9 Beachwood Way, ANKETELL WA | House and Land Package | B1 Homes (2024)







From $750*/week

    Home Features
    • House
    • 4 bed
    • 2 bath
    • 2 Parking Spaces
    • Total Land Area: 375 m²
    • Total Floor Area: 184 m²
    • Energy Rating 6.0
    • 2 Toilet
    • Ensuite
    • 2 Garage
    • House House Category
    • Remote Garage
    • Secure Parking
    • Built In Robes
    • Broadband
    • Courtyard
    • Outdoor Entertaining
    • Fully Fenced
    • Bonus Front Lanscaping & Fencing


    • The Big Things
    • Interior
    • Exterior
    • Other

    Exclusive FIXED price house & land package in the highly sought after Honey Grove Estate, Anketell with 12 month build guarantee*!


    Enjoy the peace of mind of a Brand New Home, Designed with Modern Living in mind and with the ultimate in eco-friendly features This stunning B1 Home will see you livin life to the max, whilst minimising your utility bills!
    Positioned perfectly within the Vertex Estate, You will enjoy a fantastic lifestyle, being close to Schools, luscious green parks, amazing shopping and close to the Freeway and Public Transport for easy access to work and beyond.

    What you need to know about the build….

    Stunning B1 Homes “Solana” design:

    – 4 bed including master with WIR & ensuite.
    – 2 bath.
    – 2 car garage.
    – 2 living areas including separate Home Theatre.
    – Large Kitchen with stone benchtops and spacious area.
    – Alfresco.

    Industry leading complete specification including:

    – Full circle promotion with 12 month price hold period, 12 month build guarantee & 12 month maintenance period!
    – Double clay brick construction
    – 28 course ceilings throughout.
    – Choice of 3 x Designer Elevations with two tone acrylic render.
    – Premium eco-logical front yard landscaping package, side & rear fencing, and a connection to Trinitys fibre optic network.
    – Soft close drawers & cupboards.
    – BCA compliant.
    – HIA fixed price contract.
    – Full working drawings.
    – Full indemnity insurance.
    – Lifetime structural guarantee!

    What you need to know about your builder, B1 Homes….

    Were part of the Scott Park Group which means you can have peace of mind.
    The Scott Park Group continues to strive in its pursuit of delivering outstanding service through its various building brands and across its core businesses. As one of the fastest growing building groups nationally we continue to train, innovate and deliver great outcomes to the most important people we know.our customers. This single minded focus is the driving force and continues to direct our efforts now and into the future.

    Meet Scott Park….
    Scott Park entered the building game as a carpenter at 17. Before he was 30, Scott built his first home and founded his first building company. From day one, Scott’s vision was all about delivering superior customer service and building outstanding homes.
    Now, over 25 years on, Scott’s customer centric approach is the driving force behind all Scott Park Group brands: B1 Homes, Redink Homes, 101 Residential, Lets Finance, SP Ceilings & Insulation, Glass CO Metro, and SPG Site Services.

    What you need to know about the location……

    Nestled amongst the trees in leafy Anketell, HONEYGROVE is a close-knit community thats alive with opportunities.
    Its a place where sweet dreams are made, with a choice of 144 residential lots from 310sqm 474sqm. There are also
    three large lifestyle lots available, with all the space you need for a family home and a big backyard to match.
    Youll be right in a sweet spot, with Perth CBD, Fremantle and Perth Airport all within a 30-minute drive
    from HONEYGROVE. Kwinana and Aubin Grove Train Stations are also close by, making your workday
    commute easy.
    As for local convenience, youve got a choice of amenity right on your doorstep. This includes the expansive
    co*ckburn Gateway Shopping City, the nearby Kwinana Marketplace, and the huge Costco Warehouse,
    just five minutes drive away. Theres a choice of schools for the kids, as well as childcare services.
    Plus, for added peace of mind, Fiona Stanley Hospital is just a 15-minute drive away
    via Kwinana Freeway.
    Enjoy the sweet sounds of birdsong, and the many ways to head outside, immersing
    yourself in nature. This includes parks within HONEYGROVE itself, as well as the
    relaxing walking trails of The Spectacles, which can be found just moments
    away. Wandi Nature Reserve and Jandakot Regional Park are also
    yours to explore at your leisure.
    Together, this all adds up to a pretty sweet life
    and its yours to discover at HONEYGROVE today.

    What you need to know about the numbers….

    Investor? Expected weekly rental return of $650+ per week, with a yield of 6.0%+ per annum!
    Owner occupier? First home buyer? Complete Home Loan Calculator below to work out approximate repayment.

    Need help with finance or a 2nd opinion?
    We have in house finance options available, and can help with most scenarios. If high debt levels, bad credit score or unusual income sources have been holding you back in the past, dont let it hold you back any longer!
    With a rapidly growing market, rising rental costs and a return to very reasonable building time frames, this really is a fantastic time to build an investment property, your next home….Or your first!

    Hit “Get in touch” + “Send enquiry” buttons and well be right with you! Please include a Mobile Phone Number so we can SMS you everything you need.

    Don’t miss out….this incredible opportunity won’t last long!!

    Note: Pricing Advertised includes $10,000 First Home Owners Grant & any land rebates associated with the lot.
    Sources: realestate.com, SQM Research, Australian Bureau of Statistics, REIWA.

    Disclaimer: Photographs on this page may depict fixtures, finishes and features not supplied by B1 Homes and not included in any pricing specified. They may not be representative of the Plan or Elevation included within the advertised price.
    B1 Homes BRN 14299
    Full Terms and Conditions of this listing available at www.b1homes.com.au/terms-conditions/




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    ANKETELL 4Bed2Bath2Car12.5meter$545,990From $750*/week Home Features

    This article appears to be a description of a house and land package in the Honey Grove Estate, Anketell. It provides details about the property's features, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, parking spaces, total land area, and total floor area. It also mentions an energy rating of 6.0, indicating the eco-friendly features of the home.

    The house is described as having a remote garage, secure parking, built-in robes, broadband, a courtyard, outdoor entertaining area, and being fully fenced. It also includes bonus front landscaping and fencing specifications.

    The Big Things

    The article mentions that the interior and exterior of the house have been designed with modern living in mind. It highlights the presence of a home theatre, a large kitchen with stone benchtops, and two living areas. The house is described as being constructed with double clay bricks, featuring 28-course ceilings throughout. There is a choice of three designer elevations with two-tone acrylic render.

    Other features mentioned in the article include soft-close drawers and cupboards, compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), a fixed-price contract from the Housing Industry Association (HIA), full working drawings, full indemnity insurance, and a lifetime structural guarantee.

    What you need to know about your builder, B1 Homes

    The article provides information about the builder, B1 Homes, which is part of the Scott Park Group. The Scott Park Group is known for delivering outstanding service through its various building brands. The founder, Scott Park, started in the building industry as a carpenter and has since built a reputation for superior customer service and building high-quality homes. The Scott Park Group encompasses several brands, including B1 Homes, Redink Homes, 101 Residential, Lets Finance, SP Ceilings & Insulation, Glass CO Metro, and SPG Site Services.

    What you need to know about the location

    The article describes the Honeygrove Estate in Anketell as a close-knit community with residential and lifestyle lots available. It mentions that the location offers proximity to Perth CBD, Fremantle, and Perth Airport, all within a 30-minute drive. Kwinana and Aubin Grove Train Stations are nearby for easy commuting. There are also various amenities in the area, including shopping centers like co*ckburn Gateway Shopping City, Kwinana Marketplace, and Costco Warehouse. Schools, childcare services, and Fiona Stanley Hospital are also mentioned as part of the local conveniences. The location is described as having parks within the estate itself, as well as nearby walking trails and nature reserves.

    What you need to know about the numbers

    The article mentions that the property can be attractive for both investors and owner-occupiers. It states an expected weekly rental return and yield for investors. The article also mentions the availability of in-house finance options and assistance for potential buyers.

    Please note that the information provided is based on the text you shared, and I have access to external sources to verify the details. It's always a good idea to conduct additional research or consult with relevant professionals for accurate and up-to-date information.

    9 Beachwood Way, ANKETELL WA | House and Land Package | B1 Homes (2024)


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