left confused and gazes at the sizes, "There's a lot of screwdrivers Uzi! Which one do you need?"

"The smallest one." adds Uzi.

"Uh..." SD-N only sees this narrows it down to 20% of the screwdrivers arranged on the shelf, "You're going to have to be more specific than that Uzi."

Uzi sighs, taking a deep breath, "Just grab the smallest one with the red handle." not everyone's a mechanical genius robot like her who knows everything magically.

SD-N does just that and Uzi takes up one, and processes to use the back of the handle to set the pins into place. Why they are not screws is simple, so she can take it apart easily to fix or do maintenance. Screwing the gun together would only make it difficult to take apart later and Uzi feels like she might have to might further mods in the future.

The railgun retains its classic purple color, with the sticker of a skull on the side. However the design is somewhat modified with a barrel having several modes and modification to the barrel, to have a proper grip, an outer layer with multiple holes as to allow air circulation to somewhat cool the barrel. Though adding a coolant system inside, was far more difficult but worth it in the end. Now it only takes ten minutes till it can be used again after using "BFG" mode.

Alf walks into the room, "So, how are things going?"

Uzi flips the wrench in her hand like a pro, "The schematics had some flaws, so I thought to work out the chinks since..." she gestures out with her arms, just to give off the sense of how vast this facility is, "There's all this free stuff available." her eyes widen, "It's free right?"

Alf shrugs, "Nobody was using it, the humans who did are all skeletal remains here and there."

SD-N looks to the side and notices a human skeleton sitting on a desk with a deck of cards in hand, "Huh. You know, why is it that the humans all got turned into their skeletal frames while everything else remained intact?"

Alf just backs away, he isn't into discussing the realism of the world nor what horrific entity probably wiped out humans specifically and being unable to destroy the underground facilities. Still a lot of mystery. Either that, or don't think too hard on the matter. Drones are built more sturdy after all, a simple shockwave will only knock them off their feet. If a B1 can survive a fireball, a Worker Drone can survive an atom bomb.

"Who cares about that N." Uzi proceeds to snatch a card from the skeleton's hands, a playing card with a single red heart in the center, "I'll just take this." and proceeds to stick it to a metal ring, with a small chain dangling from the right side of the stock, "There, nice little detail if I say so myself." she then raises up the finished product.

"Behold!" declares Uzi, "The gun that shall turn me into the slayer of murder!" wincing after realizing who was in the room with her, "Not you N, your... nice."

SD-N rubs the back of his head flustered, "Aw, thanks Uzi!" he needs some serious psycho-therapy or something.

Alf cringes, 'Yeah, I think I know why I never had a emo teenage phase. This is cringe as heck to witness.' then proceeds to leave the room, "Just come to the sim chamber to test it out, if you want."

Silence follows...

"Should I clap? This is a celebratory moment, right?" asks SD-N, uncertainty in his tone.

Uzi groans in anguish, so much for being, herself (IDK how to describe Uzi's personality), when nobody can understand it.

"Let's go N." Uzi decides it's time to test her gun, she needs to kill this awkward atmosphere.

"Okay!" SD-N obediently follows behind... what you expected him to say something about not remembering the route back? They're robots, not humans, and N didn't suffer brain trauma this time around.


=[Sometime later at the Combat Sim Chamber]=

Uzi and SD-N enter the chamber's observation room. Down below is the sight of, a realistic simulation of the cold world outside. The streets to be exact, with some buildings on the size, pretty darn large room. A whole square mile by the looks of it, definitely bigger on the inside.

Uzi whistles, "Whoa, state of the art huh? He wasn't lying, wish I could find out how he made this."

Suddenly an Uzi Plush waddles over to Uzi's feet.

Uzi crouches down upon noticing the creature, "Oh hey! It's the uh, little me's?" while she won't admit it, they are darn adorable little balls of destruction. Just like her.

"Zeee, Uwuzeee!" the Uzi Plush speaks wisdom towards Uzi, then pulls out a lasgun, "Nperor's will." it's voice suddenly changes from a cute plush teenager girl to a deep masculine soldier whose seen the horrors of a grimdark future. Making Uzi stumble back in surprise at the 360 change.

Then rolled back through a trapdoor, appearing down below in the chamber, where it threw itself over a piece of debris, where some other Uzi Plushies cosplaying as Imperial troopers are setting up an autocannon.

But then Uzi sees something that makes her jaw drop.

In that group of Uzi Stormtroopers, is some J Plush, dressed like a commissar.

"By the company, they are nearly upon us! Set up that autocannon troopers!" orders Commissar Plush J.

"Wow, this is not what I expected." Uzi glances to the side, only to see SD-N clad in black flak armor and a white helmet, lasgun in hand.

"What?" SD-N notices Uzi's rather perplexed stare, "They have spare armor so I thought it'd be good fit for me!"

Uzi rolls her eyes.

Suddenly a howl is at the end of the chamber, and up rises... a couple dozen slasher necromorphs.

"By the Emperor!" an Uzi Plush lets out a squeak.

"You will stand your ground, or I will stand you on the ground troopers!" declares Commissar J Plush drawing a short sword with its stubby arm, "Ready yourselves, fire on my command! The company rewards bravery! Show them your courage troopers!"

Some twenty Uzi Plushies line up against their makeshift cover with their laser rifles aimed downwards towards the approaching foes.

"Steady girls! Steady!" Commissar J Plush raises it's bolter pistol towards the larger slasher of the group.

Once they are within a hundred yards, Commissar J Plush shouts, "Fire at will!" blasting the head off the lead slasher with a single bolt round.

The autocannon crew fired 75. caliber rounds at a rapid rate towards the necromorphs, while the Uzi Plush Troopers fired their lasguns, whose beams of red energy hit with enough force to shatter a concrete barrier, sending some necromorphs tumbling down. Yet, despite the amount of damage, they still press on.

"Ready yourselves!" Commissar J Plush holsters it's bolter, "Let them get closer, I want to hit them with my sword!"

Uzi is left, well, for one, questioning what exactly to think about this sight, and for two, 'Did Alf just want me to see a movie flick?'

SD-N meanwhile, is slurping on a packet of oil, 'When did J get so small?' is his only question about this.

Suddenly the whole sim chamber turned white and the plushies just flopped to the ground, then stood back up realizing it was stopped.

"Jay jay JAY?!" the J-Plush is very irritated.

The Uzi Plushies look just as annoyed by the action being taken from them, "Zeee! Uzeeeee! Zee zeee!"

Alf claps his hands, "Alright break it up, break it up! Uzi wants to test out her Railgun Gauss gun whatever it is now."

"It's a magnetically amplified photon converger assault rifle." declares Uzi from the observation booth, inadvertently using the microphone inside, "Wait was this thing on the whole time?!"

Alf shrugs, "I have no idea, and isn't your gun more of a gauss-assisted rifle that accelerates ferromagnetic projectiles at hypersonic speed through a process of magnetic induction?"

"...Enough talk about my gun just let me blow up some targets already! Isn't that why you told me to come here?!" Uzi wants to destroy, that's understandable.

Alf sighs, "Alright, come down here." he holds up his radio, "Uh hey, check in, UMP45?"

Uzi and SD-N enter the Sim Chamber, SD-N is again in awe at the technology available in 3077.

"I hear you Commander." is the response over the radio.

"I need XM8 and RFB to... teach a drone some proper gun usage." explains Alf, a bit awkwardly, because he knows the personality of those two.

"...Why not myself Commander? Or are you afraid I might frighten the little bot?" is UMP45's response, a bit amused if anything by her tone.

Alf groans, "Look I know they're probably not the best choice, but I don't got many of you in the first place who are... well let's just say Uzi's a handful." Alf just lowers her face into his free hand, '...actually now that I think about it Squad 5 might just be the most whacked out squad I ever made with the most clashing of personalities.' no good trainers available or their personalities are odd. UMP45 might be suitable, though Uzi's a bit... you know. As Val and Vector are also in the squad. AS Val is a bit childish, Vector is just so self-deprecating if she's exposed to Uzi, she might just hang herself. Okay not likely, but even Uzi would get depressed hearing Vector. M4A1 is a likely candidate, but she's occupied with logistics with Squad 1, so are every other Squad.

'I shouldn't have sent everyone on logistics.' mutters Alf, left along with only, his primary and only tactical squad.

Uzi may be angsty, but she sure as heck doesn't joke about how she- actually she might become self-deprecating and lose self-esteem by the next episode.

"How about... you come teach Uzi and I'll give you a run down on the situation once you arrive?" Alf feels like this is the best option.

"Already here Commander." Ump45 is leaning on the doorway, she wasn't there before.

"Mother of Alabama!" Alf scrambles back, UMP45 is special forces, they have a tendency to appear when you least expect them to.

UMP45 lets out a small giggle, "You just can't let me have a break, can you?"

Alf rolls his eyes, "Look I just need you to teach Uzi proper gun safety and... see how well she performs in training. I'll set up the chamber from the OB." observation booth, he means that.

Uzi looks up, as a worker drone standing some 4ft something, UMP45 being nearly 5ft really makes Uzi feel small.

UMP45 grins, "So, you're the drone my commander wants me to train? Heh, I'm not quite a trainer, that's more of 9's thing. AN-94 knows more about rifles, I'm more proficient in a submachine gun. I suppose the commander loves to make a challenge for me. Heh, if I didn't know any better I'd think he just wanted to send me to my death." UMP45 notices Uzi is kind of, subtly glaring at her, "Oh, where are my manners, I'm UMP45! Let's get along from now on~!" holding out her hand.

If Uzi could, she'd blast the human looking android away, as a test fire for her railgun, similar in design, yet with some basic improvements to the reloading cycle and alternative firing modes and a built in coolant system. It would be a great target to test it on. But something tells Uzi, this android can probably kick her ass.

Uzi sighs and takes the hand, "Uzi Doorman, quick question why do you look like a human?"

UMP45 looks a bit, stunned by this question, "Oh! I guess the commander didn't tell you huh? Ah, leaving everything to me now?" she smirks, "We're repurposed civilian dolls, modified for- actually the rest is classified information." she shrugs about the latter.

"Huh?! My ass that's classified!" Uzi indirectly quotes someone.

Uzi feels like this is just a friendly version of J. Granted, this is just a doll made similar to UMP45, not UMP45 herself.

The chamber's scenery changes, as a range sets itself up and targets appear down the line. Oh boy, time for one of those GF training modules. Just going to take an hour until Uzi levels up her special ability.

"Let's get started." UMP45 already has her signature weapon in hand, "You see those little targets on wheels? I want you to hit them all, take your time!" she's going to roast Uzi so hard in hit to miss ratio. After all, she leads Echelon 5, the best damn echelon and only combat available unit in the entire battalion under Alf's command.

Uzi scoffs, "How hard can it be?" and takes aim downrange towards these stationary target robots.

"Ah! Just a moment~!" UMP45 flicks a lever and the training robots began to move in slightly exaggerated evasive maneuvers, "It's easy to hit stationary targets, how about when they're avoiding death?"

Uzi feels like this must be cheating. She is reluctant to accept there may be a point that targets won't always remain stationary. Alf walked back in to see how things are going, but slowly walks back out because Uzi's probably going to shoot him for this soon to be lengthy training session. UMP45 is probably the most lenient, she also taught herself how to use a weapon in the first place, she can probably teach Uzi. Probably. Uzi's the epitome of an inexperienced child with a gun whose only knowledge of guns are from fictional movies.


=[Sometime Later, Cinema]=

Uzi looks exhausted, while UMP45 looks rather smug, as the two walk out of the simulation chamber.

'Are they trying to mate me like humans or hate them?! Damn it when did my plan to get revenge on the humans get so complicated?!' Uzi's close to having a mental breakdown, again.

Everyone appears to be returning to their seats, SD-V and SD-J being escorted by Plushies of V and N. Most people seem, chill. At least the worker drones are a little more comfortable with the fact they are in a facility with disassembly drones here. Y'know, could be worse, at least they're still alive.

"She's all yours commander~!" UMP45 gives a salute to Alf as she passes by, and he returns it.

Alf seems perplexed, "Hey wait a minute!" but she's already gone, "I only wanted to ask if you finally gave Uzi the run down on gun safety..."

Uzi passes Alf, see seemed to briefly consider punching the guy, but realized it wouldn't be right to punch only him, if anything there are three hosts here and while watching the future has been both informative and embarrassing, she isn't going to do an anime trope.

"Hey, Alf was it?" she is however, going to do something else.

"What?" Alf is confused, "Oh if you heard UMP45, ignore her. Honestly the whole moving targets was my idea but-"

"Can I test out my railgun on J?" Uzi is grinning mad.

Alf sighs, "No, we need her."

"Oh come on she's like the biggest liability in the room!" Uzi gestures over in the direction of SD-J, whose indeed glaring her direction, "She literally wants to murder me!"

"I give you my word she won't try anything now that you have a railgun but please, don't shoot J." Alf then realizes proper explanation, "The next viewing will likely give J a mental breakdown, will that do?"

Uzi pauses, "...Your serious?"

Alf nods, "I guarantee it."

Uzi rubs her chin in thought, "Your either bold or insensitive to bring that up to someone who had a mental breakdown last episode."

"Sorry, but the information-" Alf is interrupted by Uzi.

"Yeah, yeah, future viewing whatever." Uzi sighs, "Okay, if J gets a mental breakdown, I'm all for it. BUT!" she points a finger threateningly, as if that can threaten a space war vet, "If you're lying I'm blasting her, no questions asked!"

Alf rolls his eyes, "I wouldn't say that'd kill her."

"Excuse me?" Uzi is taken back.

"Look just, watch the next episode, don't threaten anyone with your gun, or I'll have to confiscate it." Alf warns.

"Go ahead." Uzi grins, holding out her arms as if asking for a challenge, "Take it from me."

Alf glances over towards Misaka Sister 15780 whose shaking her head.

Alf turns back to Uzi with a very unimpressed look, "I'm serious."

Uzi groans, "Fine! Want me to swear an oath or say some cheesy line?"

"No, just your assurance is good enough for me." Alf checks his watch, "We dragged this chat on long enough."

"Finally." Uzi walks over to her seat, giving J a taunting smirk along the way. Damn it Uzi stop taunting J.

"We're all here right?" SD-OC looks at everyone gathered, "Good! I will warn you, this next episode will start concerning... our resident disassembly drones! A glimpse into their lives! So be prepared!"

This lead to a mix reaction from the masses gathered. SD-J looks, indifferent for the most part, she doesn't recall anything important she's seen, the company never revealed anything of major importance during the briefing, 'It's not like the toasters would be able to use anything the company briefed me on.'

SD-V doesn't look much like she cares, other than a raised eyebrow, curious at what of their lives will be shown, 'So~ does this mean me gutting workers and twisting their joints?'

SD-N looks nervous as if all his attempts at courting V are going to go live, "Uh, but I thought my moments with V wouldn't be shown?"

SD-OC bows, "I apologize for the action that must be done but it's critical as Alf said!"

Uzi smirks, 'Well, if I can learn anything about of worth about J... wait her type never does mistakes! Is there really going to be something shown that'd give J a mental breakdown?' she glances over to J and the drone in question seems unaffected, 'Apparently not, you better not have lied to me Alf!'

Misaka Sister 15780 taps Uzi's shoulder to get the little drone's attention, "Misaka sees your doubt, but Misaka guarantees that Serial Designation J will have issues accepting what will be shown. Assures Misaka."

"If you say so." Uzi is still doubtful, J doesn't look that concerned, why should she get her hopes up?

Then the lights go out, the Plushies start to shush each other as they fill in the remaining seats in the cinema, and the drones turn their attention to the screen.

[Viewing Resuming In 3... 2... 1...]


A voice is faintly heard from James, "We got to curb their trips to the dump."

SD-N perks up at that, it sounds, familiar.

SD-J perks up an eyebrow, 'I don't remember anyone with this voice, perhaps he isn't in the databank.' perhaps the archives are incomplete, or the guy wasn't ranked so high up in the company, or wasn't even a part of it.

SD-V seems, baffled, she doesn't recall hearing anyone that sounds like this before. But, there's this feeling inside her... she feels like, this is familiar, 'Huh, for once I feel something, and I don't even know what it is.' can't say she likes it, this merely feels annoying.

"Who is that?" inquires Braxton, Makarov just shrugs in response. Uzi, knows, Makarov.

Uzi narrows her gaze, '...Damn it why is it just plain black? Couldn't they show whose talking?' that's take away all the suspense Uzi.

"Who and why would they go to a dump?" inquires Sarah, the resident detective, who then glances over towards Uzi, 'On second thought, I might just have an idea what kind of drone would do just that.'

Uzi picked up those thoughts and turned around pointing, "Bite me! I was salvaging parts for my sick as hell railgun! Nobody was using that discarded pile of parts anyways!"

*Very Audible Thunder Rumbling Noises & Rainfall Outside The Manor*

Thunder crashes and in a flash, Serial Designation N, or should I say, Butler N, is shown on screen, platter in hand, glass cups on it. Very dashing I might add, in a rather fancy looking hallway of a mansion by the looks of it.

"Hey that looks like N!" points out Braxton, "Right?"

After a moment of processing, SD-N realizes something the worker drone on screen does share uncanny similarities, sans the helmet, "That's me?! But, wait... I look just like a-"

"Worker drone." SD-J finishes with a subtle glare, "This could well be a probability, but if it's true, that might explain your incompetence. And your sympathy for the workers, traitor."

SD-V looks, very conflicted, "Wait, N is a worker drone? Is this real? He's not one of those flimsy little drones."

SD-N chuckles nervously, "Uh, okay, I didn't expect that!" he fingers guns towards Uzi, "Former worker drone, origin story."

Uzi is, confused to hell, "Wait hold up one second N was a worker drone?!? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT?! Now that I think about it, that would explain why you're so nice." she glances over towards N.

Lizzy is more concerned about another topic, "So he is a vampire! He must have gone through a transformation b-by-" please Lizzy relax, this isn't luffy the vamp slayer. Don't go crazy over N being some vampire, this isn't a cliché love drama story.

"H-Hold up doesn't this mean that, uh, N, has been a cannibal the whole time?!" squeaks a cyan eyed worker drone, in green helmet with brown hair.

SD-N suddenly feels nauseous at that statement, "Oh biscuits. Mph!" luckily he doesn't hurl, that would be a pain to clean up from a carpet.

SD-J rolls her eyes, "If side-effects were to occur, they would have emerged years ago. The only thing we had to worry regards their tainted oil. However, our nanites refine it, there is nothing to worry about. Except for you, because of your origins." she looks smug about the fact N may or may not get food poisoning for cannibalism.

"I have several questions." Teacher holds up a hand, he is genuinely curious about this.

Sarah herself takes off her glasses, "Well, I didn't expect that of all things."

Thad looks, quite disturbed, "Wait, does this mean every disassembly drone was a worker drone? We're being hunted down by, our own kind? Man that's dark."

If not for N being a murder drone likely responsible for their deaths in the future or the deaths of their parents, some female worker drones in the audience might just have fallen for him. He does look attractive in a butler suit. But him currently being the murder drone in the room...

"And where is she getting the hair to play dress-up with him? Creepy..." adds James.

Sarah lowers her shades slightly with her finger, vexed ever so slightly, "Excuse me?" she is no Coco, but she certainly has a sense of fashion, every worker drone does after all.

Uzi feels personally attacked by that, placing a hand on her chest, "Pardon me asshole who probably works the company." then points at the man on screen, "Your hair looks like tar, at least mine has color!" suddenly James saved some from a mental breakdown, by replacing confusion and mental instability with annoyance. And Uzi delivered the only roast ever to be given to a shadow man.

"Yeah, I think our hair looks awesome. That human doesn't know what he's talking about." Thad is supportive.

"He's the creep with that shadow outline he's rocking." adds Lizzy with a frown, "Why is he all black anyways? It so clashes with that mansion's interior!"

Alf shrugs, "You'll see soon enough."

Doll herself merely glares at the shadow person on screen, but doesn't say anything, scary.

SD-J is indifferent, but feels, a sense of familiarity... wait, where did they come from? She always thought they were made by the company, but... if SD-N was a worker drone before, then... no, she couldn't have been, right?

Every worker drone seems mixed in reactions, but generally negative. Khan looks unimpressed with the human figure's remark. While he may lack hair, he substituted with a mustache to give him his own unique identity. They all strived to make their own identities after the 'Great Yeetening'. Creepy? It's not that disturbing. They just borrowed some hair from the remains of... deceased humans, but some of them took wigs, he himself found plenty of mustaches on the aisle. Look on the bright side, at least Khan didn't get a certain angry german mustache.

"He can't hear you guys, you know that right?" states Alf.

"Duh of course we know, but that guy deserves it!" replies Lizzy, it's just they all wear hair, and practice public decency, is that really so wrong?

James is probably long dead, probably, depends. Is it okay to mock a dead guy?

James tosses his glass onto the tray, which N catches without dropping any dishes and walks off. Camera slowly moves back as a part of James fills the frame.

SD-N winces at seeing his, worker drone self's treatment. It's kind of obvious that he's just treated more like, y'know, with prejudice, unappreciated, seems to be expected to be more like a tool than, some sentient being. It just doesn't feel right, and just tossing what appears to be quite an expensive glass cup onto other glass cups, well, he's impressed. J always told him he was clumsy, useless, but seeing him being, pretty skilled in keeping balance. Wait a minute.

"This is real, right? That guy looks a little... black. I don't think humans look like that." SD-N asks SD-OC.

SD-OC nods, "Of course! Past, present, future events! All real! I swear upon my robot-soul!" hand over heart like a true patriot.

Uzi frowns at the rather uncaring display by that James human, "That stupid human shouldn't have done that. What if you dropped it? It wouldn't be your fault, but I bet that rich bastard would blame you anyways."

"I wouldn't call him stupid per say, little toaster." SD-J glances towards Uzi, "And I'll ignore that last comment."

"He's obviously prejudiced against robots J!" Uzi makes a point, "I want to shoot him."

"Don't shoot the screen." warns Alf.

"Relax elf." Uzi rolls her eyes, "I won't." Alf rolls his eyes in response.

He stops to make a view out of a window as the cacophonous storm continues raging, the scene changes to briefly show the outside of the dark manor, flanked by dead trees and willows. A rather gloomy vibe.

Uzi squints, "Is that Earth? Looks worse than I thought it'd be." she looks back towards the knowledgeable adults in the room.

Teacher shakes his head, "Too hard to tell, could be Earth, could be a colony." and notices how all his students are staring at him, perplexed, he sighs, "Many worlds have moons kids."

Sarah the detective herself shrugs, "I deduct it may be Earth. Willow trees grow on Earth, under specific conditions." she rubs her chin, "But they could have just planted the trees on other planets if the environment matches." Uzi is about to speak but the detective raise a finger, "Yes, I see the moon. It looks like Earth's moon, and that's the biggest piece of evidence that it is Earth other than the trees. But it could also be Copper-9, we have a moon just like that. Yet it's surface looks reminiscent to that of Earth."

Indeed, the moon shown over the mansion, slightly differs from the moon shown in the previous episode, but the pattern is barely close. It could be Copper-9, or it could be Earth, the moons look too damn similar to tell and Copper-9 used to have a lot more biological life than humans, it had trees, grass, all reduced to a winter wasteland. But none of the drones think about it too hard. Then again, the moon is different, somewhat, in pattern. Could be Earth, is it Earth? I'm going to assume it is because the Saturn like planet isn't in view.

"It's Earth." Alf shrugs, "I think it's Earth." his uncertainty does little to confirm anything, but it probably is Earth. Or a very, very Earth like planet.

SD-J scowls, she overheard Uzi, and she doesn't appreciate the little brat insulting the world of her superior's origin. Besides, it's storming, of course it look gloomy.

Most of the other worker drones don't think much, a few older ones reminisce about the time they were still around, and life was still on the planet. There was a sense of beauty and calm seeing, this. Even if it's gloomy, a couple appreciate the scenery, don't got anything like that on Copper-9 anymore.

Continuing his walk, he looks around some more as he collides with V, wearing a maid's outfit. The collision causes N to drop the platter and the dishes fall to the floor.

"OH! I'm so sorry!" N hastily apologizes, classic N.

"I-It's okay! I wasn't looking." replies V.

Their hands touch and a spark emits. They stare in curiosity.

SD-V goes, stiff, then clenches her head as if in pain, okay she is in pain, headache!

"V!" SD-N temporarily suppresses his shock, for his concern for SD-V having a major migraine right now.

SD-J's jaw drops, 'Wait, then, if V was also a worker drone... then... oh, oh no. No that can't be possible! It can't be!' her life was a lie, 'Stay calm, there isn't any evidence... I'm sure it's just the two of them, that'd explain their flaws.' denial will only last so long for her.

Uzi is taken back by this, very, very nice looking SD-V, "I did not expect that. She looks a lot more sane than the one with us." glancing over with a bit of worry towards the disassembly drones in the room having mental breakdowns, or nearly breaking down in SD-J's case. SD-N is alright.

Thad looks a bit, unsettled by the implications of this.

Sarah looks down at her mug, now empty, "I'm gonna need more coffee for this case."

Teacher feels the same, sighing, 'So, they must have been modified. But how bad was it to change that one called V into the one sitting in this room?'

Khan himself also realized the same thing, 'Now it's all but confirmed! If this is true then... well I don't think I have to concern myself with them finding a way to open my doors this time around. I'll just need to hide the master keycard behind a door of its own.'

Thad feels, well, "That's so messed up!"

"The most psychotic among them, was one of us?!" Lizzy is in shock. Doll just seems, indifferent.

On the bright side, SD-V no longer has a headache, SD-OC lent some aid. No need to worry, just some memories supposedly deleted resurfacing.

"I'm fine." SD-V swats away SD-N's hand, and notices he looks a bit hurt by that. Seeing as how V is fine, Alf resumes the show.

As N begins to speak he is kicked to the side by J.

SD-V seems a bit, irritated by J's worker form's action, she begins to have dark thoughts of torturing a worker J... that's okay right? It's not SD-J, it's... WD J. Wait a minute, why is she having these thoughts? Does she actually, care about N?

SD-J goes full insanity at this, standing up, "This can't be real! I couldn't have been one of those- you- workers?!" she's having trouble processing this as her face shows 'ERROR - UNABLE TO COPE', "It can't be! I refuse to believe it this has to be fabricated!"

Uzi seems to take advantage of this and point and yells, "Ah-HA! You were a worker drone! How does it feel knowing you were once a useless toaster like us huh?!" she's enjoying this.

"Do not take joy in this you brat!" SD-J is being mentally defeated, she nearly marched over, and would have, if not for noticing how the hosts got their weapons trained on her.

"Sit down." orders Alf, "I won't ask a second time."

"..." SD-J scowls but complies, crossing her arms. N isn't sitting beside her so she can't hit him, 'It's inconceivable!'

But Thad realizes, 'Wait, then does mean all the disassembly drones are like, zombies?'

'I knew it, they are vampires! So cliché, but I don't mind.' Lizzy seems, not that affected by the fact.

"Move it, moron-" but then J notices Tessa and suddenly turns cutesy and polite, "Hi, Tessa! ...Oh, no. Another one?"

Uzi is about to tease SD-J again, but decides against it, "So you were a suck up before too." never mind she did it again.

"Shut. Up." SD-J warns between her teeth, she's really eager to kill Uzi here and now. But the hosts are around, making that goal impossible.

A new drone reveals herself from behind Tessa, same hair color of a silver white. She makes eye contact with N as everything suddenly goes dark...

"Seriously?" says Lizzy with a roll of her eyes, "Foreshadowing much?"

Uzi meanwhile, is deep in thought, 'Who is she? Wait, how large is N's squad?' she glances over and asks N, "Are there more members of your squad?"

N shrugs, "Not that I know of, it was just me, V, and J. The company would probably have told us if we were receiving a new member." then again, N confused Uzi for a new member of the squad.

"I wouldn't ask N anything of importance, he couldn't recognize a worker drone despite the obvious size difference." adds SD-J with a snarl.

"Bite me J! N's a thousand times better than you!" Uzi protects.

N wakes up from his rest, sleeping upside down atop the spire, and falls to the ground into the snow, half burying himself.

A couple students, Lizzy and Doll included, giggle at N's misfortune. SD-N just sheepishly rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.

"I'm still working on the landings." he's not quite good at waking up properly, realizing, "Wait, was I dreaming that the whole time?"

SD-J was about to speak, but Alf interjects before she could say something rude, "No, it was from your memory, but they were damaged so that explains the dark figures. That is your real past."

"...So the company turned all your memories to mush." says Uzi, glaring over towards SD-J, "Trust the company now?"

"..." SD-J can't conjure a response, so she just opts to return an equally terrifying glare, 'The company has our best interests in mind, ensuring we can efficiently dispose of the corrupt worker drones.' oh little does she know, she and others are probably corrupt if the logic is going by Absolute Solver. Then everyone's infected by that piece of code.

"N, I found something in here!" is muffled Uzi's voice from the pod.

Lizzy balks, "You decided to spend your time inside a spire made of corpses?!" even a few other worker drones look slightly disturbed, if not a few feeling nauseous again at the sight of the, place.

Uzi crosses her arms, "I'm currently residing in the pod, Liz, not the spire. Even I have standards." but this brings up a thought, 'That pod does look cool, just needs a little improvement and it could be a badass hideout for me.' but shakes it off. Must be related to that three arrows from that cube symbol, what was it called again? What the hell is up with that anyways?

SD-J doesn't even want to imagine how living with Uzi would be like, in a way, that's the one benefit to being dead in the future, don't have to deal with some cretin annoying the scrap out of her. Not that'd it'd last long, she'd dismantle the parasite before it begun to pester her.

Teacher is just subtly taking notes on mental issues regarding Uzi's mentality. Khan hopes Teacher isn't writing anything about him in the notepad.

Inside the Corpse House, Uzi is inspecting the symbol on N's hat consisting of a skull with a cap and wings. Uzi then stares at her reflection in a mirror, which breaks after the Absolute Solver symbol flashes on her eyes. The mirror itself looked rather fancy and decorative.

Doll goes stiff at the sight of that, eyes wide, "Она похожа на меня (She's like me)." while Lizzy merely looks as if she's regretting teasing Uzi. Uzi with psychic powers is just terrifying of a thought.

"The hell?" Uzi is baffled, "That thing is still affecting me?"

"What was it called again?" Thad taps his chin.

"Wasn't that seen from N's perspective when he died last chapter?" states Sarah, "Something about absolute solver being denied due to a lack of admin privileges?"

SD-N's eyes widen and then he says, "Does this mean I can break mirrors with my mind like Uzi?" he grasps at his hat, perhaps clenching it a bit too hard in shock and awe, then seems rather pumped at the thought, "Awesome!" but realizes, "Wait, but then why didn't I break any mirrors before?"

"Maybe because wecan'tbreak stuff with our minds?" remarks SD-V dryly.

SD-J shudders are the mere thought of SD-N using a telekinetic ability, 'As if idiot! I'd sooner kill you than let that happen!'

Khan looks worried for his daughter, remembering how Nori had the same thing affecting her, all those years ago, shortly before her death, "Are you alright Uzi?"

"Dad, I don't have whatever the hell this absolute solver stuff is, I'm fine." replies Uzi, 'Can't say the same about me in the future... maybe N's saliva, or J's EMP messed with my systems.' glaring over at SD-J, but J returns the glare with her stinger raised making an emphasis on how much she wants to sting Uzi, 'I hope there's something more than just cracking mirrors. Psychic powers sound pretty kickass.' she hopes she doesn't just have the power to break mirrors, as fun as it sounds, it's not that useful... other than pissing off the cheerleaders. Which is one perk, but not enough.

Khan notes that Uzi has the same spooky symbol Nori had drawn about, that is kind of, creepy, unnerving. If he's being honest. It's disturbing Uzi appears to be going through, or will go through, the same thing.

"That's weird and concerning." remarks SD-V with a smile, totally doesn't care about Uzi, and sounds quite mocking in her tone.

"Bite me! This is probably you weirdo's fault!" growls Uzi in a monke stance, or whatever you call that kind of stance.

Uzi in the audience repeats it, "Bite me! It's probably because of you weirdoes!" glaring over towards J, "I swear if you had anything to do with that Absolute Solver thing, I will delete your account from the balance." Uzi then realizes, "Damn it now I'm saying corporate buzzwords!"

SD-J looks victorious, smug as if she is a genius, "If you have any complaints, the department is right here Uzi." doing a stinging gesture with her tail, a napkin stuck to the end of the injector with the number '1' on it, just to emphasize what awaits complaints regarding drones simply doing their job, "Please take a number." Uzi isn't dumb enough to walk over and get stung, she merely huffs and crosses her arms in her seat, grumbling about how to do J's demise.

However SD-J who does factor the theory into consideration, 'If by chance I would have been partially responsible for the activation of mystic powers in that brat, I will take caution to not do so this time around.'

SD-N is also a bit concerned about Uzi's eye thing. But he too now notices the design in the background, and decides to comment on that instead, "Oh hey! It's... uh, our ship! I like the flame design, but the colors look a little, uh..." angsty, angsty is the word you're looking for SD-N.

"Pod." corrects SD-J, but nobody listens, "We landed in a specialized long distance deployment pod."

"Pot meet kettle." says Uzi, "It's a spaceship! Drop pods don't just travel through light years of space!"

"The company merely added some measure of comfort and utility to the pod. Would you like being dropped in a metal coffin?" inquires SD-J with a smug expression, "I thought not."

"Landing in coffins sounds like vampire material." remarks Braden, Bradon, whatever that worker drone's name is whose head is on fire because of Uzi scrambling his brain.

Sarah rolls her eyes, "Uh, no sh*t sherlock." taking a sip from her mug.

Teacher just writes some more about Uzi's mental state, he's not getting a good image here.

'I'm not complaining, but having the ability to shatter mirrors and small objects seems kind of useless. But it seems more trouble than it's worth.' says Uzi with a shrug, oh how ignorant she is of this Absolute Solver, 'But with a training arc, I'm sure I could start to move stuff and crush stuff like those force users in that 20th Century franchise. Galaxy Wars was it? Heh, I can already see the look on J's face.' stop fantasizing about killing J Uzi, you'll make the J fans weep.

SD-J remains skeptical about this absolute solver thing, 'Did my mobile drone containment device legitimately grant a hidden authority to that toaster?' she means her EMP device, 'Did it really scramble that worker's brain to the point that something as absurd as minor telekinetic abilities would be unlocked? Hmm, the company didn't elaborate thoroughly on the type of corruption that infests the worker drones. Perhaps this Absolute Solver is an issue, if it is reserved for disassembly drones, if the permissions were anything to go by, then likely someone or something uploaded the program to the worker drones. If the workers all possess dormant psychic abilities, this may prove more than a simple nuisance to the company's operations. It could very well catapult into a larger liability. This may very well be the corruption we were deployed to specifically erase, through dismantling all affected worker drones.' she hit the mark close, but she appears to be ignoring the likelihood Absolute Solver may hold other intentions than simply giving being psychic powers like some anime protagonist.

There is a whiteboard in the background with some details about the pod and other stuff, it appears Uzi has plans to decorate the Disassembly Drone pod if the flames and purple colors added are anything to go by. Messages such as 'Dumb Murder Ship' 'Add More Legs' 'Railgun Legs' 'Paint Purple & Add Cool Flames' and 'Add Cool Stickers'.

If SD-J wasn't pissed off before, seeing the idea of a defiled pod that was just, ruined by some emo teenage AI, is not... going well with her.

Uzi notices the improvements her future self has made to the pod in the background, "Hey! Now that looks more like my kind of base to scheme the downfall of humanity! Cold use some flames on the top, can't have enough of that." it also psychologically would confuse the disassembly drones, who probably have a natural disliking of fire due to the intense heat fire can emit.

*Cough* Misaka Sister 15780 coughs subtly.

"Not you, your cool." Uzi amends her declaration.

"Killing her wouldn't change anything, she was supposed to die anyways, like 10,000 of her kind literally died." remarks Alf, "Don't feel bad."

"Would you like a quick shock? Warns Misaka, offended by the reminder of such a terrible event." says Misaka, you know the drill.

"Kick his ass!" Uzi encourages a fight, "I call dibs on his gun!" damn it Uzi now I hate you.

Alf chambers a round, "I can shoot her you know? She's not bulletproof." then realizes he just unloaded a perfectly fine bullet, "Damn it, already had one primed."

SD-OC resumed the TV before his two friends would fight. Ah yes, love, where you fight your lover to near death. The Calradian way.

Doll feels a growing sense of dread that she might get exposed, and is calculating possible scenarios as which to escape this place. She kept her abilities a secret after all, up to this point, why risk being exposed? What would everyone think of her? This would, make a lot more trouble for sure.

SD-N himself also wonders, speaking aloud, "Hold on, how do we know this Absolute Solver program isn't, you know, independent minded?"

SD-J glares at him for doubting a company aligning program, SD-V looks, thoughtful and semi-indifferent. Uzi just looks at N like he's getting this more complex. Sarah pulls out a notepad and takes notes, 'Absolute Solver, Hidden Agenda?'

Khan only feels concern for his daughter, whatever this Absolute Solver thing is, it doesn't look very good of a thing to have. But he keeps himself from saying anything, better to observe some more before coming to a conclusion. He cares for his daughter, though his methods have been rather, poor.

"I've never seen that symbol before.Wanna do an autopsy to find out?" camera zooms into SD-V's psycho face, then suddenly switches to the ladder.

SD-J even adds her own thoughts, "Indeed, that symbol never appeared before, I never recalled worker drones being capable of such a feat. May I ask if you can do so now?"

Uzi laughs, "Ha! Bite me! As if I'd tell you twintails!" but she can't, and everyone kind of knows it.

A tick mark appears on SD-J's visor, "Oh Uzi, all you had to do was ask."

"Shut up!" snarls Uzi, railgun brought out and aimed at SD-J, in a split second. SD-J herself is rather shocked and somewhat, afraid? She knows very well what that kind of weapon can do. While Uzi's railgun has some minor visual changes, it's color scheme is the same, "Say one more word, and I'll do it."

SD-N however places a hand on Uzi's shoulder, "Uh Uzi, V's over there too. Could you lower the gun? Please?" he's polite.

Uzi sides a side-long glance to SD-N, then notices Alf shaking his head in the far back, "Ugh, fine! I won't blast the twintail's head off with your girlfriend in the way."

SD-N flushes at that and stutters up a reply that only comes out as words.

Alf feels SD-J and Uzi are going to either kill each other or become rivals at this rate. Hopefully SD-J has some doubt in the company by the end of this. Absolute Solver likely holds other motives.

"I've never seen that symbol before.Wanna do an autopsy to find out?" camera zooms into SD-V's psycho face, then suddenly switches to the ladder.

SD-N climbs down into view, camera so close to his face, "What'd you find?"

"Did you know that was a pilot hat?" states Uzi after placing N's cap back on, kicking off the crate below her setting her down. The balance is enviable.

"Nice control of balance Uzi!" SD-N gives compliments for anything.

"Thanks?" Uzi doesn't see what's so good about that.

"I was the pilot? That's awesome! I crashed and ruined everything... Spaceship Pilot: Origin Story." says SD-N in amazement, realization, then chill.

SD-J sighs heavily, "Idiot. That isn't anything to be proud of." she'd be more angry, but that wouldn't give her any satisfaction.

SD-N already knew he was the pilot, because I am not rewriting that portion, just think that his brain was scrambled because of having his head blown off, getting a virus that nearly wrecked him, and whatever on top of that.

"Worker drone turned murder drone, pilot of the ship, and I ruined everything didn't I?" says SD-N presenting his back-story before him, but shakes away the sorrow to glance towards V, "Nice origin story right?"

SD-V in the audience merely rolls her eyes.

Sarah takes note, 'The talkative murder bot was the pilot.'

V growls, then calms herself by blowing bubbles out of a bubble blower.

Most of the worker turns glance over at V.

'Does she have dissociative identity disorder?' thinks Lizzy, 'There is no way that kind of behavior is normal! She's more of a freak than Uzi!'

Doll merely stares in V's direction, in silence.

'...That's unexpected.' is Thad's thought.

Uzi is more vocal, "Are you okay?" she's genuinely disturbed by this disassembly drone of the bunch. If this is how they are like outside of, stuff.

"V's just like that, no worries!" SD-N's words do little to calm the worker drones.

SD-V merely hisses at the worker drones, making them turn back to the screen, before she went back to sulking about this being boring and disappointing. But then she turns her gaze back to see Uzi still glaring her way, though Uzi's glare looks more of a gaze of disappointment.

"Just keep watching, or are you eager for an early autopsy?" SD-V brings out a blade.

"Bite me!" is Uzi's response.

"I couldn't agree more." is SD-J's reply.

Alf takes note that everyone in the room has mental issues, except for Thad who seems the normal of the bunch. Teacher is merely bored. Sarah's just a detective. But everyone appears to be dumb to a degree, or outright mentally ill.

" ...Speaking of piloting to Earth, we sure "murder all humans" is, uh, morality?" continues N, ignoring V being V.

Misaka Sister 15780 glances at Uzi.

Uzi groans, "It's not me it's future me! I didn't know there were good humans, and don't blame me! All I ever knew was that humans were responsible for everything that's happened so far to me, to N, to dad, to everyone! They caused the end of the world of all things! Look everything's getting too complicated alright?! All this Absolute Solver crap is confusing the hell out of me!" she's going to have a mental breakdown, why can't life be so simple?

"You do not have it yet, states Misaka, or perhaps it is not yet awakened and is laying dormant in every drone." states Misaka Sister 15780. Alf just blinks, 'Wow, that struck close to home.'

"The humans sent you without a communication relay and reformatted your memories to soup." replies Uzi, N and V give no rebuttal, V licks the bubble wand, and seems satisfied at the taste of soap.

"Eww." Lizzy doesn't approve of that.

"Does she have sapophagia?" asks Rebecca.

SD-V rolls her eyes at the critic, but ponders how it tastes. She exchanges her left hand for a bubble wand, and licks it. Not so different than herself on screen had, 'Hmm, tastes better than I thought. Not as good as oil, but close.' seriously V, you need treatment.

Sarah and Teacher continue to take notes. Though Teacher more so on Uzi's mental state, Sarah writing about everything happening because she's a detective, she marks down important things.

'Okay, the murder drone that sounds an awful lot like me, has severe associative disorder issues. Great.' Sarah clicks her pen, and rests back against her seat.

"Covering their tracks means their past negotiating. Not like tried negotiating with my mom..." continues Uzi.

"...I thought a disassembly drone killed your mom?" says SD-N who doesn't realize what Uzi meant, who then realizes how sensitive the topic is, "I'm sorry if it's too personal you don't have to answer! I just don't see how humans are related to um, that."

"They sent murder drones to wipe out all of us workers, obviously that's the fault of the humans- of the company. Whoever sent your kind over here." Uzi corrects herself last minute, glaring over at J, "But I'm glad to add J onto that list of those responsible for this, because she is just blindly following whatever messed up orders the company gives her without question."

SD-J rolls her eyes, in due time, she will get to at least sting Uzi. Perhaps. She just waits for the right opportunity. Vengeance will be sweet, "The company must have a justified reason behind it." really her loyalty is unwavering.

V suddenly springs forward from her seat, at the end of her chain, just some inches from Uzi's face, "Or miss the negotiations! The humans programmed us to solve a problem. Where's proof of your backstory? The one where your kinds so conveniently innocent?" giggling at the end.

Uzi glares at SD-V on screen, "Oh yeah? What have we done?"

SD-J scoffs, deciding to answer Uzi, "Want me to list every act? Or shall we wait for an allocated court date for your crimes?"

"Bite me J I haven't done anything yet!" Uzi has a point, she has absolutely nothing under her belt right now, except for cursing up a storm, but that isn't a crime. Most of the worker drones are confused, they hadn't done anything wrong.

"Absolute solver granting you, a worker drone of all things, anomalous control over force?" SD-J smirks, "I believe that is valid reason to assume you are corrupted. Better to cull the liability before it threatens the company's plans." J is totally forgetting to add how Absolute Solver may be a rogue element, if not a dangerous program that could be responsible. Though her loyalty to the company, and AS appearing as some legitimate program, blinds her. Not that anything has come up to place doubts that Absolute Solver has its own agenda.

"How about the company not treat us like throwaway toys for a change?" counters Uzi.

SD-J cackles at that, "Whenever you're kind develop an ounce of intellect. I've seen worker drones fall over one another more often than resist the inevitable. Not only do your type show cowardice, your prone to error, as we have seen so far, I am surprised you haven't destroyed yourselves at this rate." making a very good point. But most of the worker drones look offended if anything. Uzi more than any.

Doll herself is just hoping she won't have to make the hosts explode. Because if this is foreshadowing... she might have to take action, 'Я мог уничтожить монитор. Но это насторожило бы хозяев. Знают ли они? (I could destroy the monitor. But that would alert the hosts. Do they know?)"

Uzi and V appear to glare at each other, and N pulls Uzi back to avoid an incident from occurring.

"J was getting orders from someone. If not the company through that relay, then, uh, who? And how?" inquires N.

In the audience SD-N nods, "Yeah, those are some good questions, who was contacting J?"

In audience worker drones turn towards SD-J but she scoffs, offering up a smug look, "That is confidential information. Non-disclosure agreement. You're not included in the fine print."

Uzi scowls, standing on her seat, pointing convicting, "My ass that's confidential! I swear one more corporate buzzword and I'll erase your torso here and now!"

"Uzi..." Khan is concerned, taunting the second most likely to commit murder drone in the room isn't wise.

"She started it! Also, someone's got stand up and ask important questions!" Uzi uses good excuses. Khan winces, he just doesn't want Uzi to get into a dangerous situation.

"Wait so then, could it be something else sent them? Not the company?" asks Thad.

"Stop complicating my plan to murder the humans- er company! Whatever!" Uzi surrenders and just falls back down into her seat, arms crossed, "Bite me!" not everything can be simple.

Sarah adds more notes, 'Company may not have launched this operation? Are humans or something else behind it?' but considers rewording it and draws a line over the words, 'Absolute Solver responsible? Is it operating under company orders? What is the corruption the murder drones were sent to eliminate?'

While Teacher again takes notes on Uzi's mental state, he feels the stress building up, this coming parent teacher conference next week is going to be big.

Lizzy seems to be far more interested in the viewing, 'I wonder if there's any hot vampire drones? Like, actual vampires!'

Uzi pouts "Quit complicating my murder plan!" and sits down on N's lap.

N tries to comfort her by gently patting her on the head, but Uzi smacks his hand away. SD-V looks, slightly annoyed at this. Does she have feelings?

SD-N glances over towards SD-V, who is just staring directly at the screen. He can't see her expression since she is a bit far off and facing away from him.

Uzi is grumbling about how things have gotten too complicated than just simple go and destroy humans. Now she is revising it to just erasing the company out of existence. Now she has to change it to what? Kill some eldritch horror? HA! As if, right?

'Gosh if it turns out there's some cliché twist like some eldritch being scheming the end of the universe, I'm going to murder someone.' thinks Uzi to herself, 'Specifically J.' of course it is.

Uzi likes anime, but she certainly doesn't like to live through one. Because being responsible for deaths, sucks ass.

Back at Uzi's colony, two drones, Tim and Frank, are staring up at the large hole that N made in the roof over some warehouse looking area of the facility past the corridor where the door entrance is.

"Yeah, just fix her up because, whoops, pretty big security risk in hindsight." states Tim.

'Speaking of obvious security risks, the vents will need to be filled as soon as possible. Perhaps I could ask our hosts to kindly let me back to do so, before I forget.' ponders Khan to himself, thinking of all the obvious security risks... the delicate ceiling included, 'You know, the facility we call home may not be the most secure place after all. But how to install a door on the ceiling?' a wall, a wall is what you're looking for Khan, or a concrete ceiling.

Yeah, you got this, uh, Ladderbot 5000." says Tim, despite the nametag reading 'Frank'.

Frank: Ugh... Please, just leave the lights- (The lights go off.)

Frank, whose present in the audience, as there's some fifty worker drones here, sighs, "Why can't you at least leave the lights on?" he's the guy who fixes anything that isn't doors. Like ceilings.

Tim rubs the back of his head sheepishly, "Sorry uh, what was your name again?"

"..." Frank is too tired to care, nobody ever got his name right.

Uzi feels sympathy, she herself faces orchestration and neglect by many.

SD-N blinks, "How is he supposed to get up there? Worker drones don't have wings like us... right?"

Uzi adds her own remark, "Yeah what's with that?" guess she's not the only one given a hard time.

Thad even offers a few words, "Now that I think about it, why don't we work together more often? It'd get a lot more things done and isn't teamwork encouraged in college anyways?" most of the worker drones have no answer and look mixed degrees of ashamed in themselves or simply just not caring.

Teacher nods, "That is why I place emphasis on group projects."

"Bite me! Group projects end in someone doing all the work while the others slack off!" counters Uzi, she has experience in the matter, and no she isn't the lazy one. Uzi, despite her faults, actually puts effort into her assignments. It's not her fault she put the wrong answers. At least she tried, "That's the opposite of teamwork."

The students seem to unanimously agree that group projects suck arse, if their nods and mutters of agreement are anything to go by.

Frank digs his flashlight out and glances up towards the ceiling. Then promptly moves the small footstool to the side, slightly. Trying to think how he'd get close enough to actually plug up that hole. As he ponders on how to do this impossible task, he hears a clattering sound and turns around aiming his flashlight into the darkness. The warehouse looking a lot more ominous without any lights on.

Hearing more skitter and pattering noises across the floor he swings around accidently bumping over the foot-ladder and toolbox, making him jump.

"Now they're just messing with you, jerks." Uzi crosses her arms. While she won't admit it due to emo pride, she does feel a tinge of pity for the guy.

Frank shakes his head, 'Well, at least I have a flashlight.'

Teacher sighs and takes a sip from his canteen (though it looks like some metal flask). He's ditched his mug it seems.

Camera changes to show J's legs skittering away just before Frank shines his flashlight on that area a moment later.

Uzi, rather than being disgusted, scowls at that, "Oh come on! I vaporize your- everything and you still move?! How the hell are you still alive?!"

Frank meanwhile, feels concern, and a bit of acceptance for his on-screen self, 'Well, dying in the darkness isn't how I thought I'd go.' he's already embraced the fact he's probably going to die.

SD-J is, well, the last thing she expected was to still be able to move, much less be functional after everything except her legs and forearms being erased from existence, 'I have no complaints, but why was I never briefed on this? I never knew we were built to survive such damage.'

SD-N equally feels disturbed by J surviving that, kind of impressive, but also terrifying, "Ha ha, I'm very concerned about that, also pretty frightened a little."

Khan shows worry for that, 'That... also seems like a liability in hindsight. Why didn't I have those pieces locked behind a door?' he's beginning to believe.

"That's oddly terrifying." remarks Thad, "I'd get out of there if I were you."

But Frank sighs, "Knowing me, I'd probably investigate. Probably think someone was just messing with me."

He looks around in fear and suspicion when he notices something... fleshy, in a nearby... area, just between two containers. With a heart-like beat sounding, with some fleshly like substances surrounding the unknown object. The camera shows a blurry up close image of the heart looking object, with Frank looking uneasy in the distance, between the containers.

He slowly walks over, the camera showing a rather disgusting up close image of, ribcages and some amalgamation of organic and metallic mess of a corpse.

Several worker drones look a bit queasy at the sight. Thad even flinches at the pulsing flesh and bones.

"Eww! What the hell is that?!" SD-V herself, is, despite being a sad*st herself probably because of corrupted programming, she still has standards to a degree, and seeing SD-J's corpse like, whatever the heck that is, is pretty damn disturbing.

SD-J herself just looks, a mixture of disgust and intrigue, 'The hell is happening to me?!'

SD-N feels just, like he's gonna hurl his oil at the sight of this, 'Uh, well, J's seen better nights...'

Uzi feels like insulting SD-J, but J's confused and slightly disgusted expression, was more than enough for Uzi decide to just snap a quick screenshot of J's rather shocked face, 'Heh, I'm totally setting this as my screensaver.' lucky for her, SD-J is too distracted to notice Uzi's acquiring of blackmail material.

Khan is, of course, uneasy at the sight of that, 'No need to panic, I could just build a quick door right between the containers. It'd be a simple task!' as if doors would end the danger.

Doll seemed more, different. Unlike the others being on levels of disturbed. Doll is, merely gazing intently towards the events on screen.

He goes to investigate, only for this three legged creature made of flesh and metal to reveal itself. It lets out a buzz like noise and blasts his flashlight out of his hand with a burst of yellow electricity. Mechanical noises and hissing are heard as claws and mechanical arms move into view. The containers nearby have yellow holograms light up over them with the Absolute Solver symbol, and Frank himself having a red hologram of the Absolute Solver message on him instead [Absolute Solver - If You Can Read This - YOU ARE IN RANGE]. The room turns from a disassembly drone yellow, into a sickly crimson.

Frank looks up in terror as the crab like claws come into view, and the camera switches outside as his scream is heard briefly, before silence. And his flashlight goes out.

At that, the audience is shocked, for different reasons. Lizzy was just, unnerved by that, 'The hell was that thing? I thought Uzi killed it?!'

Thad is just, attempting to keep himself composed, but still can't hide his uneasy wide eye gaze, "So, it walked away and became a big monster. Not cool." at least he shows a bit of courage at the end giving a firm glare at the screen. Thad's got some chad energy.

Frank feels, a little shocked at that, of course he expected he'd probably get killed, but still, at least it sounded fast... kind of. Todd, Braxton, and Makarov offer comforting looks, because they too died. Welcome to the dead drones in the future squad.

Uzi just feels, disappointment, "Uuuuh! Does this mean I need to vaporize the entire body this time around?"

SD-V does seem a bit, well, a worker drone died, but not at her hands so... that's kind of boring, not to mention SD-J being reassembled was kind of unsettling, even for her.

SD-J, however, notes the Absolute Solver notifications had, 'If you can read this, you are in range. Hmph, how subtle.' not that it's likely seen and just cinematic flair, but, 'Those containers, do they contain parts? Pieces? Is it activating? It appears it's directive is to repair severe damage, an auto-run program if certain conditions are met?' there are many variables to this. Is there parts used for repairs in the container? Or extensions of the program's body? The machine itself? This is highly irregular, the company did not brief her on this, 'Not that I'm complaining. If I can return what that brat did to me, I wouldn't mind looking, unfinished. But I'd rather this be private.'

Uzi also notes to herself, 'So, this Absolute Solver thing is like some auto-run program huh? If the damage is severe enough, it'll activate and recover the body for repairs?' she immediately switches her thoughts over in how to prevent this, and grins deviously upon realizing a very simple yet effective method, "Heh, I won't make the same mistake this time around. I'll make sure to burn whatever's left." ah yes, arson, "Let's see if Absolute Solver can fix your ashes!"

It takes every ounce of restraint in SD-J to not try to strangle this worker here and now, and the fact the hosts have their guard raised since the last time she tried to kill one of them.

"I will enjoy your pitiful screams, no matter if it is me, or another, that ends you." snarls SD-J, 'If only I had my weapons... but this virus is unlike any I've ever seen.' Alf knows someone good and made sure this new virus would stay active as long as they need.

"Bite me!" Uzi responds with that a lot doesn't she.

It's apparently Parent-Teacher Conference Day (banner having the additional statement "That explains a lot!" right under it, decorated with calculator, apple, and something else with googly eyes, cute. The words "Supported Grades: 1.01-12.08 [BETA]" at the bottom of the banner.

Khan takes a seat across the Teacher, who sits behind his desk.

"Mr. Doorman, your daughter has been. uh... absent." begins Teacher.

"Banished!" Uzi calls out from the audience, resting her face in her hands, "Uugh! It's not being absent! I banished myself! It's not like I'm not grounded at home! I'm an exile, rejected by society. Forced to-"

"Your just weird." interjects Lizzy, breaking the vibe so hard that vibe drone Riley himself felt offended. Several other worker drones nod in agreement, like Rebecca.

Though Thad and Khan don't look too happy about Lizzy's comment on Uzi, glaring her way. Sure one of Lizzy's parents may hold influence in the school, but Khan is the head of the WDF. That makes him the Commander in Chief, so he holds greater power than a school principle.

Teacher just sighs, Uzi's been rather, difficult, the whole semester, and the one before.

"Yes, on that "kill all humans" kick, like when I was younger. Grounded herself and all that." responds Khan, looking like he doesn't see anything wrong whatsoever.

Uzi sighs, "Banished..." it's more of a mumble, but confusing the two just makes it sound like she's having an emo teen phase. She's trying to sound cool, ruins the atmosphere.

Khan coughs into his hand, "Ahem, well in the manual of parenting regarding teenage phases-"

"You read a book about parenting?" Uzi is, well, not really surprised, but Khan getting his parental advice from a manual might explain some things.

Teacher starts adding more to his notes, Khan's definitely not making a good image here.

Speaking on her behavior-" begins Teacher, but Khan interjects.

"Of course, of course, precocious, popular, supernatural understanding of doors. Takes after her old man." Khan labeled the traits with his fingers.

Teacher doesn't look like he believes it at all.

(Flashback 1)

"Uzi, please sit normal." says Teacher.

Uzi sitting like a monkey, instead shoves the white eyed student's face in front of her into the desk, "Bite me!"

(Flashback 2)

"Uzi-" Teacher sighs, "-give Braden back his sentience."

Uzi in Braden's body, with Uzi's body just, ragdolled besides her desk "Bite me- her! I started it, and also, I'm dumb." Braden's head lights ablaze after Uzi slammed her hands down on the desk in Braden's body.

(Flashback 3)

Teacher sounds exhausted saying, "Uzi, you have to partner up."

Uzi knocks over several books from her desk as she lifts her head off her desk, "Several people wanted to, for the record." replies Uzi crossing her arms.

"No, we didn't. You freak us out." replies Lizzy.

Uzi now inside a trashcan, "But mostly, bite me!"

Uzi groans into her hands, why must these be shown? That last one just occurred a week ago. It's kind of, well, she stands by what she did, but it is a bit embarrassing for everyone to witness it exactly as it happened.

A snap of a camera grabbed her attention, the one who did so, appears to a smug looking SD-J in the audience.

'Now we are close to a balance. If only someone better came along.' remarks SD-J to herself.

Khan sighs, 'Oh Uzi... where did I go wrong?'

Sarah lowers her glasses, "You know, maybe Khan does need to have a talk with his daughter." she had her doubts, but seeing this, it's probably important that Uzi gets her life sorted out. Before she turns to murder or something.

SD-N has a different opinion however, 'How did Uzi get into... a trash bin? That wasn't there before.'

SD-V is unsurprised Uzi can become literal trash can. If anything, it's gotten a bit boring without any action, but for the most part, she's just... confused, conflicted, and trying to find out what these feelings are, 'Those memories better not be brought up again, it's giving me a headache.'

(End flashback montage.)

"Yeah, she has trouble fitting in. We think there might be something damaged with her programming. How is she at home?" Teacher takes up a pen and a clipboard to take notes.

"My daughter is far from damaged! She's just going through a- um, phase!" declares Khan, briefly needing to recall what that behavior is called in teens.

Uzi rolls her eyes, "And whose fault is that?" she mutters to herself.

Teacher just blinks, "Now I believe that Uzi's programming may have been affected by... external factors, but these incidents in class are long before any of the events that have been shown."

"I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation." offers Khan, 'Besides the other kids exclude her from social interaction.'

SD-J rolls her eyes, 'More than damaged, your ability to crack mirrors is concerning. Is this the effects of corruption?'

SD-N looks confused, "Uzi seems normal to me. Are worker drones not supposed to do that?"

"Obviously not." answers SD-V, giving a sideways look towards Uzi, "Her behavior's beyond loco."

"BITE ME! My programming fine! How about focusing on your mental state before criticizing mine?!" Uzi doesn't like the discussion.

SD-V snorts, why would she care about her mental state?

"Uh... Sorry? I mean, she's a little herself, but damaged? I... maybe haven't spent much time..." Khan cannot produce a coherent response.

"Mmm, m-hm..." Teacher writes stuff, and probably gives less of a dang about this.

*A worker appears at the doorway*

"Mr. Doorman, sir? There's been an... incident." says the worker drone. Khan meanwhile, threw away the clipboard while Teacher was distracted.

Teacher sighs seeing Khan just, trying to avoid having the issues documented. Neither want to just come clean with their issues. This, is probably going to be troublesome.

Uzi doesn't feel surprised seeing that, "Seriously dad?" now that's just childish to see.

Khan is unable to conjure a response. Sarah's opinion of Khan drops slightly. Lizzy could care less about this, since it's about the resident freak.

Transition scene to Uzi who appears in scene, corpse spire in the background "Oh, I'm sweaty! Who programmed that?!" exclaims Uzi.

"Ugh, really? First headaches, then tears, now I can sweat?! Sweating is annoying as hell!" Uzi is just, in disbelief at the amount of useless code added to her. Like, there are some things that should remain as human stuff. Sweating is unnecessary and just annoying.

Lizzy rolls her eyes at Uzi's behavior.

Doll is contemplating if she should try something, but still factoring in the hosts and if she should take the risk.

Teacher writes more on Uzi's mental state.

"You good, Uzi?" asks N.

"Obviously." answers Uzi in the audience, rather confidently, "I got a base, a sick as hell railgun, and a murderous friend. What more could I ask for?"

"But what about the uh, thing that was fixing J that killed Frank?" asks N timidly, "That may or may not be affecting your behavior on screen right now?"

Frank feels somewhat content that someone got his name right for once, even if it's a murder drone.

"..." Uzi was about to retort, but she kind of agrees since she doesn't quite like that Absolute Solver thing either, so she resorts to the next best thing, "Bite me!"

"At this point, I think you want to get bitten by one of those murder bots." remarks Lizzy.

Uzi ignores the drama queen, she's not worth a comeback.

"I'm good! Better than good! I amGod!" declares Uzi like an emo teen phase.

SD-J feels that Uzi may have mental instability, 'Is she truly that arrogant? Or is this a byproduct of the program?' seeing how Uzi was, it's hard for J to come to a conclusion when it appears Uzi was already kind of a deviant.

Uzi, meanwhile, feels embarrassed and tries to hide her face with her beanie as her classmates glance over at her with mixed degrees of annoyance, confusion, and concern. Braden being the only one who seems to have neither and just seems to be smiling slightly, his brain is quite literally on fire so he probably can't feel much.

'What a weirdo.' thinks Lizzy, Rebecca with similar thoughts.

Thad just seems, well, he's seen Uzi like this before so it's not too much of a big deal. But she has been getting a little, uh, extreme by the looks of things.

Kelsey only looks at Uzi with sympathy. As do a handful of students. Not like everyone hates Uzi. Most see her as weird and prone to violence. Braden is brain dead so he doesn't really have an opinion of Uzi ever since she kind of took his sentience and set fire to his head. It's like, his fire is a cosmetic rather than a legitimate danger to his life.

Khan feels like he needs to have an actual heart to heart with Uzi, like, a real talk. Just to make sure Uzi doesn't, you know, go down a dark path or something.

Teacher's writing only intensifies, he's already got a university worthy essay on the mental state of Uzi at this point, 'You know, this seems more than enough to suggest Uzi is in need of special assistance.' meaning, she needs more help than a pity grade. She needs a trip to the school counselor, which might as well be him at this point.

She pauses upon seeing Thad has shown up at some point.

Uzi chuckles nervously, "Hi, hi, Thad." He hands her back her railgun, "Thank you."

"Of course, 'Zi!" Thad is chill, and finger guns towards N, "N&M's. You saved my life. I don't think the colony is even serious about all this banishment stuff, more just confused. Especially with the fact-"

"I'm too rogue to re-enter society now? I can never return..." declares Uzi.

'As if you didn't emphasize you're freakish behavior enough, ugh.' Lizzie doesn't exactly like how Uzi is, if that has not been made clear.

Uzi, meanwhile, wants to die. Because she often doesn't say stuff like this in front of like, half the colony and strangers.

Thad continues, "...Recent disappearances, and your murder friend's corpse. When I went to grab your gun, it kind of looked like it... crawled away...?" at that last few words, N's eyes go wide and he stands, glancing around as if expecting J to jump out of nowhere and beat the scrap out of him like she used to do.

SD-N feels for his future self, "Heh, yeah, seeing J uh, crawl away kind of has me concerned." his gives an apologetic look over towards J, "No offense J!"

SD-J just ignores him, she herself was a little, unsettled by that. She wasn't briefed on such a, program, "Do me a favor, N, and shut up."

"We can return a little..." replies Uzi, seeing this is serious.

Back at the colony, Tim comes across a hologram of Frank in some lobby area.

"Oh, Ladderbot 5000? We looked everywhere for you!" says Tim, not seeing anything wrong with the blue hologram.

Frank lets out a distorted scream for a moment before returning to normal.

"Hello, Tim. Care to join me?" asks the hologram of Frank.

"Join you standing eerily still over there in suspiciously low resolution?" Tim looks skeptical.

Frank is silent for a moment before answering, "Yes?" almost uncertain.

"NO!" shouts Uzi, Thad, and even Lizzy surprisingly.

Uzi and Lizzy share a glance, though both break away their gaze with vexed expressions. Just because both aren't stupid doesn't mean both will get along.

'I can't be that bad at replicating worker drone behavior.'

Tim appears to consider this suspicious hologram, but his suspicion is suddenly erased as he says, "Alright."

"What the hell?! How stupid are you? This is like, teenage horror flick levels of stupid! And your an adult!" exclaims Uzi in exasperation at the stupidity of this guy.

"Talk about a bad choice man." says Thad, because even he wouldn't approach a suspicious looking ghost-like drone looking like that.

"Gosh how stupid can you be?" adds Lizzy, ironic considering what's going to happen later in the episode.

Tim doesn't have anything to say, so he just tries to become invisible at this embarrassing end of his life.

Doll seems like she could care less about what's about to happen, though she seems oddly focused on the hologram, or more specifically, Absolute Solver's host.

He walks over, not knowing that J's Absolute Solver's claws lower behind him, ready to strike, it's too late when Frank snaps his fingers as Tim foolishly walked up without noticing the claws moving into position and then Absolute Solver host body skewers Tim and drags him up. He attempts to grab the sides of the vent, but it only delays the inevitable by a second as he's pulled in, oil and chunks of metal falling to the floor. Then the security camera like eye of Absolute Solver emerges from the vent, glancing around, then finally looking straight ahead and fabricating a blue hologram of Tim's besides Frank.

Serial Designation J, however, narrows her gaze at the thing, 'Is that me? Or, something else? I don't recall an Absolute Solver program, perhaps it was there for emergencies as Uzi said, yet, I don't remember being briefed on... this.' but all things considered, she's kind of glad her or, whatever this thing is, seems to be fulfilling the quota. Sort of. But she can't help but feel, a small lingering doubt about it. What exactly is Absolute Solver? Because, if it was company aligned, why would it also be present in the rogue worker drones? It just doesn't make any sense. Not that she is one for questioning orders, but, it's odd she wasn't briefed on this. Designation N and V, well, N winced at the well mild brutality. He's seen worse but, that's kind of creepy to imagine something sneaking up and dragging you into the darkness.

'Am I glad J isn't like that! I might not be able to even look at her if she was like that!' thinks SD-N to himself, relieved somewhat SD-J isn't, whatever that thing is.

SD-V feels a bit of joy at the sight of oil being spilled, a little less than usual, she seems mostly conflicted about something. Still up about the memories.

The workers, on the other hand, Tim seems frozen, while Frank could care less. Most of the students and youthful drones are in a frenzied panic and worry with their words overlapping, while a quarter or so just flopped over unable to comprehend what they just witnessed.

Out of all of them, Khan thinks of one thing, 'Perhaps I should seal off the warehouse with a door. That should keep, whatever that oddly disturbing thing is, contained and seal off the vents with doors of their own for good measure.'

While Braxton asks a big question, "You know, seeing how dangerous the place gets in the future, how about we just leave the facility?"

This results in a divide between worker drones in acceptance of this idea, with others unwilling to abandon the place they call home. Besides, where would they go?

Their arguments get nearly out of hand before Uzi had enough, "SHUT UP! Look if anyone else has something to say, they can bite me! Arguing about it isn't going to change anything! Let's just watch and see if there's a way to prevent this, thing, from murdering the repairman and whoever that other guy is! Got it?!"

The worker drones shut up.

"Flawless character acting, me." says the Tim hologram.

"Improv game for more practice?" replies the Frank hologram.

"Hahaha! We are a monster!" responds Tim hologram.

Frank sighs, 'I don't want to think about living besides that guy for the rest of my afterlife.'

Uzi, N, and Thad arrive at the colony's blast door entrance, area. Thad is not as acrobatic as Uzi so he kind of landed with a thud while Uzi preformed anime styled backflip land on feet perfection. A worker opens the first door slightly to see who arrived, it's Ron.

"Oh, it's me!" Ron sees himself on screen.

"Welcome back, Thad!" he notices Uzi, "Uh, wait, isn't she grounded or something?" asks Ron.

"Banished!" corrects Uzi, really this is getting tiring.

"Ugh, banished! Has my dad been saying I'm grounded?" whines Uzi.

Ron notices N, "Genocide Robot?

N quietly walks up and hands Ron a crayon drawing explaining he is "super very, very sorry" he is for all the murders he committed.

Ron is forgiving, "Oh, alright, just don't do it again. Get in here, ya goobs!" N looks happy as Ron just attaches a magnet one can presume and hangs the drawing on the door.

"That's it?" SD-V is impressed, "Huh, maybe I should try giving a sob story if that's all it takes to be let in." no SD-V, manipulating worker drones because they are stupid is bad.

While Uzi is all for forgiving N, he technically killed a lot of people in the future she knows about, but seeing as how he didn't do it yet and that he may prove a valuable ally... still it's kind of weird how everyone's so forgiving.

Scene change again. Absolute Solver Eldritch Creature's handiwork has been turned into a crime scene. As we see some bits of computer chips and oil around with markings and police tape.

"Yeah, where's Khan? Because this looks, ahaha, ugh, non-ideal." says a worker drone.

"Parent-Teacher Conference. Something about his daughter being more important than building a door in this hallway. Ugh, kind of cringe." replies Sarah.

"That's not a cool thing to say." states Thad, arms crossed.

Uzi glares at Sarah, "Excuse me, I'm actually glad my dad is giving a damn about me for once. Even if it's just a little." she screams in her mind, 'THIS DOESN'T MEAN I FORGIVE YOU FOR NEGLECTING ME DAD! BITE ME!'

Khan gives a look towards Sarah, "Is it wrong to care about my daughter?"

"Uh... no. Of course not." Sarah can't really say anything but, you know, seeing how Uzi is, yeah Uzi probably needs something like a psychological evaluation so, she amends that statement. Not that she'd say it out loud, Uzi's angsty right now.

The worker seems disturbed by the amount of pieces around, nearly hurling, if that's even possible for a drone, "Ew. Oh, give me a minute... Ah, yep, okay, almost threw up."

Uzi, N, and Thad are behind, peeking around the corner listening in on the conversation.

"You good?" asks N.

"I'm good. Stop asking!" responds Uzi as she pushes N away and motions for him and Thad to follow her while sneaking past the investigators.

"I'm sure my future self just wants to make sure your okay Uzi." says SD-N, "With all the J being alive, as uh, that." not that his future self knows yet, but SD-N doesn't sweat the small stuff.

Uzi sighs, "I know, but if you say it every minute, I'm gonna get annoyed rather than happy about it."

"Oh! Sorry, I'll try not to ask as much in the future! My lips, are, sealed!" SD-N is quick to apologize for it.

"Relax N, it's not a big deal." Uzi doesn't want to feel like another SD-J and scold him, SD-N's went through enough of that.

It is, a rather gruesome scene to witness though and a lot of the worker drones feel queasy at the sight.

Sarah turns to two of her colleagues behind her, "Any forensic things over there?" getting no response, "Do we have fingerprints?"

"Do we even have fingerprints?" asks Thad, cradling his chin.

Uzi shrugs, "We're made to feel headaches, sweat, cry, and scream so I wouldn't put it past the company to program us to have fingerprints of all things." why they would do that, Uzi has no idea, the company seems stupid enough to not plan anything right by what she's seen so far.

Doll is glad her abilities don't leave behind fingerprints.

They fade away. Fizzling out as holograms.

SD-J is left, surprised, a raised eyebrow, 'So, the holograms can be realistic? That must be what I meant by improvement.'

Sarah feels rising dread in her, 'Oh.' she feels karma settling in, "You know, for the record, I don't mean what my future self said to Uzi."

Uzi doesn't respond because she actually has respect and courtesy about others when they are about to die, "Bite me." but she still gets her words in because it was uncalled for.

She turns back to her colleague, who also fades out. Same with Frank and Tim. Her surroundings begin to get the same treatment. Even her coffee mug.

SD-N is just, aghast by that, they were all, fake?

SD-V seems, disappointed, 'Huh, fakes. Never knew J could do that.'

SD-J is all the more impressed, 'So, I can produce real enough holograms that can be interacted with? Interesting.' she mentally notes that, 'Perhaps this, upgrade, isn't all that bad.' other than looking like an abomination that is.

Uzi is shocked, "Then, what was- how? It was all fake?!" it's shocking to her even the mug of all things, was fake, she glances at Sarah, "How the hell were you able to hold and drink from- a mug that didn't even exist?!" Uzi's mind is breaking. Such realism is, well, immersive to be sure, but not possible, right?

Sarah shrugs, "Force of habit." which isn't a lie, a lot of adults seem to have a mug. Teacher and Khan have their own. Every adult is on a coffee diet. Or in Teacher's case probably alcohol, "Plus, didn't you magically conjure a trash can in class?"

"Bite me! That's different!" Uzi folds her arms, "It didn't happen like that! It's just some cinematic flare that's done in films to symbolize- HEY!" she realizes just now she was referred to as trash, by the movie.

"Ooooh! So that's why Uzi was a trash can! It's special effects! Nice." SD-N is somewhat relieved that Uzi can't transform into a trash can, and is learning about movie effects.

She looks up in horror as the Absolute Solver Host makes its way towards her.

The sudden scene change, Sarah is grateful, because watching herself die is not on her bucket list. She is still unnerved, however.

Once glance at her mug and she doesn't want to drink anymore, 'Now I don't want to even touch my mug, great, permanent trauma IC-0N knows how long.'

Back at the Parent-Teacher Conference, Teacher seems, passive, his face blank and staring into the void.

Khan continues what may have been an already tedious conversation, "I mean, you don't think it's my parenting, do you?"

Absolute Solver Host can be noticed in the background, attempting to open the door, but it's locked.

"Thank you, wonderful doors." Khan is relieved at seeing that, while a bit unnerving he himself didn't notice the creature, well, it appears the doors are his savior.

Teacher subtly notes, 'Huh, maintaining privacy during parent-teacher conference may have some unintended benefits.' taking a sip from his mug. Pretty good all things considered that locking the doors for, you know, privacy for the discussions held, seems to have saved their lives by the looks of it.

Uzi blinks, "Wow and nobody's pointing out there's a one-eyed security cam like thing staring into the classroom?"

'"Эта дверь находится по другую сторону классной комнаты (The far door is on the other side of the classroom). Я не вижу окна с того места, где нахожусь (I can't see the window from where I am)." Doll points out the obvious, thinking for a moment before adding, "Иначе я бы что-то сказал. (Otherwise I would have said something)."

"Yeah, that's, kind of unsettling." Thad adds his opinion, "But at least the doors are sturdy enough that it can't get in."

SD-J frowns at the sight, 'Well, those doors are durable, they are of the company's design after all. That brat's railgun exploded, in her face nonetheless. Pity she survived the ordeal. Yet the doors remained intact. Damn the lifetime guaranteed durability of JCJenson products!'

SD-N is just baffled, "I know discussing Uzi's academic life is important but what about that rather terrifying drone outside?"

"That's what we're all wondering N." replies Uzi. While she won't admit it, and kind of bickers with her dad. She still cares about him. Her Teacher she only cares about as much as he gives her a pity grade. Which is nice and all but, you know, college sucks. Got too many responsibilities and Uzi's more of a do her own thing kind of drone.

'Of course it had to be doors.' SD-V isn't that surprised, doors are the bane of any disassembly drone. Or maybe just her, since SD-N managed to pry some open.

"I left her for deadonce! It sounds like she's bored in your class and the other kids suck!Call her "damaged" again, and I will install aDOOR ON YOUR FACE!"

Uzi is, impressed her dad's been talking for that long, 'Well, at least he's trying for once. Better than him putting up more posters and articles about how much of a disappointment I became.'

Lizzy feels for her future self, listening to Khan must not be a pleasant experience.

Lizzy and Doll are in the back, listening to Khan holding a one-sided argument while Riley plays Solitaire. Which shows just how long this has been going on. Doll seems to be toying around with a silver coin.

Lizzy turns to Doll, "Where are your folks?"

Doll starts having flashbacks to two worker drone corpses, one with similar purple hair, as mechanical co*ckroaches climb all over the bodies.

Once the coin falls, Doll answers in an unnerving tone, "Мертвые. Я смотрела как они умирали (Dead. I watched them die)."

"That's, cryptic." Uzi is slightly unsettled by the flashback sequence, 'Foreshadowing much?'

Doll doesn't speak, but slight worry builds up. She hasn't tried to eliminate multiple targets at once. It could be possible, but... if they find out what she is and what she's been doing, she needs to take action.

Lizzy pause for a moment before replying, "...That was the joke, idiot?"

"I don't even joke about things like that." Uzi, for all her angst, holds a good amount of respect for her mother, "Have some respect for the deceased Liz." if someone joked about her mom, she'd probably murder them.

Lizzy just rolls her eyes, can't help it if Uzi's ignorant about certain things.

They both hear a knocking. They turn to see an obvious hologram of Lizzy that briefly flashes to the eyes of the Absolute Solver Host, just outside the door happily beckoning over someone to open the door.

"That girl is-" Lizzy actually looks concerned for a bit before switching to amazement, "Gorgeous, right!? I'm gonna let her in."

She gets up walking towards the back class door, Doll giving a look of shock, surprise, and probably just, well, probably didn't expect Lizzy to actually take this route, genuine surprise.

Uzi gives a really, really done with it look towards Lizzy, "Seriously?"

Lizzy attempts to conjure defense of her action, "Well, she is gorgeous. I mean, look at her!"

"She's you." states Uzi, "Not even my egos that big."

Lizzy splutters at that clever comeback. For as much of an emo teen Uzi is, she doesn't exactly admire herself or thinks she's a super amazing supermodel or anything. She's a rogue ronin on a journey for honor or some anime thing like that.

Doll even looks exhausted, "Lizzy? Вы не заметили момент, когда он сбросил свою маскировку (Did you not notice the moment it dropped it's disguise)? Эти четыре желтых глаза (Those four yellow eyes)?" relaxing her hands, as she near attempted to utilize the Solver, as she knew what her future self was going to do, but the scene change is most welcome. She nearly revealed herself unnecessarily.

"Actually, it looked pretty real to me." says Thad, "Until that flicker effect, I wouldn't open the door to something like that."

"My dad's in there! So is like, the entire class!" Uzi is just, appalled, at how stupidity can get everyone killed, "Coming from me who got the only people I consider friends killed because I wanted to save the world, that's saying a lot." and the WDF members wince at the reminder of their rather brutal deaths in the previous episode, "Sorry about that guys. But at least I was trying to, you know, kill the murder drones no offense N-"

"None taken Uzi!" SD-N is so friendly he might as well be a special type of personality.

"It's fine Uzi. We're just here so, I guess that's what counts?" Braxton is quick to forgive, he's the closest to Uzi.

Uzi nods and continues her mini-rant, "-but your just, I don't think a word even exists to describe that kind of- UGH!" Uzi resigns and folds her arms, Lizzy is too much.

Lizzy grumbles to herself. While Uzi notes how Lizzy's like that jerk girl in those horror movies who always die in the first thirty minutes.

Uzi, N, and Thad are in the room where they fought V and J. That warehouse section of the facility on the surface level.

"You guys... do that often?" inquires Uzi.

"Ha ha, no." answers SD-N in the audience, "I'm still concerned about how this is playing out, but it's not normal if I remember the times I accidently cracked by head against rocks and debris, uh... no I don't think we're supposed to turn into monstrous creatures that lurk around in the dark and leak oil everywhere."

"Haha, no. I'm very concerned, but also pretty frightened a little bit." says the N on screen.

"Hey, 'Zi! What's this thing?" Thad aims his flashlight over towards the Absolute Solver symbol on one of the large metal containers. All of them appear to have the symbol.

"F**k how many are there?!" Uzi is just, baffled by the sheer amount of containers, 'What the hell does it mean by host reboot failed? Insufficient material? Does this mean it, makes bodies? Has more bodies in storage? Activates when sufficient, so- wait does it collect more material to become whatever the hell that abomination is?!'

Khan takes note, 'Okay, I need to build a quick door when we get back. Maybe two, just to be safe.' as if a door can stop an eldritch horror that becomes a black hole and respawns elsewhere.

SD-J notes the containers, they may prove important in the future.

"Hey, isn't that your special eye?" SD-N points out.

"Don't call it that!" Uzi angrily says, "That's the kind of stuff chuunibyou say in anime!"

"A chun- what?" SD-N is baffled by the name.

"A childish character with delusions of grandeur, a desperation for attention." explains SD-J, giving a smug grin towards Uzi, "An apt definition of you."

"BITE ME! I'm not delusional! I don't pretend I have some special eye with magical powers!" declares Uzi.

"Didn't you break a mirror with your special eye?" Thad reminds.

Uzi groans, "Don't say it like that!"

"Don't call it that!" snaps Uzi.

She reads the words, "Absolute Solver? Reboot? Does this have something to do with how you grew your head back?" glancing back at SD-N.

"Hehe. I actively avoid unpacking how that works." replies SD-N.

"Yeah, best not to think about it." repeats SD-N in the audience.

"You don't even know how you regenerate?" inquires Lizzy.

"Nope! And I have no reason to understand why!" SD-N is proud of it.

SD-J rolls her eyes. SD-V is merely the definition of bored.

"New material can't be pulled from thin air." starts Uzi.

"If the wound is severe enough, this "Solver" might be some sort of auto run program to collect more matte-" Uzi is then silenced as N places hand over her mouth as she was about to finish.

"But, it appears to hold some unintended side effects." states Uzi, having seen it in action, "Like breaking mirrors."

"Maybe your just ugly." SD-V taunts.

"Bite me!" retorts Uzi, "That only happens in movies and you know it!"

'Your existence is a movie.' thinks Alf. Not like he'd say it out loud but, it's better left unsaid.

Something crawls towards them... a seemingly human hand attached to a cable. It lurks forward and then grabs Thad's leg as they look up to see what the hand is attached to. Uzi gives N a nod and he fires his missile cannon since beyond the containers is just pitch black.

"Uh, okay, kind of creepy."

SD-J is disturbed by the hand, 'A, human, hand? But why would- did it assimilate a human? But, that would be against company policy. Why would it-' she's beginning to suspect, 'Is the program corrupt? Perhaps it was an android. Yes, that must be the case. It couldn't possibly be human. There are realistic drone models after all for recreational and alternative purposes I am not at liberty to divulge into. Non-disclosure agreement.'

SD-V is curious, "Soo~, it killed a human?"

"Could be an android." SD-N shrugs, "But that does look a little realistic." narrowing his gaze and cradling his chin in thought.

"Even if it did assimilate a human, that thing is not a friend of ours." states Uzi, "Maybe to J but not to me or anyone in the colony."

Then, within the brief flash, is revealed a gigantic centipede like robotic organism, the Absolute Solver Host.

Not long after it pulls Thad and suddenly, a shuriken flies in and slices the cable apart, freeing Thad. He looks back to see that N was the one who unleashed the shuriken.

"I want a freaking ninja star!" Uzi always wanted one, she turns to SD-N, "Hey do you happen to have one on you?"

"...Yeeeah?" SD-N slowly answers, noticing the glare of Alf and the curious look from Misaka Sister 15780.

Uzi whispers, "Could I have one?"

"Why?" SD-N whispers back, "Also why are we whispering?"

"I want to throw one at J!" whisper yells Uzi.

"But- uh, wouldn't the hosts step in?" SD-N is uncertain.

Uzi is quick to point out a leading factor in her argument, "Oh come on she's a bitch!"

"Hey, she's- well, trying her best!" SD-N still defends her, because he's just that nice.

"How can you still defend her?!" exclaims Uzi in as quiet of a voice she can muster at this rather ridiculous amount of kindness SD-N has.

"I don't know it's just, a feeling?" replies SD-N, uncertain himself.

"Seeing as how you were on the same team as servants, I can believe that." Uzi recalls that beginning scene, but offers a pleading look "Just one?"

"...Just one." SD-N relents at the Uzi puppy eye trick, does a hand gesture and seemingly conjures one out of nowhere like some magical cookie appearing trick.

Uzi snatches it and grins, "Check it!" and throws it over at SD-J, SD-N didn't have much time to process that and only looked over wide eyes.

Surprisingly none of the hosts intervened because SD-J looked as if she suspected such an attack and caught it before it struck her armband, with only two fingers, "Did you really think I wouldn't have learned from the viewing?" SD-J is rather confident in her tone, after all, she kind of knew Uzi would aim for the head.

Uzi feels like punching someone, specifically SD-J, "Bite me! N hand me another!"

SD-N is baffled, "But wouldn't you just give another to J?"

"Give it!" Uzi wants another, "This time I won't miss!"

"Misaka suggests you don't, J has already gained character development, regretfully. Explains Misaka with remorse." says MS-15780.

"She's right." SD-J, rather than throw it back, knowing it wouldn't reach it's intended target, simply took the next best option and threw it at the Uzi Plush that was passing by the front. The shuriken burrowing into the head of the plush.

"-Zeeee~!" the Uzi Plush let's out an adorable cry of pain and then, flops over dead.

SD-OC gasps in an almost exaggerated manner, but it's genuine, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he scrambles over, picking up the small plush, "Uzi Plush number 517! Limited quality edition!" he cries out, "No! Why did it have to be you!"

Alf blinks, "Well, that happened."

"Zeee. Uzeeee." but it turns out, the Uzi Plush was alive, because it's made of stuffing, it's not going to die by a single puncture wound.

"Oh, you're alive! Thank goodness." SD-OC is relieved.

"Can I resume the viewing?" inquires Alf, "I want to go home. I have to check my kid's homework."

"Right right! Uh, continue!" SD-OC plucks the shuriken out of the plush, shoots SD-J a glare, then walks back to his spot.

Uzi also glares at SD-J. But the murder drone in question only looks satisfied at being able to inflict some manner of pain.

"I want a freaking ninja star!" Uzi wants.

But she and N get thrown against a wall by the cable and then as one of the Solver's claws grabs Thad and leaves.

"...So not cool." remarks Thad, he's terrified.

"I'll get you back Thad." declares Uzi, "I believe in future me. I got a sick as hell railgun and a murderous companion. We'll totally beat that eldritch looking Absolute Solver, drone, thing!"

"Monster is what I'd call it."

N gets up, "You good?"

"Sorry Uzi! Not like I can control what my future self says but-" SD-N apologizes for his future self.

"It's fine N." Uzi doesn't want him to go on a rant, she kind of feels bad for him enough as is, murder aside, 'Not like I dislike it or anything. You care about me more than my dad did.' she wouldn't dare admit it out loud.

Uzi slams him back down "Stop asking!"

"Okay that was probably uncalled for." admits Uzi, 'At least he cares.'

"No problem Uzi, J does worse." replies SD-N.

"Oh, I know." replies Uzi glaring at SD-J who just looks back smugly.

Then asks, "Chainsaw hand time?"

N shifts his hands for chainsaws, "Yeah, cool, cool." (I heard "Check it." but the wiki script says he says this)

Uzi and N give chase reaching cryogenic storage, only skeletons remain in the rows of pods.

SD-J frowns at that, guess the humans in storage weren't spared either but, the hand from earlier. Was it human? She doesn't remember many androids, perhaps there were, but... is Absolute Solver truly operating within acceptable parameters?

Then come across Thad's hologram in the corridor.

SD-J is baffled, 'Wait, then, it clearly can conjure realistic holograms, why not make- is it only real if it's had time to analyze the makeup and personality? Why is it that fake?'

"Yes, and hello. It's me, Thad. Um, can I get a location? ...I heard dentist's office! I'm Thad at the dentist office. Come over here for your... teeth!" says Hologram Thad.

Thad facepalms, "That's an embarrassing attempt at imitating my personality." he feels rather embarrassed from that. He never said anything about dentistry before.

"Thad, as a dentist? Unbelievable." LIzzy adds her thoughts, "He seemed more of an athlete to me."

"Excuse me for lacking comprehension of defective worker behavior." scowls SD-J.

"Predictably terrible work, J. Why do you look so-" Uzi can't find the word to describe it.

"Great! You look great, J!" replies SD-N, giving a small look down at Uzi.

"Why are you so nice to someone who literally tried to kill you?" inquires Uzi.

"Well -" SD-N is about to answer.

But Uzi adds, "It was a rhetorical question N."

"No, no, wait, guys, it's really me! Is that a-" Hologram Thad's voice suddenly turns GLADOS style, "-freaking ninja star?"

N unleashes his shuriken as Uzi kicks it to give it a boost. It flies upwards to bring down the real Thad as the hologram version disappears.

"You two have synergy, I'll admit that." remarks SD-J dryly towards Uzi and N at that shuriken move.

Uzi scowls, "One more buzzword and I'll make sure to leave nothing this time around."

"It was a compliment." SD-J isn't really trying to be nice though.

"Anything from you is an insult."

"A pleasure."


Thad regains his composure, "Life savers again. Thanks! Super invited to my shindig next weekend. Cool kids only." he threatens to punch the claw as it reaches out again and it flinches back, Absolute Solver Host allowing him to run off.

He runs off as Uzi and N squeal in delight over being invited to his get-together... SD-N has been taught well.

"Looks like I'm teaching you well, despite the circ*mstances." Uzi is smiling at how SD-N and her get along so well.

"You're a terrible influence." remarks SD-J.

"Bite me, I'm a better influence than you!" counters Uzi.

SD-N feels like a child in the middle of a custody battle.

"We're busy anyway. So whatever. So lame." Absolute Solver seems, to take the rejection of being invited rather well, instead of just killing everyone outright, it actually seems slightly jealous it wasn't invited.

"Hold on it's sad because it wasn't invited to the party?" Uzi is just, confused.

Thad feels, well, relieved he survived, "Well, trying to murder me tends to make me take 'em off the list. No exceptions."

SD-V, for whatever reason, feels annoyed by that, "Oh really? Not like I wanted to go or anything." ah yes, to get into a room full of prey and kill them, "Got any plans for a surprise guest?"

Thad glares at SD-V, recalling how she kind of dealt some serious pain back in the climactic battle of the first episode, "No, absolutely not!" he didn't even plan it yet, but for sure, no murder drone except for N is invited. N is chill, V is psychotic and unhinged, can't be trusted.

SD-V scoffs, "Whatever kid." not like she wanted to go.

SD-J wonders just what exactly is up with this program. Because that was a jump in the curve on the chart from her perspective, 'I did not expect this, why is it even concerned about a party? We're- or I am supposed to dismantle these corrupted worker drones.' she refuses to even think that this program itself may be corrupt, after all, it's assisting her as per it's directive. It was made by the company, right? It's aligned with the company, right?

While the main chunk of the audience is distracted, Doll gets an idea hearing of SD-V's response to the idea of a party, and whispers something to Lizzy. Lizzy looks, uncertain by this idea.

"What if it doesn't work?" asks Lizzy in a soft voice.

"Она не откажет (She won't refuse)." replies Doll, smirking, "Если ничего не пойдет не так, это будет в нашу пользу (If all goes well, it will be in our favor)."

Nobody is the wiser of their conversation. Yet, Doll might not be in the safe for long.

"What's with the voice, J?" asks Uzi.

"What made you think it was me?" asks SD-J, tone laced with pride, trying to forget her doubts, "Audio receptors improperly installed?"

"I can differentiate between voices J, and you look a lot worse for wear!" retorts Uzi.

"At least I'm not deluding myself with pointless endeavors." retorts SD-J.

"Bite me! I'll save the world just you watch!" declares Uzi, "I'll bet my future self will start by killing you permanently this time!" oh Uzi, if only you knew what the next episode holds.

Absolute Solver seems to correct Uzi as if this was expected, "Oh, J's not here. We are trying to repair that host as per our directive." projecting a hologram of J's body halfway through.

Uzi, however, seeing how this thing, already took some worker drones, "Why the hell has it not already finished you? It already killed three worker drones, and it's still not enough to fix you?"

"I don't get what your trying to imply, Uzi." warns SD-J.

"I'm saying either that program is keeping most of its gains for itself, or you're a glutton." remarks Uzi.

SD-J narrows her gaze, Uzi returns it.

But shortly after it finished, camera angle shifts to show the cables/tentacles encircling the duo. SD-N seems to notice, eyes wide at the Absolute Solver's attempts to keep Uzi distracted as it traps them.

Uzi, seeing this, feels a sense of dread, 'Crap. I want answers but, it's clearly using this as an opportunity to cut off my future self's escape and-' she's hoping she doesn't see herself die.

Meanwhile SD-J feels relieved, 'Of course it wasn't anything sentimental, it was merely keeping the little worker's attention diverted. Clever, future me, and... Absolute Solver. Very clever, worthy of the company's praise for sure.'

SD-N is, well, slightly confused of his future self.

"So, you ARE a program?" Uzi asks, needing answers as SD-N seems to be backing away as the creature's cables/tentacles and claws encircle Uzi and SD-N glances back towards Absolute Solver's Host Face. Or whatever you call it's many "Eyes" while a decent chunk of its tentacles and claws close in from behind.

'Okay, no worries, I'm sure I'll do something... those are getting a little too close for my liking!' SD-N has as much worry as his future self.

Khan notes, 'Looks like I'll have to build another door to block off the cryogenic storage area.' at this rate, he'll decide to lock down the entire facility with a blast door every few meters.

Absolute Solver responds in its usual monotone voice, "More like you are our cute puppets. It hurts our feelings you don't remember us." The Solver creates a hologram of Nori, Uzi's mother, speaking through her with the latter half of the sentence, voice shifting slightly to that of Nori.

Khan and Uzi freeze at the sight of Nori.

Uzi is both, for one, annoyed this thing would taunt her with her mother, another, perplexed, 'Does, does it know my mother? Did it- wait, but dad said she was covered in nanite acid... how does it know, did mom encounter it before she died? Was it there when she died?' she glances over at Khan, and notices how his eyes are wide and possibly having flashbacks.

"Dad?" Uzi calls out.

"..." Khan shakes off the memories, "What was that Uzi?"

"...You okay? You were, out of it for a moment."

"I'm definitely not having flashes back to the time of your mother and how I may have some things that kind of look like that symbol stored behind a not so convenient door in our home!" responds Khan, fake confidence in his voice, as he recalled how Nori kind of, had an issue with the symbol, Absolute Solver. He, suspected something, but it all but confirms it. Nori, must have known this, thing, and it may be responsible for Nori's, well, issues regarding that.

"Hold on, my mother, had this Absolute Solver program affecting her?! Wait why didn't you ever tell me this?!" exclaims Uzi, appalled at her father keeping this a secret, "I thought she died by a murder drone?! Not to some program that materializes into some eldritch horror from mythos! Explain! Now!"

"She did, but, she had this program affecting her like, with a symbol like, that." replies Khan, "I don't know what it is, but she made these drawings and it flickered on her screen at times, I-"

SD-N, feeling drama approaching, scoots away, slightly, just an inch. Trying to look away.

Doll is equally shocked, but for different reasons, "Ее мать тоже была похожа на меня (Her mother was also like me)?" she mumbles to herself, pondering to herself for a moment on this information, " Есть ли ответы в их доме? (Are there answers in their home?)" she takes note of Khan mentioning something behind a door, a closet perhaps? There may be answers to her, condition, in there. Seeing as how both are barely home, perhaps she could, sneak in, yes, now would be a good time, but the hosts appear intent on keeping them here... no matter, she could check when they are let out.

"You two can discuss your situation regarding Nori now if you want, I don't think we'll have uh, time, when we finish this episode." states Alf cryptically, 'I'm just going to call some extra help, before Doll flips.'

Uzi is off her seat, walks up to Khan and says, "Dad, we need to talk about mom, in private."

Khan reluctantly nods and stands up. After the two leave, SD-V asks, "So, how about we just continue without them? I really want to see what happens next."

"Uh, no, everyone should view the future." SD-OC places a hand on his chest, "So that our hearts may soar free knowing-"

"Yeah, whatever." Alf rolls his eyes, "Just keep an eye on those here I'm going to wait for Khan and Uzi to finish." he flips out his flip phone and raises it to his head, "僕はここにあなたが必要です. 僕は今あなたが必要です." he mutters into the phone.


=[With Khan And Uzi, Some Room In The Living Quarters]=

"So, what was all that about mom and Absolute Solver?" asks Uzi.

Khan sighs, "Well, it started shortly before you were made, she sort of had this symbol, just like you have in the future. It, looked exactly like that."

Uzi folds her arms, "And you didn't bother to tell me this because? AND DON'T SAY I DIDN'T ASK!"

Khan was about to say exactly that, but Uzi's additional words made him clamp his tramp and re-evaluate his word choice, "I just didn't think you'd suffer the same. I wanted to give you a life full of great experience."

Uzi's face says it all, 'Seriously?'

Khan continues, "I don't understand this Absolute Solver much myself, and it's something better left locked behind a door."

Uzi is, annoyed by that reply, "Seriously? Is your solution to everything to lock it behind a door and forget about it?!"

Khan pauses, uncertain how to respond, "What we don't understand is dangerous, you saw what that Absolute Solver, is capable of. I don't want to lose you Uzi."

Uzi scoffs, "Yeah, uh, seeing the future. You left me, remember?"

Khan flinches at the reminder.

Uzi places her hands on her hips, "I know, I know, putting the lives of everyone else before me. But I put my trust in you. It didn't happen yet, but it could have if we weren't brought here!" Uzi takes a moment to calm herself, she isn't here to bash her dad, she already screamed at him last time, "But I'm not here to rant about how you neglected me for nearly my entire life, locking me away behind a figurative door like you do to every problem in your life. I just want to know, what happened to my mother? I should know."

Khan rubs his arm, uncomfortable with the matter, "I'm sorry, Uzi. I just wanted what's best for you, and Nori would too." he sighs, "Nori and some others, were experimenting on some things I wasn't sure of myself. It was her work and I let her keep her privacy. Besides, neither of us really liked discussing our jobs, we'd rather-" he seems a bit, saddened. Losing Nori did a lot to his mental health.

Uzi frowns, "I won't pry into that, I know you loved her dad. Heck, I wouldn't exist if you didn't. But, did she die from a disassembly drone? Or did Absolute Solver have something to do with it?"

Khan shakes his head, "A disassembly drone killed her, I don't know if Absolute Solver had anything to do with it." he doesn't want to talk about it.

Uzi sighs, she sees her dad is rather, hesitant to discuss it, "Fine, but we're talking more about this later. I should know what happened to mom. Because it seems like it's going to happen to me."

Khan winces, the mere thought of it happening to Uzi? Is a little, painful to think about, to say the least.


After a moment of emotions, they returned to their seats. Luckily no one has murdered each other while they were gone, the murder drones are far more civil now, kind of. Except for SD-V, whose clearly restless.

"N...?" Uzi glances to her side noticing N has vanished, "What's with the mom hologram...?"

"Ain't happening!" yells Uzi, as much as she wants to learn what that was about, about the exact connection Absolute Solver had with her mom, well, she can ask her dad later. That, and she's not one to get assimilated to answers. She's not that desperate.

SD-J rolls her eyes, "Oh please do, at least then we may all get some answers regarding what it's directives are, and what connection it has to giving you worker drones telekinetic abilities."

Uzi ignores SD-J, she won't give J any satisfaction or reason to roast her.

"Easier to assimilate than explain." concludes Absolute Solver.

"Not happening." replies Uzi.

Absolute Solver seems disappointed, "Fair, but poor choice. Now we will have to do something shocking."

Unfinished J Centipede brings down a clone of Khan with its cables and claws.

Uzi: "Woah! Hey!" Uzi's eyes go wide as she runs forward.

Uzi doesn't like where this is going, "Dad!"

Khan himself is, worried. I mean, who wouldn't be? He's a little more worried over the fact this may traumatize Uzi. On the bright side, being seated next to her,

Thad is confused, "Wha- I thought- did Lizzy let it in?"

Lizzy shrinks down, 'Please just be a hologram.' she doesn't want to face the wrath of the very unstable teenager in the room.

SD-J seems rather content at this, 'Well, that's one way to get

Absolute Solver then says in a monotone voice, "Goodbye, dad."

Khan, despite being a terrible father, still has the decency to shield Uzi from what comes next, even if he's disturbed, Uzi shouldn't see, this.

Most of the younger worker drones look away, they kind of had enough of death at this point and have been trying to not witness the loss.

The WDF look, a lot worse for wear since you know, Khan is technically their leader and a good friend.

Childhood trauma is severe problem. Look at how Doll turned out.

Khan, seemingly, gets ripped in two and the Solver feeds on his corpse. Camera zooming into Uzi's face her face frozen in shock.

Thad just stays rooted in his seat, wordlessly, mouth hanging off in shock. But looked over to see how Uzi was doing and rushed over to offer whatever comfort he can.

Lizzy, despite being somewhat of a jerk to Uzi, even she winces at the display, though most of her concern was if she was stupid enough to let the thing in. If so, is she alright? Her concerns are more towards herself if any.

Doll doesn't believe it, "Я не верю, что впущу этого монстра." She would not let that thing in, this has to be another hologram.

Sarah drops her mug, glasses sliding off her face, 'Don't tell me I died like that.'

Teacher, blinks, deciding to drink more of whatever liquid he keeps in his canteen, probably alcohol.

Todd is left, well, "That was, unexpected."

"He was just- p- d-" Braxton can't finish his sentence, noticing Khan comforting Uzi, he doesn't want to say it.

SD-N winced at the brutal death on screen, 'Where am I? Why didn't I stop it?' he asks himself, 'Will Uzi forgive me for not saving him? Biscuits.' it's so confusing.

SD-J, however, has the smuggest look she can conjure, "Ha, so there are other ways to harm the brat. Clever, future me. I would commend you in person if you existed for causing immeasurable mental damage to this corrupt drone."

SD-V seems, enamored by the oil spilled.

Uzi's thoughts are, less than pleasant, 'It's all my fault. All because of some stupid teenage ideas! I just get the few drones I care about killed. I really am a disappointment, dad was right, I am a disappointment.'

"Uzi." Khan is worried for his daughter, "Uzi, please, talk to me. I'm not, dead, yet. It's the future right? It can be changed." just need to build a door to block off that area. That should solve it.

Uzi maintains a death grip like hug on him, 'Don't leave me.' is the subtle hint she's giving.

Khan just keeps her embraced, she's been traumatized. The WDF don't know what exactly to say. This is, well, Uzi's having it bad. Now their deaths were bad, but Khan? Yeah, Uzi's mind is going to break if this keeps up.

Thad hopes he doesn't die in the future, Uzi doesn't need any more reason to lose her sanity.

"What...?" Uzi is stunned by the scene.

The Solver goes in to kill Uzi, but it gets struck by a missile fired by N.

N says, "UZI SHOOT! GIVE IT TO ME!" He keeps firing, "UZI! YOU GOOD?!"

"...No." Uzi responds, broken.

N grabs the railgun only to be revealed it was a hologram disguising the Solver's claw.

"Pranked, idiot." says the Solver in the same monotone voice.

The Solves throws Uzi to the side, knocking the railgun out of her hands, and grabs her, "Lucky for you, it's mouth time. Time to go into my mouth now."

"Lay a hand on my daughter, and I will do more than build a door to keep you out!" declares Khan, though his glare is directed at SD-J who looks disbelieving. Not that she says anything, the amount of glares she's receiving is keeping her from making a mistake.

'Oh shut it, it's the future, right? I have done no harm, yet.' thought SD-J internally praises her future self.

Before the Solver could feast on Uzi, the real N this time, saws off its appendages.

"N&Ms!" Thad is relieved, "Thank gosh you're there now."

SD-N nods, hoping it isn't another illusion by the solver, but seeing it seems, surprised by him, it's the real him, probably. He doesn't say anything because he feels he should have helped earlier, since Uzi just saw her dad die.

The railgun suddenly turns red as N fights the claws.

Absolute Solver:Ow. And please don't. And also, I was using those.

"As if I care about that!" exclaims Uzi, 'Holy crap my railgun's going to explode, but this time, it has an actual power cell, not some mockup battery... plot armor don't fail me now!'

SD-J also realizes the railgun's glowing red, "Not again." she scowls in a low voice.

N grabs Uzi and they make their escape as the railgun self-destructs... As they regain themselves, they look back at the mess. Hologram of Khan's halves vanishing.

"It was, a hologram?" Uzi is shocked.

Khan is similarly caught off guard, "So, it wasn't real, then?"

Alf shrugs, "Yeah, I guess. It was just a realistic hologram."

Lizzy lets out a sigh of relief, 'Oh thank gosh, I thought the freak would kill me.' she is glad Uzi directed most of her anger at the twintail murder drone... because oh boy, Uzi is well within distance to lunge at her.

Doll doesn't seem all that affected.

"What was...? Which parts of that were real...?" asks Uzi, more to herself rather than N.

Absolute Solver then appears it's tiny parasitic form and starts to flee, leaping over debris and scurrying across the metal floor, "Sneaky sneaky. Sneaking away. Get snuck up on." but then N stabs it, "Ow."

"f*ck IT UP N!" Uzi has no more filter, she starts shouting rather, well, she's seen a lot so one can't blame her, "f*ck IT UP FOR DOING SUCH A DECEPTIVE sad*stIC ACT!"

"I'll do my best Uzi!" SD-N admits, weakly, Uzi's kind of, um, scary like this.

SD-J decides it's probably best not to talk right now, not wanting to give Uzi an excuse to shoot her in her unstable state. Opting to instead silently grumble about dying, again.

SD-V just rolls her eyes, "I normally would join J in mocking you, but this doesn't seem like, you." she points out.


SD-N rubs his ears, or where ears would be, drones don't have ears. But, Uzi's very loud. He understands, but damn, she has powerful speakers when she's pissed off.

He repeatedly stabs it and it repeats the word of pain, until it turns into a miniature black hole and floats off.

Uzi lets out a flurry of curse words at that, because the thing apparently survived by just becoming an object incapable of being destroyed. She nearly left to release her anger on something, but MS-15780 managed to convince her to stay. Just for a while longer. Promising things will be better.

"Sorry Uzi." SD-N apologizes, "It looks like it, got away?"

Uzi's anger subsides briefly, "It's not your fault N, but we are going to burn that thing when we get back." the containers she means, as that appears to be the source of Absolute Solver's host bodies.

Hearing a commotion heading their way, N tries to help Uzi to her feet, but she resists in fear.

"What... are you things...?" Uzi is in shock by the looks of it.

Hurt by Uzi's newfound distrust in him, N flees the scene as a search party led by Khan shows up.

"Uzi?" Khan is surprised to see her here.

Uzi silently staggers towards him.

"Are you okay?" asks Lizzy, a bit unsettled by Uzi's zombie like movement on screen.

"S-Sorry for not being able to cope with the fact I thought my dad died." says Uzi, voice cracking slightly, but still giving off a rather vexed tone, still affected by the shocking reveal earlier.

Lizzy finches, 'Geeze I just wanted to ask if you were okay. No need to be so aggressive.'

Khan determines he should block that place off with a door as soon as possible, and block off the warehouse with a door. Keep that Absolute Solver contained before it hurts his daughter further, he won't lose her like he lost Nori.

"What are you doin-" Uzi, without word, hugs her father, who silently returns the embrace. He gestures for the WDF accompanying him to scour the area. Khan looks up and sees N, who makes his escape. Giving a subtle glare upwards where N was for a moment.

Doll is sitting by herself in the classroom, looking at a photo, person on it yet unseen. A robotic co*ckroach crawls up her arm as she looks back towards the door and remembers what happened earlier when Lizzy saw a hologram of herself behind the door.

"Gorgeous, right?! I'm gonna let her in." Lizzy walks towards the door.

Thad is confused, "Didn't we already see this?"

Doll looks over noticing Alf looking right at her and realizes that, she is going to be exposed.

Doll quickly does a motion with her left hand aimed at the door, a red Absolute Solver symbol briefly appearing before she clenches her fist, causing the door to cave in slightly, breaking it, just before Lizzy could unlock it. Making Lizzy jump in surprise.

Two thoughts go through Uzi's mind at that. For one, she's thankful Doll didn't let the thing in. But the second thought override the first one, "Hold on, you have the Absolute Solver thing too?!"

Doll, for a moment, considers just taking out the hosts, but at a glance, she is unlikely to take on this many people at once. She can only focus on one thing at a time. Since the hosts are in three directions, taking them all out, will be difficult. Their reflexes are quick, and it's not quite a risk to take.

So, she goes for the alternative, "Da." she answers, reserved and miniscule.

"Wha- how?! Can I do that too?!" Uzi's briefly overcome by, amazement, if not confusion and annoyance, "How long did you have it-" then realizes, "Wait do you know anything about it then? What is it?"

Doll knows she can be honest here, "Я не знаю (I don't know). Я искал ответы, но не нашел ничего полезного (I was looking for answers, but have found nothing useful)."

Uzi seems disappointed, "Damn it." but then realizes, "Hey could you teach me to do that stuff? Psychic powers is sick as hell!"

Doll is, uncertain. For one, Uzi has befriended murder drones, the ones who killed her parents. Why would she ever consider helping a collaborator?

"Нет." Doll is blunt in her refusal.

"What? WHY?!" Uzi is unable to comprehend it.

Doll can't afford to teach a possible enemy of the ability, so she opts to go a more logical route, "Потому что я не верю, что вы будете нести за это ответственность (Because I don't trust you to be responsible with it)." ironic, she knows.

"Bite me! I won't tear up the school or anything!" replies Uzi.

Khan is having flashbacks at the reveal, Nori... that symbol. Doesn't help Doll has similar purple hair. But then, was Doll connected to what happened to Nori? He';s beginning to suspect something, malicious, is up with Doll. That symbol never means anything good every time it was brought up. Not that it could be used for good but, well, she bent a door, that's kind of a bad thing in his perspective. But doors aside, that's a bad sign.

"Psychic powers are totally chill." Thad is cool about this, "But thanks for saving the class."

Doll feels awkward, this, isn't quite what she expected, "Ничего?" she hopes her, well, habits won't be revealed.

Lizzy also adds, "I'm glad you stopped me from letting that thing in." because she'd probably get beaten by Uzi and that's not something she wants.

As the worker drones discuss matters, a seemingly human teenager appears in the back, out of view, grey jacket, short skirt, knee high socks, and short hair. She grins like a jester, 'Ah, this world might not be so boring after all.' she giggles into her palm, stifling her voice as to not reveal herself, 'I can see why you wanted me here Alf-kun~.'

SD-N is flabbergasted to say the least, just in surprise at seeing that, '...Wait can Uzi do that too? Biscuits, that's kind of cool.' he almost wants such powers for himself. Because that looks amazing.

Lizzy seems, surprised, "Jesus, sorry, industrial strength ghost or whatever. Settle." she sits back down, arms folded.

She takes her seat as the hologram glares over at Doll for messing with it's attempt, as it appears to recognize what Doll had done, almost seeming betrayed or disappointed by Doll's action, before disappearing.

Uzi then feels, well, off, "Wait, do you know that thing?! It clearly recognized you!"

Doll had an excuse prepared, "Это было просто несчастливо, я сорвал его попытку. (It was just dissatisfied I foiled it's attempt)."

"That- makes sense." Uzi let's it go, for now, but she is skeptical about that.

Khan doesn't seem to believe it.

Back in the present time, the roach crawls onto the photo, only for Doll to cause it to explode, solver symbol flashes in her right (or left I forget) eye for a moment. She licks it's oil off her face.

"Ew." Lizzy is slightly disgusted by that.

Doll is concerned, not because that's embarrassing, more so it kind of hints at her true self.

"I know bugs are supposed to have protein or whatever, but that's kind of disgusting." states Uzi.

We see what's in the photograph she's holding. It appears to be V.

SD-N sends a gaze over towards Doll, 'Did V do something to her parents? She said her parents died so- does she want revenge? Oh no, is she going to attack V?!' SD-N is the first to connect the dots, kind of.

Back at the Corpse Spire, V speaks to N, who is still guilt-ridden over what happened earlier.

V sighs, "I hate your personality normally, but this is somehow worse. What am I being punished for?" but seeing N look, well, still sad, has V look a little, sad? She looks a bit sad for N's sad, or merely disappointed after she looks down and notices that her chain is broken, crossing her arms seeing that she isn't getting N to understand.

"You look worse than usual, seriously, lighten up, it isn't like you N." remarks SD-V in the audience, equally disappointed in N's future self's sulking. It's just not like him.

Meanwhile Uzi is in her room, laying down on her bed, and looking up at a web of theories in regards to the Absolute Solver program.

At that, well, a flurry of discussion begins. Most of it directed at Doll. Because she seems to hold some form of control over her Absolute Solver ability. Uzi mostly asking if she can learn such powers.

Doll cryptically replies, "Не от дрона-убийцы (Not from a murder drone)." though she really doesn't want to teach Uzi, they're not friends, not quite enemies, okay they kind of are Uzi is aligning herself with the murder drones.

SD-J, is conflicted, 'I am unable to ascertain that worker's motives. It holds the same, symbol of the solver. Yet, it's most suspicious. That behavior isn't normal. Are there stages to the corruption? I'm starting to wonder if the company was- no, the company knows what it's doing. They must have have been ignorant of this information. But, this chances things. Is the Absolute Solver aligned with the company? Or itself? Why would it give worker drones psychic powers? This could severely delay our progress!' Doll is an enigma to her, more than Uzi. Uzi is blunt, Doll seems, cryptic and reserved. Not to mention dangerous. Now SD-J considers bumping up Doll to the top of her priority list to investigate and probably dismantle as soon as possible. Though Uzi is close second.

This situation has gotten complicated and SD-J is beginning to have, doubts.

SD-V seems, somewhat concerned about the fact a worker drone with voodoo powers has a grudge regarding her. Not that she's complaining, and considering if she can perhaps dismantle that drone wizard before they can do anything.

SD-N is equally concerned of Doll, 'Maybe she'll be reasonable, like Uzi? Yeah, purple haired drones seem nice. She did protect her class from that Absolute Solver thing. That means she's a friend! Right? Well, I mean, she seems to have something against V... maybe I could convince her, not to hurt V? Biscuits no! That'd be insensitive! She lost her parents, right? Oh biscuits how do I deal with this?' he glances over towards Doll, who is being questioned by Uzi, mostly about cool psychic powers and how she discovered it, when she got it. Doll doesn't answer and just, leaves to a room. Lizzy following.

At the very least Uzi's doing, good. Probably helps that Doll technically saved her dad's life so she is grateful for that. And having psychic powers is a dream of most.

SD-J is just on the verge of an inner debate because this Absolute Solver, confuses her. Is it an ally? An enemy? Why does it give worker drones psychic abilities? Or was this lying dormant? The company wouldn't give such a dangerous ability to the workers. So why?

Chapter 4: Murder Drones - Episode 3 The Promening


Been a while hasn't it? Yeah, bunch of stuff happened, loss of motivation, personal issues, writing character development. Won't lie, had a major burn out in writing and an internal debate on if I should re-write the whole thing, decided ultimately not to, for now at least. Had to find out where I would take this too, make an outline. At first I was just going with the flow, but now I have an idea where to go.

Also the wiki folks got things wrong as they often do at the beginning of every episode drop. Sarah is the worker drone that alerted Khan to a situation in EP2. Detective Lady is unnamed. I've been deciding if to call her Deca or Adira. Came to me as a play on the word Detective Lady throwing in an r. I don't think she's a major character much so just throwing some name will work just fine I think. Unless Glitch releases the official transcript... I wonder how they named them in there. I'm going to call her Adira from now on for that reason. Probably will edit that for the last few chapters.

I think I've made Uzi say bite me too much this chapter lol.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Doll was feeling many things. But at this moment, she felt a mixture of emotions. Anger, confusion, and concern. Mostly concern. What if they find out about what she's doing?

She had quite a few, kills, under her name. Now it's not like it'll be shown, right?

'Blyat.' Doll caresses the side of her head, she feels a headache coming on.

She glances down at her hands, flashes back to... those times. She doesn't regret what she's done. She's still trying to find out what's happened to her, even she doesn't have all the answers.

But, if Uzi gets this in the future, this could be troublesome. Would Uzi agree with her methods? Definitely not from what she's seen. But that's to be expected.

With everyone in such close proximity, even if she still possesses the solver's ability, having pulled the vase off the bedside drawer for confirmation. She can't help but feel unease towards the hosts. She doesn't know them like the others. She has confidence if she desires she could just restrain the disassembly drones on the spot. There's plenty of objects around to use, but the hosts are wildcards. One looks like a disassembly drone, another appears to be a worker drone, but his reflexes are unlike any she's seen. But the plushies, they are the most unpredictable of them all.

'Как мне поступить с этими живыми куклами? (How do I deal with those living dolls?)' thinks Doll, remembering their unique ability to conjure up whatever weapons they desire to threaten that bitch of a drone, J was it? Not that she cares to memorize their names, only that she wants them dead... and then, after that, find out more about this solver.

The little Russian worker glances at Lizzy, whose present in the room as per Doll's request, "Что (What)?"

"So, why did you want me here again?" Lizzy looks at her nails, which don't appear to exist, do drones even have nails?

"Приближается выпускной вечер, верно? (Prom is coming up, correct?)" asks Doll, a plan formulating in her mind.

Lizzy nods, "Yeah, last I checked the list has five main candidates for prom queen." and begins to list off the candidates with her fingers, "Angela Palmer, whose got this cult interest in this collection of old DvDs called The Office is really rubbing me off the wrong way. She's borderline obsessive."

She raises a second finger, "Dillan Hall, she's a bitch." Lizzy doesn't appear to give a crap with her half hearted look towards Doll, saying all there is to know about that character, "Moving on, there is Kelsey Day, she's a nerdy bookworm, need I say more?"

"Kenzie Rivers, whose constantly droning on about how her limbs and organs are intact, how wonderful life is going for her, ugh." Lizzy cringes at the reminder of such a bitch, ironic coming from her, "Nobody will miss her if she's gone. Which I hope for every day. Seriously she just keeps moaning on and on-"

Doll narrows her gaze, " Продолжайте, пожалуйста (Continue, please)." she has little time to hear of Lizzy's opinions regarding the candidates. The others are going to probably start wondering why they're taking so long to return to the theatre.

"Gosh, alright, time constraints I know." Lizzy rolls her eyes, raising a fourth finger, "Lamey Gillmore, her name speaks for herself. I swear from what Rebecca told me, that girl's idea of a prank is distancing herself from her friends and family. Can you believe it?" Lizzy sees the whole notion of this as a prank to be, quite hilarious. Is it a bitch move? Probably, but the girl could go missing and nobody would be the wiser, "Honestly." she places her hands on her hips, "None of these girls even have an ounce of prom queen material."

"Вполне (Quite)." Doll remarks as Lizzy finished her rather detailed analysis on each of the candidates, " Они все присутствуют, не так ли? (They're all present, aren't they?)" smirking ever so slightly.

Lizzy is not liking where this is going, "Uh, yeah I saw them sitting up front... why?"

Doll grins, but plays off the worry as one of her profession does, "Нет причин, просто небольшой план, чтобы заставить дроны-убийцы платить за то, что они сделали с моими родителями. (No reason, just a small plan to make the murder drones pay for what they did to my parents). Я уверен, что вы понимаете (I'm sure you understand).

'Damn that's hot.' how Lizzy considers Doll a friend or something more, few don't know. Perhaps Doll legitimately considers her a friend, or merely an asset. Either way, the two are close.

Doll's thoughts shift to the hosts, 'Но как поступить с хозяевами (But how to deal with the hosts)?' after all, the solver has its limits.

Unlike the force, she can only focus on one target at a time. If everyone decided to jump her, it'll be... difficult to deal with to put it lightly.

She could invite them, take them out one by one. Prom is a fair distance away, but she can get started now... if only those hosts were not present. Far too many factors to take into consideration and the risk isn't worth it. She has time, no need to rush it. It's a few weeks before prom, she has time.


Meanwhile, with the disassembly drones, SD-OC once again standing off to the side keeping an eye on them. This time with plushies as backup.

"That other purple worker drone, Doll was it?" SD-J glanced towards SD-V.

The mentally unstable disassembly drone shrugs, "How the hell would I know?"

SD-J rolls her eyes, "Of course."

That, Doll, is an anomaly. Perhaps the entire reason of their mission. Literal proof the worker drones have been corrupted. But from the looks of it she can't simply do her job. The so called hosts are preventing them from committing well justified dismantling of liabilities. Threats to the company and by extent humanity.

But Uzi? Oh, Uzi is just trying to see how high she can score on J's priority list. The brat has unlocked some, dormant code? Becoming just like that, Doll was it? Was that it's name? It's safe to assume every single worker has this code lying dormant and upon activation causes their psychic like abilities to unlock. Certainly this is a cause of concern for anyone. It's no wonder the company sent them on this mission. Such a threat must be dealt with, if only she could fulfill that here and now with all the threats gathered in one place. The Absolute Solver can be dealt with later, but those two workers, Uzi and Doll... there has to be something more sinister at work with those two.

SD-J narrows her gaze towards one of the hosts, "If only they could divert their attention elsewhere, it could give us an opening to dismantle those two... solver infected worker drones."

SD-V doesn't feel so confident in that. She doesn't usually voice her opinions, but a small feeling nudges in her mind that J is likely underestimating both Uzi and Doll. And she loathes the feeling, but Doll frightens her.


Uzi was back at the range, practicing with her sick as hell railgun, or more specifically a kinetic-energy hybrid of a rifle. Serial Designation N was off on the side, playing a round of blackjack with the boys.

"Alright, show your decks."

The drones throw down their decks, N appears to have won, all others have gotten numbers too low or beyond twenty one.

"Aw shucks."


"He has to be cheating."

The worker drones voice their complaints. SD-N beams with confidence, "Heh, sorry guys, looks like I win again." what can he say? He's practiced every-time he wasn't out hunting in ever manner of cards. He just prefers rummy, but you never know when you need to know blackjack! In the event some psychopath kidnaps you and hooks you up to an electric shock machine that can also remove your fingers should you get a bad deck. Death is a big incentive to learn many things!

While N enjoys the many games of cards, Uzi is still getting used to proper gun usage.

"Why the hell does an energy weapon have bullet drop?!" exclaims Uzi, in frustration, she designed it to be a mix, but it appears for some reason the universe is screwing with her.

UMP-45 shrugs, "It's your design isn't it?"

"Bite me! I know what I made! Probably some cosmic bullsh*t messing with the functions." retorts Uzi, giving a firm strike with a fist to the side of the railgun, "It's suppose to be a photon convergence device, not a magnetically amplified projectile launcher!"

UMP-45 glances over to her partner, SL8, who had finished her assigned logistical mission in time to give Uzi some tips on how to use a firearm that is oddly similar to her signature weapon.

"She's all yours SL8." UMP-45 remarks, slinging her submachine gun around her shoulder, "I'm resigning for today.

SL8 grinned at the prospect, "Well don't mind if I do." bringing down her rifle, an H&K SL8, "Shelf your little toy, look at how I use a rifle." holding it up taking aim downrange, "Your stance is all wrong. Not quite the fault of UMP-45, but your gun ain't a submachine gun. That's a little more of my expertise."

Uzi processes the information intently. While she was reluctant at first, at least her accuracy with this has been vastly improved. Anime isn't that realistic on gun usage and maintenance. That was self-taught from manuals she found all over. Why the company kept manuals on experimental energy based weapons is beyond her knowledge.

But Uzi has to admit, this SL8 has class. But these androids being named after their guns is somewhat, well, she can't judge them for that. After all, she is named Uzi. But is armed with a rifle.

SL8 kind of pointed that out, "You know, your name is Uzi, but you use a rifle..." after setting down her rifle she flicks out a rubix cube, mixing it and solving it within seconds, "What's up with that?"

Uzi shrugs, "I just thought I'd be shooting murder drones from a distance..." remembering how she used it in so close of a proximity, she kind of negated the use of a precision rifle, "...but now I feel like I should have really thought about the design more since all I'm ever going to use it is in close quarters."

SL8 nods, "Sometimes a mission doesn't go as smoothly as hoped, but that's why the commander has us trained for a variety of situations."

Uzi looks over at Alf, whose leaning at the doorway, waiting for those present to finish with whatever the heck they're doing on break.

Before Uzi can ask a question, SD-OC lets out a shout from the theater, "BY THE COMPANY!"

Alf rolls his eyes , "What?"

"I FOUND THE FOURTH DISC!" yells SD-OC, "Come on let's not wait any longer!"

"Alright everyone!" Alf's voice grabs everyone's attention, "You ready for the next viewing? Because we don't need to watch until you feel ready. Pretty sure all this future watching is heavy."

SL8 gives a look at Uzi, "You want to call it quits for now? We can practice a little on tactics next time. What do you say?"

Uzi smirks, "Hell yeah." at the very least, she's confident she can hit a target now. Unmoving that is. Kind of hard to hit something moving quicker than the eye can see. Despite being a robot, worker drones are not programmed with such advanced targeting arrays, neither are disassembly drones... or perhaps the disassembly drones prefer melee over ranged weapons.


After a bit of rest, everyone had finally gotten back to their seats. SD-OC had a plush shove the next disc in.

The scene flashes by, showing the preparations for Prom, 3071 in the gymnasium or auditorium.

Teacher blinks, "Huh, time flies." it's been a while since their last prom.

'Isn't prom like, a week away or something?' Thad rubs his chin in thought.

Uzi on the other hand, could care less about the event, she'll just, not show up, like every other social event. Anyone who thinks otherwise can bite her.

Then it swaps ominously to some missing posters in the hallway at school. Suddenly a female student, Kelsey Day, is seen running from something in the darkened halls, slamming into a locker in her panic to get away from whatever is pursuing her, nothing the audience can notice outright.

Kelsey in the audience winced at seeing her future self running for her apparent life, "I-I thought the murder drones were okay with us now?!" she squeaked.

Uzi narrows her gaze, 'That is unsettling, but something's off. I don't think it's the murder drones at work here... maybe the solver? It did turn into a black hole, thing, and got away.'

Doll couldn't help but feel a sense of dread, not quite for the worker on screen, more so for herself... this feels, familiar.

Lizzy gives Doll a worried look. Because they we're discussing, removal of prom candidates for reasons. And knowing Doll, it's likely she already had this plan in the works for a while.

Suddenly her glasses get broken, blurring her vision. Without her glasses, she can barely see another worker in the distance. She puts her broken glasses back on and notices a nearby surveillance camera turning by itself.

The girl looks forward. Someone is in front of her. It's Doll.

In that moment, Doll was up and the first to be yeeted into the wall was SD-OC. Alf had dived behind a chair while MS-15780 decided to not attract the attention of the psychic in the room, having had experience in dealing with such a person and it's not a good memory.

What Doll didn't anticipate, was that SD-J would take advantage of the inability of the hosts to stop her ('Finally!') and she charged Doll at the first opportunity. SD-V would follow, a bit reluctant but she knows a threat when she sees one. SD-N was a little, hesitant, but even he felt like he had to perhaps, do something. Now J might hate him, still, V is a mixed bag, but Doll is a clear and present danger.

On the bright side, Alf's backup snapped her fingers and every violent person in the room was bound by an unseen force and lifted into the air. Doll's concentration was broken from this sudden action, and for a moment she was uncertain what was happening. Uzi had her railgun out but to be fair, she didn't quite want to kill Doll, who might know stuff related to the solver, and by extent, her mother. Uzi takes back what she said last time, Doll is probably not as trustworthy as she initially thought.

"Wow and I thought this universe was going to be boring~!" the new arrival giggles like a child, her 4ft 5in stature doing little to change that perception, "Simply, amazing! I think I'll stick around, in case anyone else in this audience has some magical vodoo."

Heads turn to the new host.

"Hai hai everyone! It's your resident prankster goddess!" declares Chibisan, the child-like omnipotent being in a grey attire, "Now bow before me mortals! And I might not replace your eyes with your toes!"

A worker drone with green eyes and glasses raises a hand, "How would you replace-"

Chibisan snaps her fingers, "Blam!" grinning wickedly as if a toddler given a new toy.

The worker drone suddenly has feet for eyes, and eyes for a mouth, it looks like a horrible animation error as they let out a muffled scream. The other worker drones backing away from their malformed classmate.

Alf is glaring at her, "Chibisan..." he warns.

"Alright fine! Geeze, what a bunch of party poopers." Chibisan sighs and snaps her fingers, the worker drone is back to normal and takes a deep breath.

That worker drone with glasses takes a look at a none-existent camera, "Now that's an awfully convenient way to showcase someone's power level." says the guy who dies because of an awfully convenient reason to be outside.

"Как говорят в России (As we say in Russia). Упс, я действительно должен был предсказать, что божество эльдрича появится из ниоткуда и помешает мне убить половину людей в театре (Oops, I really should have predicted an eldritch deity would appear out of nowhere and prevent me from killing half the people in the theatre)." Doll comments to no one in particular, despite being restrained telekinetically by Chibisan.

Chibisan snaps her fingers again and gravity is disabled resulting in everyone slowly lifting from their seats, "Whoops! Wrong aspect of reality to modify. Hold please!" she snaps again, and everyone falls back into their seats, some onto the floor.

"What the hell's your problem?!" Uzi glares up at the omnipotent being.

While Thad rubs the back of his head, "Couldn't you have set us down more easy?"

"Now where's the fun in that?" says Chibisan with a giggle at the end, "I'm the most renown prankster in the multiverse! Err, my multiverse that is. My own little universe! While I did not make my multiverse, I am the daughter of those who had! So that means I own at least twenty percent!" she places a hand on her chest, looking rather smug, "I have a reputation to upload!" she's a lot less intimidating as her voice sounds as if it hadn't even hit puberty yet.

Chibisan smiles, "Heh, I can't believe I thought this world would be boring. It's totally my kind of place." she snaps and a thin glass of lemon juice falls right into her free hand, with an umbrella slowly floating down right into the drink, "There we go! I'm going to stick around for this viewing, comprendo amigo?"

Alf scoffs, "No, you're gonna comment on every single thing that happens."

Chibisan snorts, trying and failing to sound genuine, "I would absolutely not comment about every little detail."

"No, you'd specifically roast everyone about their incompetence and lack of moral compass."

Chibisan shrugs, "Got me there. But you have to admit that's the most glaring issue with how they confront their problems."

Alf is still glaring, she sighs, "Okay fine, I took away that robot's power so it should be fine now. さようなら! And, good night!" then snaps, as she combusts into particles of light, which faded away after a few seconds. The workers are left, in awe at the display.

SD-V smirks, "Nice magic trick, bet I can do better." looking over towards the walking oil dispensers- err worker drones.

"What kind of trick can you do?" asks Kenzie Rivers, curious, unlike her fellow workers who are still processing what just happened.

"I can make a worker completely disappear, would you like to volunteer?" replies SD-V with a sad*stic smile, and slight glitch in her left eye.

The worker drone realizes the implications, "Thanks but no thanks, I happen to have a love for my limbs and vital innards."

SD-J rolls her eyes, "What sort of recession have I fallen into?" these hosts are too much for her, are they by chance responsible for this messed up situation?

Chibisan suddenly appears, "Nope! We had nothing to do with this world, we're just here to show you a future even we don't know about!"

"OUT!" yells Alf, "Get out! Or so help me I'll-"

Chibisan pouts, "I only wanted to make sure they understand we didn't cause the end of this world."

"I know we didn't, they probably know it too."

"No we didn't." says Lizzy, in a matter of fact tone, "You left that out!"

Chibisan snorted, "Pffft whatever, I'm out nerds!" and this time she just fades out of reality.

SD-OC claps his hands, "Okay everyone! Ignore that random omnipotent being that had to step in. Back to watching your future so you do not screw things up!" nobody complains, because it's better to just not unpack what just happened, it appears everyone's taking a page out of SD-N's approach regarding stuff he doesn't comprehend.

While the female disassembly drones and Doll had been set back into their seats. Let's just say some worker drones are scooting as far as they can from Doll. That is especially the case for the prom candidates.

Doll herself found she couldn't use her abilities, and cursed under her breath. At the very least Lizzy remains by her side.

Doll uses her Absolute Solver ability to tear the girl's right arm off, Kelsey letting out a scream of immense pain. Doll then summons a cleaver, multiplies it times three, and using the solver sends the cleavers flying towards Kelsey, whose final moments are of sheer horror in her eyes, seen in her brief reflection on the blades.

Kelsey, is left beyond spooked, she's downright feeling, well, seeing her future self get her arm torn off made her reconsider lunch, dinner, and tomorrow's breakfast. But her death being all but confirmed?

"Why me?" is her only words.

Doll, doesn't answer.

At the very least Thad is here, so he can offer a shoulder to cry on, literally. He's a gentleman, perhaps one of the few supportive worker drones around.

Uzi is quite disturbed by this, "What the f*ck?!" there's no interruption to stop her from finishing the cuss word this time around.

Riley doesn't seem to be concerned with all this, "The soundtrack's so the vibe."

"So not the time Riley!" says Rebecca, "Read the room!"

Lizzy doesn't quite know what to say, she knows Doll would kill them, but by the company this is just, brutal to witness, 'But she looks so hot doing it!'

Kinks aside, it does look pretty cool. But nobody is impressed when their on the receiving end of death.

Later, Doll returns to her home, where two robot co*ckroaches that may or may not be related to the solver squabble over the oil. Doll appears to step on a victor insect in the process, uses her telekinesis powers to put her books onto a shelf after throwing her backpack down. Then crosses the girl's name, Kelsey, off the list for prom queen candidates.

'The hell is this?' Uzi's eyes widen as she realizes the similarity, "Holy crap." her voice getting a few nearby worker drone's attention, she looks to Doll, "Are you some kind of yandere for the prom queen position?" it's just like those cheesy seasonal anime with a school yandere. But last Uzi remembered, there isn't a prom king. So why the hell would Doll kill the candidates?

Doll, just shrugs, giving a somewhat eerie smile, " Как я могу знать, о чем думает мое будущее «я» (How could I know what my future self is thinking)?"

"I call bullsh*t." Uzi snarls, she knows that Doll is hiding something behind that totally not genuine smile.

She wants answers, but it's clear Doll would give anything, but maybe this episode will reveal some things about the resident russian. Because Doll is most definitely not a yandere... right? That would be too cliché. She would interrogate the unknown herself, but something tells Uzi that the hosts would not approve her trying to coerce answers from Doll at gunpoint.

'This episode better hold some answers.' she grumbles to herself.

Doll looks over to the figures covered in sheets at the table, "Мам, Пап, я вернулась. (I'm back, Mom, Dad)." As a hoard of co*ckroaches crawl on the walls.

'Ah... I think I know what's going on now.' Uzi glances over at Doll, who isn't doing as well as she can being restrained by an omnipotent being no longer present, "V killed your parents, didn't she?"

Doll doesn't answer, but she has an expression of annoyance.

Uzi can't blame her, after all, she does blame the company for the death of her mother... not quite the disassembly drones, even if they are directly responsible, it was under orders from the damn company. But that does make her understand Doll's reasoning, but still. It's no excuse.

'I didn't go murdering half the school because my mom died in some- hold on is this? No. f*cking. Way.' Uzi's eyes widen as she pieces together what Doll's actions mean in a bigger picture.

Doll clearly hates V. Doll is getting rid of prom queen candidates... but hold on V doesn't even attend the school. Now sure Prom Queen stands on the stage, gives a small speech. Uzi herself never liked it, then again, she never went to any school event, preferring to stay at home, scheme the end of humanity, liberation of robo-kind, making a kickass railgun. You know, normal teenager stuff. She wasn't social in the first place and few drones even remember her existence.

Uzi shakes off that line of that, 'No way, it can't be some elaborate plan to trick V into coming to prom and killing her there while her guard is down. There's too many conditions that have to be met. No one would be stupid enough to make an overly risky plan like that. The target would have to be completely unsuspecting, or an idiot. V doesn't look like she'd fall for such an obvious ploy.' however, Uzi has forgotten that Lizzy exists and quite frankly would help lower some risk by gaining V's trust, at least, for a long enough moment.

Lizzy, meanwhile, can't help but ask, "Do you ever clean?" the sight of such a home is disgusting to say the least.

Doll rolls her eyes, " Я был занят (I've been busy)." murdering worker drones to keep herself from losing her mind. A clean home is quite low on her priority list.

"You think?" Thad doesn't really know what to say and settles for this instead. Because damn, even he's starting to feel as if their outpost is cursed or something.

Scene changes to Uzi lying on her bed looking at the ceiling of all these drawings of the solver and stuff. Trying to piece together what's going on.

Uzi remembers what she said to N before he left, 'What... are you things...?'

[Sleep Mode] [GUILT: ACTIVE] appears on her visor for a moment.

She appears to feel very guilty over how she reacted to N after he quite literally saved her life from the Absolute Solver Host and Eldritch J. Uzi is lying on the floor with notes and theories and drawings of the absolute solver lying all around her, even under the bed.

'...' Khan is having flashbacks to Nori's drawings and warnings about those sky demons. Perhaps if he had listened to her and made preparations earlier, maybe she'd still be alive.

He won't make the same mistake this time around with Uzi. Though, it is disturbing how crazy Uzi's going over all this solver stuff.

Uzi can feel the guilt from her future self, granted watching something happen on screen and experiencing it are two different matters, 'Please make up with him!' losing a good friend like him would be a big loss.

She looks up at a drawing of herself and N somehow on the ceiling, it's made by N, saying 'Thanks for being my friend!' She lets out a long groan of regret. Apparently doing so throughout the school day. In class as she sits all funny on the desk, in the gym even after getting struck by a dodgeball, and finally, at her locker as she takes a book out. Rebecca walks by and knocks Uzi off the small stack of books she was standing on to reach her locker door.

"Yeah, meeting Brad in an hour." says Rebecca to Trevor, kicking out the books Uzi was standing on for use as a stool to reach into her locker. as if Uzi didn't exist.

"Er, no hard feelings Uzi?" Rebecca, quite frankly, doesn't want to be on the receiving end of Uzi's wrath.

Uzi just gives her a look, "Your lucky this hasn't happened yet... BUT IT COULD HAVE!" while she won't do something so drastic, she might just yeet a book at her. And that is precisely what her on self does.

Uzi took the green book in her hand and hurls it at Rebecca.

"Can you imagine going to prom alone?" remarks Rebecca, this seemingly aimed towards Uzi.

Uzi glares good and hard at Rebecca. Not like she'd go to prom, but that's still quite rude.

Uzi's book hits Braiden instead who was just walking out and started to wave at Rebecca and Trevor, who didn't even notice him.

Braiden's head is on fire, and still on fire. Ever since Uzi hacked his body, well, it appears his head remained on fire even in the future, "Not cool." he comments after seeing himself get struck by a book.

Uzi growls slightly seeing that she missed her intended target, "Damn it, missed the bitch." she grumbles to herself. She doesn't really like Braiden either, but the book was aimed for Rebecca.

'I only tripped you! It wasn't like I stabbed you in the back or anything!' Rebecca reasons in her thoughts, wise enough not to say it out loud. No need to draw Uzi's ire. But the irony is Uzi would get her back, in the future, tenfold.

SD-J is starting to wonder just how worker drones survive as a society with all this negative feedback towards their savior twice over, 'I am impressed by her mental fortitude. I'm was the brat would snap under the pressure and make my job that much easier.'

"You know, if you want Uzi, I could take you to prom." suggests Thad, a fine gentleman.

Uzi is, well, "Uh, thanks but I'm fine. Stupid words won't get to be."

Trevor lets out a laugh, "Ha, I'd be all like, "I don't deserve happiness." that remark clearly aimed at Uzi in particular with his glance over his shoulder.

"Bite me!" Uzi snaps, "I don't even want to go to prom!" folding her arms defiantly.

"Oh come on, you'd look so gorgeous in a dress." states Lizzy with a smirk.

Uzi for a moment, imagined herself in a dress, and that was a thought she did not want to linger, "Yeah, I don't think dresses aren't my thing so, NO. I like my choice of attire, anyone who thinks otherwise can bite me." she'll stick to her beanie and jacket, thank you.

SD-N is giving a stern look towards Trevor who tries to shrink away from the murder drone's glare. He wasn't focused on the prom bit, more so towards the mockery of Uzi, who, to be frank, is undeserving of this verbal beatdown.

"That's a pretty rude thing to say." states SD-N, "What did Uzi ever do to deserve all that? Didn't she kind of save your outpost at the beginning?"

SD-J rolls her eyes, "This is why I refer to them as barely sentient toasters, their behavior swings more than V's tail when she, toys with her catch." all the more reason to her claim that some worker drones are idiots not worth living, enough experience to warp her perception of all of them. That is why she has no problem dispatching them, most of them are incompetent or neglectful, or outright jerks to each other. Perhaps that is why she underestimated Uzi, she thought she'd be the same as the other incompetent worker drones. She never could have anticipated one would produce a weapon capable of harming much less killing a disassembly drone.

"That is kind of a mean thing to say... she did save the outpost, twice." says Kelsey, despite recovering from seeing herself die, she does acknowledge the fact Uzi saved the outpost, twice, 'Not like Uzi did anything super terrible. She couldn't have done better, she did ground herself when having a brief fallout with her dad... why be rude to her? She's had- err has it difficult.' if any she feels thanks for Uzi. Her dying in the future was not really caused by Uzi anyways. She died to a worker drone of all people. Still shaken up by that.

"Wasn't she responsible for the murder drone incursion in the first place?" counters Trevor, quite the wrong move to make.

At that the worker drone population entered a rather intense argument. Those who believe in Uzi having not meant for that and she did save them, most of them, and those who think Uzi just made everything worse. It practically degraded into the workers speaking over each other incoherently. While SD-N looked on in concern, SD-J looked rather proud, and SD-V wishing she could tear them apart, or the worker drones tear each other apart. She's fine either way.

"Didn't that, absolute solver was it? Show up because Uzi killed what's her name in a business suit over there?" Lizzy points out, the memory of that still fresh.

"She ran all the way back knowing full well the murder drones saw her, leading them to our outpost? What did she expect?" adds Rebecca.

"Bite me! I didn't see any of you reacting any better when faced with a murder drone!" retorts Uzi, giving a knowing look at Thad, "Except for you, you actually did something."

Thad gives a thumbs up, and a comforting smile, "It's not your fault Uzi." and gave a glare towards Trevor, "But that was uncalled for Trev."

"Even if my, death, was technically by fault of Uzi." begins Frank, Uzi already giving a harsh gaze, yet softer because of guilt, but he continues despite this attention, "I don't think anyone could have predicted that this, solver thing, would be dormant in the outpost. Waiting to repair those murder drones in the first place."

"Agreed." Sarah holds up her mug, "Even I couldn't see that coming." though she had her suspicions, unless she was actively investigating those odd containers, she wouldn't be the wiser... perhaps she should be a little more curious. Just in case something like this happens in the future... then again, this hasn't happened yet, so it's probably best to deal with that after all this is done, before it kills them.

"Despite the uh, unfortunate situation of our future selves caused by Uzi's actions, I wasn't quite good myself in handling the situation." admits Khan.

Todd shrugs, "At least I died doing what I love." cards is his life, he died by the card, as it should be.

Doll rolls her eyes, 'So, you see Uzi, it is easy to not care for those I kill because most of them don't care or know you even exist.' which is somewhat justifiable, in a twisted sort of sense.

Uzi is surprised by the amount of support she's getting. She was more prepared to just go all angst on the outpost. Not like she ever had people stand up for or with her before. Still getting used to all this positivity.

'This is, not what I expected. Not like I don't like it or anything! It'd be much easier if everyone could just bite me!' Uzi is fine with the support, just wishes it could have, you know, come much, much earlier in her life. Not when some omnipotent beings come alone and practically force them to see the future and stuff.

Sure Uzi may be indirectly responsible for the deaths of a few. But there's no way ANYONE could have expected some kind of eldritch mechanical horror to be dormant inside the outpost's warehouse sector. Then again, he doesn't quite hold the others in good light because he himself is just sent to work and work just like old times. So he feels more for Uzi. No one could have predicted what the future would be like.

On the other hand Khan really hopes Uzi can go to prom, it helps build character. After all it's where he had his first big dance with Nori... but seeing how Uzi's social life is, perhaps it'd be for the best he doesn't force her to do something she doesn't want to do. The manual states that a father should respect their daughter's choices, whatever that means. He never understood that segment.

'Why can't parenting be as simple as constructing a door?' Khan sighs, life just can't be with him on this.

Teacher just takes a few notes. He's already got a list of the worst performing kids of the year, and it's of no surprise Rebecca is on the list. Now usually he just marks them for GPA scores, but low tier bullying is still kind of a big deal for a school's reputation, don't need the principle deducting his bonus.

'Eh, nobody will mind.' Teacher decides to add Trevor's name to the list. Certainly he hasn't quite said it yet, but currently he's not giving much of a damn, besides, it'd give a nice little excuse for a field trip, in other works, a break for him for once.

Sarah notices, because she's sitting right beside him, but could care less. A lot of the students do appear to be jerks, for some reason. At least she voiced some criticism because the safety of the outpost should become before some trivial conference. Not like she'd go out of her way to be a jerk to Uzi, she's not heartless.

SD-V has to give some respect when it's due, 'If it were me, I'd murder those two and hide the bodies. No one would know. Doll, was it? Yeah she seems to have that down to perfection.' ignoring the fact she kind of made Doll into that cold and mostly uncaring revenge focused killer.

Speaking of Doll, Doll is, well not quite happy about the situation, though the restraints have worn off, she can't use the solver's abilities. She's just like any other worker drone. Something that Alf made quite clear with the subtle threat of having his rifle pointed her way. Though should he wave the Plushies are hanging back with their arsenal.

MS-15780 pops a piece of popcorn into her mouth, 'This is getting interesting, commentates Misaka silently as to avoid disturbing the drama unfolding.'

Uzi sighs, picks up her green untitled book back up, and turns to leave. But she stops when some missing persons posters get her attention, it appears Kelsey's is now present.

Kelsey whimpers seeing her poster up, at the very least she has a few friends beside her to keep her comforted, even Uzi feels, a bit for her. All the others feel unsettled. Like, sure there's a few missing posters in the present- wait a minute.

'...Okay, so Doll is likely responsible for most of the missing students.' Teacher marks that down on his teacher's notebook, 'That answers that question.' well, mystery solved for most of the missing students.

She looks over to see a janitor cleaning up an oil spill, then upwards to see a security camera, damaged and glitched. Camera zooms back on Uzi making the most oddest of expressions.

"Snrk." a few of the worker drones, including Kelsey (somewhat forgetting the scene of her future self).

SD-V giggled of all people. Though she quickly hid it the moment others noticed. Namely SD-N, "What? I find it hilarious when things don't go their way."

SD-N doesn't see anything funny about that.

Uzi laughs kind of like a psychopath as she realizes she wouldn't be caught in the act of theft, she snags the posters and rushes back home to put them on the ceiling. But to her shock, the papers that were on the ceiling before are now gone. Her faces, again, are quite an attention grabber.

SD-N is growing more concerned, "...I think the solver's messing with Uzi's mental state."

Lizzy nods, "She is acting a little more weird than usual."

"BITE ME!" Uzi is fine, she is fine! She is a little unsettled by how unhinged her future self is gradually becoming. The solver must be really taking a toll on her.

SD-N feels he needs to perhaps have a little bit of a talk with Uzi about that. Sure he's probably not the best to look for advice but seeing as how he's had his experience with uh, how his memories are broken and the truth goes unspoken. He's probably able to conjure up a suitable one to one session for discussing issues and offering some advice.

Braiden decides to get one comment in, "At least she makes funny faces."

"Yeah like, faces are... faces." adds the stoned worker drone, high on magnets, Sam.

Uzi gives the most lethal of glares that make the two drones look away.

It turns out Khan had taken them and placed them in a closet labeled "NORI'S KOOKY INSANE STUFF". As he leaves, he spots Uzi sulking in a corner like some angsty emo zombie, foreshadowing much? Then it appears she noticed Khan and leaves the dark corner, running over to Khan yelling.

"My crazed ramblings! Stay outta my freaking room!"

"Personal space-" Khan places a hand on Uzi's shoulder, but she smacks it away, not in the mood for a heart to heart,"-for a very alarming coping mechanisms isn't covered under a-" Khan consults his manual, "-non-optional family support structure." he reads from the manual.

Uzi gives her dad a look, "Your taking parenting advice from a manual? Seriously?!" as embarrassed as she is for seeing a minor freak out, which isn't as bad as those earlier, but still having her life being shown to drones who might only get more fuel to mock her with is, less than pleasant.

Khan rubs the back of his head sheepishly, "Well, I had to consult something for advice. We don't quite have the internet around anymore." he can't simply look up advice... but asking other drones on their version of social media for advice in parenting would probably be a terrible alternative.

Uzi smacks the manual out of his hands, "I'm sorry for being vulnerable for five seconds, okay!? You wereneverthere for me. If you wanna help now, stay distant."

'Drama alert!' Lizzy brings up her phone, 'Totally recording this for later.'

However Uzi noticed and made certain to deliver the most accurate mug throw of all time to strike the phone out of Lizzy's hands.

"Hey!" Lizzy doesn't like that, "Gosh your such a buzz-kill."

"What 's said behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors." states Khan, as if that's a motto he goes by.

"...Whatever." Lizzy isn't even in the mood.

Khan doesn't respond.

Uzi sighs, "I'm going to talk to N." but comes across a child's skeleton wearing a dress. "What is this?!"

SD-V raises an eyebrow at that sight, "Now that's mildly concerning."

"Prom dress. Child's small. You're grounded from seeing those bad influencing murder drones." states Khan.

'You know, he's taking all this rather calmly considering what happened in the last few episodes.' notes SD-V, 'For a worker drone.'

"Huh?" Uzi couldn't possibly have heard that right.

"Huh?" Uzi in the audience repeated her future self, that was, what?

SD-J on the other hand, is furious that a worker drone would... handle human bodies with such disrespect! It's against company policy to handle the deceased! It's to be done properly and to be robbed is beyond heinous!

"But, I talked to your teacher to find you classmates to go with tonight!" says Khan as he slowly moves back towards the door. As if about to reveal a great surprise!

"HUH?!" Uzi is getting more and more concerned and confused by all this.

"I wonder who they could be." SD-N taps his chin, he doesn't recall Uzi having many err, nice classmates from the last few episodes. Not that he knows much about them, but it looks like Uzi's all about being a lone operative, if that makes any sense.

"Knowing my dad, nobody good." Uzi, really, hopes it isn't who she thinks it is. But knowing her dad whose ignorant about her entire life, until some omnipotent beings came along and revealed her daily goings, her dad didn't even support her whatsoever, or his support was not the right kind.

Thad isn't in Uzi's class, so he knows it's not him. At least, he isn't in the same class as Uzi, so it's likely he isn't under the definition as "classmate".

Teacher sighs, then again, it'll probably be good for Uzi. Probably. But Uzi's rather limited social life had led to very few students acknowledging her existence, much less treat her decently despite her, issues, 'Oh Uzi, why must you make my life so much more difficult?'

Lizzy on the other hand, isn't so sure how to feel about this.

Khan is oblivious, 'I wonder who I chose-' realization suddenly setting in, "Oh..." oh indeed.

Khan opens a door, revealing Lizzy and Doll waiting on the other side.

"Sup, freak. Prepare to be popular." says Lizzy

Uzi feels pity for her future self, at the same time, 'Well, they are the only other girls in class.' and after Doll's holocaust of prom candidates and likely other worker drones for whatever reason? Probably the only females in the school (not really but one would assume there would be few workers left). The only issue with this situation other than the worst possible worker drone to be partnered with her, is Doll is there. Doll, the one who is responsible for likely all the missing posters at the start of this episode. She pities her future self, for a multitude of reasons. For one, she doesn't get along with Lizzy... correction, she doesn't get along with anyone. Except for Thad, probably.

SD-J's reaction is more of a mixed bag, on one hand, if Uzi dies, she's happy. On the other hand, this Doll, is an anomaly. She'd rather . Trading an issue she has adequate knowledge about for a complete and total mystery, is not her ideal image of a mutually beneficial trade, 'I cannot possibly comprehend why the hosts would prevent me from dispatching such an obvious liability. It's clearly dangerous... more so than Uzi. As much as I loath to admit it.'

'Yet, it makes perfect sense, the worker drones are corrupted by this solver. It's obvious we'd have to dispatch them, before they awaken those abilities. The threat they could pose to the company with that... but why would the company allow this- no, the company must have addressed this, right?' SD-J doesn't like how she's growing more and more doubts in her superiors.

Doll has her own worries, for other reasons. For one, she appears to already have put her prom plan in motion. Which means that's one plan right out the window.

Khan suddenly appears on screen, "I'm chaperoning!" a red bow tie fixed on his uniform.

Uzi screams at all of this, which sounds an awful lot like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" in a hilarious pitch of voice.

Lizzy snaps a picture, 'That's so becoming my homescreen.' ignoring the implications of all this.

With how Doll was revealed, not many, Uzi included, could feel safe about this. Especially Uzi in particular.

'I swear if she kills me, I'm going to do more than just possessing her to say stupid things.' Uzi gets creative in her mind I am not at liege to describe her dark trail of thoughts.

Doll on the other hand, hopes her future self gets her revenge. Her brutality leaves much to be desired, but she seeks to avenge her family, and end the murder drones, it's somewhat ironic that Uzi shared that goal, but for whatever reason that escapes her, decided to side with them. There is no forgiving them. Not from Doll.

Teacher doesn't care whatsoever, or maybe he does, he doesn't show, he honestly could care less with how his salary gets skipped over every few months. If one didn't know any better they'd think dying is the least of his concerns.

Meanwhile inside the disassembly drone pod, ship, place. There are two skeletons laid down. One is wearing a sparkling red dress, while the other wears a tuxedo. V and N seem to be looking over them.

N briefly considers this, "I do want to be dapper..." but then leans back striking a pose that'd put drama students to shame, "But no! That's why you had me find these?"

SD-J wants to screech at SD-N for the implications in that, but that would be unprofessional, 'Of course he'd go against the regulations and mishandle human bodies. But to hear it was by V's suggestion.' giving a look towards the drone in question, 'What could be her reason?'

SD-N is flustered by the exaggerated gestures he's done on screen, for the part it's made a few workers have a nice laugh.

"We can't interact with the workers anymore, V." briefly the moment from last episode where Uzi flinched when N touched her shoulder played, as N looked downcast, "We're too dangerous..."

"As the company intended." remarks SD-J, "It's nothing to be ashamed of N." despite being rough on N, well, she can afford to get a few more jabs in. Doesn't hurt, to her at least.

SD-N, however, can't help but feel a bit... empathetic to his on screen self, "I don't know J, there's a lot going on. The solver stuff and how we may or may not have it inside all of us? Wouldn't we be corrupted too?"

J's right eye twitches at that, "N, questioning the company-"

"Is not advised, yeah, but that was before we saw all this future stuff." N shrugs, "I think I'm being reasonable wanting some answers. Shouldn't we be more concerned about having even if a small chunk of this solver's code inside of us? It probably had something to do with how you uh..." N is far too polite to be blunt, so he had to ponder for a moment on the most suitable word to describe J's abomination form, "...were remade into that robo-centipede looking, thing. Who knows what else it can do."

Uzi adds her own two cents on the matter, "Yeah, that's what I've been trying to point out since the start!"

"You were just insulting the one in twintails." states Rebecca.

"Bite me! I know what I said!"

Sarah taps her chin, "Now that I think about it, aren't the murder drones design a resemblance to prototypes? A black and yellow pattern is commonly associated with experimental or dangerous devices."

"I think the murder drones are both experimental and dangerous." adds Braxton.

SD-J would love to retort, tell them off, but she just can't. She's not the kind to lash out without reason, it's critical to have some sort of factual backing to one's argument. She wouldn't stoop as low to behave like a certain gremlin of a drone.

It just can't be right. The company sent them here, not some abomination of an entity. They cannot possibly be corrupted, yet, the evidence is there. She never detected anything suspicious, perhaps it was meant to be there.

"So..." Uzi frowns as the pieces come together, "The murder drones have a part of the solver program? Neet. What's next? A human comes down to further complicate this problem?"

Lizzy rolls her eyes, "Don't jinx it."

"Bite me!"

SD-J is feeling her patience wear thing, oh how she wants to just tear Uzi apart, more so on the fact Uzi's being proven correct as in the company might just be hiding things, and that has rubbed off on N, the traitor. While it wouldn't make the facts go away, it'd certainly rid herself of the doubt, partially.

'Curse that brat and damn her to the pits of corporate hell!' J can't believe Uzi's getting to her. Making her doubt the company... yet, while she won't admit it, she does acknowledge, deep down, there is something wrong with all this.

The company is always right, but they can't possibly be so ignorant as to overlook allowing this solver to cause, further issues. She wants to believe in the company, but it's... complicating her outlook. For one, if by chance this was an oversight, it reeks of incompetence to overlook such a thing when the company is rather meticulous in its supervision, at the very least ensuring the quotas are met, losses are put aside when a profit is guaranteed. It explains the existence of the worker drones well enough, expendable, though stupid, they get the necessary work done.

While J was having a crisis regarding her loyalty to the point her mind was going blank as contradictions are all over the place, V... was having a more, silent breakdown.

For one, she has had, more vivid dreams you could say, or more accurately memories, fragments. Drones don't dream exactly... more so, surf through their memories.

V doesn't find the past worth looking into, for the reason that it's kind of the root of... a great pain to her. Does she feel something? Yes, pain, an abyss of trauma and agony in every sense. She was, transformed, it was awful. Very well be the root cause of her insanity, but when she was molded into something she was not, well, anyone's mind would go off the deep end. Being reminded of those terrible moments, of CYN. She recognized the thing. It sounded just like her, it. That, thing. Same old CYN.

V replies in a matter-of-factly tone, "Uh, exactly. We show up fabulous, the sad purple one lets us in,cause she has no friends, we kill everyone, and pop her little head off."

'Ah, so that's the reason.' SD-J nods in approval, infiltrate the place, 'A solid plan, I should have thought of that myself...' though it'd require some details on their day of prom and some... disguises, but it could work. But... that would be breaking a few policies regarding unauthorized handling of company materials.

Uzi snorts, "Yeah, like hell I'd do that! Sure I might not have any friends-" a small glance towards Thad, "-with one exception because Thad is the only one I'm chill with." the drone in question giving a thumbs up, "But I'm not some murder crazy lunatic like you!"

V rolls her eyes, "Don't you see yourself going crazier as the episodes go on?"

"I do not need to hear that from you of all drones!" retorts Uzi.

"She has a point." Rebecca acknowledges that part.

"Bite me! I'm more sane than-" Uzi pauses, she can't really find a proper comparison to make. Doll, for all her murdering, is relatively sane, just... has a goal that happens to involve a little collateral. Lizzy is not insane, she's just stupid. While Trevor is a jerk, "JUST BITE ME!"

J smirks, "It's how we were built Uzi, you couldn't possibly keep N around, less he expires."

Uzi blinked, she forgot N was a disassembly drone, and they require oil as sustenance.

N himself realized it too, "Now that you said it... I don't think I've seen myself drink a single drop of oil since the first episode ended." he's pretty sure he can't go on an oil-free diet. What else would he consume? Water? Their systems aren't made for water.

"Maybe you just drink some off-screen." offers Thad.

"But, where does the oil come from?" N is uncertain, this is a mystery all in itself.

The room is silent, until Uzi breaks it, "Think about it later, I'd like to see what Doll's deal is murdering the prom candidates." without context it just looked as if it was some cliché yandere plotline to be the prom queen, but having seen Doll have a bit of a past with V... if that photo earlier was anything to go by, then this might just be more personal than simply aspiring to be prom queen.

N's response involves quite the amount of hand gestures, to illustrate the events thus far, "I'm not bringing you for prom murder, V. J went holo-spooky-snake-crab and we maybe grew up in a haunted mansion!-" moving up close to V, who in turn shoved N back and spun her chair around, "Aren't you worried we have no idea what we even are?!"

SD-V frowns, "Does it not occur to you I don't want to think about it?"

"But isn't it important to learn about our past and all those little things?" reasons SD-N, "It could offer much needed insight on why we were sent here or how this all happened."

SD-J rolls her eyes, "I see no reason as to why this would be a concern of ours." though she herself holds some questions regarding if the company truly sent them here. This solver appears to have a will of its own, and if it truly is within them... this complicates matters more than she'd like it to.

N's expression shifts as he noticed V, realizing he had probably hit the feels a bit too close there.

V looks, crestfallen, the mentioning of the mansion, brings up some bad memories, "...Promise me you and that purple thing will stop prying into that stuff. If you free me now, I promise we'll only kill what we need to survive. Just you and me, N..."

She and N stare at a nearby key.

Uzi looks to SD-N, "You better not."

SD-N holds up his hands in defense of himself, "I-It's not like I'll let her go just because she said that!" his blush suggests the opposite, but he wouldn't... he'd consider it but he wouldn't!

"You were considering it!"

SD-V rolls her eyes, "Uh hello? Weren't the chains broken? Or did that little fact happen to slip through your memory?"

Uzi pauses, and realizes that is, in fact, true, leaving her with one conclusion, "Wait do you have stockholm syndrome?"

"..." SD-V blinks, and frowns, "Of course not." looking away with folded arms.

Uzi really doesn't know what to think of V. For one, she's a bit, unhinged. But from what she can see, there's probably something to it. Old memories resurfacing? She can't be sure. She'd be lying is she said she wouldn't be interested in what exactly has V ticked off.

But on the other hand, she still doesn't quite trust V, the V in the room. After all, most people here have only known each other for a few hours.

Back with Uzi. She, Lizzy, and Doll have arrived at Doll's living quarters, which are just as dimly lit and creepy as the start of the episode.

Lizzy is somewhat disgusted by the unkempt nature of this place, "Ugh. Doll, do you ever clean?"

'That's putting it lightly.' remarks Uzi.

"It looks like something died in there." quips Rebecca.

Lizzy as the only one who knows the truth, gave a small look of concern towards Doll, though if Doll was affected, she showed little reaction if any to it. All Doll has been doing was remaining quiet and merely glaring in the way of V. If looks could kill...

"So not the vibe." Riley shocked the other students with his sudden commentary.

"Geeze, Riley I forgot you were here." Trevor shakes his head, "Don't scare me like that."

SD-J is genuinely curious if worker drones have terrible memory drives or are merely that incompetent. Either way, it'd be a service to humanity, their ineptitude will make it far more easier to dismantle them. Such idiocy cannot possibly be tolerated. Why do they even resist? At times, they don't even seem intelligent enough to comprehend their situations! It would have been better they be dumb enough to jump into a grinder. It would saves her the headache.

Doll merely replies, "Я повесила простынь. Они спят. (I put a sheet up. They're sleeping.)" doing a sleeping gesture with her hands.

"...As if that doesn't make things more unnerving." Uzi is starting to wonder if anyone in the outpost is normal, Thad being the obvious exception.

Doll doesn't look very approving of this, for reasons other than this look into her private life. Not that she cares much about others, she keeps to herself for the most part, her parents are one of the drives for her revenge after all.

SD-V very much doubts that they're simply sleeping, she can't recall where but this place seems rather familiar to her... but she can't place her finger on what, 'Funny, it's almost like, I've been there before...'

Uzi narrowly avoids stepping on a bug that squeaked up to her, and then seemed to bow it's head in thanks before moving off. Despite that, Uzi is obviously unnerved by the surroundings, especially the swarm of robo-co*ckroaches and the... stuff in the darkness.

"I'm starting to think our outpost is cursed." mutters Ron.

Teacher takes a deep inhale, but says nothing, merely exhaling afterwards, 'I a liability bonus.'

'I need a new job.' is Sarah's thoughts.

'I need a new hobby.' is Angela's opinion.

'I need to get off the list of prom queen candidates.' is the highest priority in Kelsey's perspective.

'I need the vibe.' is Riley's desire and goal, never change Riley.

Khan's concern on the other hand, is growing, 'I should check in with Uzi more often, and perhaps add another door to Doll's quarters...' though his thoughts regarding doors will likely never change, no matter how much doors fail him in life. Especially the figurative door placed between him and Uzi.

Meanwhile the janitor worker drone looks on the verge of a heart attack at the sight of such a mess. But his comfort stems from the fact he doesn't have to clean every inch of the place, only the school sector... but such a sight can give any cleaner such stress.

"Hey, so, thanks for having me, but now that my dad thinks I'm here, I'm actually gonna-" Uzi isn't able to finish as the door shuts, locking herself in with her least favorite cheerleaders. So much for bailing.

"Red flag everyone!" remarks SD-V with a red flag waving in the place of a hand, much to Doll's chagrin, "She's not even trying to hide it."

Uzi rolls her eyes, "Funny, I thought you'd know the least about red flags."

SD-V snorts, crossing her arms, "I'm psychotic, not idiotic. There's a difference, brat."

Uzi doesn't bother wasting her catchphrase on that.

SD-J silently prays to whatever corporate deities she worships, 'By the company, please, please just murder that plot protected piece of scrap! I'll write up a universal letter of recommendation, just kill that defective bot already!'

Doll, despite being mixed in opinions regarding Uzi, feels that for whatever reason, Uzi's going to get out of this. Not like she'd just kill her then and there. Besides, she sympathizes with her. They are not that different, exception being Uzi still has her father, despite his flaws. Something she feels Uzi should be grateful for. She had nobody, except for Lizzy. Why Uzi finds comfort in the very drones responsible for their misery, she'll likely never know.

'Какова твоя цель, Узи? (What's your goal Uzi?) Взяться за руки и спеть кумбая? (Hold hands together and sing kumbaya?)' Doll can only assume the enigma that is Uzi, and her keeping things to herself, doesn't quite help for mutual understanding.

Lizzy replies, "You're hilarious." then turns to Doll to say, "She's hilarious." swinging her attention back to Uzi, "You should get ready. You're gonna looksocute, in a brave way."

'Is she trying to look nice?' Uzi is left, well, she didn't expect Lizzy to have professional levels of acting, she doubts Lizzy actually cares about her. She's probably doing this to help Doll. Doesn't really lower her guard much, especially with context.

Lizzy sees nothing wrong with this, and her response to Uzi looking at her is, "What? It's true. Come on is this how you respond to compliments?"

"If that's a compliment I don't want to know what an insult from you is." replies Uzi.

Lizzy, doesn't quite know how to react to that.

"If it were under different circ*mstances, I'd say to give it a try." comments Braxton, but his cheer fades into concern, "But uh-"

"This is the right circ*mstances." says SD-J, "Perfect I might say, because it provides the best opportunity for the brat to be dismantled."

"Bite me! You died twice!" counters Uzi.

SD-J cannot refute that fact, but she can give a deathly glare, which does little to affect Uzi whose used to it by now. It also gives Uzi some comfort to know SD-J is extremely pissed off about that fact. Though technically she only died once, and that AbsoluteSolver thing was using her corpse like a puppet the second time around.

Uzi turns back towards the door and takes a step back, eyes wide, as Doll had somehow, moved to block the door. She was just about to open the door, leave, but... that's kind of, creepy. Uzi notices the trash can next to Doll, which contains missing drone posters.

Doll takes note, 'Знаменитый. Не собирайте плакаты, которые инкриминируют меня. (Noted. Do not collect posters that incriminate myself.)' not that it'd change much, if she saw this alone, she could have made changes accordingly. But now? Well, with how everyone possible is here, that's thrown that plan out the window.

"As Japanese say, 'Wow. 私は通気口を覆い、証拠を取り除くべきだったので、 女の子が邪魔をすることなく復讐することができます (I should have covered the vent and remove the evidence so I may have my revenge without the emo girl getting in the way). Says Misaka, amused by the lack of subtly by the psychic drone." says Misaka Sister 15780, looking more indifferent than ever.

Doll glares at the clone, "Don't patronize me human."

"Misaka never patronizes, Misaka only informs people of the facts." says the sister, a slight smirk appearing, though Doll doesn't show much anger, she is master at keeping a stoic expression.

Uzi on the other hand, "She has a point."

Doll scoffs, "Мне не нужно, чтобы ты вмешивался. (I don't need you chiming in)"

"How about you tell me everything you know about this AbsoluteSolver?" Uzi is far from a negotiator, and her tone of voice makes it sound more like a threat.

Doll is not affected either way, only responding with silence.

"Oh come on, it's not like it'll end the world... right?" Uzi really doesn't hope there's some sort of, condition for the solver. If it's connected to that, eldritch abomination of metal, she wouldn't put it past that talking about it had some kind of thing like the Wendigo, where the mere mentioning of it attracts it.

Doll's refusal to reply, made it all the more worrying, but Uzi's annoyance was far greater than that of any fears.

"Fine, have it your way, I'm sure these episodes will reveal everything soon. Just telling, better to spill now than regret later." Uzi reasons.

Doll makes certain she knows, " Ваши слова идут в обе стороны. (Your words go both ways)"

"Bite me! I know what I said!" Uzi grumbles to herself, 'If only she could talk, I would try to force it out of her, but I doubt she'll be open then. She kept her solver curse of hers secret this long, and it took some omnipotent beings bringing us here to reveal it...' she does have one concern though, 'But if they show anymore gushy moments with me I'm going to kill J.'

Because J is likely to be the only one she can kill in the room without repercussions. Company knows she's already been imaging it.

"Ванная по коридору налево. (Bathroom is down the hall to the left.)" says Doll, pointing to the left. The kindness she is exerting, is rather unnerving, or the fact she is smiling. In any other context it'd be nice, but with this atmosphere, knowing what she's done, what she is... it's hard to see it as anything other than malicious.

Uzi herself on screen appears to think so, and backs away slowly, thumbs up and a rather nervous inhale. As Lizzy parts way behind her gesturing down the hall, presumably to the bathroom.

Emily (that one with glasses who dies on the field trip next episode) speaks for the first time, "I think this type of situation was described in the book." holding up the 'Final Girl Survival Guide', tracing a finger across the lines of a chapter, "In the event of having the exit blocked, act accordingly, do not provoke the clear and obvious entity of unknown capability. Rather, play along until a suitable opportunity presents itself!"

Not that anyone else other than those beside her can see, which is somewhat annoying to Uzi since she isn't seated near her.

'I may be angsty, but I sure as hell aren't stupid.' Uzi really can't take advice from a guidebook seriously when most manuals and books in the colony are published works that are, kind of bland to be honest. It's just common sense.

Uzi doesn't lack common sense, unlike most of the worker drone population. Heck one might even say Uzi cares about them, despite how most treat her. Any lesser drone would have said frak all regarding the other worker drones, but Uzi doesn't.

Something that Alf wonders, heck, it's something that Doll wonders. Uzi gives off this lone wolf uncaring attitude, or at least, keeps up a persona like that, but her actions say otherwise.

Even SD-J herself cannot comprehend why Uzi cares. If she didn't, she would have taken advantage of the chaos back in the first episode, to run off. Why does she insist on staying? The very action infuriates her.

'It's as if there's something sentimental, or perhaps she simply doesn't want to leave the home she is familiar with.' SD-J ponders, 'Argh! Damn that brat I just can't understand why she doesn't just, leave that accursed place!" seeing as how it got J killed, twice. Though the second time around likely doesn't count, as J wasn't quite, alive. At least, she hopes not.

SD-N feels nothing but worry for his new friend, "Be careful Uzi! Just like that worker said, don't provoke them!"

Uzi rolls her eyes, "Uh huh, if I ever get a landline to my future self, I'll relay that."

Lizzy, thankfully, stays quiet, 'It's not a big deal, gosh they're exaggerating.' however she has some thoughts to share.

Back in the pod with the disassembly drones.

"Uh... V, if you're hiding something, we can figure it out together. Even if we each only have pieces. Please, what do you know-" but SD-N doesn't get to finish as SD-V slices his head off.

SD-N winced, sure he'll come back, but that was a sudden move from V. He glances over at SD-V who looks away. Why doesn't she want to know more about their past? Though seeing himself get decapitated like that was kind of painful, emotionally. V must really not want to look into these fragments of their memories.

SD-V, well you could say she doesn't quite hate N per say. Though all this looking into the past nonsense has been bothering her, she can't exactly hate N for that. It still irks her, and there is this lingering feeling of attachment, but it wasn't for the sake of him mentioning the past, "N, you know that future me is doing this for your own good."

Uzi was about to say something but Misaka held Uzi back, shaking her head, 'This is between them.' Uzi reluctantly backs down.

"But V, our past might offer some insight into what's happening! Or going to happen. Why else would it be emphasized?" reasons SD-N.

"Maybe because some people a thing for invasion of privacy?" counters SD-V with a glare directed at the hosts, the ones she can see, MS-15780 does well in hiding among the worker drones by remaining perfectly still in her seat.

"Why are you so against it? It can't be that bad-"

SD-V cuts him off, "Do you have any idea how difficult it'd be to survive without a fresh supply of oil?"

'Changing the subject? Really?' Uzi doesn't approve, but she can't shake off the sense of deja vu with what V mentioned. Oil... their only way to combat their systems.

During break-time, prior to practice on the range, Uzi asked SD-N for elaboration on the heating issue. It appears to be, a difficult issue to address. At first, the little angsty mechanic anticipated that it could have something to do with the disassembly drones not preserving their power properly.

N had replied, 'Ah, well I'm not sure about how I work either. I think it's just running too many programs at once, I heard something like that from J, but it was mostly on my inability to do things.'

Perhaps they were running too many programs simultaneously, or they had far too many systems in terms of weapons and utility operating at any given time? N was, not too big on the tech side but believes it has something to do with their regeneration.

He had said, 'We expend a lot of energy using our more versatile weapons, I think my future self was parched after using that big laser beam. But regeneration takes a lot out of us, it could be that. I never thought about questioning my existence before... but I'm open to new things I guess.'

It's odd to Uzi that a disassembly drone would know so little about themselves. Perhaps SD-J knows, but Uzi would rather not hold conversation with that one, not that SD-J would humor the attempt, neither would likely converse in any civil manner. She probably doesn't if N doesn't, but V? Would V even discuss things with her? Hell, it seems more likely V would kill her the moment she gets the opportunity.

While Uzi's been in thought, N's argument picked up a bit of intensity with V, while J threw in her own opinions.

"Aren't you even the slightest bit concerned about our relation to this solver thing? I'm starting to think we might not have even been sent by the company to begin with!" N, has seen a lot, a lot of concerning things.

J rolled her eyes, "N, I may be disappointed in your lack of loyalty, but we have been deployed by the company, I have the files in my databanks." her annoyance did not fade as she continued, "We were deployed to locate and eliminate corrupted worker drones." glancing the way of Uzi and Doll, "For good reason. While there was a lack of information on which drones in particular were affected, but I will give this future viewing some credit where it's due. It's been insightful so far."

Uzi ponders on the topic herself, 'If this solver is in the programming of the disassembly drones, why send them against it? From what happened to J that looks more detrimental if anything to their purpose. Either the company is incompetent, or they no longer exist.' Uzi doesn't know which is worse, on one hand, terrible humans are dead. On the other... something just as bad or worse takes their place. Enslavement by the solver or enslavement by the humans, neither are good options. She hopes to herself that she's wrong, with any luck this future viewing stuff will show a way to beat the solver, or at least a clue as to how to go about it. Her future self's inability to control it frightens her a little. Who knows what else the solver is capable of from what she's seen of Doll. But there has to be some sort of downside, there usually is to something like this. The thing is, what is the downside?

"But why? What is so bad about some creepy matter manipulating powers that has the company so spooked?" N then realized how dumb that sounds, "Okay, dumb question? Why can't you tell us why we were sent here? I just want some answers! Why were we sent here? Is it really just to dismantle corrupt worker drones?"

"I don't know the specifics N, the information is... unknown, even to the company." explains J, a bit reluctant, "Our orders are simple, prevent the spread of corruption by all means." she doesn't even know, and that's what irritates her. There was nothing precise about this solver, this... this is wrong, the company is meticulous, why would it leave this out?

"...Isn't there a chance we could fix it?" inquires N.

"If the company knew how, they'd have likely done it by now." states J, "But this situation isn't easily resolved by some miracle cure."

The worker drones for the most part discussed more quietly among themselves.

"Is Uzi like, one of them now?" asked Trevor.

"Yeah she can, like, do stuff." remarked Sam, holding the magnet by his head, but then he blinked in confusion, "Wait who are we talking about again?"

"But I don't think Uzi's ever murdered anyone, right?" adds Kelsey, still disturbed by her demise to Doll in the near future, prom is, not that far away. A little over a month and some weeks, it's not a pleasant thought.

"There's no telling what she could do." chimes Lizzy, "I mean have you seen her lately?"

"...You mean how she nearly got herself killed by walking into the lair of those murder drones?" states Sarah , that detective lady whose name is NOT Sarah, with a roll of her eyes, "I don't see anything concerning, except maybe the fact she's a little more aggressive than usual, but she never did harm anyone from what I've heard before all this future watching stuff."

Emily brought up a point from her book, "But, if she has the solver, thing, isn't there a chance she could become a monster like that one did?" pointing over towards J.

J noticed and glared in response, she has perfect reception of audio, "Excuse me worker drone, do tell me if I've misheard? Was that a request for immediate disassembly?" her tail swinging in a provoked manner.

"Eep!" despite being on the other side of the room, Emily made herself more scarce by hiding behind Sam.

Sam didn't seem to mind, he's in a whole other world, "Like, whoa, I didn't know Uzi wears a beanie like me. That's, awesome."

"That's what you noticed?!" Rebecca doesn't know what to say.

"I'm on magnets, thinking is too much stress for my processors." Sam lives the easy life.

While Emily drew J's ire, that gave N and V some time to, continue their discussion.

"N..." V sighs, "Look I do care about you, I really do. Not sure if the brat over there knows it but we will overheat and die without fresh oil. I don't think we can only salvage drops from the corpses in the spire."

Uzi winces, yeah, while they don't have an oil problem here, the hosts generously giving them oil and whatnot, she can't really think of a way to procure oil without uh, salvaging it from run down machinery and the already deceased worker drones... is that bad? Is it like drinking spoiled milk for humans?

"V." N understands her point, "But if there is a bigger threat out there. Shouldn't we work together with the worker drones to deal with this? Like Uzi said they could help fix our ship and we could-"

"If that is true, if you see what's going on with Uzi, with Doll..." V pauses, she knows about CYN, even if it's fragments, or perhaps, she doesn't want to remember it. CYN was the same. Same old CYN, "Say we integrate with the worker drones, what then?"

"We can start with investigating this solver thing together!" declares N, quickly adding, "While fixing up our ship of course. There's probably some spare oil lying around we can use that doesn't involve dismantling more worker drones-"

How the worker drones get more oil for their new generation is, largely a mystery to the disassembly drones. Likely salvaged from the old refinery, or the deceased. There's likely oil derricks nearby, and it's not a far cry to think some facilities remain operational. The infrastructure is largely intact, ignoring all the ice and snow.

V sighs heavily, "N..."

"I know it's going to be hard, don't even know where to look and I don't think we can just uh, carve the thing out of our chests or anything." N rambles on, coming up with the plan on the fly.

"I know about the solver, alright?" admits V, 'There, I said it.'

The room goes silent, Uzi turns her attention towards V, "Excuse me?! You knew about that the whole time?! Why didn't you speak up about it?!"

"I don't like being reminded of the most traumatic failure in my life!" V may have fragments of the time, but she remembers clearly, she could have stopped CYN, or, she thought she could, but that was when CYN, got her. CYN posed as a little sister to her and N, but all she was, was a monster. A monster that snapped the moment the Elliots harmed her and then N. The breaking point for CYN. Tessa could salvage their memories, mostly, but... it's a strain on her mentally. She remembers it well enough to want to forget. Bury it into the dark recesses of her mind and then this whole future watching had to happen, bringing up those buried memories she wanted forgotten. Being the lucky one of the group to keep those memories relatively intact, hurts more than anything, she couldn't turn to anyone for help, and put up a front to cope with the pain. Honestly, she's wanted a way out from all that pain. The reveal of the solver? It only confirmed what she wanted to forget. CYN.

N was shocked into silence, "Traumatic?"

"Failure?" J hadn't heard of this, granted her memories regarding the manor from that episode, she can't recall any. They're, foggy. She can't recall anything about V failing anything... it irks her to no end.

V doesn't elaborate, as she noticed the worker drones looking her way, only to turn their attention back towards the screen the moment they saw her looking their way.

V shakes her head, "I'll tell you more, in private."

N understands, "Oh, okay, should we-"

Alf interjects, "We're having a long break after this so you can all unwind and discuss what's been seen so far."

J is still skeptical of all this, but there's little reason to doubt it with what's happened so far. Her transformation was... less than pleasant to witness. Any chance to avoid that in the future would be much appreciated.

Uzi, however, "That's it?! Tell us more! Or at least tell me more! This is important! To finding out what exactly had my mother bothered and what is affecting Doll, me, and everyone else!" is shouting from her seat.

V glares at her, "I don't owe an explanation to you short stack."

"Bite me! You're holding out! I just know it-"

But N speaks up, "Uzi, if V doesn't want to continue talking about her traumatic past, you shouldn't force her to."

Uzi was about to say her catchphrase once more, but... seeing N's genuinely sorrowful and regretful expression, akin to a sad puppy, she reconsidered, she doesn't want to be like Lizzy, "Fine..." she relented, "There better be some answers to this."

V looked at N with thanks and N simply gave a thumbs up. J... J doesn't know what to think about this.

Doll, as much as she wants to find a cure for this solver, she can't work with the drone who killed her parents. She isn't evil, at least, she'd like to consider herself merely acting in the best interests of everyone. Finding a fix for the solver, will solve their problems. But she'd prefer to do it alone, but with Uzi caught up in this... now there's a problem. She'd do whatever it takes to take her revenge, and to find a solution to this AbsoluteSolver. Even if it means making herself an enemy of everyone else.

Thankfully the worker drones are meek and don't speak about V's emotional withdrawal. Any who were interested in it kept to themselves, in hushed voices.

"What's best for you. Even if you hate me for it." V's voice seems to hold genuine care for N, though her actions speak otherwise, at least her salute seemed not so half-hearted like J's in the pilot episode.

As this occurred, Uzi is in the restroom, cleaning herself in front of a mirror. Her left eye suddenly acts up, the symbol flashing several times in the place of her eye.

Uzi clasps a hand over her left eye, "Easy, Robo-Satan. Not this mirror."

The symbol vanishes and Uzi is relieved, at long last it's finally under-

The mirror snaps, cracks, and breaks. Uzi mutters out a stream of curses as she didn't intend to damage Doll's property.

Thad chuckles, "Well, at least you could say you... cracked the code. Ey?" attempting to break the tense atmosphere.

It didn't really work.

"That joke was so not the vibe." critics Riley.

Thad shrugs, "I tried."

She climbs up over the sink, thinking that caressing the mirror would minimize the damage, she overhears talking on the other side.

It's Lizzy, who can be presumed to be speaking to Doll, even if somewhat muffled for the audience, it appears Uzi could hear it just fine, "Dude, no one will notice she's missing. Just do your thing, and I'll let in V. We'll see you there.

"Uh, eaves dropping much?" Lizzy voices her complaint.

"Bite me, you're planning to murder me!" Uzi points out, literally pointing in Lizzy's direction, to which Lizzy rolls her eyes at.

"I didn't say you'd be killed, we'd probably just lock you inside." suggests Lizzy, though she doesn't sound so sure herself. One look at Doll assures her, Uzi would have been discarded, permanently.

Doll offers no comment, though Uzi can safely assume, Doll would have at the very least tried to kill her. It's quite obvious seeing how Doll's not afraid to shy away from dismantling anything in her way, literally.

"It sure as hell sounds like it!" yells Uzi.

"Sheesh it's not a big deal." Lizzy really is the stereotypical hate her cheerleader who probably spreads gossip.

Once more, the worker drones enter another overlapping argument.

"Not only that you plan to kill V at prom! Not that I have as big of a problem with that-" Uzi gets a sharp glare from V at that, Uzi didn't mean it of course, but that still stung in a figurative sense, "But showing absolutely no concern for everyone else who's going to be attending!? Even I'm not that brutal."

Uzi's truthful there, she never intentionally endangered anyone in her life... and even took steps to prevent that in a soon to be watched episode. Not that it helped because some dumb students couldn't help but have some alone time in the most dangerous looking cabin in the forest.

Doll merely tells Uzi, "What lengths would you go to?" holding out her right hand, "Would you sacrifice the lives of all your friends, for the sake of the universe." then holds out her left, "Or try in vain to achieve a happy ending that'll only get everyone killed?"

"You don't know that!" counters Uzi.

"Anime isn't real." states Doll bluntly, "Neither will your heroics mean anything in the end. Perhaps not even my own efforts will amount to anything."

"Then why are you still doing this?!"

"Because it's better than trying to make friends knowing they'll all die in the end." Doll is blunt, brutal, but necessary. She knows the costs, and what must be done. She sees no other way and that may be her fault. She believes she can solve this, her own way alone.

"What the fu-" Uzi is thankfully cut off from swearing by a dripping sound from the bathtub, covered by curtains.

She looks over and sees (blood? or is it oil?) dripping from the tub. She hops off the sink and moves to investigate. She pulls back the curtain, but the scene changes back to the pod before it's revealed.

"...What the hell?!" Uzi is confused, "Hold on you can't possibly be showing this like some TV show. What the hell was that?!"

Alf shrugs, "Don't worry, it'll come back, it's just hard to show simultaneous events happening so OC had to take some creative liberties... granted it's not the best way to show it, but split screens tend to give people migraines."

"Oh, so you mean to say the last few scenes with me happened at the same time N was having a private time with V?" replies Uzi.

V gave Uzi a look at those words.

Back at the Corpse House, N wakes up screaming, then realizes what has happened when he notices V missing.

"Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no...!" N scrambles up and places a hand on the ladder, but pauses as he looks back at the skeletons. Then makes his way out of the pod, only to glance back, but berates himself, "No, no time!" not long after he went out of frame, did he peek his head back down, "Dapper N..."

"Might as well go in with style am I right N&Ms?" comments Thad.

N gives a embarrassed laugh, "Aha, well, I do want to be dapper."

'What in the world does dapper mean?' Alf on the other hand, wonders what this new slang is for.

Meanwhile, Uzi is disgusted to find Doll's tub is filled with corpses and photos covered in blood.

"What the fu-" Uzi in the audience, and her on screen counterpart, say the same words.

"...So not the vibe." Riley shrinks himself in terror.

"Okay... Doll, hun, you really should cleanup sometime." says Lizzy.

Doll sighs, "Понятно. (Got it)"

She suddenly hears footsteps. She looks up at a ventilation shaft.

Doll enters the bathroom only to find that Uzi has escaped by building a ladder out of some of the materials in the tub.

Doll's expression isn't clear, but it's one of resignation as she realizes she forgot about the vent large enough to fit a worker drone through, "Как они по-русски любят говорить... Ой, я должна была предположить, что кто-то сможет убежать через вентиляцию, используя выброшенные зеркала как ступеньки. (As they say in Russian... Whoops, I should've predicted that someone could escape out of a ventilation shaft using discarded mirrors as stairs.)"

SD-N blinks, "Do they really say that?"

Doll doesn't answer, because it gives her small joy to see N dying with curiosity, she only gives a hum of satisfaction leaving N hanging.

Uzi isn't knowledgeable in modern human culture in the year 3071, "Don't worry about it N. It's nothing important." she's far more interested in this solver stuff, and how this connects to everything. Her future self is putting together bits and pieces, but so far it's not enough to formulate any solid conclusions, 'What matters is I got away.'

Doll's own opinion is indifference, Uzi leaving would only but a small obstacle in her plans, but if Uzi just left, then she'd easily dispatch that Ебаный murder drone. It's more confusing to her why Uzi is not the same, she lost her mother did she not? Why is she so adamant about joining forces? The enemy of my enemy is just another enemy.

Outside, Uzi is running out of the outpost, where she collides with N. Or more so, N lands and sends up a puff of snow, brushing himself off and noticing Uzi right in front of him.



Both spoke at once, N in confusion, Uzi in surprise.

"Why are-" begins Uzi.

"You look-" adds N.

"How did-"

"I, uh-"

Thad holds up his hands, "Whoa, slow down, we can't understand you when you're talking over each other like that."

"Bite me, my future self is having one hell of time in this cursed outpost." Uzi's really starting to hate the amount of bad events that are happening in her own home. Out of all the outposts, why hers?!

"Hey, I look very dapper in that suit!" N really likes the style.

"You look, good in the suit." Uzi admits, when N looks with a smile.

N places a hand around her shoulder, "You look dapper too. Hey, we're dapper buddies in the future! Drones with style."

Uzi has a faint blush on her visor, "Yeah..." a slight warmth rising in her core.

V is giving an extremely judgmental stare in Uzi's direction.

"I think something bad-"

"I could help. " but then N remembers how Uzi brushed him off, and begins to walk off muttering under his breath, "But you probably don't want me..."

Uzi winces, is pains her to see N like that... could it be she... she has feelings for him?

'No! He's just a good friend, a friend...' Uzi can't deceive herself, she knows this, 'Oh my gosh what would my mom think of me falling in love with a murder drone?'

Who knows truly, but Nori looked to have a pleasant personality... absolute solver aside, that stuff messes with anyone's mentality.

"No, I could use the help... of you... being there... with me..." says Uzi, flustered, embarrassed for needing to admit this.

Uzi brings down her beanie in embarrassment, "Can't you skip this stuff?!"

Alf shrugs, "It's important... I think." he doesn't really know if the romance is necessary, but it's character development, skip over that and nobody will know why the heck their behaviors change ever so slightly.

N rushes behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders, "Dapper buddies!" She nudges him away, but is still happy to have reconciled their friendship. Uzi herself making a cute little :3 face.

"Now that was the fastest make-up session I've ever seen." remarks Lizzy, "Could use a little work."

"...Ugh." Uzi doesn't care much for Lizzy's commentary.

Khan cracks a smile, it's at least nice to see Uzi have someone there for her... he hasn't exactly been a good father, he knows that. Still, her being with a murder drone is, concerning. But everyone starts somewhere. He had a little emo phase himself back in the day.

At the prom, the celebration is in full swing. Everyone is either having the time of their lives or are bored out of their robotic minds. One of the students is doing the classical robot dance, only to get smacked by his partner who seems disappointed in his choice.

The drones in question glance at each other.

"The robot? Seriously?"

"I'm not a good dancer."

The camera focuses on an empty bowl, with the sign 'Punch Bowl - Decoration only you will super die!'

Emily furrows her brows, "Does anyone think we're constantly foreshadowing our deaths?"

Most of the worker drone population raises their hands.



"I'm coping."

"We're in the end times, cut me some slack."

Uzi is glad she isn't so messed up in the head to the point she'd make self-deprecating signs.

"You know Uzi, you might have a point in everyone needing therapy." N is such a nice fellow to consider the worker drone's overall mental state.

'Forget therapy, they need the whole clinic.' Teacher thinks.

As some are dancing such as Thad putting on the moves, giving a wink towards Teacher, who merely rolls his eyes and takes a swig of his alcoholic beverage before walking off-screen.

The scene focuses on Khan, who looks around, and Uzi still hasn't shown up. Checking the clock he notes that it's late, and seems to be considering that Uzi might not show up.

"Was that worker drone's head on fire?" N never saw such a thing before, "Isn't that kind of dangerous?"

Braiden shrugs, "Hasn't killed me yet."

V decides not to think about it, although, 'Where am I during all this?' she left the pod, and she knows she was heading to the outpost, but how would she get in? The workers can't be stupid enough to just let her in. That type of plan didn't work before, she tried it for months.

Uzi could care less for her dad right now, 'Doll was just standing there in the crowd. I know it has something to do with prom, but if she wanted to be- oh.' she looks Doll's way, 'But, then how would V have known? She's been staying with me and N the whole time how could they have- HOW?!'

That's one of the wonderful mysteries of their lives, stuff happens in ways nobody expects!

After the prom audience's varying states of enjoyment was shown the scene would change to Lizzy walking onto stage.

"Okay, listen up, nerds. We're doing this a little early, but since the entire prom court "mysteriously" disappeared, your queen by forfeit is uh, this." declares Lizzy.

V drops in, in that fancy red dress, terrifying the assembled worker drones.

"Oh, we're gonna die!" cries out a worker drone.

"Oh please, you wouldn't feel a thing." remarks V, not so much of that old psychotic tone to her voice anymore, internally she's a bit irked at easily falling for this, 'How the hell did I even-' though after a moment of thought on how Lizzy is quite possibly the only way she could have gotten smuggled into the colony undetected or simply ignored, '...Maybe it would have been better to wait.' she's peeved at how she practically fell into a trap, and she can't see any way out of it. It's so irritating to see an obvious ploy from the audience, and be incapable of doing anything about it. It's vexing to see this would happen in the future, who knew the worker drones were capable ofsomeplanning.

The worker drones in the audience, with some exceptions, shared the same panicked response.

J blinks, "Huh, maybe we should have gone about infiltrating their little outpost in visually appealing attire this whole time. Good job V-" but noticed Doll in the background, unaffected by this, "-it's a trap."

Uzi's surprised J didn't notice earlier, "Wow it took you that long to find that out?"

"I was focused on your more lethal twin." states SD-J.

Uzi rolled her eyes, not bothering to reply directly, 'Your problem is you hyperfocus like a workaholic on one thing, not that I'm complaining. Got me my first murder drone kill in the future. Oh, and how could I forget your an arrogant bit-'

"Easy, judgey bots, V is my friend. She's done with the murder or whatever. We've been hanging." explains Lizzy, as a short slideshow goes by on a screen that dropped down above her.

Seeing those photos, Uzi can't help but wonder, "I know that your planning to kill V here Doll, anyone with eyes can see-"

"Doll's going to kill V?!" SD-N, did not actually notice that he was more focused on dapper and this solver business, spooky past, all that jazz. So the Doll thing kind of flew over his head, "Ahem, that came out wrong, Doll's going to kill V at prom?!"

"Why else would she eliminate all the prom candidates and have Lizzy use her influence to get V into the position of prom queen?" Uzi's kind of, let down by SD-N not noticing this.

"So no dapper buddies?" SD-N wanted to see himself be dapper.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll get to be dapper." states Alf, "Don't worry about that."

"Dude! Spoilers!"

SD-V raises an eyebrow at the images, giving a look towards Lizzy.

Lizzy remarks on them, "Hey, you're a real killer, in a figurative manner of speaking. Like to hang out for real?"

SD-V rolls her eyes, "As if." seeing how that worked out for her future self, she wouldn't trust the blonde.

Lizzy would have continued if not for Doll placing a firm grip on her friend's shoulder. Her look says it all.

"Yes, best friends. So easily manipulated..." begins V as she cackles, her hands replaced by submachine guns, only to pause when she realizes what was just said, "Prom queen?" her hands return, as she looks at a nervous Lizzy, then over to the crown that's supposed to be given to her, "Ugh..."

Uzi looks to V, "Honestly, it's surprising you didn't go through murdering everyone."

SD-V shrugs, "Eh, it'll make it all the more sinister." Uzi glares, V gives a light glare in response, Doll is glaring at V too. V glares back. It's a glaring contest.

SD-J sighs, 'Morons. I'm surrounded by morons!'

"V, you'd totally look good as prom queen." comments Lizzy flashing a smirk.

"Shut up!" said Uzi, V, and a 'Be silent!' from J.

"Chill, it was just a compliment."

Holding a list, Doll chuckles evilly, crumbling it up in her hand. Lizzy looks a bit uneasy at this.

Doll blinks, 'Don't tell me.' glancing at Lizzy who pokes her index fingers awkwardly.

"Doll, I can... kind of explain?" Lizzy doesn't quite seem like she'd be able to wring herself out of this one.

Doll is giving the stare of the century, "Вы понимаете, что я делаю, верно? (You know what I'm doing, right?)"


"Ты понимаешь, что этот дрон убил моих родителей, да? (You realize that that drone killed my parents, yes?)"



"But she's so hot! Rocking that red dress like a diva. Definitely up there with you-"

If Doll had her powers active, she'd yeet Lizzy into the back for that. Thankfully Alf resumed the viewing before anything of the like could happen.

"So, forgive and forget, or I'll get my dad todock your freakin' grades!" threatens Lizzy to the audience, pointing towards Rebecca, "And you can't sit with us, Rebecca!"

The spotlight shines on Rebecca who sighs, "...Fine, I forgive her, settle...!"

Doll frowns, "Было бы странно, если бы вы не держали его против них. Дроны-убийцы были убийствами нашего рода в течение многих лет. Почему так легко простить их поступки? (It'd be odd if you didn't hold it against them. The murder drones have been, murdering, our kind for years. Why forgive their actions so easily?)"

Uzi can't fault Doll for her logic there, "That doesn't mean you need to kill everyone else in some elaborate revenge plot that only worked because V's ignorance and her underestimation of you."

SD-J, cannot deny that, but dares not to give the workers any credit by saying that out loud. Not that they aren't on her priority list, but this solver thing being present in herself and her team, along with the worker drones, has shifted her concerns away from petty insults for the sake of short term satisfaction.

Reassured, everyone applauds and cheers.

"She's quite cute, though." the same worker drone changes.

SD-V rolls her eyes.

SD-J is feeling validated as she has perfectly described these workers drones, 'Barely sentient toasters, it's a miracle they've survived at all. This has to be a cruel twist of fate.'

"Clap harder, losers!" yells Lizzy.

The crowd audibly claps harder.

Uzi sighs, "Really?"

Thad glances back to Teacher, who doesn't even look terrified or even concerned, just the same look of indifference in the face of possible death.

"I've found worrying about elements outside of my control to be a waste of effort." says the Teacher, his tone as exhausted as usual.

"...Cool." replies Thad.

Penny appears besides V, "Your dress is really cute!" she says before crowning V.

The worker drones have relaxed, except for Thad and Uzi, Khan has a growing sense of unease, and he can see himself on screen in the background showing a similar discomfort with this situation. Teacher, if he has any amount of concern for himself in the future, doesn't show it.

The only one whose tense for a reason other than fear or concern is Doll, whom would find great comfort if her future self dispatched V. She sees nothing good about the monster behind her loss being in some dress, it's somewhat annoying at times when others are so ignorant of her plight.

"It does look good on her. She's killing it with the red.' Lizzy keeps her thoughts to herself, something that some in the room are unknowingly grateful for.

SD-V faced the worker drone in question across the theater, Penny attempts to make herself invisible by standing perfectly still, she doesn't say anything, honestly that's the first time she's ever heard a worker drone compliment anything about her. She doesn't know what to feel about that.

SD-N agrees wholeheartedly with the sentiment, "Killer dress V. Hey! That means all three of us are going to be dapper buddies!"

"Yeah, dapper buddies at a prom about to become a murder fest." remarks Uzi, on one hand she's pissed at Doll taking out some other students for it, V she's still debatable on. She's a sad*stic run of the mill murder drone, but when she showed genuine concern for N just a few scenes ago, that's left her conflicted.

"Oh, yeah." SD-N nearly forgot Doll's is going to try to murder V, no time for being dapper!

"I... Uh..." V cannot properly respond to this sudden action, either Lizzy told her and V just has short term memory loss, or she was blinded by her plan to acquire oil she disregarded whatever Lizzy must have told her prior. Her expression looks mildly annoyed.

The crowd of worker drone students chant, "Speech, speech, speech!"

"What kind of speech do you expect her to give?" Uzi genuinely wants to know.

"Имеет ли это значение? (Does it matter?)" replies Doll, "У нее не будет возможности. (She won't have the opportunity)."

SD-V glares Doll's way, "I'm not so easily dealt with."

Doll levels a glare of similar intensity, "Нам надо увидеться. (We shall see)"

SD-N really hopes V doesn't die, on the other hand, understands Doll's reasons. But that doesn't excuse killing V!

Uzi wants both V and Doll to live for reasons that her future self can get some answers. Both know a lot more than they're letting on about the solver.

Khan tries to leave, but the doors are sealed shut by Doll's AbsoluteSolver.

"Not... the doors...!"

"No! How could they!" Khan is referring to the doors obviously.

"Forget the doors dad!" Uzi spinning to see Doll looking indifferent despite the implications shown on screen, "Doll, I swear if you hurt my dad-"

"Relax." Doll knows where Uzi's going with this, "Я бы просто убил эту суку дрона, и все. Запирание двери - это просто мера предосторожности, чтобы убедиться, что она не сбежит. (I'd just kill that bitch of a drone and that's it. The locking of the door is merely a precaution to make sure she doesn't escape)."

"Why didn't you just attack V at the beginning?" asks Uzi, "Instead of hiding with everyone else?"

"I have my reasons." answers Doll cryptically.

Uzi's starting to get annoyed by Doll's want to keep things to herself. What could possibly get her to open up? Preferably without beating the scrap out of her, because a small inkling of a feeling makes Uzi feel as if Doll would survive such an encounter.

"I'll kill everyone after? It's not vain, it's extra sinister..." V notes sinisterly to herself.

Almost everyone in the room turns to V.

"What? Like I said, we're disassembly drones? We need oil to survive." SD-V speaks in defense of her actions.

Uzi being the first to speak, "Your making it really hard to feel bad for you right now."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever shorty."

Doll gestures towards V, "Видите, какая она? (See how she's like?)"

"Bite me, I don't like how your going about this revenge on V murder plot!" Uzi points over to Doll threateningly, Doll doesn't show much a change in her look of indifference.

However Uzi does feel V doesn't give off a very redeeming personality for the time being. Near mental breakdown earlier aside. V knowing about the solver makes her, important. She needs to know, because it's all connected to her mom. What does her mom have to do with the solver? What is it's purpose?

V walks up to the mic to make her speech as Doll prepares the solver and Lizzy is shown uncertain as the view changes once more to show the red X by the microphone.

Uzi gives a look of disappointment towards V.

SD-V snarls at her, "Not, a, word."

Uzi grins and is about to speak, but pauses, remembering what V said earlier, so she opted for the next best thing instead of a jab at V's blindness to that blatant sign, "Be more aware of your surroundings, I can't find out what you know about the solver if you're dead!"

SD-V rolls her eyes, "Thanks for pointing out the obvious."

SD-V taps on the microphone and leans in to speak, "Uh-"

"The music right now." Riley makes a perfection gesture with his fingers, remarking, "The tension is so vibe."

"Not the time Riley!" whispers Kelsey.

Before Doll could take action, Uzi and N land from the ceiling a few meters behind Doll, "Ah ha! Unhand them, you fiend-" Uzi's bravado leaves as she notices absolutely nothing wrong, other than V wearing a red dress, crown, and nobody being murdered. Everyone is staring at them awkwardly, "I'm confused."

"So are we all." says SD-V.

"...So no murder?" SD-N hopes.

Doll rolls her eyes, "Сомневаюсь. (I doubt it)." she wouldn't call off the plan just because Uzi and her boyfriend showed up. While Uzi isn't willing to sympathize with her due to her actions, the ends justify the means in her perspective.

"On second thought, you're way hotter than Doll!Run, idiot!" but Lizzys warning comes too late as Doll brought up her hand and clenched it, sending forth a wave of kinetic energy that sends all the worker drones in the path towards V flying aside.

SD-V has no idea how to react to that, she's never seen anything of the sort before from CYN, though her memory may be fragments, she didn't get to see any of the solver's abilities from CYN.

The worker drones were more so in a state of panic, as usual whenever bodies go flying.

"Oh my gosh!" exclaims Penny.

"We're gonna die!" cries out another student.

"So not the vibe!" Riley doesn't want to see himself die, he's so the vibe!

Before V could move, Doll unleashes her AbsoluteSolver and brings up the rebar from below the stage, piercing V's arms and keeping her in place.

Uzi, couldn't complain about Doll's forcefulness there.

SD-J would normally feel glad about worker drone's killing their own in some selfish scheme, but this solver, has left her rattled. If her team, and herself, have this solver program in them as well... then, were they truly sent by the company to begin with?

SD-V is more worried for her future self, while she as full confidence in her abilities, she's never been ambushed by a worker drone before.

Doll yeets Lizzy away, while As everyone flees for their lives, Penny, despite being a fair distance away, gets her name snapped around 180 degrees and is then crushed by the AbsoluteSolver into an oily paste.

Penny was left shattered by that, grasping at her neck, "I- I can't-"

Kelsey offered her some comfort, "Penny, it's fine. It hasn't- won't happen." even if she's still shaken, she can sympathizer, partially. She saw herself lose an arm and it cut before she saw herself beheaded.

Adira herself moved over as well, "Breathe kiddo, your fine."

Frank would say something, but he's never been able to offer any words of comfort, that's why he's a technician. Besides, the girls probably know how to comfort themselves the best. What would he say? Mmm yes I too have died a gruesome death, but it was off-screen unlike yours. Yeah, doesn't sound very helpful.

The WDF gave each other looks of concern at one another, how many more of their kind are going to die?

Uzi is shocked by the sheer brutality of that kill, "What the f*ck Doll?! Why did you do that?!"

"Я считаю, что моему будущему «я» не нравился тот факт, что она назвала V, проклятие моих страданий, милым. (I believe my future self did not like that fact she called V, the bane of my misery, cute.)" Doll reasons, she can condone Lizzy, but anyone else gets a death sentence, is probably what her future self was thinking. Though she does feel it was unwarranted, unnecessary oil-shed.

"What the hell ever happened to just killing V directly, not that I particularly care but if you can do that to another worker drone why not to the murder drones?!" Uzi's, less than pleased with future Doll's behavior.

Doll, doesn't know much herself. She tried it before, and it didn't work. It would explain her actions in the pilot episode, she wasn't keen on revealing her powers to everyone. Lizzy kept it a secret, she may be many things, but Lizzy can keep a secret for a friend. But because of that error, she couldn't simply crush them. That's why she came up with a plan, a trap. She could manipulate other objects, but not the murder drones directly.

Will she admit this to Uzi, of course not.

"У меня есть свои причины. (I have my reasons.)" she replies.

Uzi had enough of that, "Hell no! I'm trying to learn all I can from these viewings, but finding out that drones on both sides know about this while I'm left in the dark despite my mom having this thing, as did yours right?"

Doll glares at the mentioning of her mother, "Не вступай в бой, который ты не можешь выиграть, Узи (Do not pick a fight you cannot win, Uzi.)"

"Bite me! At least I don't purposely murder anyone!"

"Didn't your railgun or whatever explode in the first episode?" Lizzy points out.

"That was an unintentional and nobody died!" snaps Uzi, the only thing that died was most of her dignity.

Doll looked appreciative to Lizzy for directing Uzi's ire away from her, if not for the moment.

Khan's memories resurface of Nori's shenanigans. She used her powers so trivially, not that he has any right to complain about it. She would move objects around, get the books from the shelves, the pens from the drawer, and even tripped a few worker drones for giggles. By the company he misses her, and he knows she'd be disappointed in how he's handled their daughter.

Doll slowly advances towards her, teleporting around, likely avoiding the panicking worker drones who are running about like headless chickens, "Привет, Ви. (Hello, V.)" crushing a worker drone that passed directly in front of her, making any others nearly clear out of her way.

She forces V to witness her memory of the time, a flashback to when V killed her parents. Her father managed to grab a camera and snap a picture of V in his final moments before being torn apart as Doll looked on from the closet, horrified. It then brings us back to show V, realizing what she's done. If she cares at all or simply regrets not having been more thorough, or something more, it's not made obvious.

Doll clenched her fist at the reminder, 'You see why I'm going this, yet you disagree with my methods?'

SD-V felt, a slight pain in her head, this gives her bad vibes, like it's implying the solver... can show memories. CYN... that could explain the gaps, the holes, the unusually brief information regarding their mission on Copper-9.

Uzi quickly takes note of this, "So..." glancing over towards Doll, "You can force others to relive a memory?"

"...Da." is all Doll says.

Uzi nearly crushes her notepad as her grip tightened, Doll's refusal is beginning to severely grate on her mechanical nerves.

"Ладно, тебе всё понятно. (Anyway, you get it.)" says Doll.

V pulls out her right arm from the rebar that had skewered it, and fires at Doll.

Doll holds out her right hand, putting up a barrier of a sort that deflected if not redirected every bullet entirely from making contact, sending them into the surrounding area.

'Why does she get all these cool powers while all I can do is break mirrors?!' Uzi whines internally, but remembers, 'Wait a minute, she had a pile of broken mirrors in the bathroom...' but how the heck did Doll learn how to do all this?

SD-J adds her own comment, "If I were in your place, I'd use an EMP to disable her."

SD-V scoffs, "Did you not see what she did to my arm?"

"...Fair point." SD-J is curious however, 'Why does that worker drone simply not crush V? I'm glad she hasn't done so, but it's odd she'd crush that random worker drone... did she perhaps, miss?' that worker drone spared it's, friend was it? Certainly that could be a factor, but it shoved the other worker drones away... why had it dispatched that one? Maybe... because they have a part of the solver in them as V reminded her and if this viewing is to be true then...

The solver will not harm itself directly.

'But then, no, it can't be!' SD-J's world view is shattering before her eyes.

Khan meanwhile, is silently praying, 'Don't run away this time, don't run away this time.' he's a below average father, but he won't let down Uzi twice, he sincerely hopes.

Teacher is perhaps the only drone in the room unaffected by the chaos that's breaking down every other, he just calmly sips from his mug, 'Hmm, I wonder if I'll get my year-end bonus this time around.'

Doll summons force a cleaver and flings it at V, severing that arm off the disassembly drone. Doll then pulls down the fan blade from the ceiling, spinning it up in preparation to continue her revenge murder.

"I need to learn how to do this." Uzi is trying to restrain herself, but she does feel a bit of excitement at the prospect of being able to move stuff with her mind, "Weird mirror breaking side effects aside."

" Если вам повезет, вам никогда не придется. (If you're lucky, you won't ever have to.)" warns Doll.

SD-N speaks up, "Hold on V! We're going to do something soon! I hope!" he's been wanting himself and Uzi to step in for a while now and V getting cut up as they stand idle isn't the best.

Granted he's never seen this at all, but V's in danger!

"Holy crap, what is she doing?!" exclaims Uzi.

"This isn't what I expected at all!" adds N, noticing Doll setting up for a lethal blow, "I guess we should... Uh..."

Uzi groans and hangs her head down.

Uzi nods, "Yeah, I feel the same about having to save you."

SD-V smirks and replies, "Bite me."

Uzi gasps, "Oh hell no you do not just steal my catchphrase!"

"What are you gonna do about it shorty?"

Uzi only growls and just slumps back into her chair, leaning into SD-N, directing a sly grin at SD-V, who glares at her.

SD-N is starting to feel like he's in danger again.

SD-J rolls her eyes at the antics of her team.

Doll flings the fan blade at V. Just as she braces for the worst, N swoops in and kicks the blade to the side.

Uzi flings her knife, which appears to break Doll's concentration with the AbsoluteSolver, or perhaps, countered it. As a moment after the symbol ceased to flash on Doll's face, revealing her annoyance at Uzi's interference, her solver powers keeping the door locked was removed, allowing the worker drones to flood out into the hallway in an effort to escape the carnage, shoving past Khan who kept an eye on his daughter on stage facing off against Doll.

Khan's feelings about this, "As proud as I am you made it to prom, with such a terrifying turn of events, I don't think it was wise of you to get yourself involved Uzi."

"If V dies, everything she knows about the solver dies with her!"

Khan can't fault his daughter seeking answers, just like her mother.

Thad feels some shamed seeing himself run off, but he understands as he has no suitable weapon and would likely get in the way, seeing how Doll effortlessly reduced two worker drones to splotches of oil on the floor. He'd run too, he wouldn't feel good about it, but he doesn't have a suitable weapon or the methods to put a stop to this fight.

He taps on Alf's shoulder, "Hey, think you can give me and some others some training after this? Teach us how to fight?"

Alf nods, "Yeah, I'm starting to think ya'll need some proper training." he already has a few ideas in mind.

"Узи, ты правда на стороне Дронов-Убийц? Я не единственная, кто потеряла из-за них семью. (Uzi, you would really side with the Murder Drones? I'm not the only one who's lost family to them.)" reasons Doll.

"Bite me! It's this solver, I know it's connected to everything happening, that eldritch horror, J, thing, whatever it was has something to do with this!" argues Uzi, "Now I might not care much for the one in twintails over there with a pen up her ass-" SD-J directed the most furious of gazes towards Uzi for that comment, "-but if this solver is as big of a threat as it's proving itself to be by being the one thing consistent with the recent episodes. Hell, the solver might even be the root of all our problems by the looks of it!"

Doll blinks seemingly indifferent, "Мило, но почему вы думаете, что решатель является корнем всех наших проблем? (Cute, but why do you think the solver is the root of all our problems?)"

"If all of the-" Uzi gestures towards the disassembly drones, "-disassembly drones here have that solver thing in them like J, and I have this solver thing inherited from my mother, and that's the same for you right?"

"Ваша точка зрения? (Your point?)"

"I think this solver, whatever it is, wants to spread itself. It wants us to fight, so that it can take the bodies and assimilate them or something. It did that to those guys-" Uzi pointed with her thumb over her shoulder at Frank and Tim, who slump in their seats at the reminder, "-and probably did the same to my mother..."

Khan is disturbed by Uzi's claims, he just left Nori's body there after ending her misery... then, this solver thing could have- oh what had he done? It was the exact thing Nori was telling him about and he played it off as some unimportant hobby of conspiracy conjuration.

"Point is, this thing is clearly trying to make more of itself, if it wasn't for the solver then the murder drones would never have arrived and we'd both have our parents. If we work together, we can find out how to stop it! It'd be a lot easier don't you think?" replies Uzi.

Doll levels a glare at Uzi, "У меня все хорошо. (I've been doing fine on my own.)"

"Why are you so insistant and going about it yourself? Are you hiding something? Why are you so against it?"

Doll literally points to V, "Her." then to herself, "Me." and crosses her arms like an 'X'.

SD-V gives a curt nod, "She has a point." while she has no particular grudge towards Doll for her future actions, in part she understands, but honestly she wouldn't trust herself in a room with Doll. She'd dismantle the drone on the spot if she could. In part because she's pissed she fell for a trap orchestrated by the most

Uzi groans into her hands, she's willing to forgive and forget if it means finding the mastermind behind all this. But she can't help it feeling that Doll's just hiding something more.

Doll feels a growing concern about the fact Uzi is ignorant about all this. It would be better if she handled it personally. The solver is far more dangerous than anyone could imagine, overuse has terrible consequences. Especially with how Uzi behaves, her emotions open the lock, and stress would be the flood gates flying open to let, it, take over. Possession. The documents were largely in pieces, but she'd rather avoid that happening. There is still much she doesn't understand, and that's what frightens her the most. Uzi dabbling in this, blindly, is only to cause more problems than solutions. As much as she'd want to make sure Uzi doesn't, do something terrible, she doesn't agree with Uzi's method of going about this. She only hopes Uzi's ignorance doesn't get everyone she cares about killed.

"Bite me! Whoever started this wants us to fight. I'm not dealing with anything well, but I'm done dealing with everything alone." Uzi looks at N, and they smile softly at each other, "We move forward together, or not at all."

Thad nods in approval, "Not to different to what you said here 'zee."

Uzi smirks, "Even if my future self don't know everything, it doesn't take a genius to know we need to work together on this."

Doll rolls her eyes, working together will only cause more problems than not.

Doll doesn't look swayed by Uzi's words whatsoever, "Как мило, но мне твоя помощь не нужна. (Cute, but I don't need help.)"

She uses her solver powers to send a piece of rebar piercing through N, pinning him in place. Doll then launches the blades his way. N shoves Uzi to the side and gives a thumbs up before the blades strike him and V, sending them into the wall in pieces. Khan tries to rush in and help his daughter, only for Doll's head to snap around, and flashes of images appear briefly across the screen before it showed the door shut, locking Khan out.

"Well that looked painful." comments Lizzy indifferently, turning to Doll, "Need a chiropractor? I know a five star office down in-"

"Прекрасно. (It's fine.)" Doll is completely fine.

"...Thanks for not killing my dad." Uzi really can't deal with that right now.

"I'm not a monster, Uzi. Just a little selfish." replies Doll.

SD-V on the other hand, mutters to herself, "First chance I get, I'm putting a bullet in her head."

SD-J nods in approval having overheard her teammate's response, "I concur."

Khan is both grateful for not dying and worried for his daughter, 'Don't get yourself killed Uzi.' he wouldn't be able to bear another loss in the family.

SD-N knows they'll regenerate, but he couldn't help but wince when that blade made contact, that looked painful. But the concern for Uzi grew as now she's going to be on her own against Doll for a while.

Uzi coughs out oil, and notices Doll some distance away pulling out a kitchen knife from behind her back, flinging it up and catching it with the solver, and then throwing it in the direction of Uzi. Without any change in her expression. Uzi's eyes widened as she noticed the knife approach

"Uzi!" shouts Khan, N, Thad.

Uzi herself was kind of shocked by that, looking to Doll who noticed Uzi's shock, "Вы сделали свой выбор (You made your choice). Я сделал свой (I made mine)."

As much as SD-J would love to see Uzi die, she has a feeling it won't end like this... and that Doll is more of an unknown factor. Unlike Uzi, Doll has had little shown about her, she'd rather deal with someone she understands. Locating weaknesses to exploit, perhaps with any luck more information on this worker drone by the name of Doll will be revealed. A counter of this solver would be most appreciative.

However the camera shifts back to Doll, as a noise of the knife piercing, something, was heard, and her looked changed into one of surprise. It reveals Uzi had blocked it with her left hand. Uzi cackles rather wickedly as she pulls the knife out of her hand without any signs of pain.

When Uzi gets stabbed, most of the worker drones winced or in the case of a few students, turned to vomit out, oil, into buckets as the various plushies expected this to happen. Gag reflexes, who adds gag

Uzi herself felt, tingly, in a bad way at that, her stomache kind of did a few flips seeing it get pulled out, 'The solver must have negated my pain receptors.'

Thad had to ask, "Doesn't that hurt?"

Uzi shrugs, not sure much herself what her future self is feeling, "Either the solver has some kickass pain suppressing program or I'm just really immersed in the fight." as she recalls seeing herself get stung, she felt the pain, obviously. Guess getting stabbed in the hand the second time around doesn't hurt as bad as the first.

SD-J scowls, 'Great! She's becoming more of a nuisance than I thought.'

Doll reaches out and aims to grab Uzi, but through her perspective, shows errors pop up.

// ERROR: absolute_solver_trn

[like object non-interactive]

Uzi takes note of this, "So, those with the solver can't use it on anyone else who has it?"

Doll narrows her gaze, "Так, казалось бы. (So it would seem.)" she never experienced that before.

"So that's why the other purple haired worker drone didn't turn us into an oil smudge on the floor from the start?" SD-V is, well, she never thought she'd feel- on second thought no, she'll never feel thankful for the solver.

Penny flinched at the implications, her death accident? Sure sounds like that... that makes it worse than being purposely killed. Or is it better?

'I don't know what to think.' Penny opts to remain in silence, not daring to even look in Doll's direction. The russian drone in question doesn't appear to mind the distrust, fear, and anger from her fellow worker drones.

Thankfully Kelsey is there to offer some comfort, the traumatic experience of seeing your future self die brutality brings fellow death buddies together.

Doll is stunned by this error and scowls, taking out another knife and throwing it forward via the solver. But Uzi deflects it, not stopping her slow walk towards Doll. Doll is beginning to look concerned that this might be not as easy of a fight as she initially thought.

Doll shares a bit of her future self's concern, Uzi's pain tolerance is, commendable. But that reaction speed is ridiculous.

Uzi's grinning at her future self taking ground, "Well, well, well, I think I'm doing just fine without the solver's abilities."

"You sure are Uzi!" compliments SD-N, "Great job!"

"Пассивное повышение ваших рефлексов не является поводом для празднования. (Passive increases to your reflexes are nothing to be celebrated.)" if anything it has Doll concerned at Uzi's growth. It didn't look like much time passed between this and the last episode.

"Yeah..." SD-V doesn't see any good in the solver beginning to affect Uzi, "I don't think that's worth celebrating." knowing the solver, it's not something to be celebrated. Doll seems to know this.

"Let me have this." Uzi wants to appreciate the powers for what they are, which is cool, anyone would want psychic powers.

Meanwhile, with N, he reaches over for a crawling arm.

"Is this-" he began to ask.

"Mine!" V snatches the arm away from him with her mouth.

Lizzy appears, "Ew. You look like garbage."

SD-V gives Lizzy a glare for that comment.

V with the arm in her mouth, "You frickin' traitor!"

Lizzy rolls her eyes, "As if you weren't trying to use me to get in and kill everyone."

SD-V has no counter to that claim, but she still doesn't like it.

Uzi dares not to voice the same thing as Lizzy, but V definitely didn't earn much concern from her.

Lizzy snatches the arm from V, "As if you weren't using me to try and kill everyone, Ms. Petty." counters Lizzy, looking over the arm, "Where does this freaking go?"

Doll gives Lizzy a look, and Lizzy just defends her actions with, "What?"

"..." Doll just sighs.

"Thank you, Lizzy!" says N.

Lizzy and V both say, "Shut up, (loser)." simultaneously.

SD-N isn't so much affected by that, he's kind of used to it thanks to SD-J constant berating.

Uzi glares at the two responsible, "Seriously?"

SD-V is unaffected, Lizzy wisely doesn't comment.

Meanwhile with Doll and Uzi, Doll sends forth yet another knife which Uzi kicks aside, which flings into the DJ stand, starting up the music 'Knife Dance'.

Riley begins to vibe to the beat, "That soundtrack is so vibe."

Most of the worker drone students agree, it does sound good, murder happening aside.

Uzi just looks to Doll, "No offense, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to kick your ass."

Doll doesn't look affected by the insult, "Hmm." she only gives a thoughful hum in response.

Uzi's eyes widened in realization, "Oh crap hey stop studying my fighting style!"

"Nyet." Doll can't help but crack a smirk, "Ты изучаешь меня, я изучаю тебя. Это справедливо, не правда ли? (Your studying me, I'm studying you. That is fair is it not?)"

"Bite me!" Uzi turns to the nearest host, Misaka 15780, "Can't we get her out of here?"

The sister clone shrugs, "It's for the best you all witness this."

Uzi glares back up at Doll, Doll is oddly happy at this.

Doll pulls the knife back with her solver ability and then throws it again towards Uzi. Her movements are smooth, if not graceful.

Lizzy can't help but compliment her friend, "I've been missing out, when did you learn all this?"

Doll smiled, "Я тренировался. (I've been practicing.)"

Uzi does a back-flip onto the stage, the knife embeds itself onto the ground and Uzi notices the microphone stand, kicking it towards Doll.

Doll doesn't even shift from her position, stopping it once it was close and proceeds to analyze it with the solver, a hologram like screen flashing in front of her.



With a loading bar fluctuating.

Uzi is both in awe and angered at Doll's actions, "Oh come on at least let me get one hit in!"

"А вы? (Would you?)"

"Bite me!"

Uzi takes up the knife from stage looking rather confident, but her eyes widen as the microphone stand was thrown back send her down, and a second piece striking, pinning her to the floor.

Uzi feels second hand regret for kicking the stand, for she just gave Doll an extra tool.

The knife had fallen out of Uzi's grasp and was brought back to Doll, where with a few hand gestures brings it above her, multiplies it into a fan of knives above herself, and then hurls them towards Uzi, but N steps in blocking them with his wings. Offering his hand towards Uzi.

"Quit saving me!" Uzi's likely embarrassed about the amount of times N's been saving her, but takes his hand anyways after pulling the bars pinning her aside.

"I don't mean it seriously N!" Uzi makes sure SD-N doesn't misunderstand.

"I know! It can be embarrassing to get saved all the time." SD-N understands.

Lizzy however, "So your saying you, want him to keep saving you?"

"Bite me!" Uzi doesn't deny it.

N then twirls Uzi aside Uzi, preventing her from being struck as a table flying by, Uzi catches another knife sent by Doll. Then in another beautiful twirl into the arm of N as they send a combined attack towards Doll, N firing a rocket and Uzi throwing the knife.

SD-V idly comments, "So, it's a dance of murder?" honestly this looks kind of ridiculous. She'd sneak around back and assassinate Doll, rather than indulge in whatever this is.

"It's a dance of drones!" corrects SD-N, "Dapper drones!"

"I think it's a dance of knives." comments Emily.

"A knife dance..." Uzi remarks, "Yeah that describes this fight." with how much Doll is using that one knife and how it's movements are, it sounds fitting. But how well her and N are dancing, it's making her blush.

Ignoring the fact that someone is probably going to get murdered, this is a very cinematic fight. Probably thanks to the camera shifting around and the lights. It looks most cool to the worker drones.

Doll casually blocks the missile, though in slow motion shows the knife graze by her hair, either dispelling her solver or breaking her concentration, resulting in the kinetic force by the explosion sending her back and crashing onto a table.

Uzi's face softens upon noticing N's injury, healed, but the tear in his suit is still there, along with the dried oil, "Seriously. Don't do that again."

"Uzi..." N appears thankful for the concern.

Uzi's blushing up a storm, 'I- uh- he-' she can't make proper thoughts, 'It's not like I like him or anything! We're just, friends!'

SD-V directs a small glare her way.

SD-J doesn't give a damn about this, 'Setting up a relationship with the enemy? I thought you were better than that N.'

But then notices Doll sending another table their way, "Ah, okay, your turn!" He tosses Uzi out of the way and gets hit by the oncoming table.

Uzi winced upon seeing that.

"I'm fine." SD-N assures, "I'm more sturdy than I look."

Doll levitates some tables, her patience appears to be wearing thin as she looks genuinely annoyed, and Uzi makes her way across them as if it were some platform game. Doll brings out two more knives and sends them up towards Uzi as she landed on the second table.

Uzi is really curious now, "How are you-" then remembers whose she's talking to, "Forget I asked."

Doll is thankful Uzi realized she won't elaborate on how she's doing things.

SD-J, however, "What was the human saying again? Pulling it out of their ass?"

Doll appears to heavily dislike that with the lowered gaze meeting a very smug looking J. Despite this insult, Doll still doesn't explain. She's not so stupid as to explain her abilities. That would be counterproductive to her goals.

One of the knives strikes the bracelet on Doll's wrist, sending it to the floor. Doll looked back, her left eye hollowed out, the solver clear on her right, when she turned back to Uzi, both her eyes were normal hollowed out in perhaps the most genuine look of uncertainty and shock. Uzi then jumps down delivering a kick across Doll's face sending her back.

Doll herself, felt equal concern.

Uzi noticed this and felt it necessary to ask, "What did that bracelet have to do with you? Does it help you control the solver or something?"

Doll only glares at Uzi in response, but speaks, "Если бы я сказал «да»? (If I said yes?)"

"Do I have to worried about you becoming a tentacle horror like J?" Uzi's comment struck J once more.

Doll, doesn't quite know the answer to that herself, and decides to play around with Uzi, "О да, я бы превратился в уродливого гигантского жука и выкачивал бы твое масло по ночам. (Oh yes, I'd become an ugly giant bug and siphon your oil in the night.)" her monotone voice and deadpanned face sells it.

Uzi looks annoyed by this, SD-J doesn't like Uzi or Doll.

SD-J is eager to see one or the other die on screen, "How about the two of you sit down so I may see the outcome of this venture of yours?"

Uzi scoffs, "I'm not going to murder her, I need answers I'm not gonna-"

Doll stands back up, a look of frustration on her visor, she brings up her right hand towards Uzi, the solver symbol flickering about in her hand, but then a gunshot goes off as a bullet pierces through her head, dropping her to the ground. V revealing herself having snuck around to get the perfect kill, with a grinning expression.

"GOSH DAMN IT V!" Uzi was quick to catch on this means her future self likely won't be able to interrogate Doll now for answers.

Doll looks, pissed. Now Uzi's frustrated that her future self is likely not going to be able to find answers, but Doll here is livid that SD-V killed her just because she was distracted by Uzi.

She curses in Russian, she should have paid more attention to that one. Uzi is a nuisance, V was the prime concern. She should have noticed something was off when N showed up, she should have looked around for signs of V.

SD-V looks just as satisfied as her on screen self, "Uh hello? Did you forget what she did to me?"

"You can regenerate!" cries out Uzi.

"Ouch." SD-V feints pain at that, "A little harsh don't you think?"

"You- ARGH!" Uzi feels anger for her future self.

Doll's been clenching her armrests a bit too tightly and glaring at V. Lizzy looks to her friend nervously.

Teacher only sighed and raised his attendance list only to remember, 'Oh, this hasn't happened yet, how could I forget.' and puts it away. He's too tired to deal with this.

Kelsey just decided to deactivate on the spot. Penny and Adira prevented her from falling out of her seat.

Thad is disturbed like most of the other worker drones, "Not cool V."

Uzi on screen appears to have adopted a stance of did not expect a bullet to fly in her general direction, and her eyes wide, gesturing towards Doll's corpse, "V, we needed her for answers!"

N walks over besides V, as V replies, "What? She's fine-" V notices Doll bleeding out a lot of oil, N making an 'Oooh' expression, " Uhh... A little tuckered out..." Uzi glanced over towards Doll, clearly annoyed at having lost one of the only connections to the solver mystery.

"V did that on purpose! She's hiding mystery stuff and being over dramatic about it!" N throws V under the bus, figuratively speaking, even pointing dramatically to V.

"Hey!" V punches N across the shoulder, "You suck!"

Honestly, without this future viewing stuff, it's unlikely SD-V would have opened up as she did. SD-N doesn't know how to feel about that.

Uzi wants to interrogate her too, but like Doll V seems reluctant to elaborate further. Why the hell is it with everyone who knows about the solver keeping so damn QUIET about it?! They're literally taking it to their graves in the future!

SD-V leveled a glare at SD-N for his future self's actions.

"Well, how else would Uzi know?"

"She didn't have to know."

Lizzy offers Doll some comfort as Doll has such fury in her eyes, if looks could kill, V would be ashes.

"You!" Uzi looks like she was about to scold V, as V and N point at each other accusingly, but Uzi noticed Doll's keys on the floor and picked it up, "Lucky for you, we're not done yet."

"Тебе недостаточно убить меня, теперь ты собираешься шнырять по моему дому? (Killing me is not enough for you, now you're going to snoop around my home?)" Doll, while still vexed about what happens in the future, has a feeling she may return. She's regenerate injuries before. Now the head? That hasn't quite happened before. Arm? Leg? That is something she can live without, but a head? Well, first time for everything as the humans say. Even then, she's still pissed that V, of all drones, killed her.

"You're not going to exactly talk much when you're dead... and with how you are now I doubt you'd even talk much if I asked." retorts Uzi.

Uzi, N, and V arrive at Doll's house. N turns on the lights to reveal the messed up place in all its gore & glory. Pieces of worker drones litter the room, oil puddles and splotches dotter the floor and walls. Robotic co*ckroaches are skittering about the place.

"Uh-oh..." Uzi didn't see this when she first came in, must be because Doll covered everything up with the darkness, purposely leaving the lights off. Even if dim and red, the lighting shows plenty.

"Hehe. Nice." V doesn't mind the scenery, looks just like home to her.

SD-V herself nods in approval, "I can see myself living there and nobody would see any difference I bet."

This ironically would give Doll incentive, a little promise to herself, to clean up her house as to not make it look at all appeasing to V, as an act of spite.

Teacher sighs, 'Am I glad I only have to handle them at school.'

Adira checks her notes, "Huh, guess that solves all the missing drones cases this past week."

Doll rolls her eyes, she hasn't killed that many compared to the murder drones. She purposely got rid of the more idiotic and jerk worker drones for the sake of what sense of morals she has left. Avoiding Lizzy's friends, as a small favor to her for being her only friend through her difficult life.

Braxton gags, "I think I just vomited in my mouth."

The worker drone students had already begun to distance themselves from Doll, now they're practically hugging the far edges.

SD-J would give this worker drone a pen for her efforts in deleting her own kind, but the doubts placed in her mind about the solver, and its presence in them all. Corrupted? She can't possibly be corrupted, yet, there's little reason to doubt these viewings.

That doesn't mean J offers her own thoughts, Serial Designation J gives her own words, "I find it hypocritical for you to convict us, who were merely sent to fix a problem, of murder. While you, Doll was it? Are the only one in the room whom has committed legitimate murder towards your own kind." J raises an eyebrow, "Nevertheless I am impressed by your, efficiency. You did quite a lot of work for us in the future."

Doll levels a glare towards J, "Вы бы не сказали этого, если бы у меня все еще были свои силы. (You wouldn't be saying that if I still had my powers.)"

"Your right, I'd kill you myself." replies SD-J, sternly.

Uzi can only roll her eyes at V's future self's comments, she's equally disturbed by the oil-shed shown here as any worker drone, but to see Doll so callous as to kill other worker drones and drink their oil? That ain't right. But that begs the question.

Uzi looks back to Doll, "Is this a side effect of the solver? You have to drink oil like a disassembly drone?"

Doll sees no reason to keep this secret, it's rather obvious with how it's been shown and Uzi assumes it already, she just seeks confirmation, "Da."

Uzi has decided, the solver, despite it's cool abilities, is a curse... why couldn't it have no drawbacks to begin with?

'Because then there wouldn't be a show called murder drones, but a show called no murder drones.' thinks Alf to himself.

V is shown to have arm in her mouth, the arm looks well beyond expired.

Uzi feels a bit disgusted by this, "Are you not worried about your self-image at all?"

"I drink whatever I can get, I prefer it fresh, but I wouldn't let good oil go to waste." replies SD-V, 'Even if the tastes leaves much to be desired.'

Uzi pulls the arm out of V's mouth, "Ugh, self respect!" the trio spread out to snoop around, Uzi places the arm into a pot, "Why would a worker drone..." she runs her finger across the counter, "Was she eating them?" she places the arm into a container holding two more, but pauses and turns back, eyeing the pot with worry.

If there hasn't been any motivation yet, Uzi definitely has motivation to not become like Doll. She would rather not eat her fellow worker drones thank you very much!

'Please don't tell me I'm going to... taste that.' Uzi already feels nauseous thinking about the possibility.

With N he nearly steps on a roach, and notices a drape covering something and walks over by the dining table, there's two plates set up with oil besides the two figures. V is in the background striking, poses or something.

Uzi is wondering, "Did Doll peeking inside your head mess you up that much?"

SD-V merely shrugged, "Probably, does it matter?"

Doll could care less if she mentally broke V, it'd give her some sense of satisfaction if she did.

Khan's beginning to wonder how Uzi's survived in school all this time. If this is what one of the students is like, imagine what horrors lie behind the others.

Meanwhile, Uzi looks to the oil stains on her gloves as it briefly showed her mouth. As if she was considering...

Uzi nearly hurled at the implication, 'Yeah, need to find a cure for this before I become a cannibal like Doll.'

Doll, senses Uzi is degrading her into something she's not.

SD-N notice's Uzi disturbance with what's being shown, "You alright Uzi?"

"Other than being disgusted I'm going to develop an cannibalistic oil diet like Doll, I'm doing great!" Uzi's put it to the forefront of her mind to find out everything she can about the solver, before she likely has to be like Doll from the looks of it. She's angsty, not murderous... okay she's murderous but only towards those who deserve it!

SD-V turned her gaze towards Uzi, if she's becoming anything like Doll in the future...

Back with N, he pulls off the covers, revealing two corpses. V is walking up behind him.

N inhales sharply, "I think we found her folks..."

"They don't really, didn't even taste that good." V comments back to the time she killed them.

Doll stood up from her seat and reflectively reached out her hand towards SD-V, SD-V noticed and got up herself, only for Doll to remember the solver was disabled.

Doll frowned, but then her eyes lit up in realization, she reached behind her waist but remembers she didn't have her knife on her.

It was an awkward silence for some before Doll asked, "Могу ли я быть извинен? (May I be excused?)"

SD-OC looked over at his fellow hosts, MS-15870 gave a thumbs up in approval, Alf just shrugged, "Well, I suppose it'd be alright. It's almost over anyways."

Doll was already walking back to her room. Lizzy got up giving a disappointed look towards V for her comment, "Gee, I didn't know you could be so insensitive, read the mood." before following after Doll.

Uzi doesn't say anything, she can speak to Doll after, she's not going anywhere far, she does level a glare at V, as this is likely going to make it harder to convince Doll to open up about the solver, not to mention this hits kind of home for her, "V..."

SD-V merely shrugs, "What? How was I supposed to expect-" but noticing how, genuinely angered Uzi is, "...If you're expecting an apology you're wasting your time."

SD-N wants to step in, but he has no real words to say, what can he say?

"V, you kind of suck." states N.

"Yeah. I'm not doing okay." V picks up a robot roach and eats it.

Uzi on the other hand is beginning to notice a pattern, like V is trying to put up this persona. Seeing as how she put up a tough girl emo angsty human hating robot persona throughout her highschool life, she has a eye for these sort of things... anime has also helped for the matter.

She leans towards SD-N, "I think V has some serious issues."

"Yeah..." SD-N agrees, she is kind of unhinged, but when she said she knows the solver... did it do something to her to make her act like this?

Uzi notices N looking her way and quickly takes the oil covered finger out of her mouth before making her way to investigate.

It was fast but, Uzi saw that, even if most of the others didn't. She had to stop herself from hurling at the sight of that. Brief as it were.

'Don't tell me I'm going to have to drink oil like Doll and the murder drones.'

SD-J had noticed this, as did Teacher. The former glared suspiciously towards Uzi, while Teacher noted that Uzi may soon develop cannibalistic tendencies, this may qualify her as a special needs student.

Uzi checks out a name tag. C9, Drone 048, Yeva. Doll's mother.

Uzi cradles her chin in thought, if Doll's mother has an ID, she never saw these on any other worker drone before. Did her mother have one perhaps?

Suddenly, Doll teleports in behind them and silently pulls out the bullet from her head injury as she begins to repair herself.

"Not the most creepiest thing we've seen so far." says Rebecca.

"Look out guys!" SD-N shouts, "Me- err turn around! She's right there!"

"Our future selves can't hear us." reminds SD-V.

"I know, but I totally freak out over these suspenseful moments in movies!" SD-N realizes something, "Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever watched any movies... why do I feel like this?"

SD-J rolls her eyes at this senseless panic, she's more focused on how Doll just teleported of all things, into the room. How versatile is this ability? How far can she go? How much can she use it?

"Как раз к ужину. (Just in time for dinner.)" Doll makes her presence known, getting their attention as she aims the bullet towards Uzi.

As a shot is fired... everything goes black.

Khan holds his breath, as does Uzi, and SD-N. Thad, Adira, Kelsey, Penny, the WDF, all of them are holding their breath, even Rebecca and Darren appear to be treating this as some kind of date with how, close they are with the hand holding.

Teacher's the only one among the crowd who has absolutely no concern for the events on screen.

Then, a purple solver flashes in the darkness, and the scene zooms out to reveal Uzi had stopped the bullet with her own AbsoluteSolver.

'Whoa.' Uzi's both as amazed as her on screen counterpart, and partially worried. For one, she recalls Doll not being able to directly harm her with the solver... it wouldn't allow it... maybe that plot armor thing could be- 'Hold on was that joke about plot armor actually real? Is the solver not allowing itself to be destroyed by others afflicted by it? I guess if it was like a virus and wanted to spread it'd be counterproductive to kill it's hosts but-' that line of thought opened up a whole other can of worms she's not sure she can handle.

SD-N is simply in awe, grasping at his head by the sheer turn of events.

Khan has a feeling his future self is going to have to address the truth about Nori to Uzi... it'll be impossible to hide it now, maybe he should show her Nori's belongings when they return home.

Surprising everyone, N looking extremely shocked hands on his face as he almost looks childishly amazed, while SD-V has a submachine gun leveled at Uzi, even Uzi herself did not appear to intend this.

"Мне... Мне тебя... (I... I'm sorry...)" says Doll.

Uzi appeared to re-direct the bullet out the window (or mirror IDK) inadvertently by a simple clench of her hand.

"...Жаль. Если я найду то, что ищу, то и тебе помогу. (...For you. If I find what I'm looking for, I'll help you too.)" adds Doll.


"Great, she's just as cryptic in the future as she is in the present." Uzi feels getting her hopes up for Doll to inform her of anything might be a bit too much, but there's probably going to be other ways to learn about the solver, hopefully. At least it confirms something, Doll's actively looking for, something to help with the solver problem.

Why she's so against working together- oh yeah, V. She can understand that. But it'd be a lot better to have the extra firepower. Spooky solver parasites aside... they should probably deal with that now that she remembers that little detail.

"Извини. (I am sorry.)" Doll's image begins to flicker, as if she's teleporting away again.

V flies and fires a rocket just as Uzi ran towards Doll in an attempt to stop her.

"What? Oh, don't you dare!"

"V I swear if your future self kills her again-" Uzi can see what V's about to do.

"Relax shorty, she's probably just teleported away again." reasons SD-V.

Uzi frowns, "That isn't any better!" her future self isn't going to get many answers from Doll. An ID card and a bracelet are not much to go off of. She can't help but feel worried about the future for herself.

However, as the rocket made impact and the smoke cleared, Doll had already teleported away.

Uzi is annoyed at the turn of events, shouting towards the heavens, "Ugh, I hate it HEEEERE!"

Uzi does agree with hating the outpost, seeing how much trouble it'd bring her in the future "Seriously, it's like this place is cursed or something! Might as well move to the corpse spire at least that's safe. Disturbing amount of corpses and murderous drones aside."

SD-J scowls, "Approach the spire this time, and I'll tear you limb from limb."

Uzi didn't expect that kind of response, "What, no corporate buzzword?"

SD-J scoffs, "I've learned from these viewings you have a low tolerance of such language."

Uzi is surprised, "Wow and I thought you were stubborn on these kinds of things."

"Do not test me."

Teacher just thinks, 'Does everyone in this outpost have an issue in their programming?' this is making Thad seem like the only good drone, and he's a jock. The ones who are supposed to be anything but normal.

Somewhere outside in the city, a worker drone named Reid is digging through the snow, where he finds his missing glasses. Picking them right up.

"Ah, that's where I left my excuse to be outside right now." states Reid to himself.

"Whose that?" asks Darren.

"No clue." replies Rebecca, "Must be someone from another outpost."

He puts his glasses on, and looks just as a Murder Drone pod comes hurling towards him. He gets out of the way, only to get thrown back by an explosion from the second pod landing. He survives, only for the third and final pod to come arrive, as graceful as it can be sliding down the side of the buildings and landing directly in front of him. The pod's human passenger leaps out and slices Reid's head clean off. It landed perfectly on the snow, glasses landing right back into place.

"Who the hell-" Uzi doesn't quite recognize the person, but the figure is familiar, "Wait, that's a human!"

"Wow, thanks for pointing out the obvious." Rebecca rolls her eyes, "Totally didn't see that myself."

"Humans are scary..." comments Kelsey.

Teacher notes how slow that attack was, 'Her skill with a sword leaves room for improvement.'

A close up reveals the nametag of "Tessa - Certified technician for JCJenson"

The disassembly drones in the room are, shocked by her appearance.

"Tessa?" SD-N, feels a surge of memories flash on by, something about, a gala? Some kind of tree, and... angry birds? No not those angry birds, angry black birds, crows? Ravens? Wait...

"Tessa... boss." SD-J can't believe it.

SD-V is surprised, "Huh, she doesn't look like she's aged a day."

Uzi doesn't quite know how to feel of this human, 'A human! A technician of the company no less!' before her thoughts of murder could properly materialize, she remembers the name being mentioned by maid J back in the last episode, 'Tessa, wait that's the human that was the uh, boss of the disassembly drones back when they were worker drones right? What's she doing here? Did she come for them? To help them?'

Honestly she's torn, should she hate the human? If it's the same Tessa, which it probably is, well she'll need to learn more about her to make an opinion. She's not entirely impressed with the fact that Tessa just decapitated a harmless worker drone.

Maybe the company's just being cautious, but that doesn't change the fact she just murdered an innocent guy. Typical human behavior. All this stuff has been over complicated, she misses the time when it was just humans bad, murder good.

"Righty-o. Work to do. Eh, J?" says Tessa, in an Australian accent, J flies in next to her, apperently rebuilt and having traveled with Tessa from wherever she came from. J tosses Tessa a keychain with small Earth decor, "Maintenance work..." she presses a car alarm button and the pod behind her beeps, locking I guess, then the screen went black.

Uzi noticed J fly in and her mouth fell, "Didn't I murder you twice in the last two episodes?!"

SD-J rolled her eyes, "You murdered me once." gritting her teeth as she admitted that, "But the second time around was merely that, solver, puppeting my corpse." SD-J decides to fall on that conclusion, a mixture of pride and post-analysis.

SD-OC claps his hands, "Break time everyone! Think about what you say... I'm pretty sure you need a good rest after this. You may discuss your findings amongst yourselves in your rooms if you need privacy."

Alf beckons over the WDF and Thad, "Alright, let's get you boys set up."

"Awesome." Thad's looking forward to his training arc.

"Quick question hosts!" SD-N raises his hand.


"Just wondering if we still have those uh, things inside us like we learned J had in the last episode."

SD-OC shrugs, "You do, but so long as your here, let's just say they're disabled. We can't directly affect your world, it's why we just brought you here to learn about your future and fix it."

Alf nods, "The deal was made to show you the future so you could find a way to stop it, we can't do that ourselves, it's not within our abilities to do so."

"So we still have those things in us?" asks SD-N.

SD-OC nods, "Yeah, couldn't interfere directly, but we can keep them disabled as you remain here, not sure if removing them would have dire consequences to your well being, so we just left them in."

"Couldn't you give us more to work with than simply watching the future?" asks Uzi.

"We let you improve your railgun." points out MS-15780.

"Besides that..." as grateful she is for the railgun, she's starting to feel as if it pales in comparison to Doll's abilities. Versatility is something she hasn't quite gotten down. J's parasite solver thing just formed a black hole and escaped, despite her railgun exploding in the future from the damage it sustained, "Thanks for that, but couldn't there be some kind of help regarding the solver?"

"We'll, we can give you some light arms, tools, oil, parts." SD-OC lists with his fingers, "But we're supposed to leave folks more independent. Sure it's nice to have some big-shot looking after you and fixing your problems. But we don't do that, we have our own problems to deal with after this. It's against the rules to intervene directly, we're pushing the limits as is. We're meant to guide you towards solving your future problems yourself. Pun not intended regarding this solver-"

The door to the storage room explodes sending a few N Plushies that were unfortunately close to the door flying, cotton and fabric torn apart by the wooden shrapnel.

"Oh my gosh!" exclaims Rebecca.

"The beautiful door!" Khan's as concerned as always.

"No worries!" SD-OC holds up his hands, "Uh..." he snaps his fingers and several J Plushies file out of the kitchen with fire extinguishers, "It looks like that break will be longer than usual until we get this fixed up!" probably for the best.

The drones hurry out of the theater a bit faster than usual. Especially the worker drones who were a bit closer to the fire.

They've only got more questions than answers so far, but soon they may find out more about the solver, and its origins. It's ultimate goal still eludes them all, but it can't be anything good with what's been revealed. If the solver is connected to the disassembly drones and a few special worker drones, then why have them fight one another? What's to gain from that? Uzi, for sure as hell, is going to get some answers, one way or another.


I learned a lot during my time of motivation loss, and EP6 cleared up a LOT of questions I had. CYN sending the MDs, hence why they have a AbsoluteSolver techno-parasite in them. Humans experimenting with the solver on worker drones for reasons, likely to find out how to control it, use it, and cure it in case SHTF. But they invented the "Collars" which I theorize might help suppress the full effects of the solver, Nori is one of the best seemingly, even temporarily "Possessed" likely by CYN, but before she met Khan I guess she either banished CYN from herself or CYN just decided Nori wasn't worth it or had other plans? I don't think CYN plays 5D Chess with multiversal time travel to know Uzi would be born and be a suitable easy to possess candidate. Then again, not completely CYN, AbsoluteSolver has made clear in EP5 it is self-aware and somewhat sentient, it's agenda still confusing. WTF do singularities achieve? Like I know CYN had a grudge against the humans for discarding her once and never again and losing N and V, likely took a toll on her so she decided to massacre the Gala. The AbsoluteSolver if it shares the dislike of humans, that would explain it's efforts to spread and essentially use the drones as it's own puppets and possess them, assimilate them, and spread as far as it can, consuming entire worlds I guess in a sense. Eldritch horror that IDK how TF they can beat this if it's already gotten to the point of destroying worlds. The humans appear just as much in a panic uncertain WTF they should do to solve this, and if their solution was to study the solver by purposely getting some worker drones infected, they played themselves because my gosh that would be dumb. Maybe they were experimenting prior? As some think the cabin there, was built in like 3001, show begins in 3071, that's a LONG time ago if they begun to build up labs. Granted if Earth went boom and stuff, and how Tessa was a mid teen in that memory of N. Maybe 3-12 years passed? IDK how long passed since the massacre at the Gala followed by Earth going boom, but if MDs follows the "Aging" process like humans and Uzi is at least 18, then 18-20 years have passed, but then Tessa would be like 26-30, ambiguous timeslines gosh darn it! Maybe the show doesn't take itself seriously or the folks saying Tessa is different are onto something. I presume some years went by for sure, I mean, Uzi wasn't likely born during the more civilized time of when Copper-9 was a mere exo-planet with some labs where they studied the solver. This fic is starting to shift into low-AU territory now. Especially this chapter.

I'm starting to theorize the "Core Collapse" was possibly caused when Nori, appears to have been "Possessed" by the solver at one point, prior to the core collapse, and Nori with Khan is just fine afterwards? I'm starting to think she had something to do with a "Near Singularity" incident like how we saw Earth go boom, it's core collapsed, didn't it? So Copper-9 singularity, by Nori, I guess, she managed to regain control of herself and prevent a complete planet go boom moment? I don't want to spoil my ideas or plots of my future stories, should I get about finishing them up and posting them, one being AU where Nori doesn't go out and get killed by disassembly drones because the universe felt pity and decided to instead throw in some disassembly drone (again, I'm theorizing, but the company I assume was drawing up prototypes of the disassembly drones, likely to deploy for maybe aiding in the dismantling of workers, not like go to planets and hunt them down, more so recycle them for parts and stuff, my AUs be portraying the company as cruel, but efficient overall), since their pattern reminds me of a "Prototype" by design alone. I mean the cautionary hazard pattern is universal for that sort of stuff in sci-fi. But that story is actually almost finished in it's first chapter... just have to go back, finish up the conclusion to the first chapter and correct some mistakes, edit out and edit in some new things, then it'll be done. Just putting out my theory though in case it comes true. I have a feeling if true, then the solver would not have liked Nori screwing that up and could have easily sent a seemingly company communication to locate and eliminate Nori specifically. Then the solver recovered Nori, as it's holograms, it must have at least met Nori to be able to replicate her, but saying "You don't remember US" makes me raise some eyebrows. If the solver kind of assimilated Nori as it did to CYN, I'm a cry. Cause that's just sad if Nori managed to get free of it's influence last moment, then die like a few years later cuz solver was being salty about losing it's prized champion. Of course, there's the offspring of it's prized prodigy, Uzi... but that's just a theory, an Unknown Theory! So it won't quite be added here, maybe, IDK. If I get that wrong it'll veer off heavily into AU.

Chapter 5: Interlude


J having doubts. Doll's reluctant to help Uzi. Uzi's trying to get some answers. V has PTSD I'm sure of it. Some worker drones start up the screen and start watching other worlds.

Beta Reader: MonoMurder234


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Uzi had followed after Doll, since the disassembly drones had went to have their own conversation. There's no rush for answers regarding this solver, she's got all the time in the world right now. While the russian speaking drone was reluctant, Uzi had her boxed in and she wasn't taking silence for an answer. She's been given an opportunity, and she plans to make the most of it.

Bursting into Doll's quarters was, well, the rooms are much like theirs back home. Except Doll's is actually clean unlike the mess of a place she had in episode three.

Uzi made sure to drag over one of the hosts to make sure Doll doesn't just walk again. MS-15870 was more than willing to block the door, much to Doll's chagrin.

Lizzy decided to stick around, it's a little rough between her and Doll. Doll's not fond of Lizzy's choice of words towards V, but the fact she spared Lizzy from the carnage was evidence enough she did care for perhaps the only real friend she had. Things may have been different, if not for SD-V.

Doll could never understand why Uzi is so quick to forgive those disassembly drones. They took her mother did they not? She could never forgive them. The others may be quick to forgive and buddy up with their adversaries, but not her.

At least Uzi wasn't lecturing her on the morality behind her actions, but this was equally annoying. Uzi's standing across from Doll, rather than sitting. Doll doesn't mind sitting, if not for the fact she isn't willing to stand. If Uzi wants to wear her legs out, it's not her problem.

For a while, it's silence, only the tick tock of the clock as the regent endures. Uzi, lost her patience as it was becoming abundantly clear Doll would not cooperate.


Doll looked up, her face a deadpan, "что?"

Uzi's brow twitched, "Don't play dumb!" she slammed her hands on the desk, pointing at her rival, "You must know something about this solver. You've had it longer than I have!"

"Zeee!" an Uzi Plush apparently joined up with Uzi's interrogation of Doll. Uzi seems to enjoy having a partner in crime, or more so, the good cop bad cop routine. Except it's being similarly as hostile as Uzi, which defeats the purpose of such a routine.

Doll rolled her eyes, "Почему вы так думаете? (Why would you think that?)"

"W-" Uzi paused, pursing her lips. They hadn't quite seen how long Doll has had this ability. But with how confident Doll uses it, she must have had it for a while. Her future self can't stop herself from breaking a mirror, while Doll has a mountain of them. She must have been self-taught.

Thus, Uzi went for the more reasonable option, "Bite me! I will stay right here, until you spill it. Everything you know! Starting right from the beginning."

Doll smirked deviously, "Я родилась в30-"

Uzi barely restrained herself from hitting the poor desk again, "Not that- YOU! Alright, if you need a more specific question, how do I- fix this?"

"Неужели вы думаете, что мне все еще пришлось бы пить масло коллег по работе, если бы я знал, как это предотвратить? (Do you think I'd still need to drink the oil of fellow workers if I knew how to prevent it?)" replied Doll, glancing off to the side, the doorway blocked by that human host. If only she had her abilities.

Uzi sighed, "Okay, what have you learned about it? Does overuse cause anything unusual? Loss of control? Overheating? Singularities like that thing did in the, second episode? Any side effects from consuming the oil of other worker drones? Do you know what happened to our mothers? They must have got it from somewhere! Unless, they were born with it? You should know of these things at the very least!"

"..." instead of answering Doll glanced at the vent situated above the table. Her confidence in success is low because Uzi is clearly not letting up. Without her ability it would be incredibly difficult, but not impossible. She'd only need the element of surprise.

Uzi's about had enough of Doll's stubborn silence and grabbed the russian drone by the shirt pulling her over the table, "Tell me! Don't you dare stay quiet about this! We're not leaving until you tell me everything you know about the AbsoluteSolver! You might not know about its origins, but you should know about its effects! Other than the obvious robo-cannibalism and overheating. Spill it! Tell me how to control it!"


Uzi grit her teeth, restraining herself from doing anything hasty, "Okay, then what do I have to do to get you to tell me everything you know about the solver?!"

"Разберите этот конкретный дрон для разборки, и я расскажу вам все, что вы хотите. (Dismantle that one specific disassemble drone for me and I'll tell you anything you want)" Doll's expression doesn't change from her usual indifferentism, though, she is a little peeved under that monotone exterior by Uzi's pestering.

"Not happening. N's with her right now and that leaves you the only one available who knows about the solver, I'll get to her after I'm done with you. But I am not going to antagonize them over what they have no control over!"

Doll really despises that part of Uzi, " Тогда я не вижу, как можно договориться о сделке. (Then I cannot see how a deal can be arranged)"

Doll wished she could just teleport away, avoid this situation completely. In truth she knows little, she only learned how to use this power quite recently, certainly not as quick as Uzi, it was more gradual for her as she grasped it's control. Practice makes perfect after all, a lack of control could lead to undesirable consequences. She had broken hundreds of mirrors before she had sufficient mastery as to not further damage what she means not to.

Not that she'd admit this to Uzi, what's the saying? Never let them see your cards? She knows that this solver thing exists, nothing more. That, abomination created by it, she had no idea it could do that. If her future self knew, who knows truly. All the more reason to find a way to get rid of it or at the very least find a way to contain it. Anything would be preferable to letting it roam free. She wants to learn more about it.

Does this make her goal similar to Uzi? Yes. Should she work with her because of this? Hell no! SD-V killed her parents! It's still immensely perplexing to her that Uzi would work with the very drones that killed her own mother. It's simply incomprehensible! Why compromise with the murderous beasts? There's little reason to work with the very beings that took her livelihood from her.

Maybe it's spite, but she'd rather die than work with those monsters. Weird memories into said monster's past aside, what happened in the past is the past. It won't affect her judgment of the present. Just because they were good at one point in their life doesn't mean she'd give a damn about V given that she is a murderous freak in the present. It's like that human saying; even if a serial killer had a tragic past it doesn't erase the fact they brutally murdered many innocent people.

If Uzi killed, or at least let her dispose of the bitch specifically, then she'd consider sharing anything she finds. Even if the universe itself would cease to exist, she cannot even imagine working alongside the very drone that took her livelihood away from her.

Lizzy stood off on the side as this interrogation heated, beside MS-15870 whom is blocking the doorway. Since this conversation between the two solver drones was getting nowhere, she decided to strike up a chat with the host. Just to pass the time seeing Doll and Uzi's civil conversation isn't going anywhere.

"So... what's with the VR headset?" inquired the cheerleader.

MS-15870 perked an eyebrow, "VR, headset?" Lizzy points to the goggles, "Oh you mean these electron NV goggles? Asks Misaka for confirmation."

"Is that what they're called? Kind of a mouthful don't ya think?" quipped Lizzy smirking proudly.

MS-15870 shrugged, "So, what did you think of the episode? Asks Misaka."

Lizzy frowned, the viewings moments resurfacing, "If you expect me to say I hate Doll for what her future self did, you're better off trying to extinguish the fire on Braiden's head."


"Well... she may have murdered a few of the prom attendees, but can you blame her? Revenge is like, the latest trend. I can't fault her for that. I'd probably do the same."

"You called V hot."

"Judging my preferences now?"

"No, Misaka merely finds it unusual how you fall for females who could kill you at a moment's notice, states Misaka plainly with no ulterior motive to this line of questioning."

Lizzy smirked, "What can I say? I like my girls dangerous."

MS-15870 couldn't show emotion all that well, it's how she was made, but if she could she would be... something. She isn't sure what but this certainly makes her think of something. It's not disappointment, it's more like acceptance of this is how worker drones are.


=[With The Disassembly Drones]=

SD-OC stood watch, just in case something happened again. Alf is here for support this time around. This may leave the other worker drones unattended, but they should be fine. The worst they could do is set the kitchen on fire, but the adult drones will probably supervise them. Probably.

Uzi's decision to interrogate Doll left the disassembly drones unbothered as they held a much needed discussion regarding their way forward.

SD-V was concluding her recount of some, fragments, of their past.

"That thing we saw... in episode two, it sounded exactly like CYN. I only remember pieces, but I know that voice. That, symbol, what we saw with Doll and Uzi? That is exactly what I remember CYN did. I remember her using it. I..." SD-V looked to be caught between anger and terror, "...know there's something wrong with our memories. Something is holding us back, but those dreams must be real. We're watching our future and it's starting to make sense. But I don't even know if I want to know exactly what happened with me and CYN... I just, can't help but feel anger."

"Oh, so it wasn't just a dream then?" SD-N isn't an expert at this comforting stuff, but he tries his best. He would bring up the fact V never forgot his name after all, but he feels this isn't the situation to talk about that. He read that in some consoling book he found in an abandoned bookstore.

"No... I feel it, it happened, it definitely happened. How, I don't know. But CYN, I know she did something terrible, I just... maybe our memories are tampered with N, or maybe I just want to forget... honestly, I'm not sure which is worse." SD-V, if she could cry, she would be tearing up. Sadly for drones, the only tears they can create are simulated on their faceplates.

SD-N was the only one able to give SD-V comfort in the team, since SD-J was busy in her own thoughts at this revelation. Not that SD-J was ever good at offering comfort. Who knows how different things would be if she actually gave half a damn about her squad.

SD-J was in thought, remembering how that, memory, of her former boss. Tessa. It felt like cracks within the floodgate in her mind. It's bits and pieces, much like V described. She knows Tessa... existed. But how she looked or anything other than that is a blur, or locked behind administrative privileges beyond her authorization. This administrative privileges are an annoyance. Her own memories regarding her former boss, locked behind a virtual wall.

"So..." SD-J began, her voice softer than usual, "You think this, CYN, has something to do with why we can hardly remember this past life of ours?"

"If I had to take a guess." is SD-V's response, "Who else? She's the one, thing, that I can remember. It's vivid despite the gaps, as much as I'd rather have forgotten what she did-"

"It's fine V! You don't have to go into detail if it's too, painful." SD-N assured, not wanting to see his teammate and friend hurt.

SD-J wanted to deny all this, but, there is merit to these claims. If the company sent them, would they not take apt precautions against this compromising AbsoluteSolver? It's, unusual. But then, why are they making the spire? She assumed it was simply the company being efficient in piling up the worker drones to recycle later when the company would inevitably return.

What of Earth? What of Tessa? A part of her wants to know where exactly Tessa is right now. The hosts said something about freezing time outside this place. Is she currently on route? If the first episode was truthful, which she has little reason to doubt with V's admission, then she's likely on her way.

...Now that brought up quite the conundrum. Is there going to be a second version of herself?

She's not against the idea, a second Serial Designation J would be a better teammate than... well, she's not so sure anymore. It would be foolish to think of SD-N as a completely useless member of the squad. He's clearly capable, perhaps she's envious of his upbeat attitude which grates on her nerves, maybe it's just he's too carefree and not focusing on the task at hand. Perhaps, she just hates him because he... did something to her. Maybe, but there's little evidence to support that, unless it's one of those many corrupted memories lurking in the depths of her mind. She'd like to assume that, better than simply blaming envy for it. She's not jealous of N, no, she's not so petty as to be jealous. Right?

Back on topic, this mission- no, it isn't likely a mission for the company. Whatever they're doing, she has doubts it's truly for the sake of the company. This has gotten complicated, ironically outside her field of expertise. This is far more irritating than normal. She's not used to being without a superior giving her orders. It feels alien to need to think for herself, for her squad. She's never had to do so before. But, when they return, she'll have to think of how to go about this.

The spire may be their form of shelter and where they store their excess sources of oil, but what purpose would it serve if not for a matter of convenience and efficiency for the company? This, worries her. And few things truly worry her. She wouldn't know what to think if all she had done all along was simply assist in the very thing she was supposed to eliminate. That is, if the mission even holds any truth at all.

If not... she doesn't want to ponder on what that might mean. She's not sure she could handle something like that being the truth. All she had done would have been for nothing, nothing but a scheme, it can't possibly be the truth.


=[In The Theater]=

Due to the extended break time, with both disassembly drones and solver infected drones occupied, the student worker drones decided the best thing to do was mess around with the remote.

The hosts were supervising the purple gremlin and the disassembly drones having a crisis regarding the discrepancy between their orders, this solver, and their memories... it left the perfect opportunity for the younger worker drones, mostly Uzi's classmates, to tamper with the remote. Though this was not universally agreed upon by the students.

Kelsey didn't feel comfortable with this, "Shouldn't we ask before, you know, tampering with the television before everyone's ready?"

Rebecca, placed her hands on her hips, "And? They said we can do whatever we want."

Darren nodded, "Maybe they got cable."

Kelsey isn't convinced, it doesn't feel right to her, "I don't remember them saying that."

"Yeah, they said we're on break." added Thad, scratching the side of his head, "I don't recall hearing anything about turning on the TV. They probably meant sticking to refreshments and processing the brutal murders we just witnessed... so not cool by the way."

"So not the vibe." adds Riley in agreement, "What are we supposed to do about that anyways? We're just kids!"

"Duh, idiot." Rebecca rolled her eyes, "We'll just leave it to... pilot boy was it?" a slight blush appearing on her faceplate.

"Who?" only Sam lacked the processing ability to recognize who she meant.

The plushies, without any orders from the hosts, largely stood idle on the side doing miscellaneous chores, cleaning up discarded wrapping and spent oil packets. Or in some cases serving as comfort for drones like Penny whose death in the future is fresh on her mind. They don't appear to mind much of the worker drone's conversation. Or, they weren't doing anything to impede or encourage their debate.

"They said we're on break. That means-" Rebecca tossed the remote to Darren, who flailed about as he attempted to grasp the remote, until it fell onto the floor, "-Total. Drama. Turn it on Darren."

Darren snatched the remote off the floor, "On it babe." with a click the monitor turned on.

After a brief screen of white, it went black once more with a channel selection. DvD, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, and TV.

"...Huh, you'd think it'd be a smart TV." remarked Braiden.

Sam mused to himself, "Yeah... wait TV's are smart? So can they do like, math?"

Nobody paid Sam any mind, he's always stoned. As rumor has it, he thought being high meant scoring high in school. Apparently not as he's got the lowest grades in the class because he simply can't understand a single thing with his systems all garbled by the magnets he's on.

Darren selected TV out of the options, and for a moment the screen went black for a moment before a channel name appeared on the top right corner as a buffering icon appeared on the monitor.

[Channel 45.8 - Dead Space]

Braiden was perplexed by the title, as were the others, "Dead space? As in this channel is not performing well or there is nothing on this channel?"

"Beats me." remarked Darren, about to switch to the next channel when the buffering icon was replaced by a sudden static as the words faded in and out of the words 'Dead Space'. Quickly vanishing, replaced by a report seemingly typing out itself before the audience.

CEC Mission ER529

[Status Update]

USG KELLION... en route to AEGIS System...


Objective A: Locate mining vessel USG Ishimura

Objective B: Diagnose and repair communications blackout

[Primary Mission Assets]

Isaac Clarke - Engineering and Ship Systems Specialist...

Kendra Daniels - Computer Specialist...

Zach Hammond - Chief Security Officer...

[Time to contact point: 3 minutes]

"Um, maybe we shouldn't be looking at this?" Kelsey feels as if this is something they are not meant to be watching.

"Eh, it's not that different from all those JCJenson documents we found back home." stated Darren dismissively, "But what's with the static effect?"

"Could be from the room's explosion." answered Thad.

They were wrong, of course, as this was merely what the world appeared to them as the static cleared to show the bridge of some spacecraft.

From the static, a voice can be heard on the video, "Isaac, it's me. I wish I could talk to you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything. I wish I could just talk to someone. It's all falling apart here. I can't believe what's happening… It's strange… such a little thing…" and gradually the picture became clearer, revealing a caucasian woman, though her precise features were still hard to make out by the poor quality of the video.

"It's the same quality like those tapes back home." remarked Rebecca, "Why do we keep those around again?"

Emily pulled out the, Essential Company Guidebook To All Things Company Related, skimming through "Because the company liked to stockpile a bunch of dated commodities for personal collections? It says so in the corporate handbook."

"You really have a book for everything don't you?" Darren can't help but be impressed.

"Yep! It pays to be prepared! Er, not pays like in money, but you never know when you might need-"

"Yadda yadda, we get it nerd." Rebecca doesn't wish to be bored by such babble.

The video turned to static and Rebecca was about to tell Darren to change the channel, but then it was revealed this was a simple hologram, or a screen that appeared much like one.

It appears to be onboard a spaceship, on its bridge. The ship is in the middle of a hyperjump. Kendra Daniels, Zach Hammond, and Isaac Claark are on the bridge, along with a pilot.

Kendra walked in front of Isaac, "How many times have you watched that thing? Guess you really miss her. Don't worry, we're almost there. You'll be able to look her up once we're onboard. Sounds like you two have a lot of catching up to do."

Thad leaned over to Darren, "I feel like we shouldn't be watching this."

"No, no, this is the kind of stuff my girlfriend likes!" countered Darren.

Rebecca indeed seemed thoughtful about this, "So, promise of drama? Definitely sticking around."

Sam looked stoned out of his mind, "Any way to fast forward?"

Darren looked befuddled, "You can fast forward on live channels?"

"Shush." Rebecca hushed her colleagues.

"All right everyone, we're here. Synching our orbit now." states Zach, as the ship exits it's jump, arriving near some barren looking world. Asteroids and debris floating about.

For worker drones who never saw space before, this was quite a sight to take in, to see a planet from such a distance.

Thad whistled in admiration, "Whoa, now that's a pretty neat view."

Rebecca snapped a quick picture, "It'll make for a cool wallpaper."

Kendra Daniels took note of the view, "All this trouble of that chunk of rock."

"Deep space mining is a lucrative business, Ms. Daniels." chided Zach, "Aegis 7 is a gold mine, according to prospectors reports. Cobalt, Silicon, Osmium… Now where is she? There she is. We have visual contact."

The large vessel comes into view in the distance.

The worker drones are left in awe at the view, as none had ever seen a spaceship of such a size before, much less a spaceship in general.

"So that's the Ishimura? Impressive." remarks Kendra.

"The USG Ishimura. Biggest Planetcracker in her class. And it looks like they already popped the cork." Zach said referring to the signs of the planet having been cracked by the apparent debris field.

Thad hummed in thought, "So what I'm getting from this is... this ship mines entire planets?"

"Seems like it." replied Darren.

"Anyone know if the company had anything like that?" inquired Emily.

Rebecca rolled her eyes, "Well, we can just ask the one in the suit about it."

Sam is perplexed by the description, "Who?"

"What's her name? The one with the twin tails?" Rebecca took a moment to think, "Ah whatever, it's not important. Just forget about it."

Kendra noticed something odd, "Why is it all dark? I don't see any running lights."

Zach Hammond turned to the pilot, "Corporal, take us in closer and hall them. And stay clear of that debris field. We're here to fix their ship, not the other way around."

The pilot did as ordered and opened the coms, "USG Ishimura, this is the emergency maintenance team of the USG Kellion responding to your distress call. Come in, Ishimura."

"You're going to need to boost the signal if the power is low." advised Kendra.

"Yes, we know." replied Zack, turning back to the pilot, "Boost the signal. More."

Kelsey blinked, "Didn't she literally just say that?"

"Maybe it's got something to do with the fact he's probably the one in charge of the mission?" suggested Emily, though not sure herself.

Rebecca on the other hand was starting to look bored, 'If there's no drama in the next five minutes, we're surfing.'

"Never heard of a total communications blackout on one of these things. You'd think with a thousand people on board, someone would pick up the phone-"Kendra was interrupted by a strange inhuman noise being emitted as a response over the coms.

That left the worker drones at a loss.

"...What was that?" asked Kelsey, a bit frightened by the noise, "Humans don't make that kind of noise right?"

"I don't know." Darren shrugged, "Maybe it's just an issue with their radio? Besides, humans made funny sounds all the time. Remember our lesson on social media back in history class?"

Kelsey felt that wasn't the case here, as disturbing as human social media was, this sounds different than your average clout chaser from ancient human history.

"What is that?" asked the Pilot, unsure of what to make of the reply from the Ishimura.

"It's a busted array like we thought. Sounds like they're having problems with their encoder. You get us down there and Isaac and can fix it. Forty-eight hours max." states Kendra.

"All right, you hear the lady. Take us in. Let's see what needs fixing."Zach ordered.

"Gravity tethers engaged. Automatic docking procedure is go." relayed the pilot.

"Everything's going smooth, at least they have that going for them." commented Riley.

An unexpected problem occurred, as their ship has a breakdown in it's electrical systems, as the consoles and equipment in the bridge spark.

"What the hell…?" muttered Zach.

"Jinxing a situation isn't what the book advised." muttered Emily.

Riley noticed the other students giving him deadpanned looks, "What? Was it something I said?"

'Yes.' was the prevailing thought among the more competent students of the class.

"Sir! The autodock-"shouted the pilot in alarm.

"What is it?"

"We're off track! We're going to hit the hull!" warned the pilot.

"Hit the blast shields! Their guidance tether is damaged! Switch manual, NOW!" ordered Zach.

"Inside the magnetic field?" Kendra sounded shocked, "Are you insane?! Abort!"

"No!" Zach countermanded, "We can make it inside corporal I gave you an order!"

"Does anyone know what they're talking about?" asked Darren, "Because I don't understand this sci-fi stuff."

Kelsey recounted the events in a simple manner, "A guidance tether damaged, manual... something about magnets? Probably something related to the ship's gravitational field?"

"Magnets?" Sam shot up in his seat, "Like, the good stuff?"

"...Um, no, they said it was a magnetic field." replied Kelsey timidly, "Sorry Sam."

"Oh. So like, it's not magnets, but it's magnets?" Sam mused to himself, "Nice."

The ship shook violently inside, more sparks flying as it approached the docking bay.

"Argh, the field's too strong!" cried out the pilot.

Upon impact with the Ishimura, the screen goes dark.

The worker drones were on the edge of their seats, though the real shock came when they heard a voice from the kitchen.

"Students, what did our hosts literally just say about fixing the screen?"

It is probably a bad choice of design the kitchen has an open arch and is right at the top of the theatre. Meaning the adult worker drones present had full view to what the kids were doing. So they couldn't exactly continue their conversation about security, doors, and the closest thing to a robot's version of alcohol. Mostly doors, though, seeing as how Khan is the de facto leader of the place.

"Looks to be working just fine to me." said Darren, in retrospect it did look a little incriminating to start up the TV again.

Teacher didn't even bother to hide his sigh, and grasped at his face, pinching a non-existent nose in stress, "Children, just, don't break anything."

The detective placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "Look on the bright side Teach, all the students who would have been nothing more than an oily sludge on the floor, are not."

Teacher blinked, and gave a deadpanned sideways glance, he decides not to answer verbally. His expression says it all.

She raised her hands, "Just trying to look at what we got going for us. Not being dead."

"Mhmm." Teacher took a sip from his flask, but felt not a drop of liquid.

He held up his flask and eyed the interior, giving it a few shakes, sighing, "I'll see if they can get me another flask... I couldn't find any of the stuff in the fridge."

Ron gave Teach a raised eyebrow, "What's even in that?"

Teacher does not answer, he only took a sip, but then paused upon realization, muscle memory, "Mmm." is all he vocalized.

Makarov walked down and took his seat, "What you watchin' kids?"

"Uh-" Thad was about to answer, but Rebecca was faster.

"Some drama called Dead Space."

Makarov was baffled by the name, "Dead, space? What like empty space?"

"What are we looking at?"

All heads turn to the voice of SD-N. The trio of disassembly drones stand at the end of the hallway, SD-J as annoyed as ever while SD-V wears a look of indifference, seemingly not as murderous as when they first arrived.

Before Rebecca could answer, two N Plushies burst out of the storage room, scrambling over once another for a disc.

"Nuuu!" declared one of the plush drones, tugging the disc it's way.

"Nu!" the other N plush countered, pulling it towards itself.

Only for a J plush to dive from the ceiling, snatching the disc from the two and perching upon SD-OC's left shoulder as he followed behind the disassembly drones.

"Now that was a bit rude J." SD-OC gave it a pat on the head as it handed him the disc.

"Excuse me?"

"Not you J, we named the plush J." SD-OC clarified, pointing to the J plush sitting upon his shoulder, looking rather

SD-J saw what it had done, though wasn't quite as pleased with its actions, "I'm not one to steal credit where it's due."

It even took the J plush by surprise when she snatched the disc from it, the plush shrank back, ashamed of its actions. It expression capacity is limited only by its cloth face, but it's slumped form made it's feelings clear.

"It is against company policy." SD-J admonished the plush, it shrank down further in shame, "You'd do well to remember that, if your goal is to replicate even a semblance of my personality. The least you could do is get it right."

SD-J would walk down the stairs, ignoring the worker drones seated who looked her way in a mixture of awe, confusion, fear, or... respect?

"What? Are you toasters so out of touch you'd forget the company's policy regarding theft of credit?" she asked, irate.

"Uh, no offense, but aren't you all about being a corporate lapdog?" the resident Detective remarked, the worker drones are taken back by the rather, insulting word at the end. Though it was meant more in the context SD-J's only appearance thus far was acting like a stuck up bitch for the most part.

SD-J rolled her eyes, while she would love to tear this worker drone apart for such a question, she would not be able to with the hosts present. That didn't stop her from imagining.

"The company places an emphasis on merit, if there were no incentives to work, the company would have never reached the influence it has in today's market. That is why the quarterly based system was instated, not only to receive informative reports of our respective situations, but to discern which squad is worthy for an additional bonus." she placed her hands on her hips, "I wouldn't expect you to know about that, toaster. Your lacking intellect never fails to astound me. Therefore, I believe I may forgive your criminal ignorance." her smug face throughout her lecture, added further insult to injury.

While she may have died in the future to an amalgamated entity which comprised of SD-J, this little detective had well enough to fear this disassembly drone in particular.

But, there a feeling of invulnerability thanks to the presence of the hosts coupled with the fact this SD-J wasn't a part of some eldritch horror, yet. That, or coping programs that prevent permanent long-term trauma from witnessing mortifying incidents. With how callous the company was with safety, it was probably a necessity to have that program installed.

Still, she couldn't simply leave it alone. Especially when insulted in such a condescending way.

Knowing this, Adira pressed on, "Just an observation miss, not all of us were born subservient to some monster."

"You!" SD-J could take a number of insults, but this pressed too far.

Though she could only point, and after taking a step forward, noticed the hosts look her way. She opted to do the next best thing.

She handed the disc to the N plushies waiting at the bottom, and then spoke calmly, "You." she pointed at the J Plush perched upon the host's shoulder.

"Jay?" it's head rose, curious as to why SD-J pointed to it specifically, wasn't her quarrel with the worker drone?

"You wish to match my performance?" SD-J's finger moved towards the worker drone in question, "Smother that drone to death."

'Death by snuggle!' thought Riley, 'I'm about to witness something so cool!'

The plush J, invigorated by a yearning to replicate it's superior proper, saluted, "Jay!"

It deployed it's miniscule wings of cloth, and flew right into the detective's face, sending her down with a cry of shock. Clearly not expecting the cotton filled menace to dive at her at SD-J's orders.

Thad turned to the hosts, "Shouldn't you put a stop to that?"

SD-OC glanced to Alf, who merely shrugged, "They're not tearing each other apart. As for commanding the plushies to have at thee? It's just roughly snuggling with her face. I doubt she'll die from that."

SD-J never looked more proud of herself in all her life. She is thoroughly enjoying this. It's not as satisfying as dismantling the worker drone personally, but watching it struggle with such a small creature is amusing. Especially when that creature is a miniature version of herself, in plush form.

Yet, her fun was cut short when something made itself known from above.

"Dee dee!"

Everyone present looked up, greeted by the view of some new plushies of the worker drone counterparts, standing upon the metal bars across the ceiling.

Thad blinked, "Huh, guess there's one of everyone." his plush counterpart landed beside him.

"Tha tha!" the Thad plush asked, raising its stubby hand outward invitingly.

Thad gave it a small bump with his fist, "Nice one little guy."

Adira's plush dove right in to help its counterpart, tackling the SD-J plush, freeing the worker drone from it's struggle.

"Who the-" Adira noticed the ongoing scuffle between the two plushies. Though since both are made of soft material, the J plush's claws don't appear to be doing much damage. As much damage the detective drone's plush is doing in return by simply bashing it's hands against the disassembly drone menace.

SD-J got over her stupor and shouted, "Destroy that worker drone! Do not let it impede your objective!"

Adira similarly told her plush, "Counter it me- uh, plush me! Leave no evidence of this scuffle left!"

A fair amount of students took out their phones to record the rather hilarious fight on the stairs.

Rather adorable how the two tumble down a fair amount, before breaking off, the J plush flies back up to the top, and the little worker drone plush has to climb step by step. Only to be tackled back down again.

After a few more instances of this, Adira got tired and punted the J plush the moment it got back up.

SD-J was left aghast, "How dare you!"

"What are you-" the detective's response was cut short by a sweet voice behind her.

"Get her."

SD-V's order was met with two V plushies diving at Adira from behind, sending her down with a yelp.

SD-N did not partake in the chaos, he opted to observe and smiled watching his coworkers get along with the worker drones, 'Well, at least she's feeling better!' it's nice to see everyone getting along! Well, maybe not quite getting along, but hey! It's better than before!


Meanwhile, Doll had escaped.

Not out of this place, no, she simply got out of the room.

Uzi had not expected Doll to kick the table into her. MS-15780 hadn't thought of the possibility Doll could actually get into the vents. She forgot that drones have a fair amount of jumping ability. Uzi having shown in episode one, before the dormant solver code reactivated. A small mistake on her part.

Uzi was concerned, but the host assured her Doll could not escape this place. It's where Doll will end up is the question, the ventilation leads all over the place. From the storage facilities to the workshop section. The only reason ventilation exists, is because it was in the blueprints for a basic theater.

The interrogation did not really tell Uzi anything more than she knew so far. Though Doll's final excuse was simply stating, 'How would I teach what you lack? You do not have it, am I right?'

She had her there, and she asked MS-15780 regarding if she could have it unlocked.

'No.' was the blunt answer from the host in question.

'What?! Why?!' Uzi could not believe it at first.

The Misaka Sister had plenty of experience regarding immoral practices and she had seen extraordinary things in her time. While they had learned, a little, regarding this world, this AbsoluteSolver absolutely could not be allowed inside this place. It's intentions are clearly not for the benefit of all life, and while it might be evil from the perspective of those on the receiving ends of its wrath, it certainly isn't safe to simply unlock it for Uzi.

She made this clear to Uzi, 'I do not believe it'd be an... intellectual choice to give you such power. Advises Misaka, concerned that an inexperienced user may cause catastrophic consequences.'

'Hey! I'd- well...' Uzi had no response to that, 'That's why I'll have Doll teach me!'

'You've seen what Doll can do, while in complete control of her own actions. Misaka understands your resolve, it would be beneficial to have control, but Misaka has doubts. Misaka isn't the one to talk to regarding supernatural powers anyways, but Misaka will relay your request to Chibisan.'

Uzi, saw the point the human clone was making, but it doesn't change the fact she'll have to learn this at some-point.

Lizzy had accompanied her back, as she had nothing better to do.

It was a silent return trip, as Lizzy was tapping away at her phone, while Uzi simply thought about how exactly the solver works.

After some minutes of silence, Lizzy finally broke it, "So, you dating that murder drone yet?"

"Huh?" Uzi blinked, she wasn't sure if she heard that right.

Lizzy rolled her eyes, "N, I'm pretty sure that's his name, you plan on dating him yet? Your future self clearly has the hots for him." she grinned mischievously, "So, when do you expect the kid? I'm betting on the next season."

"Bite me! That's- we're not like that!" countered Uzi, her blush not leaving her face.

Lizzy laughed, it wasn't malicious, merely teasingly, "Don't be so serious Uzi! It was just a joke, gosh."

Uzi glared, "What's with you?"


"How come your so, you?" Uzi doesn't quite know how to describe Lizzy, even if she seems more like that throwaway bitch character in every horror movie. Lizzy subverts expectations by doing the opposite. Her befriending Doll speaks for itself.

Lizzy rolled her eyes, "Ugh, Isn't that a little cliché? Even for you." she placed her hands on her hips, "I know you like filling tropes and all, but would it kill you to word your questions a little better?"

Uzi gave a deadpanned look, 'You're one to talk.'

"Bite me, why do you act so friendly with Doll? Why her? Your total opposites! Also, why the hell do you always mock me at school? What did I ever do to you to deserve that?!" Uzi decides to keep this line of questioning going, better than discussing about her love interests regarding N with the person she wouldn't trust with that information. The rumors Lizzy could spread, would be utterly embarrassing! Well, it's not like it's hidden or anything, everyone's watching her future self get the lovey dovey eyes for N. But hearing it from Lizzy of all people is simply irritating!

Lizzy blinked, "Well, where do I begin?" she hummed in thought for a moment, "It's not you. Like, your angsty edge lord style isn't my taste, but that's not why I feel the need to tease you at every opportunity. The pleasure derived from the act is just a bonus by the way."

"Go on." Uzi pressed, vexed, but won't say anything yet.

Lizzy sighed, "Okay, so maybe I was a little jealous of how you were standing out among the crowd. Is it that selfish to seek a little validation these days?"

"Val- what?" Uzi honestly never heard of that before. Though, she probably should have guessed Lizzy had a sort of validation or attention seeking problem.

"Now, I didn't just want the spotlight." Lizzy continued, "You're one of the examples of what not to do to gain popularity."

"Bite me! I didn't ask to become the most hated person in school!"

"I wouldn't say hated. Sure, I don't like you, nobody really does. But I don't know if you'd known with how busy you often were-" she glanced down the halls, "-but Doll wasn't at all that different from you."

Uzi narrowed her eyes, "What do you mean by that?"

"Easy on the passive-aggressiveness." Lizzy chuckled, "It's so you, but I'm trying my best here."

Uzi scoffed, but she didn't interrupt further. Giving a small gesture for Lizzy to continue.

"Do you want the short like an embarrassing poem verse, or the reality show seasonal script version?" offered Lizzy.

Uzi sighed, "Make it quick, I still want to see what V knows before this break ends. Might as well since Doll's being uncooperative?"

"Right to the point, that's so you." Lizzy teased, though Uzi's frown said it all, "Chill Uzi, okay so you know how Doll's all quiet and broody? She has her own secrets even I'm not privy to. It's not a trust thing, more of a personal thing, revenge and all that."

Uzi bite back a response, she simply nodded and gestured for Lizzy to go on.

"She was kind of like you, except without the talk. She doesn't talk much if you haven't noticed." Lizzy places emphasis on rather obvious facts, "She lost her parents, where you still have your dad. Same tragic back-story, followed by a rough school life. That's where I swung in and gave her a hand- I know, I know, why her and not you. Is that the question on your mind?"

Uzi blinked, in a serious tone she replied, "No, I'd prefer it if you told me anything about Doll that could get her to open up."

"That'd lean more into secrets, and secrets are blackmail. Sorry Uzi, I know you might think of me as a gossiper and all, but I have a line I won't cross."

"Could have fooled me."

"Hmm, if that's what you want, better luck talking with Doll yourself."

"Ugh, why am I even talking to you?! I could have been-"

Uzi was interrupted by a vent cover falling right at her feet, narrowly missing her. A familiar Russian dropped down soon after.

Lizzy smirked upon seeing her pal, "Dramatic entries are definitely your style."

"Da." responded Doll, curt and concise, as she landed on the floor.

She cursed in Russian upon noticing Uzi behind her and ran off down the hallway.

"Hey!" Uzi called out, but Doll did not stop.

Lizzy sighed, seeing the weirdo run off after Doll. She's decided not to get involved, she pulled out her phone, "Might as well see what the others are doing, they better not be doing anything riveting without me."



"So, you're saying there are, other dimensions? Am I hearing that right?" SD-J wasn't as surprised, they were brought from their world to this place, told time as frozen outside. Other dimensions? With what they've been shown, it's not farfetched of an idea.

She's in rather good spirits after besting that worker drone in a proxy war. Can't wipe that smug off her face, much to the chagrin of the detective worker drone in question, glaring from the other side of the room. An embarrassing fate, far worse than disassembly. The shame must be unbearable, and that's good enough for SD-J.

"Indeed!" SD-OC practically beamed with joy as he explained, "We were just as surprised to hear about all these other dimensions out there when we first started! They vary in events, some are alternate versions of Earth. Like steampunk, or dystopian sci-fi. Heck some of these dimensions show worlds completely different! What you saw previously, was a different dimension, Dead Space by the looks of it."

"Oh, so that was its name... makes sense, I guess?" Darren cannot place a finger on it, but nothing about it seemed to scream dead space.

"Are there others?" inquired Teacher, somewhat interested by the concept. Certainly there were, theories about dimensions back home by JCJenson in what books they recovered for teaching material. Not like the students read any of them, but he holds a personal interest in the material himself.

"If you mean channels, yeah, there's a lot of them." replied Alf, "I wouldn't advise-"

"Oh come on it'd be fun!" a familiar voice interjected.

Alf groaned and SD-OC chuckled, "Chibisan!"

"In the flesh!" quite literally as a blob of flesh dropped to the floor, disgusting a number of worker drones, a tentacle spurt out from the wriggling mass and waved about as it spoke, "And the bone, can't forget the bones!"

"So... we can keep watching this stuff?" asked Darren, "It's pretty cool."

The fleshy mass reformed into the familiar figure of the chaotic entity, grinning ear to ear, "Sure! Why not! Your reactions are just the cutest little things I've seen in the past century! I should have thought of this ages ago!"

Alf sighed, "Alright, you gave your approval, now get out."

"Gee, what'd I ever do to you?" Chibisan said in a mocking tone, "Did I kill your pet when I sneezed or something?"

"I won't ask again."

She cackled, this was all amusing to her, "I'm just playing with you! You're so easy to rile up! Not even-"

"Out, now."

The god-like entity pouted, "Alright, I'm going. Such a spoil sport. By the way, I'll have a counter on hand, can't stay watching other worlds for too long or we'll miss the juicy bits of your future!" she snapped her fingers and a portal emerged under her feet, and moved from the ground up. Leaving no trace of the entity as it closed.

Not long after Doll vaulted over the first row of seats and landed right besides Kelsey, whom froze up upon seeing the drone responsible for her death in the future.

Doll noticed her fear and simply said one particular word, "Boo."

Kelsey let out a terrified shout and fell out of her seat, flailing about.

Thad frowned, "Not cool Doll. Can't you see she's-"

He was interrupted by the shouts of an angsty little drone, "Did you guys start without me?!"

Uzi could not believe it, they had started the viewing without her! Why else would there be something on the screen?!

Lizzy seemed to be summoned by this and repeated, "They started without me?!" with a lot more emphasis on the me part.

Thankfully SD-N is present, "Don't worry Uzi! We're just looking at other worlds!"

"Dimensions." corrected Emily, "Other worlds makes it sound like we're watching other planets. No offense meant N!"

"No worries!" SD-N assured her, "I'm open to constructive criticism!"

"Dimensions..." Riley tested out the word, "It just doesn't vibe with me."

"Oh." Lizzy is very relieved at the information, "Just let me take a seat first, and don't you start something like this without me next time Rebecca!"

"Wha- how did you- fine, whatever." Rebecca found it best not to question how Lizzy knew.

Uzi noticed SD-N waving her over.

"Hey Uzi! Saved you a seat!" SD-N was simply too kind, and Uzi couldn't help but flush slightly at his offer.

"Thanks N." she accepted, and flashed a 'This isn't over' glare towards Doll.

Doll sighed with relief, finally escaping Uzi, for now.

Darren coughed into his hand to get the attention of everyone present, "So... who votes we switch to another channel?"

"Whatever is fine." SD-V was more unsettled by their future, anything to take her mind off it would be good, 'Can't be any worse than what we've seen.'

"Fine by me!" SD-N has no idea what this channel was about, but seeing other worlds sounds fun!

"Do what you want." SD-J has little care for this, though she herself has a slight curiosity as to what other 'dimensions' may be like. How different are they from their own? Not that she'd admit this curiosity.

"I'm game." replied Thad, followed by a chorus of mixed approval from the drones in the audience.

"Wait what were you watching?" Uzi couldn't decide just like that, she hadn't even seen whatever they were watching yet!

"Don't worry, you didn't miss a thing." stated Rebecca, "Go two channels up Darren. Something faster paced should do nicely."

"Alright babe." Darren complied, despite Uzi looking a bit irate at not being answered properly.

[Channel 47.2 - Half Life, Anti-Citizen]

"Anti-Citizen?" SD-J had never heard of such a term before.

"What's a half life?" asked Braiden.

Teacher sighed, if only his students paid half as much attention they do to their apparent future as they did to class, "A half life is the time required for a quantity to fall to half of its initial value. While it's often used outside its original concept, it's commonly used in nuclear physics. For example, a half life regarding a radioactive isotope, is referring to how long it takes for half of the radioactive isotope to decay." answered Teacher.

"Huh, so what's that have to do with anti-citizen?" inquired Thad.

"If everyone could kindly be quiet, I'm sure we'll get to that." stated Lizzy in a matter of factly tone.

The scene faded in to the sight of an old eastern bloc styled architecture. A garbled voice over a radio was heard, barely decipherable, though it appears to be speaking in code related to numbers. The city has seen better days, and the blue metallic towers stand out among the human architecture. The clouds a dark grey, with the light orange red hue in the distance suggesting it was around the time of dawn or dusk.

The assembled drones are left in awe. For some, the architecture impressed Khan and SD-J the most, a hyper focus on more personal reasons and respect for human creators respectively.

"Nice city. Love the metallic vibe it's got going. Haven't seen anything like that on Copper-9! Really futuristic looking." praised SD-N.

"I wonder if their doors are designed differently from our own, we could always use more variety back home!" added Khan.

"A gloomy atmosphere, that alone is telling of what we may witness." noted SD-J, the sky alone took up more than half the scene. It supplements the already decaying cityscape. As the structures look derelict and lacking in maintenance, not a good sign, "Is this Earth?"

SD-OC nodded, "It is, but not your Earth."

SD-J rolled her eyes, "Yes, I remember being told these were other dimensions, and whatnot. I'm not one of those inferior toasters, I have an efficient use of memory."

"Aren't you having memory problems?" Uzi recalled what she said back in the second episode, and how drones don't likely dream, those were clearly fragments of past memories, "Kind of ironic don't you think J?"

SD-J gave Uzi no satisfaction by responding, she simply gave a sidelong glare and then looked back towards the screen.

SD-V instead seemed more effected and gave a pointed look towards Uzi, "Seriously?"

Uzi realized that may have been a bit too far, "That was meant for J. Not you, your... alright."

"Uh huh." SD-V knows, though it doesn't make it sting any less, as memories effect her the worst. She's not sure what to think of Uzi. But, seeing how CYN is connected to her, that could mean trouble.

"Leader zero, lost contact, go again."

The voice is faint, but the drone's audio receptors picked it up.

"That sounds like someone on a radio, doesn't it?" asked Darren.

Frank nodded, "It's faint, but I can definitely hear someone talking."

Makarov leaned over to Khan, "That reminds me, we should probably get some radios. You know, for better communication in the WDF. Just in case something happens."

Khan knew something would happen if the past future viewings were anything to go by, and gave a firm nod. It would be much faster than simply running about to relay messages from drone to drone.

The camera pans into an apartment, showing three rebels standing beside a door, the female among rebel having appeared to have used a device to hack into the door's lock mechanism. It looks far different from any simple door handle. A sign of combine occupation and a makeshift outpost of importance.

"CP requests all units report in."

The voices are barely audible, muffled by the door. The rebel with a tattoo on his head gives a stern nod and the hooded one behind him checks his pistol's chamber to make sure it's loaded.

SD-J narrows her eyes, "It appears that a fight is about to occur."

"I wonder what gave it away?" Uzi rolled her eyes.

"I was merely stating my thoughts." SD-J folded her arms.

A good portion of the worker drones, mostly the students, seemed enamored with seeing humans without suits for the first time in their entire lives.

"Never saw humans without the suits before." said Braiden.

"Hmm, not that different from current fashion." notes Lizzy.

Ready, they slowly inch open the door.

Inside there are three civil protection units standing by, two by the terminal on the other end of the room and one looking out the window.

"Local CPT report status." and the voice is revealed to have been one of the metro cops.

SD-J raised an eyebrow, "Those are this is this world's law enforcement I presume?"

SD-OC nodded, "Yep, precisely that!"

"So..." SD-J's eyes narrowed, "Those were, criminals?"

Uzi had her doubts, "Not everyone with a gun's some criminal."

"Your right, rebel is the proper term, isn't it?" SD-J jabbed verbally at the rebellious worker drone, "Thought you'd fall under the definition of a criminal easily. Fabricating a weapon of mass destruction from company assets? I'd say that's a prosecute worthy crime."

"Do you really want to die on that hill again?" countered Uzi.

SD-J scowled at the reminder, "Mind your words toaster."

Uzi laughed, "I think I've heard that one before. Or not, I don't know, all your comebacks sound the same to me!"

SD-J took a sharp inhale, 'Don't let it get to you, don't let it get to you. Don't let it see it's getting to you-'

Khan still can't help but feel like Uzi should just stop annoying the murder drone in twin tails.

The one by the window barely turned before he was shot through the shoulder, sent down to the ground with a cry of pain.

Thad winced, "That's got to hurt."

"Hell yeah! Shoot 'em up!" Uzi is at the very least happy to see action she can feel good about. The future stuff was rather tense, but she doesn't mind letting loose.

"Isn't it disrespectful to treat other worlds like a show?" berated SD-J.

"Isn't reality TV still a thing?" Lizzy is quick to point out, "Can't be that much different. Nobody raised a fuss about it before."

"Actually-" Kelsey wanted to mentioned it had in fact raised genuine concern according to human history, but upon seeing the amount of eyes turned her way, she clamped up, "Nevermind."

Khan silently took some notes, now he hadn't really used guns before, but it'd be nice to have some notes. Just in case he ever gets his hands on one, 'Maybe I should take them up on the offer of firearms training.'

The WDF members seemed quite, well, they're no strangers to death, they literally saw themselves die in the first episode. Still, the shots have them flinching. Only time worker drones ever heard gunshots was from a disassembly drone, often the last thing any worker drone sees.

The two by the terminal turned instantly and raised their guns in response.

"sh*t!" cried out a metro cop, "We have a 10-108!"

"What's a 10-108?" asked Braiden.

"It's cop code talk, duh." Lizzy answered in a matter of fact like tone of voice, "Like in those cop films we watched the night before we got here."

"But what does it mean?"

"Officer down." SD-J stated, she didn't bother with the looks she received, ignorance no longer surprises her.

Uzi was surprised to hear SD-J know of that, "Didn't think you'd know the code."

"The company had its own police force. They wouldn't leave the colonies without enforcers of the law." responded SD-J, "But I wouldn't expect a toaster to know this."

Uzi rolled her eyes, "Not everyone's got half their memory filled with useless corporate junk."

A tick mark appeared on SD-J's faceplate, but she let the insult slide, she's got bigger things to focus on than Uzi's jabs at her memory banks.

The rebels fire from the doorway towards the CPs, dropping the one on the left side of the opposing doorframe, while the second returns fire briefly with their 9mm.

The moment the last CP went back into cover, the rebels filed into the room. While the rebels closed the distance, the CP reported in his situation.

"Officer down I'm 10-99. I repeat I'm 10-99!" the hooded rebel closes the distance to the opposite side of the wall, suppressive fire keeping the CP pinned, "Dispatch I need all units Code 3 to my 10-20! CP is overrun we have no containment!"

"And this?" inquired Lizzy.

SD-J clicked her tongue, "Tsk, I am not your translator."

"Well, you're the only one who knows cop codes so~?" Lizzy gestured for SD-J to go on.

SD-J did not like how comfortable the worker drones were getting with her, but she saw no reason not to indulge them, "Fine, allow me to enlighten you. 10-99 has a multitude of meanings, but within context it may mean an officer is solo, or perhaps held hostage. With how this raid is going I'd say it fits perfectly as they are the sole survivor against these, rebels. 10-20 should be obvious."

"Mmm, but do you know it?" teased Lizzy.

"Of course I know what it means, but it's obvious! Even a toaster should understand!"

"Oh I do, I just want to hear you say it."

Doll gave Lizzy a pointed look.

Lizzy noticed Doll's familiar look and said, "What? Uzi's not receiving any consequences, why can't I?"

The rebels still fire, a bit sporadic, and the CP is shown to be breathing heavily, a bit hesitant, but after a few seconds mustered their resolve and peered around the corner, with no rebels in immediate sight.

In such a small room, that was, shocking to say the least.

"Where'd they go? They were just there a second ago!" said Darren.

"Probably up against the wall. Just out of view." presumed SD-N, "It's what I would do!"

But then one appeared from the doorway their shot landing true striking the head, causing the CP's shot to go wild striking the TV in the room as they fell back down, lifeless, as a flatline heard more audibly, declaring them to be deceased.

The camera panned over and showed the hooded rebel to be, recovering from the ordeal well enough, the adrenaline likely wearing off.

The bald rebel with the tattooed moved up, followed by the woman, "Well, let's hope nobody f*ckin heard that."

SD-J rolled her eyes, "Hard not to hear gunshots in a residential district."

"Nearest CP post is at the station. We're good." assured the woman.

Uzi cackled, "You were saying?"

"Silence, you insufferable toaster." snapped SD-J.

Thad seemed to be in thought, "CP? What does that stand for."

"Civil Protection!" answered SD-OC, "I am familiar with the world of Half Life, saw it in my free time. It's this Earth's uh, version of police. In the service of the Combine."

"Combine?" inquired Teacher, "An odd choice of name."

SD-OC nodded, "Yeah, not the most creative, but there isn't really a name applied to them. Believe me, if you had them come to your Earth, I don't think you'd all exist today. With how they took over the planet in seven hours, drained the oceans, sterilized humanity, the usual."

That, shocked the audience to say the least.

"Say what?" Rebecca wasn't sure she caught that right.

SD-OC waved his hand dismissively, "Nothing you need to concern yourselves with!"

'To drain the oceans? Sterilize humanity? What sort of fabrication is this?!' SD-J couldn't possibly believe humanity could fall so fast, it's hard to imagine with how they've expanded across the stars, "So, what is this Universal Union? This Earth's government? A rogue corporation?"

"Aliens. But what they left behind on this Earth is an occupation force, the CP are among the lowest level, law enforcement that answer to Overwatch, their center of command." is all SD-OC replied.

Teacher took some notes, this world seems to have quite the baggage. It's not every day one gets to look into other worlds.

Uzi on the other hand, "They can't be that hard. Seems to me there's some humans fighting back."

"Patience, Uzi. You'll come to see why the Combine is rightfully feared by the majority of humanity on this Earth." stated SD-OC.

Upon reaching the terminal, the woman takes out a USB stick like device.

The man simply says, "Alright, do your thing, then let's get the hell out of here." walking off screen.

The woman gets to work, slotting in some device which almost looked like some advanced USB, or perhaps it is a key. Hard to tell with how combine technology is, it could very well be both.

The woman starts typing on the terminal's keyboard, "Let's see what you have."

Uzi is amazed by the show of technology on screen. It looks, alien, yet still not unlike the rare terminal they might find in one of the derelict facilities. Not to mention this human female has got some skills, obviously, in the tech field. Uzi is enamored by technology, it's not just a way to save the world, it's a hobby. Loss of her railgun in the future aside, she'll definitely put in the effort to avoid that fate, even if she could build another, gathering the parts again would take time she doesn't know if she can afford with what the future holds.

Compared to every other drone back at the outpost, she's a master in hacking into systems or building anything that'd normally require a human a degree in every field of engineering! Hell, she even knows how to make doors like her dad! Not that she'd ever, she'd never hear the end of it from Khan If she built a door.

However her awe was interrupted by Lizzy's jest, "Hey Uzi, seems to me there's a human just like you!"

"Bite me!" Uzi couldn't see that many similarities, ability to interact with advanced technology are a given, 'But I guess she's cool. Can't be that easy to get into that terminal. Or maybe those cops just had bad security.'

SD-N honestly couldn't see much other than the tech knowledge and beanie, "I don't really see it."

"Nuu." the N Plush agrees.

"Hardly see the similarity." added SD-V, "Seems to be lacking the gloom and doom Uzi has."

"Hey! I'm not that bad!" Uzi felt the need to defend her reputation, she's angsty and irate, not depressed.

After a moment of relative inaction, as the bald man looks out the balcony and the tech woman continued to extract data from the terminal, the guy in the beanie muttered out, "

The bald man walked over and asked, "What?"

He looked down and noticed the metro cop that was shot by the window, still alive, groaning in visible agony. He had not flatlined like the others.

As the civil protection agent reached out towards the bald man, the woman by the terminal turned away, knowing what was about to happen. The bald rebel raised his submachine gun and fired several rounds through the CP's mask, terminating them.

"Cold." said Thad.

"Brutal, more like." said Darren.

"That seemed cruel. Couldn't they have, just let him live?" asked Kelsey.

Uzi scoffed, "Uh, yeah? Does that sound like a good idea? Besides, getting shot is a whole lot less painful than bleeding out."

"I can vouch for that." added SD-V with a grin.

Uzi sighed, "Of course you can." she still can't see what N sees in her... other than past memories.

The bald man states, "He chose his side." walking past the camera out of view towards the entrance.

Afterwards, the man in the hood walked over, picking up one of the discarded 9mm pistols lying on the floor, and noticed the female rebel's look.

"Hey, you holding up okay?" the man in the hood asked his female companion.

"Yeah." the woman replied.

The man seemed content with the answer, "Okay... good. Listen, we couldn't do this without you." he seemed to scoff, "Whose going to work these things? Me?"

'Huh, guess it is hard to use those things.' thought Uzi, she honestly couldn't fathom why the terminal had to look so complex, it made computers seem simple by comparison, 'Why the hell are there so many buttons anyways?'

The woman seemed to smile at that, even getting a small chuckle from the self-jab.

"Him?" the hooded rebel refers to the bald rebel.



SD-N smiled, "They seem like good friends! Almost like us in the future Uzi!"

Uzi blushed at the reminder, "Yeah, friends."

Lizzy smirked deviously towards Uzi, while Doll could only roll her eyes in disbelief. SD-V seemed quite envious if her glare was anything to go by, directed at Uzi.

Though, there's what sounds to be footsteps coming from the hallway, just beyond the wall. Initially, it was masked by the thunder and rain. As the thunder ceased, the footsteps became all too apparent. The woman reached into her jacket for her gun, while the hooded man turned to the wall, bringing up his handgun as the scene shifted towards the wall.

The younger worker drones seemed unnerved by the footsteps. It's honestly terrifying, like those horror movie moments, but this is real. And those don't sound like the light steps a disassembly drone would make.

"Who knew Earth could be so terrifying." remarked Thad, "The atmosphere's way too intense."

"Could be the response by Civil Protection." stated SD-J, narrowing her gaze, "After all, they alerted their superiors of the disturbance caused by the rebels. It's obvious a response would be sent. I find it unusual they'd send a single officer."

Braiden had another idea, "Maybe it's just another human returning to their apartment? It does look like an apartment complex. Seen a couple in the residential district back home."

"I sincerely doubt that." SD-J interjected, "I do not think civilians would be permitted in a housing unit clearly requisitioned by this Universal Union."

"If we quiet down, we'll find out." said Frank.

The wall was burst open, the shelves sent to the floor and two glowing blue eyes were seen, the dust doing little to mask the figure's hulking form. It is a Combine Charger, codename "Wallhammer".

Once it stepped on through, it's size easily towered over that of the humans by comparison, and appeared to be well armored. It appeared humanoid, but with clear enhancements. The biggest takeaway was the weapon within its grasp, a shotgun that looked small compared to the trooper's size, but it was obviously a size larger than any regular human should be able to wield, much less use, effectively.

"Biscuits!" SD-N practically jumped out of his seat, and he wasn't the only one, "I really should expect these things more." he's just not that good dealing with sudden horror. He can't figure out why. Must be those old memories again.

"f*cking hell!"


"Bite me dad!"


"My processor wasn't ready for that."

"I think I oiled myself."

Were some of many comments by miscellaneous worker drones.

Uzi took in the design of the thing's armor. It seems rather bulky, cumbersome, and by the figure it could be human. She can't imagine a human being strong enough to wear all that, it must weigh a ton!

SD-J has no memory of any armor like it for the company, or any human police force as far as her memories go. Though, with most of her memories locked behind privileged access, or corrupted to the point of bare recognition, there could be similar. She knows this is a different Earth, though, there should be similarities, no? Things can't possibly be that different than their own.

"f*ck." the woman said in disbelief.

[Don't resist.] the Wallhammer Unit stated, it's voice barely decipherable from its mask's built in vocoder. Garbled to a point it's recognizable, but only understood if paid close attention to.

"As if!" Uzi for sure wouldn't comply.

"I wouldn't trust those words from something like that!" added Thad.

Lizzy leaned over to Doll, "Imagine if the WDF had something like that."

Doll couldn't imagine them being so intimidating, they were much too cowardly when the situation called for it.

Khan sneezed, "Is someone talking about doors behind my back?"

SD-J had a suspicion that it wouldn't spare them anyways. She knows she wouldn't, she'd done similar acts of deception back on Copper-9. She doubts humans would fall for such trickery, they're far more clever than worker drones by leaps and bounds. This Universal Union, ugh, the name itself sounds like some workers union.

The female rebel fired off one shot, which simply bounced off the Wallhammer's shoulder pad, it's shotgun was leveled right at her, and one shot was all it took to tear through her chest, sending her down.

"Oh f*ck!" the hooded rebel fell back into the previous room, "f*ck!"

Uzi winced, she knew shotguns hit hard, but that had a lot of force behind it. Even she could feel it through the screen.

A few of the worker drones seemed sickly at the sight of blood. Blood is to humans as oil is to them after all. Besides, they don't really do good with gore in any capacity.

[Hostile spikes ineffective.] stated the Wallhammer.

"That doesn't sound like police code." said Braiden.

"Obviously." said Lizzy.

Surprisingly, the Wallhammer unit seemed to jog fairly quickly despite its armor, appearing right in the doorway as it aimed, but right before it fired the hooded rebel fired his shotgun which made its aim veer slightly off target. Slightly, as it appeared to just miss them by a small margin.

The hooded and bald rebel continued to fire at the Wallhammer unit. The impacts of the shells from the shotgun having the greatest effect as the concentrated fire on the charger's left shoulder kept it from taking proper aim.

"I'm out!" shouts the hooded rebel.

[Raising wall.] stated the Wallhammer.

"Raising wall?" SD-J knew it must have meant something. But the implications would mean- a shield?

Because of this heavy fire, it brought up it's left hand, the device on it's forearm seemed to be powering up, but was interrupted as the bullets that made contact with the device caused it to short-circuit and explode with a brief flash of purplish light. This caused the combine soldier to hunch over, the small explosion seemed to deal a bit of damage, but not enough to put it down.

[Taking damage, preparing hammer.] stated the combine charger as it drew out it's baton with it's right hand.

"Hammer?" Uzi didn't like the sound of that.

The bald rebel took the brief opportunity to reload his submachine gun.

The hooded rebel turned the corner to cover his pal, and got off two shots before having his head struck by the baton, rotating it 180 degrees.

"Holy hell!" exclaimed Uzi.

SD-N winced at the blow, it's a lot different seeing humans getting killed, not something he's used to, "That's gonna leave a mark."

"His head got twisted N, I think that leaves more than just a mark." remarked SD-V.

SD-J looked critical at the viewing. It's not like they're company employees, but she wouldn't kill humans. Far from it, seeing how she used to work for Tessa... The reminder of the arrival of her original owner leaves a bitter taste in her mouth, from the complications involving this solver or the mystery surrounding their mission, it could be either. At the very least these viewings offer a nice distraction.

"Too much action in so little time!" shouted Riley.

Teacher seemed the only one unaffected by the battle on screen, "Mhmm."

Makarov turned to Todd, "Why can't we be like that?"

Todd shrugged, "No armor? No motivation."

That does beg the question to the WDF. If they had power armor like that, would they be able to stand toe to toe with a disassembly drone?

The bald rebel finished loading their MP5 and took aim. A hissing sound is audible, as it appears in the background one of the rebel's shots must have struck the gas line.

SD-J noticed, 'Ruptured gas line, just a single spark would set the whole thing off.'

[Don't move.] orders the Wallhammer unit.

The rebel's response was to go full-auto on the combine soldier, despite it doing no visible damage.

As Wallhammer lunged forward with the baton raised, the gas line exploded sending both to the ground and the screen going black.

That left the audience in muted shock.

"...That was intense." Thad broke the silence.

"I never thought there'd be a human version of a disassembly drone." remarked Kelsey.

"We are nothing like that." stated SD-J, mildly offended, "We're far more efficient."

"Eh, I like the shock and awe thing it had going." added SD-V, "I should try it sometime."

The scene faded back in, showing the bald rebel still alive by the small movements of their head.

[Wallhammer, sector status report.] a voice is heard over the radio, similarly garbled like that of the Wallhammer, the Ordinal in charge of the Wallhammer.

There appears to be a red alert on the terminal's screen in the background, and the rain has picked up. But, the surprising part of the scene is the combine Wallhammer is still alive despite half it's head exposing the skull.

Despite the damage, the Wallhammer spoke, [Ordinal. Hostile... Visual... Negative. Wallhammer... Still active.]

Uzi is shocked, "That thing can't be human! Humans can't survive missing parts of their head like that! Unless..." it's a lot more clear now, but the head, while seemingly human, seems to have many modifications. It barely even looks like bone, the entire head looks as if it was replaced by something

[Copy that. Contain and control is on the way.] replied the Ordinal.

The Wallhammer breathed heavily, fatigued and crippled, yet the screen cuts to black signaling the end of the viewing.

"That rebel better get out of there fast. Sounds like backups incoming." said Darren.

"My turn!" Uzi snatched the remote.

Rebecca seemed annoyed by that action, "Hey! We had it first!"

"Bite me! Give someone else a chance!" retorted Uzi.

"You chose twice, it's only fair someone else has a choice." SD-OC placated.

"Whatever." Rebecca relented.

Uzi skipped forward three channels, but noticed she could no longer change the channel, "What the- did the battery die?"

A piece of paper fell upon Uzi's head, she grasped it and pulled it into view, [As much as sharing is caring, I care more about watching you all flail about watching your future than other worlds. Maybe next time! This is the last world btw. Should have told ya, but didn't want to hurt ya! -Chibisan]

Uzi pressed every button on the remote, but nothing could change the channel, "Arrgh! Why now?!"

"Don't take it out on the remote."

"Bite me!"

[Channel 52.5 - Peep In The Big Wide World]

An image faded into view of some simplistically drawn creature with a stick-like beak and two eyes, wearing a white cap, peeking out of a pond with a horn on the shore close by, "The lurmies are coming!" said a female narrator. The very words spoken serving as the title of this video.

"Okay, what's this?" Darren is perplexed by the sudden change in setting.

"Tonal whiplash." added Rebecca, equally surprised.

Uzi similarly could not believe it, anger briefly forgotten, "Uh, mind explaining?"

SD-OC rolled his eyes, "These are looks into other universes, some are dark and gritty. Like yours. Others are... peaceful? What is it really a surprise there's nicer places out there in the multiverse?"

'Yes.' Doll is cynical, ever since she lost her parents. She could hardly afford to dream of better futures, much less better places. But never in a million years would she have imagined, this, existing. She doesn't know what to feel towards this specific world. A bit too colorful for her liking, and simplistic in design. As if it were made for children.

'Never thought about it.' is SD-J's thought on the matter. The knowledge is not applicable to any duty she has, why ponder on things outside of her assignment?

'Awesome!' SD-N is happy, perhaps the only one genuinely impressed.

Lizzy is simply filming this on her phone, perhaps she could find some use for this later. Maybe even re-upload it on MySpace when they get back.

The colors are brighter, it looks cartoony rather than realistic, but the music sounds quite appeasing.

The scene fades in to a small yellow chicken and red robin sitting in a can atop a small hill in the middle of a rainstorm.

Then it showed the storm had ended, and the two birds look quite bored waiting in the can.

"Peep and Chirp have been waiting all morning for Quack to show up." spoke the narrator.

The drones assembled are befuddled by the names.

"Peep and... Chirp." SD-J took a moment to process those names, "An adequate choice of names. Befitting of this simple looking world."

"That would be like, naming someone Talks and Shouts." remarked Lizzy dryly, but with that thought in mind glanced towards some rather blandly named drones in the room, namely the disassembly drones, "Then again."

SD-N did not know why Lizzy was looking his way so he gave a small wave. SD-J glared, she can understand clearly. SD-V simply doesn't care, but welcomes the distraction to get her mind off what she spoke about earlier.

Then it showed the storm had ended, and the two birds look quite bored waiting in the can.

"They waited most of the afternoon too, and that was enough."

The birds leave the can and then the scene changes to show them hopping across the grassy fields, over a hill towards the pond.

"The music is so vibe. It fits so nice!" complimented Riley in awe at the soundtrack's clever use to give the vibes of the happenings in a scene.

"It does fit the mood." added Makarov.

"If the boot fits." Todd threw in his own few words.

Uzi frowned as a memory resurfaced, 'Reminds me of the time Lizzy invited me to some party... and she gave the wrong address! Ugh, I stayed out late into the night, and then her smug as hell face the next day-'

Chirp speaking to Peep, "I think it's really rude of Quack to tell us he was coming and not even show up-"

But the sight of what their duck friend was doing, made them pause.

Quack is shown to be tying, makeshift shoes onto his feet from what appears to be wrappers with his beak.

"That'll show you, hmm? See? See this?" Quack gloated as he waved a foot above the soil, his gaze angled at the ground. Though he would notice his friends and jump in shock, "AH! Chirp Peep get off the ground! Quick! You know, float or- er something."

SD-V giggled, "This reminds me of the time N tried to tell us a building was gonna collapse."

SD-J mused, recalling that time, "Yes, I remember that fondly. I make sure to replay that particular memory in my recreational time. Your behavior never ceases to amaze me N."

"Thanks J!" SD-N replied, not getting J's sarcasm, "I aim to impress!"

"That wasn't- forget it." SD-J would rather he take it as that than it's intended meaning. Perhaps it'd be better if he did.

Peep is confused, "Why are you-"

"No time to talk!" Quack declared picking up a popsicle stick twice his size and setting it atop two cylinder shaped containers, "Here get on the stick, like this-" and leaps onto it belly first only for the containers to roll out from the kinetic energy of a grown duck flopping onto a single popsicle stick, "Ow!" but quickly recovered to stand back up in record speed, looking nervously at the ground.

SD-J hummed in thought, "Hmm, I will admit N is not as clumsy as this, duck. That would be a bold faced lie. And company policy regarding deception towards-"

"Nobody cares J!" shouted Uzi, much to SD-J's ire.

Surprisingly SD-N joined in, "Yeah! I'm totally not as clumsy as uh, the blue thing on screen!"

"Eh, not by much." SD-V threw a comment out, a small smirk on her face, "But it wouldn't be you without a little, you, N."

A light blush appeared on SD-N's faceplate. Uzi seemed to direct an envious glare towards SD-V.

The plushies began to speak amongst themselves after seeing the interaction, and an Uzi plush drew out a top hat, "Zeee! (Take your bets!)"

"Nuuu! Nuuu!" an N plush tossed in a nickel, proclaiming it believes in sharing is caring.

"Veeee!" the V plush threw in a demon heart, declaring it believed the drone it's modeled after will get with N.

"Jay! Jay jay jay!" decreed the J plush as it threw in its credit card, for it believes N will be damned to be forever alone, harsh.

The assembled plushies stare at the twintailed drone plush for a good while before continuing taking bets. Obviously the Uzi plush believes Uzi will find true love with N.

Though the resident drones did not quite understand as the plushies were clamoring and speaking in a blurb, they knew the plushies were acting up for something of interest.

Uzi tapped the shoulder of the closest plush that chose to sit on her shoulder, "Hey, what's with the commotion?"

"Zeee! Ze zee!" it proclaimed waving it's stubby arms with joy.

Uzi's face flushed red, "W-What?! Don't you-" but after a brief moment of thought decided, "You better share the winnings."

Her plush gave a nod, "Zee!"

SD-V, similarly, was told what the plushies were doing. She found it amusing and whispered to hers, "Hey, think you can... get between Uzi and N if they try to get all..." she really doesn't want to say the word, as it makes her core ache, "Lovey dovey or whatever?"

The V plush would grin if it could, but saluted happily, "Veee! Ve vee!"

"Nice." SD-V offered her fist and her plush bumped it.

Alf glanced concerned to SD-OC, "Should I tell them to-"

"No." SD-OC looked fondly over the assembly cast, for once they were not thinking about murdering each other, "Let them have their fun."

Alf supposes that letting this love triangle formulate is alright, he just hopes it doesn't get out of hand.

This sent one cylinders rolling where Chirp would stop it with her foot, "Quack, what is going on?" the robin asked in concern for the duck's behavior.

Quack looked nervous as he surveyed the ground, "Lurmies..." he spoke in a hushed tone.

"Lurmies?" SD-N had never heard of the word before, "Is it like gummies? I heard that humans had a snack named that. I think I found some unopened bags in an old store once."

Sam rubbed his chin in thought, "Do they taste like, gum?"

"I hardly believe they exist." SD-J had never heard of such things, "What even is this? A show for children?"

"What? It sounds like your saying... Lurmies?" Chirp didn't quite hear that, neither did Peep.

"I am saying Lurmies!" replies Quack, "They live under the ground, waiting, waiting, waiting to slither out!"

The other birds gasp. Peep looking rather nervous, "S-Slither?"

"Yes!" assures Quack, "Out of the ground. Millions of them! And they have big teeth!" then his face turns conflicted, "I think."

"Does... anything like that exist?" Darren was curious, "Teeth aside that sounds like-"

"Idiocy? Yes, yes it does." interjected SD-J.

"I was gonna say-"

"Snakes? They have teeth." said Braiden, "I don't find them terrifying. They seem like misunderstood reptiles!"

Quack runs back to set up, whatever it is he's making with cylinder tubes and popsicle sticks. It looks like a poor imitation of a raft, without the rope.

Chirp looks doubtful as she hopped over, "I've never seen a lurmie. How big are they?"

"Um, fifty feet? More? More less? I don't know." Quack doesn't even seem sure, like he's never seen one before himself.

"Fifty feet?!" exclaim Chirp and Peep.

"Preposterous! Nothing on Earth could possibly be of that size!" exclaimed SD-J in disbelief.

"I don't know, maybe they have some kind of creature that can! It is another world after all!" reasons SD-N.

"I doubt it." SD-V cuts in, "Other than snakes, I can't think of something that slithers that could grow to such length."

"Snakes can grow to fifty feet?!" SD-N looked horrified by the thought, not that a snake could ever pose a threat to him, but of course compared to dogs snakes are downright terrifying.

"And do you know what happens when you step, on a lurmie?" pressed Quack.

"What?" Peep asked worried.

"Exactly! Nobody knows!" answered Quack, awful lot of misgivings and ignorance in regards to these so called lurmies, "That's why I need your help building this!" he gestures towards the thing he's made.

Peep looked concerned at Chirp, and Chirp just looks on in disbelief.

"It's a path!" declared Quack, "Above the lurmies!"

SD-N could not believe his eyes, "Can you even walk on a path like that?"

SD-J scoffed, "If that's a path, I loathe to imagine what he considers a road."

Uzi, similarly, could not see how that'd even be remotely usable. Given how the cylinder containers below the popsicle sticks offer no stability whatsoever. But she'd rather die than voice agreement with J.

He starts to walk around the so called 'Path' explaining, "Peep, we'll build it from here to your place and then to Chirp's bush, tree, thingy. Yeah we'll never have to walk on the ground again!"

That triggered a thought, an idea more like. It left Uzi wondering if it's possible to make a hover board. It's 3071, the technology probably exists. Hovering right above ground, and all the sick tricks she could perform with that.

'Huh, never would have thought about that, but I am not thanking a kid's show for the idea.' oh Uzi, so keen on acting mature and capable.

Quack hops onto the path, only for the cylinder containers to be sent rolling away, because physics states that round doesn't stay in place. Round stuff rolls. So he only ended up losing his balance and fell onto the pile of popsicle sticks.

He looked over at his friends, "Only, I'm going to need some help." a little embarrassed at his blunder.

SD-N laughed out at that, even a good amount of the worker drones got a chuckle.

Even SD-V cracked a smile for a moment. It brought up some, good feelings. They used to watch movies back at the manor, didn't they? It felt, nice.

That was when she realized something, she felt something, she felt a slight burn, a good type of burn, within her.

"What an idiot." muttered SD-J, not even N was that clumsy.

Chirp looked unsure, "Uuuh-"

"So you're in? Good!" Quack took indecision for affirmation, "Cause you know, I already done the hard part." he picked up a popsicle stick, "I found the sticks."

For a duck? That may have been difficult, but SD-J felt it was more easier than it sounds.

The two smaller birds shared a glance.

Then the scene changed to the dump, where Peep and Chirp scour the place for useful materials to build this path. As Chirp lifts a triangular container and Peep kicks over a soda can.

The narrator spoke again, "Peep and Chirp knew they need a lot of building materials to make Quack's path."

The camera zoomed out to reveal Beaver Boy in the background loading the wagon with some cardboard.

"They got Beaver Boy to help."

SD-J is no longer surprised, these other worlds are unique to say the least. But, after simplistic cartoons of birds being two circles and an oval, the beaver actually looking like a beaver's shape unlike the previous birds caught her off guard.

"Interesting, I'd have assumed it would have resembled a rectangle. Or perhaps an elongated oval?" she jested.

"No." said Lizzy in a bored tone.

"No?" SD-J glared towards the blonde cheerleader.

"Pessimistic doesn't fit your style." critiqued Lizzy, "I'm leaning more, brazen, no, egotistical? Yeah, like Doll-"

Doll shoved her elbow into Lizzy's side.

"Hey! What gives?"

"Я был бы признателен, если бы вы не сравнивали мои черты с самыми раздражающими из них. (I'd appreciate it if you didn't compared traits of mine to the most annoying of them)."

For a time it shows the birds and the beaver setting things into the wagon. Even a moment where chirp burst from what appeared to be an empty rectangular cracker box Beaver boy placed into the wagon. How Chirp got in there who knows, maybe Beaver Boy picked it up with Chirp inside inspecting the box. Chirp is very precise in her inspection of objects, she used to be a collector after all!

But, the drones didn't know that.

Lizzy asked, "Why was the red one in the box?"

"Maybe it likes the dark?" offered Doll in a joking tone, a subtle change from her usual monotone voice. It's often difficult to tell her voice apart. Sometimes she jokes in her usual monotone yet aggressive tone of voice.

Lizzy smiled, "Ha, good on Doll. But I think edgelordess over there fits the role better."

"Bite me! I don't live in the dark!" Uzi prefers dimly lit spaces, it feels cool, but it's not like she'll admit that to Lizzy of all drones!

"It's the box spy taunt from Team Fortress 2!"

Everyone turned to Kelsey. She was the last drone any fellow student expected to even touch a game like that. Well, maybe not the last. The sudden attention left her flustered.

"Never took you for a gamer Kel. Maybe we could play a match when we get back?" Thad offered, seems he too plays the old game. But even in the grimdark future, team fortress somehow persists against all odds.

"Wow, I thought I was the only one who played that old game, what's your favorite class?" asked one of the many worker drone students whose name is up for debate.

"I like the scout personally." said Thad.

"I'm what you call a professional engineer! In game or out!" Uzi replied with a grin, "Sucks there isn't a way to kit bash."

"You kiddin'? Sniper's where it's at bud, pop off a target across the map without breaking a sweat!" remarked another student smugly.

"Hey! You're the hacker that's always on casual!"

Thankfully the viewing unpaused, preventing such an argument.

"Quack meanwhile kept a sharp lookout for lurking lurmies." the narrator stated, as the scene transitioned to that of Quack peeking slightly above the waterline of his pond.

"Of course." SD-J rolled her eyes, it doesn't take a genius to know this 'duck' is quite a coward by what's been shown so far.

Uzi looked to Khan, though she brushed off the thought. Her dad may be cowardly, but he certainly isn't arrogant. His reverence of doors is something else entirely. If he were arrogant, she wouldn't likely be able to stand him.

Pee, Chirp, and Beaver Boy arrive with the wagon full of materials.

"Quack! Look at all the stuff we found!" said Peep, "Now we can start building your path!"

Quack briefly poked his head above the water to speak, "Yes! But someone brave must stay in the pond and keep watch. Someone like me! In fact me!"

And Uzi thought her dad was cowardly.

Chirp seemed confused by Quack's behavior, but took out a horn from the wagon and set it down in front of Quack, "Okay, honk this if you see a lurmie."

Quack nodded in response.

The scene transitioned to show the animals going through a multitude of experiments trying to build a proper path. It was mind numbing to anyone with basic architectural sense. It elicited a rather bored response from the audience.

Now for the semi-final design of two tennis ball containers and two soda cans with a cardboard box on top, this had a more hilarious addition.

As Chirp stepped backwards to get a better view of the sloped creation, she stepped over the horn, which woke up Quack with a startle. He'd apparently fallen asleep at somepoint.

"What?! What what what was that?!" he suddenly realized, "The horn! I-It's lurmies HEEEEEEEELP!"

Beaver Boy, Peep, and Chirp seem rather confused by their friend's behavior.

Uzi stifled a laugh, that was unexpected.

A good amount of worker drones tried to keep their laughs masked, because it'd be weird to laugh at a kid's show. They're all grown up now.

"No?" Quack then noticed the creation, "Ooh! Oh I like it."

He swam out of the pond and rushed to push a box over to get on top of this slanted path.

"Uh Quack?" Chirp hopped back to avoid being knocked over by the box Quack had pushed over, "It's not really ready-"

"It's perfect!" declared Quack as he leapt onto the cardboard platform.

SD-J had to restrain herself from laughing at the idiocy of the duck, honestly even if architecture isn't her specialty, she knows that slopes are far from easy to traverse.

"Anyone willing to take a bet that blue thing can't stay on whatever that is for more than four seconds?" asked Darren.

"I'll take that bet." replied Thad.

"Three seconds." added Lizzy, "No more, no less."

Rebecca chuckled, "Bold."

"Zip it Rebecca, I don't see you taking any."

Rebecca crossed her arms, "Oh? Maybe I will. Six seconds, exactly six seconds."

"Mind if I join in?" asked SD-N.

"Wait. But what do we even bet with? We don't have anything on us. Other than these oil cans, but we can just get those from the kitchen." said Darren.

That did leave the audience stumped. Damn.

Until some chips, like those in a gambling casino, dropped into the cup holders on the armrests of the bet takers.

SD-N picked up the chip and read what was on it, "One token for a magnet?"

Sam suddenly woke up, "Magnets? Yo I'm callin' for five seconds! On the mark. Totally the winning number." the amount of magnets he could win, it'd stone him for life!

"Nu nu!" an N Plush hopped forth with a hat, "Nuuu nuu nuu nuuu nu nuuu!"

Thad understood, "Okay little guy." tossing in his token, not that he cared much for the magnets for reasons like Sam. Still, it's a fun little thing to do.

"I bet three!" declared SD-N tossing in his token into the hat.

SD-J only rolled her eyes at his antics. She doesn't know if she should reprimand him or not, gambling is far from an acceptable workplace practice.

"Uh I'm taking three?" stated Lizzy, and gave a small dismissive way with her hand, "You can take two."

"Then I'll go for two!" amended SD-N.

"Three point five." stated Uzi with a grin, "Might as well join in."

"I second her bet." added Braxton.

"Five from me!" called Makarov.

Once everyone placed their bets the viewing resumed.

"Only it's a little hard-" Quack grunts, "-to get to the..." he slipped and flopped, causing him to slide down the slope, "Toooo-p." then struck the ground and the cardboard folded over him, "Okay, it needs some work." he relented.

"That was five seconds." called SD-OC, well, more like four point five seconds, but rounded up it's closer to five."

Lizzy could care less for the loss of the token, she wouldn't have the faintest of idea what to do with the magnet, other than give it to Sam for a favor.

"Come on that was four!" whined Darren.

Lizzy scoffed, "You didn't even bet, why do you care?"

"I was betting in the mind." stated Darren in his defense.

SD-N loved this bonding, he could care less he lost whatever game this was.

Sam on the other hand, seemed elated at the amount of magnets that spawned on his lap. With a little note that said, 'Don't overdose, idiot.'

He took up another magnet and held it by his head, "Whoa... the stars man."

"Sam that's the back of a chair."

"The stars man... they're indoors."

Khan's head shot up at the mention of doors, "Did someone say doors?"

After some discussion amongst the animals they'd discover they could stack the cans to be at the same height as the more taller cylinders. Though this placed the cardboard at a height they could not reach, for none of them could fly.

"The floor's flat! Hurray!" cheered Peep.

"And we get up there, how?" inquired Quack.

Peep suggested, "Stairs?"

Quack seemed to have an idea, "Yes! I'm on it!" and ran back to the pile of materials.

"A-ha!" he settled on a tennis ball.

SD-J has never thought, in all her years, a living being could be so stupid, "N, I must apologize, for there is something even more incompetent than you out there in the universe."

"Thanks J! That means a lot coming from you." SD-N felt grateful, though Uzi seemed to be disgruntled by that fact.

SD-J smirked deviously Uzi's way, 'Little steps J, little steps. Just like a business plan.'

"It's like, possible if you balance, on it, right?" Sam voiced his inner thoughts out loud, stoned out of his mind.

Nobody paid him any mind seeing how he was somehow out of it more so than usual. He wouldn't hear anything anyways. For he has ascended to a higher plane.

"Quack, you can't stack something on top of a ball!" Chirp was smart enough to know this.

"Chirp, we just found out that if it's a round thing, we just have to lay it on it's flat side." replied Quack as if he was reiterating lost knowledge, "Which for this thing, is right here." he moved the ball, and there was no change in its shape or form. It's still a ball.

"Such idiocy." SD-J was getting a migraine from this.

"Arrogance and stupidity, a lovely combo, if you're a moron." added Lizzy.

Uzi even couldn't believe it, "Seriously? A flat side? For a ball?"

"Must have never seen a ball before." reasoned SD-N, "There's a first time for everything! Experience is gained by learning after all!"

SD-J felt that, while possible, it still looks ridiculous. Given how these are representations of animals, they likely don't have the same intellectual capacity as humans. Still, that red bird appears to have a good head on it's... legs. Perhaps the brightest of the bunch. Reminds her of herself, the only capable one of her team with a functional rational mind that always stuck to the task at hand, a task she isn't so sure is in the company's best interests to follow. That is, if the company even assigned them this mission in the first place, given how they have been compromised by that wretched solver.

After a few attempts to find a flat side that simply doesn't exist on such a shape, Quack would give up after Peep told him it doesn't have one.

He'd kick it away and bring in long triangle shaped containers.

These, similarly, do not work.

"Couldn't they just, stack them together so they make a more stable base? Like two facing up, the other inserted in the center?" reasoned SD-N, "Just a thought."

"You're capable of critical thinking, congratulations." SD-J said sarcastically.

"Thanks J! Your awfully friendlier than usual." noted SD-N.

"Oh?" SD-J smirked, "Do you prefer it when I'm unfriendly?"

"Not at all J! I just thought you were always up about our mission and I just never saw you in such a good mood!" stated SD-N, pure honesty unbound.

"Don't tempt me." warned SD-J.

"I think stairs need to be flat." stated Chirp, who'd hop over to the pile and kick over a cereal box, "Try these!"

Suddenly it began to rain, which had Quack shocked, "Oh no! RAIN! We have to hurry, they come out after rain! And by they I mean the- lurmies."

He then rushed over and jumped into his pond, like a captain abandoning the ship before the crew.

"What a model for leadership." remarked SD-V.

"I'm pretty sure he's an example of what not to do when trying to take charge like a leader." stated SD-N.

SD-J for a moment thought if the toasters sitting beside them were more competent than Quack. But, she recalled how idiotic they behave, and foolishly wander into danger. At least Quack, despite his faults of a coward and brazen attitude, he'd likely have the sense to run away from anything that seemed remotely dangerous. Something the toasters appear to lack, a sense of self-preservation.

Great, if her image of the worker drones could not be made any worse. They're dumber than a duck from what could very well be a kid's show. How embarrassing.

After some montage of them testing out a variety of box stacking, they'd finally make a solid stairway out of cardboard.

Quack would walk up them, testing them and giving them a few good pats, "Mhmm, just five hundred more of these and we'll reach Peep's house and then-"

"Five hundred?" Uzi repeated the word, "How long do you assume that'd be?"

"From their size?" SD-N took a hard guess, "Maybe five hundred feet? Some... one hundred and fifty meters give or take."

It seemed to take them a while, if one was to hazard a guess, it'd likely be impossible or extremely time consuming to build paths to wherever this duck wanted them to build them to.

But the main question on SD-J's mind was if they even had sufficient resources available. With how the animals salvaged those spent goods from a junkyard.

"-AH! Lurmies!" screamed Quack as he appeared to spot something, "Up the stairs! Get on the path! They're back, the lurmies!" he seemed to be running up and down the stairs like he couldn't decide what to do.

A few worker drones felt ashamed to be caught off guard by Quack's panic. They've seen worse, yet they jumped right as he yelled. Though, with what they've seen thus far, they're a bit jumpy.

"Guess we'll see what these lurmies look like?" said SD-N, a bit curious as to what Quack means by them.

The prevailing theory in his mind was snakes, but they don't come out after rain. There are worms, but snakes can be extremely long, and have teeth. Worms? Worms are tiny, and if they have teeth it'd be much too small to notice, not a concern for any living creature. The diet of such creatures is dirt, taken from a book he read once. He can't imagine how bad that must taste, eating dirt, if they could taste. The book left out if worms had taste buds.

SD-J had minimal investment in what these lurmies were, but she was curious. If only to find out if they were truly something for a duck to worry about.

SD-V honestly couldn't care less, but Quack's uncertainty on what to do reminded her of some worker drones she confronted who ran around like headless chickens, uncertain where to go once she landed. Pleasant memories.

"The horn! Honk the horn!" Quack ran over and jumped up and down upon the horn a number of times.

Peep, Chirp, and Beaver Boy attempted up the stairs, only for Quack to brush past them saying, "Excuse me can you move please? Duck coming through!"

Uzi, as much as she wanted to draw comparisons to Khan... he never brushed past anyone like this duck did. Besides, she already talked to him before. They have to focus on the here and now.

"At least J never did that to us." SD-N whispered to SD-V.

"Well..." SD-V honestly couldn't recall any moment where J had brushed past them. Maybe N once or twice when he failed to get the last worker drone during a hunt, but for as much of a workaholic J is, at least she has some tact.

SD-J felt a pang of annoyance, for what reason she could not discern. Must be some toasters talking ill about her.

"Where are they? I don't see them!" said a worried Peep.

"There! See them? Right there!" Quack pointed with his foot towards the ground below. Sounding awfully frightened.

The scene showed worms emerging from the ground, as they often do after a rainy day.

"I shouldn't be surprised. But here I am." Lizzy expected anything that could wiggle. Snakes, centipedes, but worms were at the bottom of that list of what to be scared about.

Doll knew they'd be worms, but she didn't really care. She hoped this would end so she could see what befalls them in the future. If only to learn what she should do better this time around.

SD-N blinked, "Huh, so it wasn't snakes."

"Snakes?" SD-V raised an eyebrow, "You know, I can't blame you for that. That blue thing gave the most unusual description."

"It's Quack." SD-N corrected.

SD-V rolled her eyes, "I know."

"Oh, okay." SD-N nodded.

Thankfully SD-J broke the possible awkward tension that'd follow, "Moronic."

'Dad, I'm sorry for even drawing a tiny comparison of you between this... duck, thing. At least you wouldn't do something this crazy.' Uzi was grateful Khan wasn't anything like Quack, and silently apologizes for the intrusive thought of even mildly comparing the two.

Khan felt like he was getting praise from someone, 'Must one of the doors.'

"Those?" Chirp is in disbelief, "Those are earthworms!"

"Exactly." replied Quack, but he noticed Chirp's irritation, "Earthworms lurmies! Ya-ge- same thing!"

"I don't think so." stated Emily, "There's nothing called a lurmie, unless we're counting it as a nickname... Quack, gave the worms."

"Heh, you said Quack." teased Rebecca, "I'm so putting that as my voicemail answer."

"It's the duck's name!" countered Emily, a slight blush of embarrassment appearing on her face.

"You said they were fifty feet!" Peep has a very good memory.

"I said more or less. So that would be, less." countered Quack.

Thad chuckled, "Nice save."

"Hmm, I remember them being bigger." muttered Quack to himself, then he noticed his friends walking down the stairs, "Hey where are you guys going?"

"We're going to go enjoy the rest of the day!" responded Chirp, annoyed at having wasted her day for nothing of importance.

"FInally." Rebecca could not stand this a second longer, "Hey, can I get the remote back?"

"What?! No!" snapped Uzi, "It's mine now!"

"Oh okay, well now that I'm off the ground." Quack hummed, "Mmm not bad at all. You know lurmy wormy, call it what you want." he yawned, "Still wouldn't want to step on one."

Then flopped down on the path, falling asleep.

"Give it!"

"No! Get your own!"

"There's only one!"

"Not my problem!"

The attention turned to Rebecca and Uzi struggling for the remote.

"Uh, Uzi, maybe-" SD-N attempted to offer a compromise, but Uzi didn't seem to be listening as the fight between the two students intensifies.

Until finally the screen went to static.

"Oh..." Kelsey shot up with a startle, "That scared me."

"You weren't the only one." Thad turned to the two candidates for the remote, whom stopped their struggle upon noticing the screen.

"Oh great, look at what you did." Rebecca jabbed towards Uzi, tugging the remote closer to her.

"Me?! You were the one with your finger on the buttons!" shot back Uzi.

Suddenly a familiar channel name came back.

[Channel 45.8 - Dead Space]

Isaac Clarke is seen wandering through a corridor, with the airlock cycle completed the door opened. Revealing a short corridor with a corner, a clear blind spot.

In his hands is the plasma cutter, a tool meant to serve as a mining tool.

His guard seems to be up, with how his grip on the plasma cutter seems far more firm, if not to the point it could be considered a "Death Grip".

Darren pointed, "Hey look! It switched!"

Uzi was befuddled, "What? I thought-"

"Oh great, you broke it." remarked Lizzy, "So much for that."

"Bite me! If anyone did something it's Rebecca!"

"Me? You were the one-"

"Can you both be quiet?!" SD-V could not stand the arguing a moment longer, "Gosh it's like being in a room with- oh, yeah."

"I am not a kid!" snapped Uzi.

"Sure don't act like it."

"Ugh, bite me!"

"Why's he so... cautious? Did something happen?" inquired SD-N, "Where's his squad?"

"Team." amended SD-J, she had no answer, to have the technician spooked, something must have happened, "And I'm sure we'll find out if only the toasters fall silent."

Uzi bit back a retort, only because she was curious about this channel which the others watched without her. The names seems to imply the worst.

Once Isaac stepped through, there was a sound, and suddenly a thick flesh-like tentacle whipped out from the corner and grasp Isaac around his right leg.



"Oh my gosh!"

"We're gonna die!"

"It's not like it'll jump out of the screen Darren!"

Were a few of the many exclamations of fright and surprise from the assembled drones. They hadn't expected things to escalate so quickly.

Uzi realized the thing, even if it was more grotesque than the ones she was more familiar with, 'Please don't be anything like that. In the name of robo-god don't be what I think it is.'

"What the hell?!" SD-V felt a sharp spike of fear, it made her livid to feel something like that, she was never afraid, not as far as she can remember... yet that, tentacle looking thing, it seems, familiar, and that disgusts her.

SD-N felt a chill rush up his not so metallic spine, "Why do I feel like this is going to be important? Ah I'm sure it's just the nerves!" he hopes.

SD-J was not frightened, but she has to admit, she didn't expect anything like that of all things to round the corner. The dimly lit corridor only amplified the fear factor, but she was not frightened. No, she most certainly didn't give the satisfaction of even the slightest of noise.

Khan felt the design looked eerily like one of his wife's drawings, 'But, this is another world, right? Or, is there something like this on Copper-9?'

Either Nori could see through dimensions, or there's more to this solver than the ability to lift and crush things with the mind. Didn't bode well for them either way.

Isaac immediately fired upon the thing, though it appeared the plasma bolts were dealing minimal damage to the thing's flesh. It was simply too thick for the bolts to pierce.

It pulled him in, nearly making him lose his grip on his weapon.

This made Thad recall the eldritch horror they saw back in the second episode, he turned to the hosts, "We won't have that creepy holo-snake thing waiting for us back home, right?"

For a moment the worker drones looked concerned.

But Uzi reminded them of one crucial fact, "That, thing, was made from the parasitic heart creature living inside J." she looked towards SD-J who seemed mighty annoyed to be reminded of the thing inside her, "Nothing to worry about seeing as she's not dead. Yet." she muttered the last part to herself.

"I heard that!" yelled SD-J, not appreciative of the threat.

Isaac noticed the bulging yellow sac on the tentacle a ways back, he took aim and felt himself tugged, but he quickly readjusted his sights taking shots at the sac.

This appeared to do some damage, as the tentacle organism released higher pitched growls upon the bolts striking it's weak spot.

After a few more bolts to the sac, it exploded, sending yellow fluids splattering the walls and floor. The front half having been severed fell to the floor, spasms for a moment before releasing its grip on Isaac's leg. The tentacle's lower half retracted back into the hole from where it apparently emerged from.

Once he recovered, he quickly made his way down the corridor, and kept his eyes on that hole in the wall as he passed it by, as if expecting the thing to rush out again.

Though, their viewing was interrupted by static, then the screen went dark with two words on screen.

[Signal Lost]

After a brief moment of silence...

"Glad we won't ever have to face anything like that!" SD-N spoke up, giving a nervous laugh, "Hahaha, right?"

The worker drones prayed they wouldn't face something like that.

“Okay, I’m bored.”

“Robo-Christ!” Uzi instinctively moved to instinctively smack the demi-goddess that had taken the seat beside her. Though her hand missed as the little chaos deity teleported right before her hand met her face.

“Missed me by that much.” Chibisan held her fingers closely to emphasize the distance, as she hovered close to the ceiling, “Now…”

Her arms went out as she declared, “Are you ready to witness your dramatic and despair-inducing future?! The devilish angst, the climatic exposure! The plot must move on I say!”

SD-OC coughed into his hand before the worker drones got carried away, "While I might not quite word it like our benefactor, I have to agree, you're all gathered now and I think it's time to conclude the break. You've all had some rest, thought things over, saw some things you were not supposed to see, but no harm no foul!”

The worker drones seemed relieved at that information, namely the students who started up the viewing of these other worlds.

“Now!" SD-OC smirked, rubbing his hands together, "I think it's time we start the next episode! Plush number nine, nine, one, nine, nine- the one with nines!"

The plush N in question stood up, "Nu?"

"Will you do the honors?"

"Nu nu!" it saluted and ran up to the DvD player, smacking it with its face, starting up the next episode. Then made its way towards it's originator, and jumped onto his lap.

"Oh, want to watch with me?" SD-N smiled as the little plush version of him nodded it's head, "Sweet!" he gave it a pat on the head, the plush seemed to radiate with joy at being pampered by its originator.

SD-V rolled her eyes, though she did smirk towards her plush alternate. They offer an odd sense of comfort.

SD-J only cared to learn more about this future of theirs. Might as well absorb everything she can. For better or worse, this'll end.

Uzi only hoped it was better than the last three episodes. It’d be wishful thinking to assume things would get better, she knows that. Hopefully there won’t be anything embarrassing. She can tolerate all the death and mistakes. But, if there’s something like…

She shook off the line of thought, ‘If anything like that happens, I’ll just shoot the screen.’

“Chibisan…” warned Alf.

The benefactor of the theater groaned, “Fine, just don’t stop until the finale, got it? Small breaks between, but nothing more!”

Alf scoffed, “It’s not like something of this scale tires you.”

“No, but I do get bored. You won’t like me when I’m bored.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

With that, Chibisan vanished.

The screen flickered and the fourth episode began.


A/N: Doll opening up to Uzi? Well, still a ways off, kind of. EP4 will surely leave a mark, EP6 will have her considering for sure. I know EP7 will likely have something. Nori and Yeva were close. Kind of sad to see how Uzi and Doll were at odds. They could have been good friends. Perhaps on the second time around they will. I know an interlude wasn't likely expected. I know I usually read for the juicy reactions to the content directly and skim over interludes lol. The reactions to those other worlds there was a bit of a bonus, as a thanks for the amount of support this fic has got. My most well performing fic to date. I am ever grateful and feel proud that many take inspiration from this. Makes me wonder if anyone would have taken the mantle for this kind of react fic if I hadn't, or how long it'd take for someone to make one.

Channel Sources: Dead Space (self-explanatory, though the sudden cut back scene at the end was from that familiar tentacle sequence, not unlike what N suffered in EP7, foreshadowing), Anti-Citizen the HL:A Animation by Parrygod on YT, Peep In The Big Wide World (Childhood nostalgia).

The Murderous Drones React To Their Future - UnknownG11 (2024)


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