Morbid: Episode Summaries, Insights, and Commentary (2024)

  • 552Episode 552: Marie RobardsDive deep into a chilling tale of familial betrayal in the latest episode of Morbid, where hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart unravel the unsettling account of Marie Robards, a teenager who took drastic measures in an attempt to restructure her family dynamics. A story that blurs the lines between desperate longing and calculated malice, this episode explores the consequences when the desire to reunite with a loved one leads to the darkest of outcomes.As Ash and Alaina dissect the details of the case, from the deceptive innocence of a daughter to the fateful confession to a friend, listeners are provided a comprehensive look into the investigation that ensued. The narrative takes us through the complexities of the trial, shedding light on the psychological underpinnings that drove a seemingly ordinary teen to commit an extraordinary crime. This episode of Morbid presents a meticulous examination of the events that culminated in a verdict that would forever alter the course of a young woman's life.
  • 551Episode 551: Happy Land Social Club ArsonVenture into the dark corners of history with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart in the Morbid podcast as they delve into the harrowing tale of the Happy Land Social Club arson. An act of vengeance, born from the throes of a turbulent breakup, escalates into one of the most tragic fires in New York City's history. With precise recounting, the hosts narrate how Julio Gonzalez set ablaze the entrance of the club, ending in an appalling loss of 87 innocent lives—shedding light on the dire consequences of spurned love turned malevolence.The episode not only reconstructs the chilling event but also exposes the broader issue of overlooked fire hazards within the city's informal social hubs—vital to community life yet fatally compromised by neglect. In uncovering the aftermath of the catastrophe, Morbid respectfully explores the ripple effects of the tragedy, from the legal repercussions faced by the perpetrators to the enduring impact on the families and communities touched by the calamity, bringing to the forefront the profound and lasting echo of grief and the challenge of finding closure in its wake.
  • 550Episode 550: Listener Tales 84Dive into the mysterious world of the paranormal with "Morbid," where co-hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart explore the eerie and unexplained alongside listener-submitted stories. This episode brings to light a peculiar tale as one listener recounts a sexually charged moment interlaced with a sense of the spectral, believing her deceased grandmother's spirit played audience to her first intimate experience. This gripping account merges the profound with the paranormal, punctuated by an inexplicable celestial phenomenon that leaves both listeners and speakers contemplating the intricate weaving between our world and the one beyond.Further delving into the inexplicable, the podcast lays bare various encounters with the supernatural that challenge reality. Kelley shares a personal anecdote of ghostly silhouettes defying physical boundaries, while another listener's experiences with apparitional figures and shared prophetic dreams hint at an unfathomable connection sustained beyond the material plane. The episode also spans to a bewildering event on an Australian beach, teasing the unknown with an interplay between alien phenomena and human tragedy. “Morbid” engages its audience with these bewildering narratives, inviting them into a realm where the uncanny brushes up against the fabric of our daily lives.
  • 549Episode 549: The Lipstick Killer (Part 2)Dive deep into a complex true crime saga with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart in "Morbid," where the troubling case of William Heirons, also known as The Lipstick Killer, is meticulously unraveled. In this episode, the hosts scrutinize alarming hints of police evidence tampering that played a pivotal role in Heirons' conviction. Debates surrounding the authenticity of the fingerprints and handwriting on a ransom note question the integrity of the evidence, while the unusual methods of evidence collection suggest possible foul play within the investigation. The revealing expert analysis confronts the legitimacy of the conviction, hinting at potential miscarriages of justice and a darker narrative where truth becomes victim to fabrications.The episode further explores the coercion behind Heirons' confession—a desperate measure to escape the death penalty prompted by an interrogation riddled with harsh tactics and psychological manipulation. State Attorney Toohey's admission of a flimsy case against Heirons and the subsequent denials of parole paint a troubling portrait of a justice system more focused on securing confessions than uncovering truth. The hosts reflect on the harrowing reality of Heirons' 66-year imprisonment, a life spent behind bars resisting the admission of guilt for crimes he staunchly denied committing. This episode of "Morbid" challenges listeners to ponder the balance of justice and the dire consequences when that balance is severely tipped.
  • 548Episode 548: The Lipstick Killer (Part 1)Dive into "Morbid" where hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart delve into the chilling series of murders that shook Chicago to its core, laying the foundation for an infamous legend in true crime history. The episode titled "The Lipstick Killer" peels back the layers of a dark period when the city's law enforcement found themselves in the throes of public outcry, scrambling under the mounting pressure to stop a sinister force that claimed the lives of innocent victims with a gruesome signature.As Ash and Alaina navigate the complexities of this case, we're invited to explore the intersection of media influence, police procedure, and community fear during one of Chicago's most gripping investigations. The story of the "Lipstick Killer" reveals not only the dire consequences of hasty accusations, as seen in the wrongful suspicions cast upon Hector Verberg, but also the disturbing evolution of a murderer's method implying a descent into even more macabre criminal behavior. "Morbid" brings to light the haunting tale of a predator lurking in the shadows and the desperate chase to bring the reign of terror to an end.
  • 547Episode 547: Lizzie Borden and other Dark Nursery Rhymes (with Special Guests Sabrina & Corinne from Two Girls One Ghost)Dive into the spectral world with "Morbid," as hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart join forces with special guests Sabrina Deana-Roga and Corinne Vien from "Two Girls One Ghost" to uncover the eerie occurrences at the infamous Lizzie Borden house. Their nine-hour ghost hunting venture yields staggering paranormal evidence, from electronic voice phenomena to spirit box interactions that suggest an impish presence amongst them. They scrutinize unsettling utterances and potential clues that could rewrite the harrowing narrative of Abby Borden's death, sparking fresh debate on this enigmatic case.Yet these grim tales do not end with ghosts; the episode delves into the sinister underbelly of familiar nursery rhymes that have echoed through generations. The hosts reveal the often-macabre histories hidden within these seemingly innocent verses, from veiled political dissent to unsettling allusions to historical tragedies and diseases. Amongst these dark anecdotes, they explore the queer history possibly encapsulated within "Georgie Porgie," shedding light on the romantic entanglement between George Villiers and King James I, which gives the ditty a complex and historically rich foundation.
  • 546Episode 546: Matthew Wales and the Society MurdersDive into a deeply complex story of familial strife and tragic outcomes in "Morbid," where hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart unravel the case of Matthew Wales and the so-called Society Murders. The episode delves into the intense disputes over financial inheritance that ignite between Margaret Wills King and her children, particularly her son Matthew. As they dissect how Margaret's establishment of a controlling trust leads to a festering resentment in Matthew, the hosts of "Morbid" examine the emotional and financial dependencies that set a grim stage for conflict, encapsulating the listeners in a narrative of psychological depth and ominous foreshadowing.The episode also meticulously explores the variables that shaped Matthew's troubled upbringing, including his unsettling early behavior and the familial turmoil brewing from his parents' divorce and his mother's remarriage. Ash and Alaina painstakingly piece together how a seemingly normal family dinner morphs into a horrifying scene of violence, and how the subsequent police investigation, propelled by damning evidence and confessions, lead to Matthew's arrest. This journey through a maze of deception and dark family secrets invites listeners to consider the intricate web of factors contributing to a chilling double homicide.
  • 545Episode 545: The Career Girl Murders (Part 2)Dive into a chilling narrative with "Morbid," as hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart unravel the harrowing 1963 case known as The Career Girl Murders. Through meticulous recounting, they explore the gruesome details of the fatal attack on Janice Wiley and Emily Hoffert by Ricky Robles. The podcast paints a vivid scene of a burglary turned deadly, its aftermath, and the cascade of events that led to the conviction of the true perpetrator after an initial miscarriage of justice.The somber tale continues with a critical examination of George Whitmore Jr.'s wrongful conviction, shedding light on the prejudicial conduct of law enforcement, specifically Detective Eddie Bulger. "Morbid" doesn't just recount the details of a historic crime; it delves into the far-reaching impact of this case on the American judicial landscape. By dissecting how this injustice prompted significant changes like the introduction of Miranda rights, the episode underscores the profound transformations in legal protocols and the abolition of the death penalty in New York that arose from this infamous case.
  • 544Episode 544: The Career Girl Murders (Part 1)Explore a chilling tale of a crime that shook the confidence of an era with Morbid, as hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart discuss the infamous "career girl murders." Their detailed narration unravels the horrific events that led to the murders of Janice Wylie and Emily Hoffert in their Upper East Side apartment—a place they chose for its supposed safety. This episode digs into the societal implications of the case, examining how the false sense of security and emerging independence for women in the 1960s were shattered by this brutal tragedy.The quest for justice in the face of societal and systemic biases takes center stage in Morbid's examination of the investigative missteps that followed the murders. Kelley and Urquhart scrutinize the prejudice that diverted detectives from key evidence, leading to the false accusation and coerced confession of an innocent man. As the real perpetrator remained at large, the hosts expose the broader failures of the justice system that resonate to this day. Dive into a historical narrative of crime and inequity as Morbid confronts the enduring questions of the "career girl murders."
  • 542Episode 542: Listener Tales 83Dive into the mystical and the marvellous with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart as "Morbid" brings you the 83rd installment of Listener Tales, showcasing eerie ancestral tales and personal paranormal encounters. This episode traverses the realm of supernatural heritages, beginning with the stories of Jenny and Dolores, matriarchs with reputed mystical bonds, whose legacies include predictions and potential hauntings that beckon from the beyond. Whether it's a witch's curse reluctant to release its hold or a daughter's intrinsic connection with nature manifesting in healing prowess, these narratives weave through the supernatural threads of one family's history.But the episode isn't just a journey through ancestral accounts. It includes intimate stories from listeners like Sarah, who speaks of religious and spiritual conflict, and Carson, who shares the poignant tale of lingering affection for a dearly departed pet. Moreover, in a heartwarming twist, the podcast serves as the backdrop for listener Ben's unique on-air marriage proposal to his girlfriend Ruby—an event shared with the Morbid community, adding a layer of human connection to the chilling chronicles. Ash and Alaina narrate these tales with a blend of intrigue and warmth, inviting listeners to explore the shadows of the unknown and the light of affectionate moments.
  • 541Episode 541: The Unsolved Murder of Georgette BauerdorfIn the latest episode of Morbid, Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart delve into the perplexing and tragic case of Georgette Bauerdorf, whose high-society upbringing and patriotic service during WWII stand in stark contrast to her untimely demise. Born to financial and oil magnates, Georgette’s life in New York's elite circles took a dramatic turn when she relocated to Los Angeles, dedicating her time to servicing troops at the Hollywood Canteen. Yet, beneath the glamour and generosity, a dark fate awaited.The episode meticulously dissects the harrowing crime scene evidence and explores the initial suspects, all while grappling with the frustrating reality of false confessions and a trail that runs cold. The absence of solid leads has immortalized Bauerdorf’s case in the annals of unsolved mysteries, alongside speculative connections to other famous cases such as the Black Dahlia. Kelley and Urquhart navigate the intricate web of facts and theories with care, presenting a narrative that taps into the listener’s sense of justice and curiosity about one of Hollywood’s most enduring unsolved crimes.
  • 540Episode 540: Anna George and the Murder of George SaxtonDive into the enigmatic case of George Saxton's murder in Canton, Ohio, with "Morbid" hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart. The episode delves into the troubled relationship between Saxton and Annie George, a romance that ended tumultuously with public disputes and litigation. Annie's intense focus on her former lover, which resulted in her engaging in lawsuits and public confrontations, paints a picture of a woman driven more by heartbreak than hatred, earning her the community's empathy amidst her alarming behavior.In a twist of fate, when Saxton is found murdered, suspicion turns toward Annie, due primarily to her prior threats and some incriminating, yet circ*mstantial, pieces of evidence. The subsequent trial becomes a polarizing affair, with the defense and prosecution painting vastly different portraits of both the victim's morals and Annie's potential for murder. "Morbid" gives listeners a detailed account of a trial that shook a community, where Annie's acquittal leaves more questions than answers, especially after conflicting testimonies emerge post-trial. Join the journey through this tangled web of emotion, law, and enduring mystery in this episode of "Morbid."
  • 539Episode 539: Ronald Dominique: The Bayou Strangler (Part 3)In a sobering discussion on "Morbid," hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart, delve into the dark world of serial killer Ronald Dominique in their latest podcast episode. They unravel the tragic narrative of over 20 men who fell prey to a predator that exploited the most vulnerable in society. By offering a critical look into how societal apathy towards individuals with high-risk lifestyles aids criminals like Dominique, the hosts illuminate a grim reality faced by marginalized communities. Moreover, the hosts scrutinize media coverage that prefers to sensationalize the victims' lives over the injustice they suffered, highlighting an uncomfortable truth about the portrayal of such crimes.As the story unfolds, Kelley and Urquhart take their listeners through the chilling evasiveness of the Bayou Strangler, who managed to elude law enforcement for a decade by using the chaos of natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, to his advantage. They recount the painstaking efforts of the task force and the ultimate role DNA analysis played in linking Ronald Dominique to his crimes. The episode culminates in an account of Dominique's chilling composure during the interrogation and how his eventual confession led to a surprising plea deal, concluding with the life sentences he now serves, having escaped the death penalty but not justice. Through the podcast, the hosts bear witness to the dedicated work of law enforcement and the struggles in seeking justice for those often forgotten.
  • 538Episode 538: Ronald Dominique: The Bayou Strangler (Part 2)Explore the harrowing narrative of the victims in New Orleans and the killer who preyed upon them in Morbid’s latest episode with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart. This installment dives deeply into the chilling case of serial killings that shocked the community, revealing the heart-wrenching struggles of marginalized and vulnerable male victims. The speakers discuss how societal prejudices and the victims' so-called "high-risk" behaviors led to insufficient coverage and investigation, painting a stark portrait of the preconceived notions that cost these men the crucial attention they needed.Join the Morbid hosts as they uncover the daunting reality behind the methodical and violent end that befell several unsuspecting individuals, discussing the disturbing details of the murders and the frustrating scarcity of evidence. Despite the challenging environmental factors that obliterated useful forensic trails, the episode chronicles the eventual collaboration between law enforcement across jurisdictions, sparking the formation of a state task force. Learn about the gradual shift towards recognition and collaborative effort as this true-crime podcast unwinds the complexities of a multi-jurisdictional manhunt in the heat of the Bayou.
  • 537Episode 537: Ronald Dominique: The Bayou Strangler (Part 1)Dive into the dark realm of true crime with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart on the Morbid podcast as they unravel the sinister deeds of Ronald Dominique, a serial killer who evaded capture for nearly a decade by preying on society's overlooked. This episode details how Dominique exploited vulnerabilities, striking in the gay community of Louisiana and aiming his lethal animosity towards men battling substance issues or engaging in sex work. The podcast paints a grim portrait of a murderer who concealed his heinous acts beneath the façade of society's indifference towards his victims.The episode sheds light on the grave errors by authorities, who failed to connect these crimes and properly alert the various communities under siege by this predator. Exposing the inherent biases that marred the investigation, Kelley and Urquhart discuss Dominique's past, which was marked by reported abuse and discrimination, arguably shaping the horrors he inflicted. Furthermore, they examine the killer's tactics of scattering his victims across different jurisdictions, a ploy that severely hampered the efficacy of law enforcement and allowed Dominique to elude justice for far too long.
  • 536Episode 536: The Murder of Gary TrianoDive into the tumultuous life and tragic end of Gary Triano with "Morbid," where hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart delve into the details of a case that shocked the community. Once a titan of real estate, Gary's life unraveled as he faced a devastating financial crash, eventually culminating in a shocking act of violence. This episode takes you through his rollercoaster journey of success and struggle, the significant debts that shadowed his final days, and his lethal birthday surprise that would lead to a highly complex investigation.The narrative then unfolds to expose a twisted plot of betrayal and murder. As investigators unpacked the evidence, they untangled a web of deceit spun by Gary's former spouse, Pamela Phillips, and hitman Ronald Young. Revealing recorded phone calls, suspicious financial transactions, and the grim realities behind their luxurious façade, "Morbid" lays bare a story of greed and callousness that resulted in two life sentences without parole. Spare a thought for the meticulous work of law enforcement as they pieced together a crime that spanned borders and years, which is meticulously retold in this gripping episode.
  • 535Episode 535: Florence Burns and the Murder of Walter BrooksDive into the gritty underworld of the early 20th century with "Morbid," as hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart unravel the captivating story of Florence Burns and the enigmatic death of Walter Brooks. This episode peels back the layers of a bygone era's criminal network to expose the perilous entanglements that led to a shocking climax.Explore with "Morbid" the intricate details of a murder case shrouded in mystery and scandal. Follow the breadcrumbs as the investigation zeroes in on Burns, amidst a tangle of testimonies and the elusive nature of the evidence. The hosts sift through the historical records, leaving listeners to ponder the enduring questions of justice and truth in the unsettling saga of Florence Burns.
  • 534Episode 534: The Story of Laurie Bembenek and the Tragic Murder of Christine Schultz (With Special Guest Holly Madison)Step into the chilling narrative of a high-profile crime drama as "Morbid" hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart join forces with special guest Holly Madison to peel back the layers of the Laurie Bembenek story, dissecting the intertwined lives and untimely death that caught the public's eye. This episode dives into the complexities surrounding the bitter divorce of detective Fred Schultz and the subsequent murder of his ex-wife, Christine Schultz, drawing on both firsthand statements and a cobweb of circ*mstantial evidence.The exploration of the case brings listeners along dark twists and turns, from the emergence of suspicious details implicating Lori Bembenek, Fred's girlfriend, to her daring prison escape that led her across international borders. Unpack the legal quandaries and personal tribulations that defined Lori's life post-conviction and consider the indelible mark left by untested DNA and contested forensic evidence, as the "Morbid" team scrutinizes one of the most enigmatic criminal cases from the outskirts of certainty.
  • 533Episode 533: The Mysterious Death of Charles MorganDive into the perplexing case of Charles Morgan's death with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart in the "Morbid" podcast. In this intriguing episode, the hosts unravel the bizarre events leading up to the Arizona businessman's demise—a tale rife with inexplicable details and shadowy implications of organized crime, financial deception, and possible government connections. From his sudden disappearance to the haunting clues left behind, this story challenges the once presumed verdict of suicide, inviting listeners to explore the depths of this chilling mystery.The episode pieces together Morgan’s life and the strange occurrences that marked his fate, including his own precautionary measures like donning a bulletproof vest and keeping records of perilous financial transactions. With interviews shedding light on the perspectives of Morgan's family and connections like Ruth and Ronald Newman, the narrative takes on an air of urgency, punctuated by cryptic phone calls and the presence of powerful, dangerous adversaries. Join the "Morbid" hosts as they delve into a puzzle that begs the question: Was Charles Morgan's death truly a case of self-inflicted harm, or was it the dark consequence of his entanglement with ruthless forces?
  • 532Episode 532: Listener Tales 82Dive into the mysterious and the unexplained with "Morbid" as hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart bring to light listener-submitted tales that toe the fine line between reality and the uncanny. This episode, skipping the predictable plotlines of ghost stories and UFO legends, provides a series of real-life experiences that blur the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural.From a terrifying camping incident in the Canadian wilderness to a bizarre break-in by a man claiming divinity, the episode uncovers the kind of chilling narratives that can't be easily dismissed. Join Kelley and Urquhart as they explore reports ranging from hauntings in a 1920s Massachusetts apartment to eerie UFO sightings in Michigan's nocturnal landscape. These personal anecdotes invite listeners into a world where the strange and inexplicable are just around the corner, leaving the community to marvel and speculate long after the events have passed.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 13: TortureDive into the eerie world of true crime with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart in the latest installment of Morbid, a podcast that straddles the line between dark humor and morbid curiosity. In this episode, the co-hosts unveil their plan to expand their podcast universe with a new spin-off focused on the cult classic, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Fans of Morbid are also shown appreciation for their support on platforms like Patreon, which aids in enhancing the podcast's quality, while the pair carry on engaging with their audience through active social media channels and valuable feedback surveys—even in the absence of Facebook.As the episode progresses, the narrative delves into the somber updates of the Golden State Killer's proceedings, discussing the intricacies of legal statutes. The conversation then transitions into a harrowing exploration of ancient torture devices, allowing listeners to peer through the darkest corridors of history. With a blend of factual recounts and visceral reactions—including interjections from Speaker C—Ash and Alaina reimagine awful medieval punishments and their portrayal in modern media, whilst teasing future content that ventures into the supernatural realm of vampirism. As the episode wraps, the hosts maintain their commitment to creating an immersive listener experience, punctuated by a candid slice-of-life moment involving a mailman's unexpected cameo.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 15: Richard “Stanky Chops”Ramirez AKA The Nightstalker Part 2Join Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart in the bone-chilling episode of "Morbid" as they unravel the darkness of one of history's most notorious serial killers. In their characteristic mix of humor and horror, the hosts open with casual chat and a warm appreciation of their Patreon supporters, setting the stage for a deep dive into the gripping and grim world of true crime. As the episode progresses, their conversational tone eases listeners into a nuanced discussion about severe societal issues, including the worrying normalcy of violence against women.Venturing further into the abyss, Ash and Alaina meticulously dissect the life and horrific spree of Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, whose heinous acts cast a shadow over Los Angeles in the 1980s. They navigate the psychology of his evil decisions, the intrigue and frustrations of the LAPD's investigative efforts, and detail the community's courageous involvement in his fateful capture. This episode doesn't shy away from exposing the harrowing legacy and death of a fearsome criminal while reminding us of the unpredictable humanity that surrounds us all. As the conversation closes, the blend of gripping dialogue and affable banter leaves listeners anticipating the next unsettling journey through the world of "Morbid."
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 12: Australian Madness Volume 1Dive into Australia's shadowy underworld with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart in "Morbid," as they embark on an arresting journey through the land down under's most dreaded criminal sagas. The hosts of this esteemed true crime podcast captivate with humor, chilling case studies, and deep-dives into the minds of notorious felons, starting with the daunting tale of Ivan Milat, the 'Backpacker Killer.' Meticulous storytelling melded with the interactive fabric of listener insights ensures each episode is not only a gripping retelling of crimes but also a personalized narrative shaped by true crime aficionados.Engaging their audience beyond mere spectating, Kelley and Urquhart nurture a participatory community where fans contribute to the trajectory of the stories. Through engaging discussions, Patreon perks, and calls for audience interaction, they transform listeners into active participants in the evolving narrative. With a deft blend of lightheartedness and gravitas, Ash and Alaina of "Morbid" manage to bring an air of levity to the most somber topics, leaving their audience both enlightened and part of a larger conversation that extends well past any single episode.
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    Morbid: Episode Summaries, Insights, and Commentary (26)

  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 9: The Axeman of New Orleans AKA A Real CrumbDive into the chilling history of New Orleans with hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart in the ninth episode of "Morbid," where the mysterious tale of the Axeman is masterfully untangled. With their signature blend of sharp wit and deep research, the dynamic duo keeps you hooked as they navigate through a narrative filled with suspense and startling revelations. From the horrors inflicted by a serial killer using his victims' own axes to the jazz tunes that became an unusual shield against nighttime terrors, you'll be transported to a city under the shadow of a nightmarish figure.Available on multiple platforms, including Spotify, "Morbid" makes its captivating content easily accessible. For the dedicated fan looking to delve deeper, Amazon Prime and Amazon Music subscribers receive the added perks of ad-free episodes and exclusive content. Whether it's the eerie lure of unresolved crimes or the spine-tingling promise of paranormal phenomena, Ash and Alaina are ready to guide you through the less-traveled paths of macabre history and true crime. Join the community, share your own morbid curiosities, and anticipate the exploration of obscure cases that await in future episodes.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 10: The Sodder Children….where the hell are they?Join Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart as they dive into the beguiling disappearance of the Sodder children on "Morbid: A True Crime Podcast." The duo begins with light-hearted tales from their trip to Bermuda, weaving in a mix of snorkeling mishaps and comical misidentifications, setting a disarming tone before plunging into darker waters. As they transition from the personal to the perplexing, the episode introduces the true crime segment with a well-placed advertisem*nt that complements the podcast’s theme of survival against the odds.Delving deep into the chilling Christmas Eve tragedy of 1945, the hosts dissect the Sodder family's catastrophic loss as their home is consumed by flames and their children seemingly disappear into thin air. Ash and Alaina meticulously go through the event's harrowing details, George Sodder's controversial political stances, and the eerie foreshadowing prior to the disaster. Skeptical of the official narrative, the episode explores a slew of alternative theories, leading audiences down a rabbit hole of potential suspects, leads, and the family’s relentless pursuit of answers in the face of institutional inefficiencies and possible corruption. "Morbid" not only captivates with its storytelling but invites listeners to be part of the conversation, drawing to a close with a call to action for fan engagement across social media platforms.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 6: Ted Bundy Part 2Discover the darkness lurking in plain sight with "Morbid" podcast hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart as they delve deeper into one of history's most notorious figures, Ted Bundy. In an episode that captures both the horrors of Bundy's crimes and the idiosyncrasies of his psychological profile, "Morbid" listeners are invited into a meticulously detailed narrative of his chilling escapades. The discussion ventures beyond the sensational, providing insights into the predator's operations, the societal implications of his actions, and the enduring trauma inflicted upon his victims' families. As a testament to their dedication to the true crime community, the hosts also celebrate reaching 100 followers on Instagram, cementing their bond with a rapidly expanding audience.Ash and Alaina offer an intimate look behind the scenes, candidly sharing personal anecdotes that include Alaina's recent battle with migraines and vacation time. Their warm rapport and banter offer a poignant counterpoint to the gravity of the topics discussed. Now, with the podcast being more accessible than ever to Amazon Music Prime members, "Morbid" invites newcomers and long-time fans alike to be ad-free partakers in unraveling the complex tapestry of true crime tales. Future episodes promise to shed light on other infamous characters like Charles Manson, and the hosts encourage listener feedback and participation, nurturing an ever-growing, engaged community that is as much a part of the podcast's journey as the stories themselves.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 8: Charles Manson The “Love Bug Sent From Up Above” Part 2Embark on an eerie exploration of one of history's most notorious cult leaders with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart in "Morbid," the podcast that exhumes the darkest chapters of true crime. In a continuation of their examination of Charles Manson's nefarious influence, Ash and Alaina untangle the threads of Manson's twisted aspirations and the infamous Tate and LaBianca murders. Listeners will follow the complex saga of Leslie Van Houten's parole struggles and the LAPD's failure to connect these brutal crimes sooner, all set against Manson's unachieved dreams of musical stardom.As the narrative of fear unfolds, the hosts pivot to celebrate advocacy and resilience. They honor the victims and their families, with special attention to Doris Tate's groundbreaking work in victim’s rights, setting a stage for both remembrance and reform. The hosts convey their excitement for the podcast's evolution, teasing future episodes revolving around lesser-known cases and conspiracy threads. Meanwhile, they extend their gratitude towards the listener community and build anticipation for the launch of their Patreon page, promising exclusive content while inviting robust audience interaction through social media engagement. "Morbid" not only promises a gripping true crime journey but also a growing platform that values its audience's voice and participation.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 7: Charles Manson Part 1 Ya dig?Dive into the dark origins of one of history's most notorious criminals in "Morbid: A True Crime Podcast," with episode 7 captivatingly presented by hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart. Venture into the twisted early years of Charles Manson as the hosts meticulously dissect his childhood of neglect, a questionable exchange involving the young Manson, and the reform schools that chiseled his budding delinquency into estranged and emotional wreckage. These formative experiences are laid bare, along with the speculative musings on what might have been had Manson's musical dreams been realized.The episode then spirals into the intricate development of the infamous Manson Family, from the initial enchantment of Mary Bruner to the integration of notorious figures like 'Squeaky' Fromme. Alongside an exploration of Manson's magnetic yet malign influence within the 1960s counter-culture scene, the hosts untangle Manson's celebrity interactions and the bitter remnants of his unachieved musical career. And as the concept of "Helter Skelter" takes center stage, Ash and Alaina delve into the manipulative masterstrokes of Manson during drug-laced sessions, setting up the framework for deeper dives in future episodes, while also teasing a potential expansion into supernatural storytelling to broaden the chilling reach of "Morbid."
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 5: Ted Bundy Part 1Delve into the twisted narrative of one of history's most infamous serial killers with "Morbid" hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart as they inaugurate their multi-part series in "Morbid: A True Crime Podcast." In this episode, the seasoned duo skillfully juxtaposes their macabre subject with their characteristic wit, drawing listeners into the complexity of Ted Bundy's early life. With the easy accessibility of ad-free listening through Amazon Prime and Wondery Plus, the hosts set the stage for an in-depth journey through the darkened corridors of Bundy's mind, inviting true crime aficionados to find a community in Morbid's experiences and insights.As Kelley and Urquhart delicately peel back the layers of Bundy's formative years, they spark thoughtful reflection on whether a tumultuous upbringing could be a harbinger of the horrors to come. Examining his dysfunctional family dynamics, manipulative romantic liaisons, and the inception of his gruesome acts, they bring chilling clarity to Bundy's descent into iniquity. With profound rejections of misguided narratives and an unwavering focus on Bundy's accountability, Morbid promises its listeners not just a recount but a critical analysis of the societal shockwaves emanating from Bundy's reign of terror. Stay gripped as the series resolves to unveil further dissections of Bundy's despicable crimes, and unpick the somber implications lingering in the collective memory of society.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 4: Joel RifkinImmerse yourself into the chilling narrative of one of America's notorious serial killers, Joel Rifkin, in Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart's "Morbid: A True Crime Podcast". Our hosts expertly unravel the life of Rifkin, from his troubled upbringing marked by severe bullying to his disturbing transformation into a serial killer - shattering his comfortable home life and leading him on a dreadful path of crime.In the latter part of the story, Kelley and Urquhart dig deeper into the grotesque methodologies of Rifkin's murders, taking us on a terrifying journey into the lives of his unfortunate victims while tracing the consequent legal proceedings that led to a hefty 203-year prison sentence. As you delve into this heart-wrenching episode, be prepared to witness a haunting portrait of evil incarnate, a bleak testament of the duality that resides in the human psyche.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 3: The Dyatlov Pass IncidentVenture into the chilling world of unsolved mysteries with Ashleigh Kelly and Alaina Urquhart in the third episode of their gripping podcast, 'Morbid'. This particular episode pulls you into the timeless enigma of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, where nine experienced Russian explorers met implausible tragedy. Our charismatic hosts weave an atmospheric narrative of the chilling event, unravelling the multi-layered complexities of deviated itinerary, unsettling autopsy reports, and hasty escape attempts that make the incident macabrely fascinating.Beyond the investigation, versatile hosts Ashleigh Kelly and Alaina Urquhart build a palpable connection with their audience, inviting them to contribute topics and continue the discourse on social media. They affirm their commitment to crafting a deeply engaging and interactive true crime podcast that resonates with their listeners, taking the narrative from mere recitation to an immersive mystery-solving experience for their followers, ensuring 'Morbid' is more than just a podcast; it's a community of curious minds unfolding the world's most eerie enigma.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast | Episode 1: Golden State KillerDive deep into the chilling narrative of the Golden State Killer with Alaina Urquhart and Ash Kelley in "Morbid," a podcast that weaves together the sinister tapestry of true crime stories. This episode dissects the haunting journey of investigation which ultimately unveiled Joseph James DeAngelo's mask of normalcy and placed him behind bars. Discover how the use of modern DNA technology and genealogical research revolutionized cold case methodology, leading to a monumental breakthrough in one of the most perplexing crime sprees in history."Morbid" not only delves into the gritty details of DeAngelo's heinous acts but also honors the resilience of survivors and the harrowing impact on their lives and communities. Upholding justice and narrative integrity, Urquhart and Kelley offer an insightful look into the psychological maze that encompassed the criminal mind of DeAngelo. The podcast pays tribute to key figures like the late investigator and author Michelle McNamara, whose relentless pursuit of the killer helped keep the case in the spotlight, inspiring listeners and the hosts alike to understand the profound ripple effects of crime and advocacy.
  • Morbid: Episode Summaries, Insights, and Commentary (2024)


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