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13 Aprile 2022-2024

#13 Aprile 2022-2024

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2023 Witch's Calendar

For all my witches out there, here's a handy list of the 2023 dates for the major holidays, full and new moons, and special events. I've listed my sources at the bottom. Dates and times for all events are calculated for Eastern Standard Time, USA, Northern Hemisphere. Adjust for your location as needed. Enjoy!

WOTY Holidays and Solstices

February 1-2 - Imbolc

March 20 - Spring Equinox / Ostara

May 1 - Beltane

June 21 - Summer Solstice / Midsummer

August 1 - Lughnasadh

September 23- Autumn Equinox / Mabon

October 31 - Samhain

December 21 - Winter Solstice / Yule

Full Moons

January 6 - Wolf Moon ♋

February 5 - Snow Moon ♌

March 7 - Worm Moon ♍

April 6 - Pink Moon ♎

May 5 - Flower Moon ♏

June 4 - Strawberry Moon ♐

July 3 - Thunder Moon (aka Buck Moon) ♑

August 1 - Sturgeon Moon ♒

August 31 - Blue Moon ♓

September 29- Harvest Moon ♈

October 28 - Hunter's Moon (aka Blood Moon) ♉

November 27 - Frost Moon ♊

December 26 - Cold Moon ♋

Fun Fact: The title of Harvest Moon is given to either the September or October full moon, whichever falls closest to the autumn equinox. In 2023, as in 2022, that month will be September.

New Moons

January 21 ♒

February 20 ♓

March 21 ♈

April 20 ♈

May 19 ♉

June 18 ♊

July 17 ♋

August 16 ♌

September 14 ♍

October 14 ♎

November 13 ♏

December 12 ♐

Special Events

February 20 - 2nd New Moon in lunar month

April 20 - Solar Eclipse

May 5 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

August 30 - Blue Moon

September 29 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

October 14 - Solar Eclipe (Annular)

October 28 - Lunar Eclipse (Partial)

Mercury Retrogrades (in case you need them)

Dec 29, 2022 - Jan 18, 2023

April 21 - May 14

August 23 - September 15

Dec 13, 2023 - January 1, 2024


Moon Info - Full Moon 2023

Calendar-12.com - Moon Phases 2023

Full Moonology - Full Moon Calendar 2023

Moon Calendar - Full Moons and New Moons in 2023

Yearly Horoscope - Mercury Retrograde 2023 Dates and Times

Your Zodiac Sign - 2023 Astrology Calendar

The Pagan Grimoire - The Wheel of the Year: The 8 Festivals in the Wiccan Calendar


If you're enjoying my content, please feel free to drop a little something in the tip jar or check out my published works on Amazon or in the Willow Wings Witch Shop. 😊

EDIT: Updated Jan 6, 2023 to correct full moon signs and include additional celestial events. Enjoy!

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Here’s all the links you’re going to need to begin reading the Trigun Ultimate Overhaul. There’s a link to the first post of every volume, as well as a link to downloading the entire volume at once. There is a link to downloading the entire series at once too.

Stay tuned for future updates, because we aren’t done just yet!


To open the provided ZIP files, you need an archive program, like 7ZIP, which is a free program used by many.

You can download 7ZIP here for free.


Donate to the Overhaul Project here!


Support the original creator by buying the official copies from Dark Horse Comics!




Trigun Vol 1: Chapters / Volume.Trigun Vol 2: Chapters / Volume.


Trigun Maximum:

TriMax Vol 1: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 2: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 3: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 4: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 5: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 6: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 7: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 8: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 9: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 10: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 11: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 12: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 13: Chapters / Volume.TriMax Vol 14: Chapters / Volume.


DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE MANGA IN PDF!(PDF’s made by @sapphicweeb)



Trigun April Fools:

April 2021: PostApril 2022: PostApril 2023: PostApril 2024: Post



Trigun Multiple Bullets:

Post / Download/ PDF Download


Trigun Red

Post / Download


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alright, there are a lot of email book clubs now, so here's ALL of them, in one convenient list

NOTE: IF YOU FIND MORE PLEASE SEND !!! put them in the notes, my ask box, dm them to me, just notify me in SOME way and i will edit this base post so they all remain in one place

without further ado:

Dracula Daily - dracula, the one that started it all || real time

may 3, 2022 - november 10, 2022

Whale Weekly - moby dick || real time

starting december 2022, continuing for 3 years

Frankenstein Weekly - frankenstein || wednesdays and sundays

begins february 1, 2023

Letters from Watson - sherlock holmes

begins january 1, 2023

What Manner of Man - a new original work by st john starling (its gay vampires click the link)

begins january 2023

Edgar Allen Poe Daily - the works of edgar allen poe || weekdays where dracula daily does not post

began may 13, 2022

The Penny Dreadful - penny dreadful

begins TBA

Ovid Daily - the works of p. ovidius naso (note: these are in latin but they contain a translation)

dates depend on the in-progress work (from what i can tell)

Werther Rewritten - the sorrows of young werther, slightly modernized || real time

may 4, 2022 - christmas 2023

The Sorrows Of Young Werther - the original of the above || you pick the dates

from what i can tell, it begins when you subscribe and you pick the frequency of emails

Carmilla Quarterly - carmilla, just click the link its lesbian vampires

begins TBA

Literary Letters - lesser known public domain works

begins november 12, 2022

Pride and Prejudice Weekly - working title, im doing pride and prejudice now || mondays and fridays

march 10, 2023 - october 6, 2023

The Woman In White Weekly - the woman in white || sundays

begins july 31, 2022

Musketeers Daily - the three musketeers

begins march 14, 2023

LOTR Newsletter - lord of the rings || real time (i think)

september 15, 2022 - march 2023

Rizal Weekly - jose rizal's works (these are in filipino, i don't see a full translation but please correct me if im wrong)

began may 26, 2022

Divine Comedy Weekly - dante's divine comedy || begins on good friday, then updates tuesdays and thursdays

april 7, 2023 - march 5, 2024

Austen Weekly - jane austen's works

find more info on the posting schedule here

The Case Files Of Sheridan Bell - new original fantasy detective novels from em rowene

begins may 29, 2022

Big Dalloway Energy - mrs. dalloway by virginia woolfe || commentary encouraged

begins june 1, 2022

Nightly Knights - excerpts from arthurian texts

posted at random

Samuel Pepys's Diary - daily entries from samuel pepys's diary

the site posts a new entry at the end of each day

Dangerous Liaisons Daily - dangerous liaisons || real time

august 3rd, 2022 - january 14, 2023

Les Chroniques de Choderlos - dangerous liaisons, but in the original french || real time

august 3rd, 2022 - january 14, 2023

Wilde Weekly - oscar wilde's works

begins june 12, 2022

Logbooks of the HE-631-CORDELIA - a new original sci-fi series about a pilot and her robot by loreley

begins july 21, 2022

Les Mis Letters - les misérables || daily

january 1, 2023 - december 31, 2023

The Worst Journey in the World - r.f. scott's diaries + supplemental readings from cherry-garrard’s the worst journey in the world and others’ diaries

intro began july 12, 2022. diary entries begin november 25, 2022, and end in march, 2024

Daily Kafka - franz kafka's letters

began august 31, 2022

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☆ the wrong way to hard launch (7) | OP81

summary : oscar's girlfriend is a walking pr problem for literally everyone (including herself) social media au

pairing : oscar piastri x zhou!fem!singer!oc

a/n switch out one sh*tty ex for a slightly less sh*tty one

masterlist | last part | part 7 | next part (tba)


Revisiting 'Twelve More Days' : How Empty Bottles Spun Their Signature Sound on its Head on TourApril 12, 2024 · Written by Catherine Moore

Almost halfway through the Asian leg of their world tour, it's finally time to talk about what the pandemic-era rock band Empty Bottles has been up to. For greener artists, it's the cookie-cutter way to stick to a genre that has previously worked and give the masses what they want but instead, Empty Bottles have taken their 2022 sophom*ore sensation 'Twelve More Days' and tweaked the songs for their world tour.

Long-time fans of the Sydney-born band are familiar with the classic rock elements that brought Empty Bottles into the spotlight; claiming influence from fellow Sydneysiders 5 Seconds of Summer, Arctic Monkeys and other croony rock artists, so it was a rather big surprise for critics and fans alike when the album opened with a much softer, hypnotising approach.

The even bigger surprise was the creative and musical approach they took with their tour. As noted by various critics back during the album release, 'Twelve More Days' had a not-so-subtle jazz flavour to their sound, and the band seems to have embraced the jazz-rock sound by opening their tour with a speakeasy-style set, complete with the band decked out in snazzy 1930s reminiscent suits and frontwoman Selina Bui in glittery minidresses, opera gloves and a thematic vintage ribbon microphone.

Despite close to three years since she last performed in front of a live audience, Bui took to the stage like a fish to water, instantly entrancing her audience with her universally acknowledged rich sirenic vocals, drawing in the attention and sending the venue back to a 1930s speakeasy. Strangely, she performs this part of the show without her trusty guitar, leaving the grunt work on the other lead guitarist, talented Lukas Zhang, who delivers without a hiccup with no twin guitar to help cover any mistakes.

Quite a few of the sophom*ore album's songs are given a jazz-rock twist that nobody could have predicted. Other already jazz-influenced songs - namely deluxe track number 13 'money talks' and track 6 'typo' - have been breathed to life, as well as a couple of songs from the band's debut album 'overtime'.

Empty Bottles then returns after a brief intermission with their award-winning pop-rock sound, spending the rest of the set in much more familiar-looking leather jackets and t-shirts and a guitar returned to Bui's hand. Bui, very well known for having an interesting sense of humour, made the choice of returning to the stage with the fitting song choice of 'do you remember me?'. One thing you have to give the 22-year-old is that she really does know how to pick her moments, and the now-iconic first chords of the co*cky, energetic track are enough to send the crowd screaming.

The exploration into the many subgenres of what is considered rock 'n' roll has always been a very fuzzy point of conversation, and it's been an honour seeing Empty Bottles have fun playing jump rope over that line. What makes this tour such a raving success is their perfect balance of experimentation and keeping to what is tried and true for them; the classic, hard-hitting, no-nonsense, inane-lyricism rock coupled magnetically with Bui's captivating execution on stage.

Would you find me at one of their shows again? Absolutely, there was truly nothing more thrilling than the first moments you see Selina Bui walk onto stage with her infamous cheshire cat smile. What did I personally think about the sound change? I was pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly they've adjusted the songs to fit the jazz-rock genre, I also believe that they have found the perfect sound to complement Selina Bui's voice. It's uncanny how it just clicked that she was born to sing the soft, almost lullaby-like, calming songs. If they were to release another album with a similar soft sound, I would happily eat it up.

Empty Bottles wrap up the Asian leg of the tour in Bangkok, Thailand later this month and then shortly begin the European leg in Sofia, Bulgaria.



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cameliazzz life lately 🐾tagged: selinabui

aidan_ebass Yes ma'am 🫡↳ selinabui @aidan_ebass i'm dying u are such an old man ↳ lukaszhang @ selinabui he's like barely a year older than you??

cami.png the hottest drummer ever 💜💜💜

conangray a little commotion for the drummer pls and thank you↳ cameliazzz @ conangray stop i'm blushing 🙈


fiona🩷 @fififorlina · 4hi mean we can all thank tommy for one thing and that's for twelve more days lmao↳ lina bui x2 grammy winner @urdaisea · 3h i forget that not all empty bottles fans have read this article but i think they all should: Why 'Twelve More Days' isn't a Break-Up Album, it's a Healing One

emme @flowersforcami · 1hyes twelve more days is full of t*mmy slander BUT remember that all the band members have writing credits and they ALL helped write songs so basically what i'm trying to say is that twelve more days is actually the rest of the band roasting the sh*t out of lina's ex↳ emme @flowersforcami · 1h every one of those bitches rocked up to the studio and went for blood. that is a universally hated man in their group chat.

amie <3 @mieflrs · 2hit's been 3 years, i think it's time to admit that keeping tabs is absolutely not about thomas f*cking howard↳ amie <3 @mieflrs · 2h i don't care how delusional u are, where in those 3 minutes 54 seconds did you hear a single line that sounds like anything like that sorry excuse of a man??? now a certain japanese-american singer who is exceptionally hot playing the guitar on the other hand... ↳ lukas 🔛🔝 @lukiepookie28 · 2h yes i agree it's not about t*mmy but it's also not about CHRISTOPHER like WTF R U ON???

oscalina real ?! @ emptyginbottles · 32mwe're in an oscalina drought and it's plain to see not all of us are coping well


from the phone of selina bui

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#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (9) #13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (10) #13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (11)

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selinabui now he's thinkin' 'bout me every night, oh is it that sweet? i guess so

amelia_belrose pop!lina perhaps 🫣

oscarpiastri Didn't need to call me out like that↳ selinabui @ oscarpiastri don't tell me u miss me already

sabrinacarpenter she's working late coz she's a singer

lukaszhang woman you hate coffee what are you on↳ selinabui @lukaszhang why are u even here


from the phone of selina bui

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Yamada Updates @chrisyamadanews · 2h🚨| Chris spotted at the Empty Bottles 'Twelve More Days' Tour in Seoul Night 2

Yamada Updates @chrisyamadanews · 32m🚨| CHRIS ONSTAGE WITH EMPTY BOTTLES!!!

#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (15) #13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (16)

↳ Yamada Updates @chrisyamadanews · 30m this made me break ok, i am so f*cking thrown off. WDYM WE GOT SELINA BUI AND CHRISTOPHER YAMADA ON STAGE TOGETHER IN THE YEAR 2024???

mabel @ maplemabel32 · 25mi can't breathe chris and lina??? chris and lina???????? after so long??? CHRISTOPHER AND SELINA???? as in "hello it's chris" "and lina"??? MY BESTIES REUNITED???

june @linafesting · 18msometimes, i'm convinced lina spins a wheel on how to break the internet today

#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (17)

↳ kat ୨୧ @yamayaps · 2m with all due respect, this stunt was NAUT selina's idea, this was a move that christopher 'no boundaries' yamada suggested


emptybottles_officialOlympic Gymnastics Arena

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emptybottles_official Nowhere as incredible as Seoul! Always special to have @chrisyamada join us on stage.tagged: chrisyamada

chrisyamada someone better return the favor later 👀↳ selinabui @chrisyamada u begged me to let u come what are u on ↳ chrisyamada @ selinabui ok maybe i did

pi4str1 ok someone catch me up bc i did not know chris and lina were friends???↳ linasgirl4 @pi4str1 it's probably best we don't get into it

✧・゚: ✧・゚:✧・゚: ✧・゚:✧・゚: ✧・゚:

taglist @ririyulife @ashy-kit @fionaschicken @namgification @cherry-piee

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the devil in the marble - masterlist

Summary: First love is always a little foolish; you look at the person by your side and plan a life with them with the ease a child has at imagining a fairytale. It’s feverish and impatient, with new experiences and new feelings, and a comfort one has never felt before.After being asked to pose for a statue months before the 74th Hunger Games, Cato falls in love with its beautiful and odd sculptor.Pairing: Female!Reader x Cato (District 2's Male Tribute)Warnings: Fluff, falling in love, canon compliant, pre-74th Hunger Games, District 2. Tension. Hurt/Comfort.

#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (21)

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 Chapter 9 on Patreon (3rd of March 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3) Chapter 10 on Patreon (10th of March 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3) Chapter 11 on Patreon (16th of March 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3) Chapter 12 on Patreon (23rd of March 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3) Chapter 13 on Patreon (30th of March 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3) Chapter 14 on Patreon (6th of April 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)Chapter 15 on Patreon (13th of April 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)Chapter 16 on Patreon (20th of April 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)Chapter 17 on Patreon (27th of April 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)Chapter 18 on Patreon (4th of May 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)Chapter 19 on Patreon (11th of May 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)Chapter 20 on Patreon (18th of May 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)Chapter 21 on Patreon (25th of May 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)Chapter 22 on Patreon (1st of June 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)Chapter 23 on Patreon (8th of June 2024 on Tumblr/Ao3)

Chapter 28 /Chapter 29 / Chapter 30/ Chapter 31 / Chapter 32 / Chapter 33 / Chapter 34 / Chapter 35(on Patreon)


"the devil in the marble" was posted on my Patreon on June 2022. To read all 23 available chapters now and have early access to the last arc as it is posted, subscribe to my page! It's just $2 a month and I promise you won't regret it.

. . .

Taglist is open.

#welldonebeca's the devil in the marble#cato hadley#cato hunger games#cato fanfic#cato fanfiction#cato x reader#cato hadley x reader#cato series#74th hunger games fanfiction#the hunger games#the hunger games fanfiction#the hunger games fanfic

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So It Goes

#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (22)

24 March 2022 - 13 April 2024

Status: Complete

Read in its entirety on AO3

#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (23) #13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (24)

(Shave a thousand off for the last chapter though, it's stuff that was too long for the notes.)

Welp, I finally did it. Finally got that little green check mark. I finished my fic. My ode to my tinfoil hat is complete. It is goddamn f*cking done! I still need to go back to fix some things and polish this up, but that's easy money. The hard part is over, kids.

This is the first fan fic I ever wrote/writed/writtended and I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this story. But at two years and nearly half a million words later, it was far more than I anticipated and ever thought I was capable of. To say this fic took on a life of its own is an understatement. Not only did this thing Frankenstein its way out of my head, but it also took over my life. So if you've taken the time to read this fic, dropped a kudos, or a bookmark, or a comment. Thank you, truly.

Writing this was a hell of a lot of work (blood, sweat, tears, and lots of overthinking), it wasn't always easy, and often felt impossible at times. Trying to juggle irl life, writing, navigating the fandom experience, and tempering my expectations of my friends and peers... Let's just say it's been a learning experience.

But I did it. We made it. We're here.

So I'm gonna take a victory lap, take a breather, possibly a nap, and after that, Grandpa V and Old Man River will be back at some point. Idk when yet.

Because, of course, I'm an idiot and there's a part II to this f*cking thing.

It only took me 33 chapters to get to the punchline of this joke...


#cyberpunk 2077#fic: so it goes#nothing comes before night city#writing#fan fiction#oc: valerie hye jin li#my grandpa v#stinky not fresh#river ward#v x river ward#otp: so it goes#i am so dumb for these two#i am so dumb for tinfoil choo choo#toodles y'all#ka-ciao! off to enjoy my summer vacation 😎👻#it's still shippy saturday right?#shippy saturday

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An updated (April 3, 2024 7:48am pst) list of WW2 movies and TV shows in chronological order

thought out WW2-(Imitation Game 2014)-(The Book Thief 2013)-(The Zookeeper’s Wife 2017)-(The Pianist 2002)


October 26, 1937 Defence of Sihang Warehouse (The Eight Hundred 2020)

December 13, 1937 Nanjing Massacre - (John Rabe 2009)- (The Flowers of War 2011)


Fall of 1938 (Munich – The Edge of War 2022)


Summer 1939 (Six Minutes to Midnight 2020)

September 3, 1939 King George VI first wartime speech (King’s Speech 2010)

September 17, 1939, Soviet Union Invitation of Poland (The Way Back 2010)

November 30, 1939 Soviet Union invades Finland (The Winter War 1989)


April 9, 1940 Operation Weserübung-(April 9th [movie] 2015)-(King’s Choice 2016)-(Narvik 2022)-(War Sailors 2023)

April 27, 1940 (Into the White 2011)

June 4, 1940 -Churchill gives “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” speech (Darkest Hour 2017)-Dunkirk Evaluation (Dunkirk 2017)

July 10-October 31, 1940 Battle of Britain (Battle of Britain 1969)


May 1941 (Call to Spy 2019)

June 22, 1941 Operation Barbarossa-(Fortress of War [The Brest Fortres 2010)-(Defiance 2008)

September 8, 1941, Siege of Leningrad begins. -(Battle of Leningrad [Saving Leningrad] 2019)-(Leningrad 2009)

October 1941 Battle of Moscow (The Last Frontier [The Final Stand] 2020)

October 1941 Battle of Sevastopol (Battle for Sevastopol 2015)

December 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan attacks Pearl Harbor (Tora! Tora! Tora! 1970)

December 8, 1941 Japan invades Shanghai International Settlement (Empire of the Sun 1987)


January 20, 1942, Wannsee Conference (Conspiracy 2001)

February 1942 Battle of the Atlantic (Greyhound 2020)

February 1942 (The Railway Man 2013)

February 19, 1942, Bombing of Darwin (Australia 2008)

Spring 1942 (U-571 2000)

April 18, 1942 The Doolittle Raid (In Harm’s Way 2018)

June 4, 1942 Battle of Midway (Midway 2019)

1942 Summer Occupation of Jersey Island (Another Mother’s Son 2017 Prime)

July, 10 1942 Easy Company Trains in Camp Tocca (Band of Brothers 01x10 Currahee 2001)

July 21, 1942, Kokoda Track Campaign (Kokoda: 39th Battalion 2006)

August 7, 1942, 1st Marine Division land on Guadalcanal (The Pacific Ep. 1 Guadalcanal/Leckie 2010)

August 19, 1942, Dieppe Raid (Dieppe 1993)

August 23, 1942 Battle of Stalingrad begins (Stalingrad 1993)

September 1942 Formation of Troop 30 (Age of Heroes 2011)

September 18, 1942, 7th Marines Land on Guadalcanal (The Pacific Ep. 2 Basilone 2010)

Autumn of 1942 Battle of the Atlantic (Das Boot 1981)

October 18, 1942, Operation Grouse (Heavy Water War Ep. 2 2015)

November 8, 1942, Operation Torch (The Big Red One 1980)

November 10-17 1942 Vasily Zaytsev kills 225 German Soldiers during the Battle of Stalingrad (Enemy at the Gates 2001)

December 1942 The 1st Marine Division on Guadalcanal is relieved (The Pacific Ep. 3 Melbourne 2010)

December 15, 1942, Battle of Mount Austen (Thin Red Line 1998)


March 13-14 1943, liquidation of the Kraków Ghetto -(Schindler’s List 1993)

April 17, 1943 Operation Mincemeat (Operation Mincemeat 2021)

April 19, 1943, beginning of the Warsaw Uprising (Uprising 2001)

May 4, 1943, Final Mission of The Memphis Bell (Memphis Bell 1990)

May 15, 1943, Salamo Arouch and his family arrive in Auschwitz Concentration Camp (Triumph of the Spirit 1989)

May 27, 1943 Louis Zamperini plane crashes on a search and rescue mission (Unbroken 2014)

May 30, 1943 first All-American Girls Professional Baseball League game played (A League of Their Own 1992)

June 25, 1943, 100th Bomb Group flew its first 8th Air Force combat mission (Master of the Air: Part One 2024)

July 1943 -(The Tuskegee Airmen 1995)-(The Liberator Ep. 1 2020)-(Heavy Water War Ep. 5 2015)

July 16, 1943, The 100th Bomb Group bombed U-Boats in Tronbhdim (Masters of the Air: Part Two 2024)

August 17, 1943 the 4th Bomb Wing of the 100th Bomb Group bombed Regenberg (Masters of the Air: Part Three 2024)

September 16, 1943, William Quinn and Charles Bailey leave Belgium (Masters of the Air: Part Four 2024)

September 18, 1943 John ‘Bucky’ Egan returns from leave to join the mission to bomb Munster (Master of the Air: Part Five 2024

October 14, 1943, John ‘Bucky’ Egan interrogated at Dulag Lut, Frankfurt Germany (Masters of the Air: Part Six 2024)

December 26, 1943, 1st Marine Division lands on Cape Gloucester (The Pacific Ep. 4 Gloucester/Pavuvu/Banika 2010)


January 22, 1944, Battle of Anzio -(The Liberator Ep. 2 2020)-(Red Tails 2012)-(Anzio 1968)

February 20, 1944, Hydro Ferry bombing (Heavy Water War Ep. 6 2015)

March 7, 1944, Stalag Luft III Sagan, Germany, Germans find the concealed radio Bucky was using to learn news of the War (Master of the Air: Part Seven 2024)

March 24/25, 1944 Allied Mass Escape of Stalag Luft III (The Great Escape 1963)

June 1944 (Cross of Iron 1977)

June 6, 1944, 00:48 & 01:40 First airborne troops begin to land on Normandy (Band of Brothers 02x10 Day of Days 2001)

June 6, 1944, 06:30 D-Day landings -(Storming Juno 2010)

-(Saving Private Ryan 1998)

June 10, 1944, Easy Company Takes Carentan (Band of Brothers 03x10 Carentan 2001)

June 15-July 9, 1944 Battle of Saipan

-(Windtalkers 2002)

-(Oba: The Last Samurai 2011)

July, 1944 The Monuments Men land in Normandy (The Monuments Men 2014)

July 20, 1944 Operation Valkyrie (Valkyrie 2008)

August 12, 1944, The 332nd Fighter Group attack Radar stations in Southern France (Masters of the Air: Part Eight 2024)

September 15, 1944, U.S. Marines landed on Peleliu at 08:32 (the Pacific Ep. 5 2010)

September 16, 1944, U.S Marines take Peleliu Airfield (the Pacific Ep. 5 2010)

September 17, 1944, Operation Market Garden

-(Band of Brothers 04x10 Replacements 2001)

-(A Bridge Too Far 1977)

October 2, 1944 Battle of Scheldt (Forgotten Battle 2021)

October 12, 1944, Battle of Peleliu, Assault on Bloody Nose Ridge (the Pacific Ep. 7 Peleliu Hills 2010)

October 13, 1944, Rovaniemi public buildings were destroyed (Sisu 2022)

October 14, 1944, Erwin Rommel is arrested (Rommel 2012 Prime)

October 22/23, 1944, 2100 – 0200 Operation Pegasus (Band of Brothers 05x10 Crossroads 2001)

November 1944 middle of the Battle of Hürtgen Forest (When Trumpets Fade 1998)

December 16, 1944, Battle of the Bulge (Band of Brothers 06x10 Bastogne 2001)

December 1944 (Hart’s War 2002)


January 2, 1945 (The Liberator Ep 3 2020)

January 10, 1945 (Attack Force Z)

January 13, 1945, Battle of Foy (Band of Brothers 07x10 The Breaking Point 2001)

January 30, 1945 The Raid at Cabanatuan (The Great Raid 2002)

February 14, 1945, David Webb rejoins the 506th in Haguenau (Band of Brothers 08x10 The Last Patrol 2001)

February 19, 1945, Battle of Iwo Jima starts. - (Letters from Iwo Jima 2006)- (The Pacific Ep. 8 Iwo Jima 2010) - (Flags of our Fathers 2006)

March 21, 1945, Operation Carthage (The Bombardment 2021)

April, 1945 (Fury 2014)

April 5, 1945, 506th Finds abandoned Concentration Camp(Band of Brothers 09x10 Why We Fight 2001)

April 26, 1945, near the end of the war in Europe (A Woman in Berlin 2008)

April 29, 1945, 45th Infantry Division liberated Dachau Concentration camp (The Liberator Ep. 4 2020)

May 2, 1945, Fall of Berlin -(Downfall 2004)-(Jojo Rabbit 2019)

May 1945 Battle of Okinawa -(Hacksaw Ridge 2016)-(The Pacific Ep. 9 Okinawa 2010)

May 7, 1945, Germany Surrenders V-E Day- (Master of the Air: Part Nine 2024)- (Band of Brothers 10x10 Points 2001)

July 30, 1945, USS Indianapolis sank.(USS Indianapolis 2016)

August 15, 1945, The Empire of Japan surrenders end of the War. -(Oppenheimer 2023)-(The Pacific Part Ten: Home 2010)

September 11, 1945 US Military search and Arrest Japanese Leaders for war crimes (Emperor 2012)

1946April 29, 1946 Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal (Tokyo Trial 2016)

#band of brothers#masters of the air#the pacific#hbo war fandom#WW2 movies

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kookmin-curious · 3 months


The jikook late night meal part of the documentary inside Jimin's apartment was filmed on March 13, 2022 following the last PTD Seoul concert.

Almost 2 yrs later, his furniture (dining room table and his living room table) were spotted at Magnate in Busan.

Point 1: not surprised, considering that actress instagram acct. But I believe she is irrelevant in Jm's eyes, and this furniture clearance is part of a bigger plan.

There is simply no reason for jm to share his apartment after being so private all of these years. On his last live his place looked ready for a new change, a move or a new occupant.

I believe that privacy is still a very important aspect of park jimin, the South Korean man from Busan. As such, I believe he now has a secret hideout somewhere in SK, a place only his loved ones know about, a place where he can just be, a place where work doesn't intrude.

It was interesting that Brunnen was rented on April 1st, 2022, 2 weeks after this jikook meal. Was Jk the friend jm helped move? It would confirm that jk was renting in nineone around 2020-2021. Similarly, I do not think jk will return to Brunnen to live. He may use it for lives but this won't be his living quarters. He will revert to being private like jm. Jk owned apartments in Trimage and Youngsan City Park, and we never saw any pictures of how he lived. I think it will be the same for his mansion. He will move into it in May 2024, and we won't get a tour or a live from there.

So we are back to speculating... and I am not complaining. May they both find happiness, privacy and peace.

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coochiequeens · 8 days


Common sense is returning.

James Crisp,EUROPE EDITOR 13 April 2024

#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (25)

Dr Hilary Cass said children who think they are transgender should not be given any hormone drugs at all until at least 18CREDIT: Yui Mok

Belgium and the Netherlands have become the latest countries to question the use of puberty blockers on children afterthe Cass Review warnedof a lack of research on the gender treatment’s long-term effects.

Britain has become the fifth European nation to restrict the use of the drug to those under 18 after initially making them part of their gender treatments.

Their use was based on the “Dutch protocol” - the term used for the practice pioneered in the Netherlands in 1998 and copied around the world, of treating gender dysphoric youth using puberty blockers.

The NHS stopped prescribing the drug, which is meant to curb the trauma of a body maturing into a gender that the patient does not identify with this month.

In Belgium, doctors have called for gender treatment rules to be changed.

Research into impact

“In our opinion, Belgium must reform gender care in children and adolescents following the example of Sweden and Finland, where hormones are regarded as the last resort,” the report by three paediatricians and psychiatrists in Leuven said.

Figures from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom show that more than 95 per cent of individuals who initiated puberty inhibition continue with gender-affirming treatments,” the report by P Vankrunkelsven P, K Casteels K and J De Vleminck said.

“However, when young people with gender dysphoria go through their natural puberty, these feelings will only persist in about 15 per cent.”

The report was published after a 60 per cent rise in the number of Belgium teenagers taking the blockers to stop the development of their bodies. In 2022, 684 people between the ages of nine and 17 were prescribed the drug compared to 432 in 2019, the De Morgen newspaper reported in 2019.

Pressure is also building in the neighbouring Netherlands to look again at their use. The parliament has ordered research into the impact of puberty blockers on adolescent’s physical and mental health.

Dutch protocol

The Telegraph understands that the Amsterdam Center of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria, where the protocol originated, is set to make a statement on the use of puberty blockers next week.

“I too thought that the Dutch gender care was very careful and evidence-based. But now I don’t think that any more,” Jilles Smids, a postdoctoral researcher in medical ethics at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, told The Atlantic.

Attitudes in the Netherlands have hardened against trans rights, with a bill to make it easier for people to legally change their gender being held up in parliament.

The Cass Reviewsaid that the NHS had moved away from the restrictions of the original Dutch protocol, and researchers in Belgium have also demanded those restrictions be reintroduced.

Belgium is regarded as one of the most trans-friendly countries in Europe. A minister in the government is transgender and people have been able to legally change their gender without a medical certificate for the past five years.

But the hard-Right Vlaams Belang party is currently leading the polls ahead of national and European elections in June.

It has called for “hormone therapy and sex surgery to be halted for underage patients until clear and concrete research has been carried out.”

‘Greatest ethical scandals’

In March, a report in France described sex reassignment in minors as potentially “one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine”.

Conservative French senators plan to introduce a bill to ban gender transition treatments for under-18s.

On Monday, the Vatican’s doctrine office published a report that branded gender surgery a grave violation of human dignity on a par with euthanasia and abortion.

Finland was one of the first countries to adopt the Dutch protocol but realised many of its patients did not meet the Protocol’s strict eligibility requirements for the drugs.

It restricted the treatment in 2020 and recommended psychotherapy as the primary care.

Sweden restricted hormone treatments to “exceptional cases” two years later. In December, Norwegian authorities designated the medicine as “under trial”, which means they will only be prescribed to adolescents in clinical trials.

Denmark is finalising new guidelines limiting hormone treatments to teenagers who have had dysphoria since early childhood.

In 2020, Hungary passed a law banning gender changes on legal documents.

“The import and the use of these hormone products are not banned, but subject to case by case approval, however, it is certain that no authority would approve such an application for people under 18,“ a spokesperson told The Telegraph.

In August, Russia criminalised all gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatments.

#Belgium#Netherlands#cass review#Using caution when giving children hormones shouldn't have been controversial in the first place#Dutch protocol#Amsterdam Center of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria#Attitudes haven't hardened against rights for trans people the public just wants a common sense approach to the issue

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hyenahunt · 2 years


[TRANSLATION] Reminiscence*The Obbligato Played by Iridescence - Masterlist

#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (26)

In order to revitalise its affiliated schools, CosPro has organised a project named COMP. As part of their student body, Eden, Tatsumi and HiMERU gather together for a performance. As they work with the theme of school life memories, Jun realises that HiMERU in the present isn't quite the same as he was in the past...

✦ Writer: Akira ✦ Release Date: 30th April 2022

✦ Characters:HiMERU, Tatsumi, Jun, Hiyori, Nagisa, Ibara

✦ Proofreading:310mc + Remi (JP) & Skyress + honeyspades (ENG)

✦ Translation:Peace (HiMERU, Tatsumi, Adam from In Praise of Folly onwards) & hyenahunt (Eve, Adam from Prologue to Ship of Fools - 3 + The Punishment of Kaname Tojo - 11)

Prologue: ✦

The Baptism of Jun Sazanami:

✦1 ✦2 ✦3 ✦4 ✦5 ✦6

Ship of Fools:

✦1 ✦2 ✦3

The Devotion to Tatsumi Kazehaya:

✦1 ✦2 ✦3 ✦4 ✦5 ✦6 ✦7 ✦8 ✦9

✦10 ✦11 ✦12 ✦13

In Praise of Folly:

✦1 ✦2 ✦3 ✦4 ✦5

The Punishment of Kaname Tojo:

✦1 ✦2 ✦3 ✦4 ✦5 ✦6 ✦7 ✦8 ✦9

✦10 ✦11 ✦12 ✦13 ✦14


✦1 ✦2 ✦3 ✦4 (END)


i have been waiting for this event and jun’s backstory and eve’s first meeting for four years and currently i feel absolutely insane

UPDATE 7th April 2024:

Jay's comment:

I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for almost two years ago the moment Obbligato dropped, but I had no idea that it'd rapidly become one of the most beloved and emotional events of the !! era. Being able to learn about Jun's early days in Reimei was something I'd always dreamed of, and though the first meeting of Eve I'd hoped for may not have happened this time, it was incredible to see the initial foundation of Eden being laid down, of Hiyori and Nagisa picking themselves back up in the aftermath of ex-fine, of Jun's unwavering perseverance and commitment to staying true to himself throughout all the hardships he'd gone through… and I dearly hope both he and Tatsumi will one day learn the truth of what happened to the person he'd have been happy to be called a friend by. It was such a delight and honour to be able to work on all this with my good friend Peace, who in my opinion is the true MVP of the project considering just how much of the workload and Akira's endless monologues she took on! I'm as much a supporting role to her as Jun was to Tatsumi and Kaname, and she did incredible justice in bringing to life their earnest ideals and emotional struggles (especially in forming a voice from scratch for the latter!), along with HiMERU's bitter revelations as well as Adam once I entrusted them to her. I think our translation styles mesh very well whenever we collaborate, and who knows, maybe we'll be back for the eventual sequel!?Many thanks of course to our wonderful team for their support and hard work the whole time as well, and to all the friends who'd cheered us on! Real life happens and I know this more than anyone, but the self-imposed guilt of being unable to release our translation in its entirety until now has eaten at me for the better part of these two years, so it is a great relief and a great triumph to be able to present it to everyone at last.Thank you everyone for your patience after all this time, and I hope you enjoy our translation of this tragic tale with its promise of hope, of Reimei's dark past and those entangled in its oppressive web, and two boys who found solace and inspiration in each other and sought so desperately to reform it.

Peace's comment:

When Jay and I started this project back in May 2022, just a week before my birthday, I couldn't have imagined the way it would change my brain chemistry forever. I'd always loved Tatsumi's growth as a character, and having translated him several times before (researching quite in-depth into the sort of religious person he was, down to reading Japanese articles about the people who still live in Japan as he does) I was really excited to do it again! Taking on the Tojo brothers was something I was pretty excited and nervous about too actually, mostly since I had minimal experience with HiMERU himself and I'd be creating a whole voice for Kaname as I conveyed Akira's words the best I could.My thoughts when meeting Kaname was that he's a very distinct character, especially compared to his brother, and in his off-times he was such a brat! I loved that about him, and he had such a charming innocence about him I couldn't help but want to make that shine even more. In the later chapters when he starts to act more "HiMERU-like", I found it pretty fun to reflect that in his word choices and tone shifts... though he always cracked around Jun and Tatsumi, who I feel like he would be able to call his friends if he had the breathing room to. His relationship towards his older brother is as incredible sweet as it is sad, and I only wish they'll be able to speak plainly to one another someday.About halfway through our project, I decided to take charge of Adam's translations as well. I'd translated Nagisa a little before, but Ibara was a new face entirely! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed translating him actually, since I was a little afraid I wouldn't end up liking it at all... neither of them are my usual type, but I guess I was playing against it with everyone I worked on this time actually? (lol) People know me more for Trickstar and their sort, but I used to translate a lot of Valkyrie too! Ibara and Shu are similar in a perfectionist way, they're both very human in a certain way that others can't stand, and I had a lot of fun figuring out the best way to convey both Ibara's snake-oil salesman personality as well as his more "true" voice that comes out a bit in the story. Nagisa was such a blessing for his simplicity.Obbligato is a sorrowful tale of a group of boys made to grow up too fast, too soon, and the repercussions of that; it deals with generational stigma and trauma as a result of that, and while it is a genuinely hard read at times both for the descriptiveness of Tatsumi's childhood as well as the abuse Kaname and Jun have suffered due their names, don't shy from it. I've rarely had the delight to breathe life into such human characters before, painful as they are, and I can definitely say I'm happy with the finished project... in no small part thanks to the people I worked with over the past two years, because it was really nice to have my proofers' back-up when it came to certain economic lingo I wasn't as familiar with as well as the voices of some of the characters too. Having avid fans of Eden, Tatsumi, and HiMERU checking over my words made me feel so self-assured!Last but not least, thank you so much for your patience these past two years! We've worked really hard to make sure it's been worth the wait, so I hope you'll read it a thousand times over!Much love, Peace ♡p.s. jay'll probably say i was a huge mvp working on this with her, but she's the one uploading everything, so don't let her fool you. she's doing hard work in the trenches.

#ensemble stars#enstars#enstars translation#s: obbligato#himeru#tatsumi kazehaya#jun sazanami#hyenahunttl#hiyori tomoe#nagisa ran#ibara saegusa#type: masterlist

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thelibraryghost · 2 months


A Young Person's Introduction to Early 20th-Century Western Fashion

am i hip with the kids yet

General informationDotschkal, Janna. "1920's." FOUND. October 21, 2016.English Heritage. "Fashion Through History: Episode 3 – 1930s." YouTube. April 16, 2023.Rudolph, Nicole. "The History of Standardized Sizes in Womens Fashion and Why They FAILED." YouTube. May 16, 2021.Vintagebursche. "100 Years of Classic Menswear - and what we can learn from each decade." YouTube. February 29, 2020.Zebrowska, Karolina. "1920s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is." YouTube. May 20, 2018.

AccessoriesCox, Abby. "Flappers, Y2K, & Capitalism are Why Women "Don't" Have Pockets." YouTube. January 12, 2023.Cox, Abby. "The Disappointing Truth On Why We Don't Wear Hats Anymore..." YouTube. December 18, 2022.Rudolph, Nicole. "The History of the Iconic Cloche Hat: Making 1920s Fashion." YouTube. September 18, 2022.Rudolph, Nicole. "When Hats were Illegal: Sewing a Goth Edwardian Hat." YouTube. February 21, 2021.Sheehan, Sarah. "Neo-Egyptomania." PatternVault. December 31, 2022.Zebrowska, Karolina. "Why Did We Stop Wearing Hats?" YouTube. April 28, 2020.

CosmeticsBanner, Bernadette. "Making and Testing a Victorian Skincare Routine." YouTube. April 8, 2023.English Heritage. "1930s Makeup Tutorial | History Inspired | Feat. Amber Butchart and Rebecca Butterworth." YouTube. December 18, 2018.Holland, Evangeline. "On How to Be Lovely." Edwardian Promenade. April 15, 2010.Rudolph, Nicole. "The Controversial History of Color Season Analysis." YouTube. November 4, 2023.

FabricsRudolph, Nicole. "The History of Elastic." YouTube. July 4, 2021.Rudolph, Nicole. "Wearing Overalls to Boycott Fashion Greedflation? Weird History of 1920." YouTube. March 16, 2024.

Gowns and formal wearBanner, Bernadette. "I Redesigned Mary Poppins' Jolly Holiday Dress Based on REAL Edwardian Lingerie Gowns." YouTube. February 20, 2021.Banner, Bernadette. "I Remade Mary Poppins’ Dress to be Actually Edwardian." YouTube. July 9, 2022.Cox, Abby. "Alexander McQueen & the Patriarchy Problem in Modern Fashion." YouTube. October 20, 2023.Cox, Abby. "What Makes a Gown Haute Couture (like House of Worth) in Victorian and Edwardian Eras?" YouTube. September 19, 2021.Lady Rebecca Fashions. "An Edwardian Woman's Fashion Evolution." YouTube. June 4, 2022.Oakes, Leimomi. "Terminology: what is a lingerie dress or lingerie frock? (and blouse, and skirt)." The Dreamstress. July 21, 2018.Rudolph, Nicole. "Stop Idolizing Coco Chanel: a shocking history of theft." YouTube. January 13, 2024.Rudolph, Nicole. "The Truth about the Fringed Flapper: Making 1920s Evening Dresses." YouTube. November 6, 2022.Vintagebursche. "1920s Theme Party - How to dress." YouTube. December 9, 2023.Zebrowska, Karolina. "1920s Fashion Encyclopedia, Pt 1: Daywear." YouTube. November 27, 2019.

Hair care and stylingBanner, Bernadette. "I Tried Following a Real Edwardian Hair Care Routine." YouTube. May 12, 2020.Lady Rebecca Fashions. "Getting Dressed in the Edwardian Era / Gibson Girl Hairstyle Tutorial." YouTube. June 12, 2020.Lady Rebecca Fashions. "Titanic-era Hair Tutorial // Getting Dressed in the 1910's." YouTube.September 4, 2020.SnappyDragon. "Historical hair myths debunked : How often should you wash your hair—daily shampoo or no shampoo?" YouTube. August 12, 2022.Zebrowska, Karolina. "Weird Edwardian Beauty Tips." YouTube. February 11, 2017.

Laundry and starchingBanner, Bernadette. "Ok but how did the Edwardians WASH these dresses?" YouTube. August 3, 2022.

OuterwearCox, Abby. "Athleisure: Destroying Fashion & the Environment." YouTube. January 18, 2024.Rudolph, Nicole. "150 years of Masc Women causing a Moral Panic." YouTube. June 17, 2023.Rudolph, Nicole. "The History of Jeans, T-shirts, and Hoodies: Time Travel 101." YouTube. March 20, 2022.Zebrowska, Karolina. "SPRING/SUMMER FASHION TRENDS REVIEW but it's 1936 (ft. original fabric samples!)." YouTube. April 22, 2022.

ShoesRudolph, Nicole. "I Made Witchy Edwardian Shoes by Hand!" YouTube. March 14, 2021.Rudolph, Nicole. "The Myth of Tiny Feet "Back Then"." YouTube. September 26, 2021.Rudolph, Nicole. "The True History of Stiletto Heels : the battle between Ferragamo and Dior." YouTube. August 26, 2023.Zebrowska, Karolina. "Why Is No One Talking About 1930s Shoes?" YouTube. September 15, 2020.

UndergarmentsBanner, Bernadette. "1903 Patented Bustle Pad Reconstruction." YouTube. June 8, 2019.Banner, Bernadette. "Achieving That Classic Edwardian Shape: Reconstructing a 1902 Bust Bodice." YouTube. April 16, 2020.Lady Rebecca Fashions. "So What are Guimpes Anyway? // Examining Antique Edwardian Guimpes." YouTube. August 21, 2020.Lady Rebecca Fashions. "They Wore Corsets in the 1920's?!" YouTube. January 29, 2022.Rudolph, Nicole. "Did Brassieres End the Corset?" YouTube. February 28, 2021.Rudolph, Nicole. "Dressing in Edwardian Clothing: Undergarments and Layers of 1907." YouTube. November 1, 2020.Rudolph, Nicole. "How Flappers got their Figure: the 1920s Silhouette." YouTube. July 10, 2022.SnappyDragon. "How pin-up photos fooled dress history : the making and marketing of lingerie pictures." YouTube. April 1, 2023.

#1920s#1910s#roaring twenties#fashion#menswear#flapper#gibson girl#reference#1930s#1900s#early 1900s#coco chanel#brassiere#high heels#youtube#video#cosmetics#hairstyle#hair care#shampoo#nicole rudolph#abby cox#bernadette banner#lady rebecca fashions#snappydragon#karolina zebrowska#fashion history#history#art history#edwardian era

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backup-baby-backup · 1 year


List of Speak Now TV-related Easter eggs Taylor has dropped recently (just drop it already ffs)

NB: I'm only including hints that are obvious and don't require mental gymnastics. Your mileage might vary, of course.

27 February 2020: The Man music video is released, with the iconic graffitied wall showing Speak Now coming after Red.

26 October 2020: Taylor posts this TikTok.

I really think this is a really obvious hint, but nobody ever seems to talk about it... anyways notice how the colours of the garments she points at go purple > blue > green > black?

9 November 2021: Red (Taylor's Version) signed CDs go on sale. On her website, the price $20.10 is written in purple.

12 November 2021: "Red is about to be mine again, but it has always been ours."

13 December 2021: Taylor turns 32. Her AMA award for Speak Now can be seen in this photo she posts.

20 January 2021: Taylor is named 2022 Record Store Day Ambassador. The logo uses purple text and we lose our minds.

5 May 2022: Taylor Nation drops Speak Now (and 1989) merch for some reason.

Apparently, this was to show the Speak Now trademark was still being used, but I'm still putting it here.

21 October 2022: Anti-Hero music video released.

The koi fish guitar from the Speak Now World Tour makes an appearance.

Also, in the official YouTube video for the TSAntiHeroChallenge thing, she wears the purple dress from the Speak Now tour.

25 October 2022: Bejeweled music video released.

This day is the 12th anniversary of Speak Now.

Enchanted plays at the beginning.

Laura Dern says "Speak not".

Taylor presses the 3 button in the elevator, which is coloured purple.

The 13 button and the 13th indicator light (representing the album after Midnights) are also purple.

Taylor's hairpin says "SN".

Koi fish appears in the windows of the castle.

Long Live plays at the end.

1 November 2022: "I'm enchanted to announce my next tour..."

27 January 2023: Lavender Haze music video released.

The koi fish appears again.

29 January 2023: The official Taylor Swift 2024 calendar is shown on the publisher's website. It features photos from the Speak Now tour.

The cover picture is the same one used in the Eras Tour to represent the Speak Now era.

It will be available for purchase on July 20th.

17 March 2023: Taylor drops If This Was A Movie (TV), which was a deluxe track on Speak Now, and Safe & Sound and Eyes Open (TV), which were first performed live on the Speak Now tour.

9 April 2023: Photos from the set of a music video being filmed in Liverpool are leaked. The Speak Now tour flying balcony and piano can be seen.

13 April 2023: Taylor says that "recently one of my albums has been on my mind a lot" before performing Speak Now.

1 May 2023: Taylor posts this. The purple heart speaks for itself.


#taylor swift#speak now#speak now taylor’s version#clowning

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airi-p4 · 1 year


✨Fairy Misunderstood AU - Chapter Guide 🧚🏼‍♀️✨

#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (27)

Hi! I made this chapter guide to make it easier to follow my Fairy Misunderstood AU. I’ll update this as I post new chapters. I hope it helps💙

*Available on AO3*

*NEW*: Now available on WEBTOON too!!


Introduction: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

First meeting: Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Rock’n’roll: Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | BONUS (14) | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20

Juleka: Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | BONUS (24)| Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 28 | Part 29 | Part 30 | Part 31

Warmth:Part 32 | Part 33 | Part 34|Part 35| Part 36 | Part 37| Part 38| Part 39 | Part 40 | Part 41 | Part 42 | Part 43 | Part 44| Part 45 | Part 46 | Part 47 | Part 48 | Part 49| Part 50 | Part 51 | Part 52| Part 53 | Part 54 | Part 55 | BONUS (55) | Part 56| Part 57 | Part 58 | Part 59 | Part 60 | Part 61

New arc:Coming on April 2024 (?)



Other comics:Snow ||Rain ||Pink||Missing him||Hiding spots || Cookie box

Special comics with Luka’s classmate OC Mike: Sneeze || Broken Disguise || Project Partner || Cursed boy 1 || Cursed boy 2 || Cursed boy 3 || Cursed boy 4 || Cursed boy 5 || Cursed boy 6 ||

Special comics: Halloween ||Pocky Day||Xmas knit(Christmas special)|| Merry Christmas 2022 ||Happy New Year ||Happy New Year 2023 (Fairy Marinette pic) || April Fools’ Day 2023 || Fairy AU 1st Year Anniversary || Merry Christmas 2023||Merry Christmas 2023 (full version) || Happy New Year 2024

How to fairy series: How to hold Fairy Marinette(+Part 2) || How to hold tiny Luka||How to feed Fairy Marinette (Part 1)(Part 2) ...

Other fairy art:Luka lost Marinette in flowers||Summer 2023 hiatus|| Angel(for LCAM 7 days of Luka’s Christmas week 2023) || winter 2024 hiatus | Valentine’s Day 2024 | Check up | Check up 2 |

Fairy AU stories by me: Style

Collab/art by op:

@lukascafe ( @lllluka ) :- Pouty Fairy Marinette- Lukascafe Luka in Fairy Misunderstood AU

@blueberry-macaron:-Fairy Marinette with her adorable expressions- Fairy Marinette and Luka having a date

@ladyfreya123:-Luka holding Fairy Marinette on his hands - Marinette sleeping on Luka- Birthday present 2024(art)

@verfound :- Fairy Marinette + Dingo

@/avramea01 (Instagram):- Clueless Luka + protective Marinette- Chocolate fairy

@/Jessica6697(Twitter) @/Jessica.y.e.s (Instagram):- Marinette teaching Luka how to knit|| (IG post)

Fics/stories written by op:

knitting fever by @fragileizy​ (AO3)

El hada y su humano byNatsumi Niikura(Fanfiction.net)

Incorrect quote by @blueberry-macaron

Marinette searches for Luka in the snow by @generalluxun


#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (28)

Thank you for reading!

#fairy misunderstood#fairy misunderstood AU#airiP4#lukanette#Pro LukaMari#my AU guide#Fairy Misunderstood AU chapter guide#G/t fluff#G/t#Giant tiny

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evilshelter · 23 days


Welcome to the Sky Forest Inn!

We are a freshly discovered OSDD-1b system,and we are still a tad bit blurry, so do be patient with us as we go around things!Our main blog is @localwindmageOur Simply Plural is LocalWindmage.This blog post WILL be outdated super frequently due to how easily we split,but our Simply Plural should stay up to date most of the time!

General info:Syscovery: 7th Feb 2024Collective pronouns: he/it/sheAuDHD and Anxiety riddenBodily 18 | March 22Learned about systems for like FOUR YEARS and been in denial about being a system for at least two lmaoFew of us used to be "kins" of Pinter's before our syscovery


#13 Aprile 2022-2024 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgik (29)

Headmates under the cut (should be in order of this doodle image)

updated as of 10 April 2024



[🔪] Razor/Blade/Dagger (OTI)[HOST / BACKUP FRONTER] she/her(Fictive of White (FNF Vs Imposter))Also an Ixol (AF2) kinnie❤️Angel (18/3/2024)[🖤] Ikabod/IK/Ika (OTI)[GATEKEEPER] he/they/it(Fictive of Ikabod Kee (The Upturned))❤️Pinter (17/2/2024)[🎵] Cepheid (OTI)[CARETAKER] he/she/they(Fictive of HotPink Boombox (PHIGHTING!: Colorverse))

[🌑] Inka (DNIUC/IWEC)[DISTRESS HOLDER] he/they(Fictive of Ikabod Kee (The Upturned))

[💛] Aristris [OTI][FORMER HOST / TRAUMA HOLDER] he/him(Fictive of Aristris (Super Paper Roblox))

[🌨️] Pinter/Cyco/Ashes (OTI)[FORMER HOST] he/it(Brainmade)Also a Maroon (Vs Imp) and Slingshot (Phighting) kinnie❤️Temnova(26/11/2018) ❤️Brunhilda(7/6/2022) ❤️Gambit (25/9/2023) ❤️Angel (12/1/2024) ❤️Ikabod (17/2/2024)❣️Zimiri ❣️Midnight ❣️Kaz (forgot our anniversaries </3)



[🐍] Barracuda/Cuda/Serpent (ATI)he/it/they(Fictive of Barracuda [Noisestorm] (Just Shapes and Beats)❤️Lycan (7/4/2024)[🔥] Hazard/Maroon/Ash (OTI)he/him(Fictive of Maroon (FNF Vs Imposter))❤️Angel (13/2/2024)[🧨] Ixol (OTI)any pronouns(Fictive of Ixol (Adventure Forward 2))

[💕] Surveyor/Pink (OTI/IWC)she/her(Fictive of Pink (Rodamrix))Also a Monotone (Vs Imp) kinnie❤️Purple (22/2/2024)[💚] Wave/Ezra/Green (OTI)he/any(Fictive of Green (FNF Vs Imposter))❤️Angel (3/3/2024) ❤️Gambit (14/3/2024)[🎸] Zulius/ZK (OTI)he/they(Fictive of Zulius Kaltaris (Songs of War))______________________________________________________________OCCASIONAL FRONTERS

[🤍] Angel/Alice/Auris (OTI)she/her(Fictive of Slingshot (PHIGHTING!))

[❤️‍🩹] Aries/Tan (OTI)they/she(Fictive of Tan (Rodamrix))

[🎖️] Captain/Crimson (OTI)he/him(Fictive of Crimson (Rodamrix))

[🎥] CCTV/POV (OTI)he/it/they(Non-canon Skibidi Toilet alter)

[🖋️] Cylon (OTI)he/they/any(Fictive of Cyalm (Adventure Forward 2))

[❤️] Redbbox/RB (DNIUC)he/it(Fictive of Redbbox (PHIGHTING!: Colorverse))❤️Angel (14/2/2024)

[🟠] Rockcliff/Circle (OTI)any pronouns(Fictive of Circle (Just Shapes and Beats)

[🌱] Seeker/Planter/Guardian (OTI)she/he(Fictive of Lime (Rodamrix))

[💙] Shotz (ATIUC/IWC)he/they(Fictive of Slingshot (PHIGHTING!))

[🕳] Sil (OTI)she/her(Brainmade)[📎] Song/Del/Dark (OTI)he/they/she(Fictive of Black (FNF Vs Imposter))

[🌈] Vantablack/VB/Vanta (ATIUC)he/they(Fictive of Vantasword (PHIGHTING!: Colorverse))

______________________________________________________________RARE FRONTERS

[⭐] Ansh (OTI)any pronouns(Fictive of Anshine (Adventure Forward 2))

[🐉] Arrolin/Laoin (ATIUC)he/she/it/they(Fictive of Arrolin (Adventure Forward 2))❤️Temnova(11/3/2024)

[⚔] Asha (ATI)she/it(Non-canon Arcane Odyssey alter [OC])

[💫] Asura Gale (OTI)they/he(Non-canon Arcane Odyssey alter [OC])

[👾] Ballista/8-Bit (TBA)it/he(Fictive of Pixel (Animator vs Animation))

[💣] Cherubim/Cherry/Cheru (OTI)she/they(Brainmade)

[🎁] CK Rocky (OTI)she/he(Non-canon The Upturned alter)

[📞] Comms/White (OTI)he/she/any(Fictive of White (Rodamrix))

[🎶] Green (OTI)any pronouns(Fictive of Green (Alan Becker))

[🚀] Kitty (OTI)she/any(Fictive of Futureket/Futureshot (PHIGHTING!: Colorverse))

[⚙] Shallare/Shally (OTI)she/he(Fictive of Shallare (Adventure Forward 2))

[🎩] Skylar/Blueband (OTI)he/any(Fictive of Blueband (Adventure Forward 1 Deluxe))

[🌹] Stelle (OTI)she/they(Fictive of Forteshifter (Rodamrix))


[♑] Capricorn (DNIUC)he/him(Fictive of Indigo (Rodamrix))

Faceless (TBA)they/any(Fictive of Denizen (PHIGHTING!))

Ittybod (TBA)[LITTLE] he/him(Fictive of Ikabod Kee (The Upturned))

Vantakit (TBA)she/they(Fictive of Vantakit (PHIGHTING!: Colorverse))______________________________________________________________INFO UNKNOWNIndigo (TBA)tba(Fictive of Indigo (Rodamrix))

Mando (TBA)tba(Fictive of Yellow (FNF Vs Imposter))

TBA (DNIAA)[POSSIBLE PERSECUTOR] tba(Fictive of Pink (Rodamrix))

TBA (TBA)tba(Non-canon Skibidi Toilet alter)


KEY:❤️=romantic lover❣️=platonic loverOTI= Okay to interactATI = Ask to interactDNI = Do not interact...UC = ... unless closeDNIAA = Do not interact at allIWC = Interact with cautionIWEC = Interact with extra caution

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The Old GMMTV Challenge: The Master Post and Explainer

Updated: April 11, 2024

Hello! Welcome to The Old GMMTV Challenge (OGMMTVC), my personal syllabus and journey through the most important, and/or impactful, and/or seminal of Boys Love (BL)/Series Y dramas from Thailand.

I started watching Thai BL series in 2022 with the airing of KinnPorsche. From there, I dallied with shows that were referenced across Tumblr -- but I didn't dig into learning about the genre as a whole until I watched 2021-22's Bad Buddy, and was thoroughly moved by it in countless ways.

I subsequently learned that Bad Buddy was, in large part, constructed to communicate with tropes and expectations established previously by the genre. In order to get to a point where I could appreciate Bad Buddy in all of its historic glory, I therefore decided to start from the top -- to watch Thai BLs in chronological order so as to help me better understand the tentacles of this young genre. I was also impacted by a post from a BL Tumblr lifer, @absolutebl, who talked in 2022 about current shows by the GMMTV network, the biggest producer of BL dramas in Thailand, that were answering for mistakes made in the early Thai BL days.

Bad Buddy is a GMMTV show -- but in order to learn fully about the genre, I've created a syllabus of shows and movies that spans well outside the GMMTV network and sphere of influence. In the spring of 2023, I crowdsourced information about Thai BLs from the INCREDIBLE BL community on Tumblr, and came up with the syllabus below.

This syllabus is ever changing, especially as this young genre (which was arguably born in 2014 with the airing of Love Sick) continues to explore itself outside of its male-and-male romance genre boundaries, by centering women and/or non-binary individuals, and even leaving romance behind for horror, suspense, mystery, crime, and more.

Besides watching dramas on this syllabus, I'm also in the process of reading English-language books and articles about the Thai BL genre and its influences in Thailand and across Asia on queer and non-queer communities, as well as on the most marketed-to BL audience in young women. Links to reading materials are below the syllabus.

If you're looking to learn more about BL, this is but one resource to use. There's an incredible community of bloggers here with vastly more knowledge than me about the history of this genre. This is only my path, and I encourage you to explore the corners of Tumblr to create your own Thai BL journey!

The Drama Syllabus and Review/Meta Links

1) The Love of Siam (2007) (movie) (review here)2) My Bromance (2014) (movie) (review here)3) Love Sick and Love Sick 2 (2014 and 2015) (review here)4) Gay OK Bangkok Season 1 (2016)(a non-BL queer series directed by Jojo Tichakorn and written by Aof Noppharnach)(review here)5) Make It Right (2016) (review here)6)SOTUS (2016-2017) (review here)7) Gay OK Bangkok Season 2 (2017)(a non-BL queer series directed by Jojo Tichakorn and written by Aof Noppharnach)(review here)8) Make It Right 2 (2017)(review here)9) Together With Me (2017) (review here)10) SOTUS S/Our Skyy x SOTUS (2017-2018) (review here)11) Love By Chance (2018)(review here)12) Kiss Me Again: PeteKao cuts (2018)(no review)13) He’s Coming To Me (2019) (review here)14) Dark Blue Kiss (2019) and Our Skyy x Kiss Me Again (2018)(review here)15) TharnType (2019-2020) (review here)16) Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey (OffGun BL cuts) (2016 and 2017) (no review)17) Theory of Love (2019) (review here)18) 3 Will Be Free (2019)(a non-BL and an important harbinger of things to come in 2019 and beyond re: Jojo Tichakorn pushing queer content in non-BLs)(review here)19) Dew the Movie (2019) (review here)20) Until We Meet Again (2019-2020) (review here) (and notes on my UWMA rewatch here)

21) 2gether (2020) andStill 2gether (2020) (review here)22) I Told Sunset About You (2020) (review here)23) YYY (2020, out of chronological order) (review here)24) Manner of Death (2020-2021)(review here)25) A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021) (review here)26) A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021) OGMMTVC Fastest Rewatch Known To Humankind For The Sake Of Rewatching Our Skyy 2 x BBS x ATOTS (re-review here)27) Lovely Writer (2021) (review here)28) Last Twilight in phu*ket (2021) (the mini-special before IPYTM) (review here)29) I Promised You the Moon (2021) (review here)30) Not Me (2021-2022) (review here)

31) Bad Buddy (2021-2022) (thesis here)32) 55:15 Never Too Late (2021-2022)(not a BL, but a GMMTV drama that features a macro BL storyline about shipper culture and the BL industry)(review here)33) Bad Buddy (2021-2022) and Our Skyy 2 x BBS x ATOTS (2023) OGMMTVC Rewatch (Links to the BBS OGMMTVC Meta Series are here:preamble here,part 1,part 2,part 3a,part 3b, andpart 4)34) Secret Crush On You (2022) (review here)35) KinnPorsche (2022) (tag here)36)KinnPorsche (2022) OGMMTVC Fastest Rewatch Known To Humankind For the Sake of Re-Analyzing the KP Cultural Zeitgeist(part 1andpart 2)37)HonorableMention:War of Y (2022)(for the sake of an attempt to provide meta BL commentary within a BL in the modern BL era)(review coming), with a complementary watch of Aam Anusorn’s documentary,BL: Broken Fantasy(2020) (review coming)38) The Eclipse (2022) (tag here)39) The Eclipse OGMMTVC Rewatch to Reexamine “Genre BLs” and Internalized/Externalized hom*ophobia in GMMTV Shows (watching)40) GAP (2022-2023)(Thailand’s first GL)

41) My School President (2022-2023) and Our Skyy 2 x My School President (2023)42) Moonlight Chicken (2023) (tag here)43) Bed Friend (2023) (tag here)44 La Pluie (2023)(review coming)45) Be My Favorite (2023) (tag here)(I’m including this for BMF’s sophisticated commentary on Krist’s career past as a BL icon)46) Wedding Plan (2023)(Recommended as an important trajectory in the course of MAME’s work and influence from TharnType)47) Only Friends (2023) (tag here)(not technically a BL, but it certainly became one in the end)48) Last Twilight (2023-24) (tag here)(on the list as Thailand’s first major BL to center disability, successfully or otherwise)49) Cherry Magic Thailand (2023-24) (tag here)(on the list as the first major Japanese-to-Thai drama adaptation, featuring the comeback of TayNew)50) Ossan’s Love Returns (2024)(adding for the EarthMix cameo and the eventual Thai remake)

51) Dead Friend Forever (2024) (thoughts here)52) 23.5 (2024) (GMMTV’s first GL)(thoughts here)

Additional Reading Material

Dr. Thomas Baudinette, Boys Love Media in Thailand

Dr. Peter Jackson, Queer Bangkok

Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific -- Issue 49, Thai Boys Love (BL)/Y(aoi) in Literary and Media Industries: Political and Transnational Practices, June 2023

#the old gmmtv challenge#ogmmtvc#i needed to make this post because my pinned drama accountability post is almost at its link limit lol#turtles catches up with thai BLs#turtles catches up with the essential BLs

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